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In fact, success is inevitable once you know my secret!

It’s the same secret that...

...all used to become super successful – despite the fierce competition in the self-help industry.

And today,

OVER 40,000

  • health professionals
  • life coaches
  • and personal development experts

have used this secret to get speaking engagements at top universities, book deals, website traffic, and enjoy a career that most people can only dream of.

I’m talking about a little thing called…

Content Marketing!

If you’re an author, speaker, coach, health professional, or personal development expert, content marketing is your ticket to all the leads, exposure and business growth you’ll ever need.

So what is content marketing… and how can it sky-rocket YOUR business?

Content marketing is how…

Robert Atkins

A New York doctor who ran his own private practice, made millions and became a household name after publishing articles and books about his new diet…

Mike Geary

A personal fitness trainer, now makes over $1,000,000 per month selling his “Truth About Abs” eBook on the internet…

Dale Carnegie

A poor farmer’s boy who became a broke lecturer, went on to sell millions of copies of his self-help book “How to Win Friends and Influence People...”

Jamie Oliver

A UK sous chef, went on to sell millions of books, becoming a regular TV celebrity and household name, and a multimillionaire who could command a private meeting with the Prime Minister to change the face of school dinners…

All of these people used content to ignite their businesses and you can too.

But you don’t need to publish a best-selling book!

(You don’t even need to write a book at all…)

Ever heard of psychologytoday.com, Forbes, or WebMD? They’re also tapping the immense power of content marketing to become household names and generate thousands of leads and sales per month…

… without writing a book.

Even if you’re an unknown expert or a growing business, there are all kinds of content you can use to market your business, such as…



Short Report






… and in just a moment, I’m going to show you how to CHEAT your way to all the content you’ll need, even if you’re too busy to create it yourself.

But why content
(and what’s wrong with advertising anyway?)

The fact is, content marketing gives you more than advertising ever could, including…

  • Trust

    People are more likely to trust you if you’re offering plenty of good advice.

  • Exposure

    The more content you put out there, the more chances you’ll get found.

  • Affordable

    Content can replace traditional advertising, saving you thousands each month.

  • Autonomy

    Content can be shared amongst your audience, creating viral word of mouth.

  • Sales

    Good content can help you convert visitors into leads, and leads into clients.

  • Advantage

    Content gives you a unique point of difference over your competitors.

  • Authority

    Content can prove that you’re the go-to expert in your field.

How should I know? Because my business went from zero to six figures thanks to content marketing!

Hi, my name is
Ronnie Nijmeh
and over the past 15+ years, I’ve figured out the secrets to successful content marketing.

As a result, I’ve had more exposure, clients and word of mouth referrals than a decade of advertising could ever achieve.

I’ve even appeared on national television and radio, including:

Check it out…crazy huh?

ABOVE: Me as featured expert on CBC's Steven & Chris – a national daytime talk show in Canada.

To buy this amount of ad time would have cost literally tens of thousands of dollars!

The executive producer did a Google search, and found my website filled with content. This never would have happened if I wasn't actively publishing content online.


ABOVE: I was a featured guest on WTIC 1080...

Radio is a great format to get your message out and build your credibility, without having to get in front of a camera.

The best part? They found me because I was engaging in simple content marketing strategies.

ABOVE: That's me as a featured guest on the nationally syndicated show: "100 Huntley Street" on CTS.

I was asked to be interviewed because I was publishing content consistently on the web.

I couldn't have bought this free exposure and massive boost in credibility.



ABOVE: That's me again as a featured expert on AM770...

Yet another media citation boosting my credibility and status as an expert...

And it's all because of content marketing.

  • I'm an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Stress Busters.
  • I have over 53,000 downloads of Stress Busters, featured on national television and radio across Canada/US.
  • I have mentored, coached, and advised over 40,000 life coaches, therapists, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners through videos, online workshops, and books.
  • When you look up my name in Google, you see thousands of results under my name and my company.
  • My YouTube channel has over 100,000 views...
  • My LinkedIn profile has hundreds of endorsements from my clients and colleagues who say I’m an expert in Content Strategies, Publishing, and more.

And as a result of my own success with content marketing, over 40,000 life coaches, authors, speakers, counsellors, self-publishers and entrepreneurs have hired me to help them do the same.

And that’s why content marketing is the new advertising…

Content marketing lets people find you online and helps you build a relationship with your prospects…

… so they like you and trust you enough to book an appointment, buy your products, or refer their friends and family to your website.

But you need to do what you do best...

(… and let the content marketing experts take care of the nitty gritty)

And for most authors, speakers, coaches and therapists... that’s about focusing on your clients and giving them all your time and energy… and having some left for your family at the end of the day!

And that’s where we can help you…

After seeing my own self-help business explode with content marketing, I decided to help others do the same…

… but without breaking their backs on writing, editing, designing the content by themselves.


PLR.me Self-Help Membership

As a member of PLR.me, you’ll receive a monthly package of ready-made content on a wide range of topics including motivation, people management, strategy, success, and stress…

… ready for you to license, rebrand and use completely as your own!

Thanks to this ready-made content, you’ll save heaps of time and allowing you to benefit from content marketing, without sitting at a keyboard all evening and every weekend.

Your monthly content covers a wide range of popular topics, including…

  • Self-Help
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Development
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress
  • Meditation
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Panic Attacks
  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Career and Job
  • Passion
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Goal Achievement
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Parenting and Family
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Natural Health
  • Health and Safety
  • Success Mindset
  • Time Management
  • Finance
  • Money Management
  • Frugal Living
  • Saving Money
  • Investing
  • Rebuilding Credit
  • Making Extra Money
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Insurance
  • Holidays and Seasonal

Having seen what Ron Nijmeh has in store for his members in PLR.me club, I acknowledge Ron's works as few of the best out there.

I don't know of many high quality services that give you good content to private label as your own, and I don't know of any one better than Ron's in the Self Improvement field.

Self improvement is a highly lucrative business to be in. People are spending easily hundreds to thousands of dollars investing in themselves and smart opportunists will do well to cash in on this revolutionary self development industry! And what better way than to use proven, quality content already done for you?

Well done Ron!

Edmund Loh
Edmund Loh PLR.me Member

Your content is really refreshing compared to a lot of PLR sites. I've seen quite a bit of self-help PLR before and much of it is nothing short of pure garbage.

You provide REAL content for your members and offer just the RIGHT type of content that seekers of self-help information are looking for.

From your cool wallpapers (perfect for list-building giveaways) to your daily affirmations and checklists, this is what the target market is looking for.

And of course, the articles and reports are top-notch as well.

Keep up the great work, Ronnie!

Alice Seba
Alice Seba PLR.me Member

“Urm, PL… what?”


We call this ready-made content “Private Label Rights” or “PLR” for short. This simply means content that you can purchase, rebrand, edit and use as your own, with private usage rights.

It’s like those “own brand” tins of beans you see at the grocery store. The store’s customers want affordable tins of beans, but the store doesn’t have the resources to manufacture them.

So they buy unbranded tins of beans from a third party supplier, put their own name on it and stack it on the shelves.

Thousands of health professionals do the same thing with their content!

They buy it ready-made, rebrand it, edit or tweak it if they want to, then use it to market their business and get more clients.

And just like the grocery store that saves a bunch of time and money on manufacturing costs, you’ll save a fortune on hiring writers and designers, or trying to create it all from scratch by yourself.

Here's what real PLR.me customers are saying...

Testimonials from real PLR.me customers...

Ronnie, this package makes it easy for anyone to take this content and run with it. You've put together the entire sales process for them, without leaving anything out but the customers! In all honesty, your customers could have a new product up and ready to make money within an hour of buying this product.

From a professional-quality squeeze page with corresponding autoresponder messages, through the sales process, and including a download page - there's nothing missing. I hope people realize what exactly they're getting with this PLR Pack. It's nothing short of abundant!

Thanks for being 'best of breed' in the PLR business. Keep on doing what you're doing. You're making the web a better place.

Nicole Dean Nicole Dean

My name is Tracey Marks and I am a psychiatrist in Atlanta, Georgia.

I really have to commend Ronnie for the work that he's done with the PLR.me program.

I find it to be amazing content. It's authoritative, it's well-written, and very well-researched!

I find that I can use the content as-is if I wanted to. That's in stark contrast to other PLR materials that I've seen, that for me, often requires lots of editing, almost to the point where I can't use it.

So I really appreciate the PLR content. Thanks Ronnie and your crew for all the great work!

Dr. Tracey Marks Psychiatrist Dr. Tracey Marks Psychiatrist

Here's what you're getting every month...

  • 30 Private Label Articles (minimum 500 words) that covers topics such as healthy living, time management, goal achievement, mental and physical health, and conscious living.
  • 30 Personal Reflection Affirmations that are great for blog posts to inspire and motivate your readers.
  • 20 Inspirational Desktop Wallpapers that can be branded, sold, or given away as a loyalty builder.
  • 5 Action Guides and a Report including checklists, worksheets, and handouts. Sell it, give it away, or do what you like!
  • All eBook covers, graphics and images needed to promote the PLR reports as your own.

Here are just some of the things you can do with this content…

  • Post on your website or blog
  • Share on social media
  • Share on document sharing websites
  • Use in email newsletters and auto-responders
  • Create print-on-demand books
  • Give away to your best clients
  • Repurpose into audio, videos, webinars and seminars
  • Give away as a bonus or as part of an upsell

And because this content comes with the same high standards of research, writing, editing and design that I expect in my own business…

… you won’t need to rework or edit it…

… and you can use it straight out of the box!

Legally, here's what you can and cannot do with your monthly content:

Here are the licensing terms.

Can be sold

Can be given away

Can be packaged with other products

Can be offered as a bonus

Can be used as web content

Can be used in physical products

Can be used in workshops, teleseminars, and webinars

Can be edited completely and renamed

Can be added to your membership site

Cannot syndicate articles

Cannot be sold as a Kindle book

Cannot sell Resale Rights

Cannot sell Master Resale Rights

Cannot sell Private Label Rights

Cannot be offered through auction sites

With a private label license, you can:

  • Put your name on them as the author and keep 100% of the profits
  • Edit, rewrite or revise any part of the product
  • Combine products or split a product into several pieces of content
  • Repurpose the content into audio, video, teleseminars, webinars...
  • Sell the products or add them to your membership site - it's all up to you!

You can read the full terms of use here.

So, what’s a regular supply of done-for-you content worth to your current business?

What’s it worth... knowing that in the next 60 days or less, you’re going to start attracting leads, customers, credibility and exposure almost totally hands free, thanks to the content we provide to you?

What’s it worth.... knowing that you can leave behind those desperate days of cold calling, networking and advertising…

… and still enjoy a regular supply a leads and sales, almost totally hands-free?

Let me put it another way...

As a health professional, therapist, or coach... what is ONE client worth to you?

Say you charge $200 per hour session and the average person invests in 5 sessions... that's $1000 in revenue.

Or maybe you’re a public speaker…

… what’s ONE speaking engagement worth to you?

At $3,000 per event, you have a LOT to gain if you booked even just one extra speaking engagement every couple months.

Or maybe you’re just running a website… what would an extra few hundred visitors per day do for your income?

Well, the good news is…

You don’t have to spend thousands creating content like your competitors do!

Thanks to this unique licensing opportunity, you will save thousands on content creation over the coming weeks and months.

Here’s why…

  • Did you know that the average writer charges $20 per page of content?
  • Or that a graphic designer will charge you $30/hr to create logos, images and book layouts?

Heck, I’ve personally spent over $200,000 creating content for my business and although it’s worth every single penny, I realize you might not have that kinda money in your pocket right now.

So let me save you a few thousand dollars

(… and bring your business into the upper leagues of traffic, exposure, credibility and profit that you deserve…)

One small investment in our done-for-you content each month can bring you all the fresh, new, targeted leads you’ll ever need…

… and it won’t cost you thousands in hiring staff, buying training programs, or useless adverts that people just ignore.

In fact, you can start a risk-free 30 day trial today for just $19...

For less than a pizza for two, you can instantly access a fresh batch of ready-made content that you can put on your website, share on social media, or even sell as part of an existing offer you have…

… and watch your leads and customers rocket through the roof.

After 30 days, once you’ve seen results for yourself, you can continue your membership for just $97/mo… with no long term contracts or hidden fees.

Regular: $147/mo
Today: $19 for 30 days, then only $97/mo

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Act now and I’m also going to throw in these awesome bonuses…

  • PDF Brander

    Add call to actions and branding in your PDFs

  • Image Brander

    Watermark your graphics with your call to action

  • Content Summarizer

    Extract key points to auto-create tweets, posts, checklists, and more

  • Video Sales Letter Generator

    Instantly transform text into a video sales letter or PowerPoint presentation

  • Virtual Fax Machine

    Send free faxes around the world…

  • Image Animator

    Create animated graphics for your website and emails

  • Canvas

    Create optimized YouTube video thumbnails and “memes” by adding text onto images

  • 30 Day Content Marketing
    Action Plan

    Discover how to use content to build authority and trust in your market in just 15 minutes per day

  • Facebook Mastermind Community

    Connect and JV with top professionals in your industry

  • 80+ Pieces of Self-Help Content

    30 articles, 30 affirmations, 20 graphics, and 5 PDF action guides

  • Mastermind
    Q&A Calls

    Get live, direct line access to me via monthly webinars

  • And More!

    We’re constantly adding new tools, training and resources for members-only

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee...

If for any reason you change your mind…

In the next 30 days…

You can cancel, and you will get every penny back...

In other words…

Since you’re back by my 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

You get to go through the whole PLR.me Self-Help Membership...

Try out our exclusive members-only tools…

And get connected to the Mastermind community...

You don’t have to decide today if you want to stick around beyond the initial 30 days…

Here's what you get when you become a PLR.me Self-Help Member...

What you get inside of the PLR.me Self-Help Licensed Done-For-You Content Membership

Regular: $147/mo
Today: $19 for 30 days, then only $97/mo

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