The Proven Step-by-Step Guide To Creating Powerful Blog Posts and Content Upgrades

The simple, powerful process for transforming an ebook into a compelling blog post


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In this tutorial, we’re going to show you an incredibly simple way to create a blog post and content upgrade from 3 bullet points in an ebook.

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In this tutorial, we’re using the following tools:

We’re going to be working with the brandable ebook The Art Of Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities.

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Step 1: Copy Text From Microsoft Word to WordPress

We’re going to select the opening text (which includes the 3 bullet points), and paste that text into WordPress.

Step 1: Copy Text From Microsoft Word to WordPress

Step 2: Create New Post In WordPress

Once we’re in WordPress, we’re going to create a new post, paste our content from the Word doc, and then delete the funky extra spaces that get added in when we paste.

Step 2: Create New Post In WordPress

Step 3: Flesh Out Blog Post

Now we need to flesh this material out to turn it into a full blog post.

We’re going to add:

  • New intro
  • Examples under each bullet point
  • Conclusion and call to action

Step 4: Create a Compelling Headline

Now we need to work on our blog post headline.

Let’s try the title: “Obstacle or Opportunity, you decide”

We’re going to paste our headline into the Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer to see just how good it really is.

Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer

We get a score of 61, which isn’t bad, but we can improve it by adding in additional uncommon, emotional, or powerful words.

Let’s try the headline “Scary Obstacle Or Exciting Opportunity, You Decide”.

Bam! Now we have a headline score of 75! Much better!

Higher Score

Let’s put this new headline into our WordPress blog post.

Step 5: Design Blog Graphic

Now we’re going to design a blog post graphic in Canva using this new blog post title.

We’re going to select Blog Graphic, and then we’re going to find a free image that looks good.

Blog Graphic

Step 6: Load Graphic Into WordPress

Once we download the finished graphic, we’re ready to load it into WordPress.


Step 7: Create PDF Of Worksheet

Now we need to create our content upgrade. We’re going to use the worksheet that came with the ebook in the Ultimate Content Starter Kit.

We’re going to use just the first page of the worksheet as the content upgrade. To do this, we’re going to convert it to a PDF, rebrand it, and then add a new cover.

To convert it to a PDF, simply click “Save As”, and then select “PDF”.

When the PDF opens up, simply delete pages 2 and 3 so that only the first page is remaining.

Step 8: Insert Blog Graphic A Cover

Next we’re going to insert a page from a file (we’re using the Preview app on Mac).


We’re going to use our blog graphic as the cover page for our PDF.


Step 9: Add Call To Action

Now we’re going to use our PDF Brander tool to add a call to action at the bottom of the PDF.


Voila! We have a branded PDF that will take users to the website when they click!


Step 10: Create LeadBox

Now we’re going to go into LeadPages and create our LeadBox.

Let’s upload the PDF we created in the previous steps into the Lead Magnet Delivery screen:


Once you’ve uploaded your file, click on “LeadBoxes” and then click “Create New LeadBox”:


Now we’re going to select the email service we’re going to use. For this example, we’ll use MailChimp:


Now we’re going to customize the form, specifically the “Thank You Page”:


Now we’re going to change a few things on the form itself, like the text and the button:


When someone enters their email address, we need to send them their content upgrade, so turn on the “send email” option:


Finally, we need to get the button that will go into our blog post.

Simply hit “Publish” and then make the appropriate changes to the button text. Once you’ve made the changes, grab the code for your blog post.


We switch back over to WordPress, go into “Text” mode, and paste our code at the bottom of our post:


And boom! We’ve got a content upgrade in our blog post:


Step 11: Get Started Now!

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