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5 Types of Content Your Need For Your Website
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 0 Comments access_time 2 min read

Ever wonder what type of content you need for your biz?

Hint: Articles alone don’t cut it anymore. Nuh-uh.

Here’s a short list of what you need:

  • Text
  • Viral Images
  • Audio and/or Videos
  • Reports, Giveaways, and Handouts
  • Products, Workshops & Coaching

You need text, like articles, quizzes, stories, and social commentaries to post on your blog, on other people’s blogs, and to share on document sharing sites. It gets picked up by Google and boosts your rankings.

You need viral images, infographics, and visuals to pique people’s attention on the social networks. You ain’t see no sales pages on Facebook being shared like hot cakes, right? (Right.)

You need audio and video to tap into the huge audience on YouTube or iTunes podcasts… this builds rapport, this allows you to show off, do demos, and build trust with the power of your voice and even your face.

You need reports, giveaways, whitepapers, and handouts so you can build your list and pre-sell your products or books to them. After all, you can’t shove a sales page or book down someone’s throat. You need to get them excited and HOOKED into you.

And finally, you need content to create info products, training workshops, webinars, and coaching programs. After all, I want you to SELL stuff and stash some cash. 🙂

In reality, you need ALL of these types of content to get traffic and to monetize that traffic…

And, of course, you can use Product Creator Pro to almost all of the heavy lifting for you.

Time to get those creative juices a- flowin’!

Happy Publishing,

Ronnie Nijmeh &

P.S. Several people CONFRONTED me about… They have their own businesses in place and don’t need new staff or marketing training, but they want a content-only LIFETIME option.

I do have that option available for a FEW select people. If you want to be let in, email me and tell me you’re interested.