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Free Webinar Template Download: 12 Ingredients to a $245,540.74 Webinar

[EPIC POST] There are 12 ingredients every successful webinar MUST have. Read this and swipe my $245,540.74 webinar template…

How Influential Coaches Get Clients

[DROPCAPS text=’What comes to mind when you think about getting more clients for your coaching business?’ textsize=’65’] Cold calling? Sending out flyers? Hanging up posters at the gym? Joining a bunch of Facebook groups in hopes of connecting with the right person? Putting an ad in the phone book (do people still use phone books?) […]

Finding opportunities from Lifehacker?

This caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you. Lemme ‘splain the flow: Lifehacker reported about a research-based 7-minute workout and linked back to the original article on NY Times. The next day, Lifehacker published a follow-up post with 12 videos showing how to do each workout.TIP: They just curated the best […]

Content IS the Internet?

[DROPCAPS text=’Want to know my biggest PET PEEVE with other “gooroos” online?’ textsize=’60’] They sell short-lived traffic and sales tactics. Loopholes. Cheats. Hacks. Push-button “solutions”. Why? Because it’s enticing. And enticing sells… even if it doesn’t work! How many “big” opportunities are we pitched on a daily basis that seem incredible, but are all sizzle […]

What your customers REALLY want...

[DROPCAPS text=’I get this question a lot…’ textsize=’60’] “If I use done-for-you licensed PLR content, will people know I’m not the author?” Short answer: Probably not. But that’s the wrong question to ask. You see… If you use licensed content right, no one will even care (or notice) you’re not the author. Your customers are […]

Does Using PLR lead to Google Slaps?

[DROPCAPS text=’Got this question from a curious client:‘ textsize=’65’] When using PLR content.  Doesn’t google give the person a slap for repurposing articles. Which would saturate the web with PLR content. My internet marketing coaches don’t suggest using this type of content. I’m skeptical of using it myself. -Ervin Ruhe Jr. Great question! Let’s rid ourselves of this […]

The Keys to the Publishing Kingdom: 3 Questions You Must Get Right

Got this question in my inbox today: Being pretty new to this, I have kind of a problem really distinguishing what makes content something to be considered quality content. How does quality content differ from that which is not? Is there anything that can be instantly identified in that content to better understand that what a good article or […]

Why "Dumb" TVs are better (and how that affects your content marketing business)

[DROPCAPS text=’Last week I talked about the TRUE key distinguishing factor online Content.’ textsize=’65’] It ain’t whiz bang tactics or gizmos that get people to love you and buy from you. It’s your content and the personality that delivers that content. I used the example of TV. You don’t watch TV because of the ads. […]

Creating a Custom Content Marketing Plan

[DROPCAPS text=’Yesterday I talked about the importance of having a CONTENT PLAN.’ textsize=’65’] I talked about how EVERYTHING boils down to content… whether you’re an info marketer, coach, speaker, blogger, or entrepreneur. Content is at the core of: Opt-in offers Products Blog posts Videos Workshops and teleseminars Email auto responders Social sharing Your biz is […]

Creating an Annual Content Marketing Plan

It’s the New Year… so it’s time to decide on your content plan for the year! You DO have a content plan right? Because marketing online isn’t just about twiddling thumbs on Twitter or poking people on Facebook. Nuh-uh.  That’s gotten you nowhere fast, right? Real marketing online is all about marketing with content… …and using content […]

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