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In this video, you will discover how to repurpose an affirmation into a compelling content upgrade that will grow your email list.


Have you ever wanted to build your list by giving your audience exactly what they want when they need it?

If you’re like most coaches and consultants, you just have no idea how to do this.

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to meet the needs of your audience using content upgrades.

This is part 7 in our series: “8 Surprising Ways To Create Influential Content” to help you drive traffic and attract new clients.

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Content upgrades are the new normal. In the middle or end of a blog post we can offer a PDF handout that adds value to that blog post… and when we do, the conversions are much higher.

There’s nothing wrong with a generic opt-in offer across your site or driving traffic to a landing page.

But a specific offer tied to a specific blog post will perform much better.

For example, if we wrote a blog post about a delicious meal we created, we could offer a PDF of a recipe as a content upgrade.

Make sense?

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to add a content upgrade to the blog post we created all the way back in the first tutorial.

Back in tutorial #1, we transformed our affirmation from the Ultimate Content Starter Kit into a blog post.

Now we’re going to go back and edit this post in order to add the content upgrade.

Step 1: Add a Content Upgrade to Blog Posts

We’re going to use LeadBoxes by LeadPages to implement our content upgrade.

First, let’s back into our WordPress editor and add a sentence to the end of the blog post like this:


Step 2: Create a LeadPages "LeadBox"

Now we’re going to go over to LeadPages and select “Lead Magnet Delivery”:


Step 3: Upload the Content Upgrade to LeadPages

Now we need to upload the file we’ll be using for our content upgrade:


Once you’ve uploaded your file, click on “LeadBoxes” and then click “Create New LeadBox”:


Step 4: Connect Your Email Provider with the LeadBox

Now we’re going to select the email service we’re going to use, which is MailChimp:


Step 5: Specify Your Thank You Page

Now we’re going to customize the form, specifically the “Thank You Page”:



After they download the content upgrade, you want to specify where they will go.

For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to simply send them back to the original blog post. 

Depending on your content upgrade, you could also send people to an automated webinar, low ticket one-time-offer, an application form, or a download page.

Step 6: Customize the LeadBox Style

Now we’re going to change a few things on the form itself, like the text and the button:


Step 7: Send the Content Upgrade via Email

When someone enters their email address, we need to send them their content upgrade, so turn on the send email option:


Now we need to select the content we’re going to send them. We’re going to send them the PDF version of the affirmation:


Step 8: Customize the Email

Now we simply customize the content upgrade "download" email:


When someone enters their email address on our blog post, LeadPages will automatically send them the content upgrade and add them to my email list.

Step 9: Publish the LeadBox

Now we click “Publish” at the top right:


Step 10: Copy & Paste the LeadBox Code

We’re going to use a button, and once we’ve specific what text and color we want, we’re simply going to copy the code provided by LeadPages:


We switch back over to WordPress, go into “Text” mode, and paste our code at the bottom of our post:


And boom! We’ve got a content upgrade in our blog post:


When someone clicks the button, they’ll enter their email address and have the free gift sent to them!


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