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What We Believe

You know how most authors, speakers, coaches, therapists, and health professionals struggle to create compelling content that attracts clients?

We believe content marketing for health and wellness professionals doesn’t need to be time consuming or complicated. There's a faster and easier way.

What we do is create beautiful done-for-you coaching resources that you can license, brand and sell as your own, so you can grow large and devoted audiences, without having to write everything from scratch.

Ronnie Nijmeh - Founder of PLR.me and Content Marketing Expert

Our mission:
Make Content Creation Simple so you can make more, live more, and change the world.

The PLR.me Story

Founded in 2008, PLR.me has become the leading licensed content provider for health and wellness professionals.

Ronnie Nijmeh, Founder of PLR.me

Founder of PLR.me

Before starting PLR.me in September 2008, I spent years in the trenches as a stress management consultant. I've written four books on stress management and healthy living including one co-authored with experts Dr. Joseph Mercola, Gary Craig, Dr. Marcus Laux, & Dr. Susan Lark.

I grew my stress management practice from 0 to 25,000 unique visitors per month just with some simple content marketing techniques – all from free Google traffic!

This attention led to a jump in sales leads, consulting jobs, and PR exposure. I was asked to speak on CBC's Steven and Chris show, CTS's 100 Huntley Street, WTIC News Talk 1080, AM 770, the Toronto Sun, Entrepreneur Magazine, and other organizations.

The best part?

All of these clients and free exposure came automatically!

I didn't have to pound the pavement or dial for dollars.

The website content did all the heavy lifting, gathering leads and creating a buzz so I could focus on the real work of coaching my clients.

It was a simple, but powerful client generation strategy.

At first, I wrote all of the content myself, then I hired other writers to do the bulk of the work for me.

It was expensive, but I was able to grow my business fast.

Soon after, other coaches and health practitioners took notice and asked me how I was getting all this media exposure and free traffic.

One person told another and another...

...and before I knew it, I was consulting several other coaches on their content marketing strategy.

This gave me a glimpse into the inner workings of several coaching practices.

And that's when I realized the #1 problem holding back most coaches and health practitioners...

Most people try to do it all. From scratch. Alone.

Web design.
Graphic design.

That's a LOT. And speaking as a stress coach, that's STRESSFUL! It's a recipe for burn out and overwhelm.

And the most frustrating part?

Most coaches are so busy being "busy" that they have no time to, you know... actually do the marketing that's going to bring in new clients!

And then I heard about "private label content".

Private label rights (or "PLR" for short) promised to be a time-saving shortcut. You could buy a non-exclusive license, tweak it, then brand it as your own. No royalties. It's yours to brand and sell.

This "PLR thing" sounded amazing!

But as I looked around at the other content providers out there, I realized there was a huge problem...

Not all PLR content is equal.

In fact, the majority out there is just plain junk.

It's often written by non-native English speakers, filled with fluff, and unusable. No wonder the PLR industry has a bad rep!

That's exactly why we created PLR.me.

We changed the game by producing high-quality coaching materials that are written and edited by industry experts with degrees and experience in the health and wellness field. Our in-house writing team is based exclusively in North America.

And we take it a step further...

We painstakingly design each piece of content for you so you look professional. What good is "done-for-you" if you still have to do something to make it look pretty?

We take care of it all for you.

We wanted to help the thousands of smart practitioners who needed a way to grow their business...

...without having to worry about poor quality, non-native English.

...without having to hire, manage, or wait on unreliable outsourcers.

...and without having to stare at a blinking cursor on a blank page.

So you can get unstuck when it comes to creating products, workshops, training materials, or resources.

It's pain-free.

You get to have a library of quality, relevant training resources without staring at a blank canvas.

If you're like most health professionals...

You want content and coaching resources that was created for coaches by coaches with real experience. Not some freelancer that writes about dogs one day, weight loss the next, and then technology the next.

You really want someone who knows the difference between quality coaching materials and the rest of the fluff out there.

You want YOUR coaching programs and resources to stand out.

We get it.

At PLR.me, get the best of the best options:

  • Instant access to top quality materials written by North American industry experts.
  • No hiring headaches or expensive freelancers to manage.
  • Create nearly any type of content, product or offer you'd like, without writing and designing from scratch.
  • You get products to market a lot faster, so you can boost your income and help more people by giving them the coaching products and resources they need.

Win. Win. Win.

Each month, the PLR.me Content Library grows with new coaching resources, handouts, books, and courses that you can brand as your own.

And with over 11,000 coaching resources to choose from, you'll never have to worry about creating coaching content again.

So give it a try. Explore the PLR.me Content Library...


Ronnie Nijmeh on CBC's Steven & Chris, a National Talk Show, talking about stress, April 3, 2008.

Ronnie on the television segment '10 Days of a Meaningful Christmas' broadcasted on Global TV's 100 Huntley Street, December 13, 2007.

Ronnie on "The Afternoon Drive with Colin McEnroe," WTIC News Talk 1080 AM, May 13, 2008.

Ronnie spoke about 'Family & Holiday Stress' broadcasted on The Rutherford Show, AM 770 CHQR, December 27, 2007.

PDF Version

Ronnie was a featured stress expert in the national newspaper article: 'All the Rage' by Ann-Marie McQueen, Ottawa Sun, May 1, 2007.

Over 11,000 brandable coaching resources at your fingertips.

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