Content Marketing

My Content Publishing Secret

Just got an email from a guy who threw sticks and stones at me Right before unsubscribing, he said: “I don’t agree that you should encourage marketers to only pay writers $3 per article. Writers deserve at least $10 minimum for their creative efforts.” Firstly: No. I’m not sure where he heard those lies, but […]

Getting Started with Content Marketing

I got this free pass to this “mixed-martial arts” MMA gym so I went yesterday. I’ve never really been into MMA at all… I guess it’s not my thing to watch two men beat the snot out of each other. To each their own. But anyhow… I gave the gym a try yesterday. I joined […]

5 Types of Content Your Need For Your Website

Ever wonder what type of content you need for your biz? Hint: Articles alone don’t cut it anymore. Nuh-uh. Here’s a short list of what you need: Text Viral Images Audio and/or Videos Reports, Giveaways, and Handouts Products, Workshops & Coaching You need text, like articles, quizzes, stories, and social commentaries to post on your […]

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