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How to Create a Coaching Action Planner

People absolutely love action planners, which is why Lakesha Brown knew that a free, printable one would be a huge success..

The Summary:

People absolutely love action planners, which is why Lakesha Brown knew that a free, printable one would be a huge success. Taking the wallpapers, personal reflections, and motivational quotes we provide, she created a complete calendar action planner, which she then gives away in exchange for an email address.

These types of action planners work exceptionally well when used as content upgrades in blog posts.

The Story:

Lakesha is a member since 2012. She’s a Health Coach and she absolutely loves to help women create businesses, bodies, and lives they love!

With the done-for-you content, she created a lovely action planner and offered it as a gift to her clients and prospects.

Lakesha now has a valuable free resource she can offer to generate ongoing high quality new leads – all of this, with very little overhead cost. And guess what? She didn’t have to create anything from scratch!

She simply took a variety of wallpapers, personal reflections, and quotes and assembled them to create a gorgeous, free, printable planner!

The Opportunity

Never write from scratch again.

Instant access to over 11,000 done-for-you brandable coaching resources.

Action planners can be HUGE, depending on your business. They allow you to help your audience get moving, take action, and make progress in their lives.

Action planners also allow you to help your audience implement what you’ve been talking about on your website.

Many bloggers use action planners to help people implement productivity tips, budget principles, and hundreds of other uses.

They’re BIG. And they make for a great list builder.

Lakesha wanted to create an action planner, and knew she could easily create a calendar with a blank space for notes, but she needed content to inspire people to take action.

So she quickly hopped into our library, downloaded the brandable motivational images that got her fired up, then put them into a calendar template.

With a miniscule amount of work, she had a lead magnet she could immediately use to build her email list.

She put it onto her website and encouraged her visitors to opt-in to download the planner.

She also printed the planners and sold physical copies on her website and in person.

So here’s what we recommend:

  • 1Hop into the Content Library and download the licensed content that fires you up and inspires you to take action.
  • 2Place the content into a document and include any other motivational elements or designs you’d like. If you can’t design this yourself, you can hire an inexpensive designer on Fiverr or Upwork.
  • 3Using a service like LeadPages or ClickFunnels create a simple landing page where you can give away your action planner.
  • 4Connect LeadPages or ClickFunnels to your email service (we use and recommend ActiveCampaign).
  • 5Drive some traffic through advertising, content marketing, and social media, then watch your email list grow!

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  • Doug Foresta – Therapist and Host on Empower Radio
  • Jan Marie Mueller – Life Coach
  • Sue Guiher – Success Coach
  • Dr. Joe Rubino – International Expert on Self-Esteem
  • Chris Richardson – Author and Relationship Coach
  • Justine Antoinette – NLP Practitioner and Coach
  • Marlene Shiple, Ph.D – Licensed Counselor
  • Linda Hampton, RN, MSN – Executive Stress Expert
  • Amin Motin – Online Educator
  • Sean McCool – Coach and Founder of Rise Up Champion

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