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Creating an Annual Content Marketing Plan
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 0 Comments access_time 1 min read

It’s the New Year… so it’s time to decide on your content plan for the year!

You DO have a content plan right?

Because marketing online isn’t just about twiddling thumbs on Twitter or poking people on Facebook.


That’s gotten you nowhere fast, right?

Real marketing online is all about marketing with content…
…and using content to create stuff you can sell.

Guess what all these have in common:

  • Creating opt-in offers to build your list
  • Creating products
  • Publishing blog content
  • Recording videos
  • Running online workshops
  • Sending out email autoresponders
  • Sharing stuff on your social profiles


It all boils down to content, baby.

Content = trust = traffic = list = products = profit

A content plan is not “nice” to have. It’s vital to succeed online. 

Just imagine if…

  • TV stations only ran ads all day. No shows. no news. All ads.
  • Radio stations just played annoying “we buy your gold” ads all day long. No music. No talk radio. No content.
  • Facebook pages just pushed stoopid affiliate offers all day long. No content. No stories. No interaction.

Boring, right? You wouldn’t waste your time.

Well… the same goes for YOUR business.

Your audience is CRAVING your content. They WANT to see and hear your stories, articles, and advice.

It’s time to make a Content Commitment this year.

I’ll get into some specifics tomorrow.

This stuff is a must-read if you’re a coach, author, speaker, or blogger online today. You’ll kick yourself if you miss out on this.

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