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Creating a Custom Content Marketing Plan
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 0 Comments access_time 2 min read

[DROPCAPS text=’Yesterday I talked about the importance of having a CONTENT PLAN.’ textsize=’65’]

I talked about how EVERYTHING boils down to content… whether you’re an info marketer, coach, speaker, blogger, or entrepreneur.

Content is at the core of:

  • Opt-in offers
  • Products
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Workshops and teleseminars
  • Email auto responders
  • Social sharing

Your biz is all about creating information that pre-sells your info products and services.

Your clients are CRAVING this content online.

So that means…

If your clients are NOT reading your blogs, watching your videos, or buying your info products…

…then they’re reading, watching, and buying YOUR COMPETITOR’S stuff.

Yup. Sorry to sound so bleak, but that’s just the TRUTH.

Content is truly where your business sinks or swims.

Content is what gets you noticed, what builds your list, and makes you cashola.


Of course you do.

Because you’re READING content right now, and you’ve probably bought some of my courses or PLR content at some point…

… so you already know that content marketing is the only truly “evergreen” form of marketing.

It’s just the reality of the information economy we live in.

Okay, so about that Content Commitment I mentioned yesterday…

It’s all about making a COMMITMENT to publishing content regularly.

Here’s an example…

I commit to:

  • Publishing on my blog ___ per week
  • Publishing videos on YouTube ___ per week
  • Emailing my list ___ per week
  • Contacting ___ potential JV partners per week
  • Contacting ___ people about guest blogging per week
  • Conducting ___ webinars per month
  • Publishing ___ new products per month
  • Creating ___ podcasts per month

Of course… this becomes easier when you use private label content and you leverage the same content across different mediums.

That means the same ideas and concepts that you post on your blog, can make it into your YouTube videos, your emails, your webinars, and so on.

That’s Content LEVERAGE in action.

This year is YOUR year.

You simply need to commit to your business, commit to marketing with content and commit to leveraging your time and resources by using done-for-you content.


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