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Does Using PLR lead to Google Slaps?
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When using PLR content.  Doesn’t google give the person a slap for repurposing articles. Which would saturate the web with PLR content.

My internet marketing coaches don’t suggest using this type of content.

I’m skeptical of using it myself.

-Ervin Ruhe Jr.

Great question! Let’s rid ourselves of this myth for good.

Don’t fear the reaper… Google won’t slap and chop you up.

Lemme ‘esplain:

When AP News publishes a news story that gets picked up by other news outlets, does Google punish them for publishing the SAME article?

Here’s an example… It’s an “AP exclusive” story that other news outlets copied and pasted (because they license AP’s content for their publications, no different from you licensing content from

Okay… so what do you see?

Thousands of articles that appear in Google. All identical (or nearly identical).

No Google slap there, right?

Of course, this assumes you do absolutely NOTHING with your PLR content. Remember that PLR is licensed by you, so you can modify it as you please and use it nearly any way you please.

That means:

  1. If all you’re doing is copying/pasting PLR content (or AP news stories) without adding your own commentary, adding your own voice or flair, or making it your own, you’re missing the boat, big time.
    • The best bloggers often talk about the SAME current events or topics, but they have their own interesting take. They inject their personality. They do videos, podcasts, or social commentaries.  They make it “unique”.
  2. If all you’re doing is adding content on your blog, then you’re forgetting that successful businesses need products, webinars, email autoresponders, membership areas, and more.
    • You know… all the stuff that actually makes you money and builds a loyal following with your audience! Oh and… all of this stuff is hidden from Google, so there’s no potential for being “slapped” anyhow.

By the way… you’d be shocked to know how many “gooroos” who regularly use PLR as bonuses for their products, or even as their own product. They rebrand the PLR, they change the title and design, but otherwise sell the product as-is.

If the content is solid and valuable, you’re actually doing your clients a service by creating and publishing products that helps them.

PLR kickstarts your product creation and lead generation… you’ll get far, far more done leveraging and licensing existing content than doing it all on your own.

After all, if you could create it all yourself, wouldn’t you have done so already? 🙂

Save time, make more, grab some private label content here.

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