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I get this question a lot...

“If I use done-for-you licensed PLR content, will people know I’m not the author?”

Short answer: Probably not.

But that’s the wrong question to ask.

You see…

If you use licensed content right, no one will even care (or notice) you’re not the author.

Your customers are looking for solutions to their problems and answers to their questions.

Give them that, and you’re the good guy (or gal).

They don’t care if you have a PhD. And they don’t care if you write every word. Your customers just want to feel better, fix their problems, and be happy.

Of course, you should add your own voice and share your stories in your content. But you were going to do that anyway. 🙂

You can try to slave away with the writing yourself… or you can have experts write your content for you.

This was an easy decision I made a long time ago and it changed my business for the better. I truly believe the same can happen for you.

Allow my team to become yours:


Ronnie Nijmeh Ronnie Nijmeh has mentored and coached thousands of life coaches, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs. He's also appeared on National TV, radio, and print across US and Canada as a Stress Expert and author of Stress Busters. Ronnie is the leading marketing consultant for entrepreneurs looking to get published, get exposure, get more clients, and make more while working less.