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How Influential Coaches Get Clients
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[DROPCAPS text=’What comes to mind when you think about getting more clients for your coaching business?’ textsize=’65’]

  • Cold calling?

  • Sending out flyers?

  • Hanging up posters at the gym?

  • Joining a bunch of Facebook groups in hopes of connecting with the right person?

  • Putting an ad in the phone book (do people still use phone books?)

While those strategies occasionally work, the actual success rate is pretty low. I mean, what are the odds of the right person at the gym seeing your poster and deciding to give you a call?

Pretty small.

What if there was a much easier way to get new clients?

What if there was a simple trick that could bring clients to you?

What if there was a way to build your business without expensive advertising?

There is.

It’s called…

(wait for it)


Really, really good content. 

And by content, I mean really insightful, actionable, value-heavy books, blog posts, workbooks, checklists, summaries, mind maps, and other text content.

Now before you roll your eyes, here are the Five Keys that we’ll be covering below:

  • Medium.
  • Mix.
  • Match.
  • Movement.
  • Magnetic.

Don’t think that content can supercharge your business?

Here are 5 coaches who are crushing it with content:

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’]

Marc and Angel Chernoff

Marc and Angel’s blog, “Marc and Angel Hack Life”, is a constant source of extraordinarily insightful posts, covering everything from how to eliminate self-doubt to recovering from failure to answering life’s most important questions.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Marc and Angel Chernoff Blog Post” width=”568″ height=”612″]

Their posts are so popular that over 130,000 people have signed up for the regular emails, and hundreds of thousands of people have shared them on social media. Their regular posts bring hundreds of thousands of people to their website every month, generating a massive amount of brand exposure for them.
[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Marc and Angel Chernoff Blog Post Image 2″ width=”535″ height=”138″]

These blog posts are essentially a perpetual lead magnet, constantly drawing in potential clients and customers.

In a sense, you could say that the content Marc and Angel are creating is the “lip” of their sales funnel. They use it to bring in new leads, and then they drive those new leads toward their email list and their products.

But it’s not just “good” content…

Part of Marc and Angel’s success lies not just in the quality of their content…

…but in the steady consistency of their content.

They post around three times per week on their blog and they regularly post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Here’s an example of a simple Facebook post Marc and Angel threw up…

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Marc and Angel Chernoff Blog Post Image 3″ width=”487″ height=”648″ ]

It’s an inspirational image with a quote. It’s eye catching and hooks you in while you scroll through your Facebook feed. And it was liked 649 times and shared 238 times! This shows the power of this type of content.

If you need ideas, there’s this weekly content plan that makes the planning and scheduling of your content super simple.

[CHAPTER title=’Key #1: Medium.’ subtitle=’Consistently put good content everywhere.’ img=’//’ height=’300′ transparency=’0.3′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

Our coaching clients need constant inspiration and motivation. And we need to be where they are. That means good content, everywhere.

Michael Hyatt

[IMG img=’//’ align=’left’ margin=’-150′]

Calling himself “Your Virtual Mentor”, Michael Hyatt has reached hundreds of thousands and made millions of dollars. His primary tool for reaching so many people? Outstanding, compelling content.

In addition to creating blog posts that get shared thousands of times, he also creates ebooks, planning sheets, checklists, and a host of other content.

He even has an entire section of his site dedicated to shareable images with inspirational quotes. Naturally, these quotes show his website at the bottom, which drives people back to his site.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Marc and Angel Chernoff Blog Post Image 5″ width=”1191″ height=”357″]

Hyatt then uses the traffic generated by these outstanding pieces of content to drive potential customers toward his coaching courses. And by the looks of things, he’s doing very, very well.

[CHAPTER title=’Key #2: Mix’ subtitle=’Create a variety of quality content across different platforms.’ img=’//’ height=’300′ transparency=’0.3′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

Because people learn in a variety of ways, we must be able to create a variety of content, from ebooks to blog posts to inspirational images that can be shared on social media networks. Consistency plus variety equals success.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Michael Hyatt Blog Post Image 3″ width=”940″ height=”788″]

Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Axe isn’t a coach, per se. He’s a doctor of natural medicine and a clinical nutritionist. Regardless, he is absolutely CRUSHING it.

His site is one of the top 10 most visited natural health websites in the world, receiving over 2,000,000 visits per month. He has created ebooks full of all-natural recipes, and his blog posts get shared thousands of times.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Dr. Josh Axe Blog Post” width=”1272″ height=”650″]

One awesome marketing technique that Axe uses is high-quality infographics which he shares on Pinterest. This medium is particularly good at drawing in readers, who are then funneled back to the website itself.

Here’s an infographic he created about treating sciatic nerve pain naturally, which he then shared on Pinterest and which linked back to an article he created.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Dr. Josh Axe Blog Post Image 2″ width=”595″ height=”602″]

Dr. Axe uses the content he creates to consistently drive incoming visitors to his store, his mailing list, and the various other products and services he has created.

Dr. Axe started with 4 employees in 2014. By the end of 2016, he’s projecting his company to be up to 60 employees. It seems like he might be onto something!

[CHAPTER title=’Key #3: Match.’ subtitle=’Create content that fits the audience.’ img=’//’ height=’300′ transparency=’0.1′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

Smart marketers will create content that naturally fits the platform. Even visually driven platforms like Pinterest and Instagram can (and should) be used to drive leads back to your website.

If you want a checklist of what to publish (and where), check out this weekly content plan.

Steve Kamb

Steve Kamb is the creator of Nerd Fitness, a site dedicated to helping desk jockeys get into shape. He also has created the Nerd Fitness academy, which is a training course for getting fit.

His growth strategy includes creating far more than simple blog posts, although he does blog on a consistent basis.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’right’ margin=’15’ width=’300′]

He also has created a host of additional free content that can be accessed simply by exchanging your email address.

These checklists and guides have allowed Brown to build his email list to over 280,000 people and to launch his own book.

What’s striking about Brown’s content is that he’s constantly working to build a tribe. Those who download his content feel like they’re becoming part of a greater movement.

[CHAPTER title=’Key #4: Movement.’ subtitle=’Use content to create a movement.’ img=’//’ height=’300′ transparency=’0.1′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

Our coaching clients want to feel like they’re a part of something important. A tribe. Movement. Community. The content we create should generate that sense of importance.

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is making waves with his School of Greatness book and site. He also hosts the “School of Greatness” podcast, and has shown up on ESPN, Men’s Health, and a host of other high profile sites.

To say that he’s crushing it is an understatement.

A primary way Howes has built his brand is through consistent, strategic social media content. He constantly creates inspirational content and then shares it with his hundreds of thousands of followers.

This simple quote that Howes shared on Instagram generated thousands of likes and comments in just a few days.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Lewis Howes Blog Post” width=”907″ height=”581″]

Notice how he says, “Tag the ones that lift you up below!” 

This is brilliant.

By encouraging others to tag their friends, he draws in even more viewers.

Howes also creates regular content which he distributes to his email list. This content is then used to drive people toward his mentorship program and online courses.

[IMG img=’//’ align=’center’ alt=”Lewis Howes Blog Post Image 2″ width=”758″ height=”492″]

Howes has strategically used consistent content publishing to create a multi-million dollar business… and he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

[CHAPTER title=’Key #5: Magnetic.’ subtitle=’Create content that attracts rabid fans.’ img=’//’ height=’300′ transparency=’0.1′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

Smart marketers will create content that encourages engagement. This creates an amplification effect, allowing your content to spread further and faster.

Okay, let’s recap…

How do you use content to increase lead flow into your coaching business?

Here are the 5 Keys to Becoming an Influential Coach:

  1. Medium. Consistently put good content everywhere.
  2. Mix. Create a variety of quality content across different platforms.
  3. Match. Create content that fits the audience.
  4. Movement. Use content to create a movement.
  5. Magnetic. Create content that attracts rabid fans.

Umm… so now what?

What’s Your Content Strategy?

If you don’t have a content strategy for building your business, you’re really missing out. Developing outstanding content can dramatically increase the number of leads coming to your business without costing your an absurd amount of money.

Of course, this raises the question…

How do you find time to create content?

You’re swamped just trying to build your business and meet with clients… so how can you possibly find the time to create and share content that grows your business?

You need a publication schedule…

Creating high-converting content is easy when you follow a proven checklist that’s working for the top health and wellness professionals.

If you want a weekly content plan that guide you, step-by-step, through creating and marketing content for your coaching business, then you’ll love this Ultimate Weekly Content Schedule.

It’s a simple publication checklist so you can see exactly what you need to do each day to create and share awesome content with your tribe.

The end goal?

Create content once, then enjoy a consistent flow of targeted leads on autopilot.

Content marketing can help you absolutely CRUSH it. Let me show you how to get the kind of content that will supercharge your growth in the coming months.

[CTA title=’DOWNLOAD THE ULTIMATE <br>WEEKLY CONTENT SCHEDULE’ subtitle=’This step-by-step publication schedule reveals everything you need to <br>get new clients into your coaching business today…’ url=’’ img=’//’ buttontext=’DOWNLOAD NOW’ height=’539′ transparency=’0.2′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’]

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