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My Content Publishing Secret
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 0 Comments access_time 2 min read

Just got an email from a guy who threw sticks and stones at me

Right before unsubscribing, he said:

“I don’t agree that you should encourage marketers to only pay writers $3 per article. Writers deserve at least $10 minimum for their creative efforts.”

Firstly: No. I’m not sure where he heard those lies, but there’s zero truth to that $3 figure. Maybe others, but definitely not

$3 per article is like going to an all you can eat dinner buffet for five bucks. It may seem like a great deal, but you’ll regret it later — if you know what I mean… 😉

$3 per article RE-write is the going rate, but not for a fresh article. Yes, there are other PLR providers that use shoddy non-native English speakers and pay pennies per article and that’s sad. And it’s garbage. It’s not worth your precious time.

That’s not the way.

Between the US and Canadian-based researchers, writers, editors, designers, and content manager, each piece of content travels through AT LEAST four hands before it gets passed onto you. And the tally is well over $30 per article… Often more to ensure we give you the best.

That’s the kind of quality you — and your customers — have come to know, expect, and trust from us.

The truth is, the content publishing business is an expensive and time consuming business. Few people can get it done right with a quality product time and time again.

And few people have the publishing training system for staff that we do. And its not for sale anywhere. It’s our locked down industry trade secret. Don’t even ask about it. I’ll give you an awkward blank stare.

So when you buy content from, just remember that at least four of us had a hand on your content first to give you and your clients the quality you deserve.

Never settle for less.

Check out my PLR Store to see the kind of quality we offer.