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Over 11,000 brandable coaching resources at your fingertips.

Create products, presentations, and coaching programs without writing a single word from scratch...

...and without having to find, pay and babysit expensive freelancers to get the job done.


Access Exclusive Content Marketing Automation Tools and Software

Works wherever you are, whenever
you need it. Web-based – Mac or PC.


Auto Slide Deck

Automatically create stunningly powerful presentation slides in minutes.

  • Automatically finds beautiful background images that are royalty free
  • Choose the font size, font, and color scheme that matches your brand. Including beautiful Google Fonts
  • Images are only used once per presentation
  • You’ll be emailed when the presentation is ready. No need to stick around.

Get Attention

Powerful presentations and slide decks get attention

Copy and Paste

Create beautiful presentations by simply copying and pasting

Worry­-Free Design

Focus on your content because the design takes care of itself

Multiply your Efforts

Amplify your marketing by repurposing your content


Content Auto Loader

Pre-load a year’s worth of content on your WordPress site in minutes.

  • Backdate posts to fill out your blog.
  • Schedule one, three, or six months of affirmations or articles.
  • Load an entire year’s worth of content into a new membership site and put it on auto-pilot.

Empty to Full in Seconds

Fill your website with content in a few short steps. No stress.

Faster than Copy & Paste

No more endlessly copying and pasting articles from Word to WordPress.

Smart Scheduling

Schedule your posts as drafts or have it automatically published daily, every week day, back date it, and more.


PDF Brander

Automatically add calls-to-action and branding inside of your PDFs in seconds.

  • Add your logo to done-for-you content.
  • Add a hyperlinked call-to-action to your lead magnets and content upgrades.
  • Make your content library much more shareable.

Consistent Branding

Include your logo or website address on all your PDF content.

Documents that Work

Add a clickable link to your watermarks and call-to-actions within the PDF.

Drive Traffic

Use your hyperlink to send your readers to your website, landing pages, etc.


Image Brander

Automatically add watermarks or branding on multiple images in seconds.

  • Add your logo image.
  • Add your website URL.
  • Add a call-to-action branding.

Instant Recognition

Branding your images helps people find your site and recognize your company.

Capture Viral Shares

As your viral images get passed around, your branding and call-to-action follow along with it.

Boost Authority

Look professional by having a consistent unifying look and feel to your images.


Content Summarizer

Automatically extract key points from content to create tweets, checklists, or summaries.

  • Create updates for Facebook or Twitter.
  • Compose emails using a summary as a teaser to return to your site to read the entire post.
  • Pull the key points out of an ebook or course to create a training webinar.

Executive summaries

Distill a book down into a bite-sized executive summary.

Social updates

Create customized snippets for social updates from your content.

Lead magnets

Quickly extract the highlights of your content to create an easy lead magnet.


Video Sales Letter Generator

Instantly transform text into a Video Sales Letter or PowerPoint presentation... automatically

  • Quickly convert your text to PowerPoint, no more cutting and pasting or fiddling with slides, fonts, and formatting.
  • Simple interface visually shows the number of slides in your sales letter presentation.

Powerful Sales Technique

Video sales letters are one of the most powerful sales techniques online today.

Focus on the Content

Never fiddle with PowerPoint slides. This web tool does all the heavy lifting.

Done in 60 Seconds

VSL Generator creates your PowerPoint-optimized presentation in just seconds.


Coaching Email Templates

Proven fill­-in­-the­-blank email templates for health & wellness coaches.

  • Write effective emails to attract joint venture partners or podcast guests.
  • Reactivate former clients.
  • Convert prospects who abandoned your shopping cart.
  • Re­-engage your list.
  • ...and more

Variety of Templates

Email templates cover a variety of situations including abandoned carts and client follow­up.


Simple fill­-in­-the­-blank interface quickly creates custom emails ready to send.

Copy and Paste

Swipe our done­-for­-you email templates to grow your coaching practice.


Perfect Email Formatter

Create perfectly formatted mobile-optimized emails.

  • Apply HTML formatting to plain-text emails to enhance readability.
  • Ensure that your emails are easy-to-read on all mobile devices.


Just paste your email and generate optimized HTML code.


Creates emails formatted perfectly for mobile devices.


Makes your emails easy-to-read without hard line breaks or tiny fonts.


Image Animator

Create attention­-grabbing animated graphics for your site and emails.

  • Product demos.
  • Memes.
  • Visual tutorials.
  • Fun marketing imagess.

Drag and Drop

Easy-­to-­use drag and drop editor. No fuss.

Attention Grabbing

Animations stand out in your emails, on social, and on your blog.

Go Viral

Share your animated images on your site, social media, or in emails.


Dupe Examiner

Check the “uniqueness score” of your re­written content.

  • Rewrite content to the recommended uniqueness score of 70-­80%.
  • Adjust for your market and audience.
  • Add your own voice, style, and personal stories to done-­for-­you content.

Uniqueness Score

At­-a­-glance, check the percentage difference between your original content and your re­written version.

Eliminate Guesswork

Stop guessing about how much you need to change your done-for­-you content.

Time Saver

Save your sanity by not unnecessarily over­writing your blog posts.


Virtual Fax Machine

Free faxing... around the world!

  • Securely fax documents.
  • No additional fees.
  • Easy uploading.

Works in the Background

You’ll get an email when your fax is sent.

Secure and Private

Privacy guaranteed through password protection and online SSL encryption.

Status Dashboard

Check the status of your faxes in the easy-to-read dashboard.


WP Swipe & Deploy

Blog Post And Headline Swipe File Built Into WordPress.

  • Create killer blog post title.
  • Create game-changing sales pages with sizzling headlines.
  • Create multiple titles for each blog post to do A/B split tests.

Expert Copywriting

Fill-in-the-blank headlines written by top copywriters – saving you money!

Built Into WordPress

Ready to use when you need it – conveniently in your WordPress dashboard.

One-click Solution

Create persuasive titles and headlines in one click.


Product Showcase

Create beautiful grid-style images that show off your products in seconds.

  • Create graphics and page spreads for your sales pages, membership sites, and emails.
  • Provide a preview of what your clients will get from your products.
  • Increase customer comfort and confidence so they buy from you again and again.

Professional Design

Now you can show off just how pro your products are.

Visual Proof

Images from within your materials remove doubt about what’s inside.

Magically Fast

Generate page spreads that showcase your products in mere seconds.

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