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4 Ways To Create Epic Customer Experiences
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 0 Comments access_time 13 min read

[DROPCAPS text=’How can you set yourself apart from other coaches?’ textsize=’50’]

You could try to create some sort of elaborate viral video which would be viewed by millions.

You could spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to get your face in front of thousands of people.

You could spend years trying to write the next bestseller.

And while all those are certainly viable options, there are much easier, simpler way to distinguish yourself from other coaches…

Create EPIC customer experiences.

People are longing for authentic, human experiences. They want to know that they represent more than just another dollar in your bank account. They want to know that they matter.

Creating epic experiences does just that.

By creating epic experiences for your customers, you…

  • Create happy clients
  • Generate more referrals
  • Give yourself a distinct competitive advantage over other coaches

But how can you create epic customer experiences?

Here are 4 really simple ways…

[CHAPTER title=’1. Personalize Everything’ img=’’ height=’250′ transparency=’0.3′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

Personalizing your interactions with clients is a really easy way to make them feel like they matter.

After all, no one likes receiving something that begins, “Dear Valued Customer.” It’s dehumanizing and impersonal.

And as Dale Carnegie said in How To Win Friends And Influence People:

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’]

By personalizing your interactions, you producing a “sweet” sound for your clients.

Here are some ridiculously easy way to personalize your interactions with clients:

Record Videos With Your Smartphone

When you bring on a new client or an existing client purchases something from you, take 10 minutes to record a personal thank you with your smartphone.

It doesn’t have to be anything special. No need for a song or dance. Just a short video of you thanking them by name.

If you do this, you’ll get responses like this:

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’E Brian Rose shares an epic customer experience he had’]

Send Handwritten Notes Or Cards

People are accustomed to receiving bland, boring printouts or emails.

“Thank you for your purchase…blah, blah, boring, blah.”

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’]

Send a handwritten thank you note. It shows that you’re a real person who is genuinely thankful.

And if you don’t have time to send handwritten notes to all of your clients, services like Letter Friend will do it for you. You electronically submit your text to them and they transform it into a beautiful handwritten note.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Letter Friend makes it simple to send out handwritten notes, done-for-you’]

If notes aren’t your thing, you can use a service like SendOutCards to send personalized cards or gifts to people.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Use SendOutCards to send personalized cards and gifts’]

Customers and clients really value this kind of personal attention.

Jim Shukys Auto recently got some much deserved attention when a customer posted this image on Reddit with the title “I have never in my life seen this level of customer service”.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’This simple card got massive exposure on Reddit’]

BOTTOM LINE: By personalizing everything, you show your clients that they truly matter to you and you value your relationship just as much as you value the revenue they provide.

[CHAPTER title=’2. Be Radically Generous’ img=’’ height=’250′ transparency=’0.3′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

Unfortunately, most companies aren’t known for their generosity. They’re known for trying to squeeze every last dollar (and maybe more!) out of their customers.

[IMG img=’’ align=’right’ margin=’-100′ width=’300′]

Radical generosity is a way to set yourself apart in a crowded, oftentimes greedy market.

Radical generosity also creates raving fans who are highly likely to refer others to you.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel is an amazing example of radical generosity creating raving fans.

When Christina McMenemy stayed at the hotel during a conference, she became obsessed with the high-end clock radio in her room. For 3 years, she tried to find where to buy the clock, all to no avail.

Finally, while staying at the hotel again, Christina messaged the hotel on Twitter, only to discover that the clock was not available to the general public.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Christina reached out to Gaylord Opryland on Twitter’]

Imagine her shock when she returned to her hotel room to find not one, but two clocks, with one for her to keep.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Christina found this when she returned to her room’]

As you can imagine, that kind of radical generosity turned Christina into a raving fan, and got the Gaylord Opry some well-deserved attention when Christina blogged about the incident.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’]

You don’t have to give away a high-priced item like a clock to win ravings fans. The options for giveaways are endless, including:

  • Free guides
  • In-depth videos
  • Checklists
  • Audio downloads
  • And much, much more…

BOTTOM LINE: By being extraordinarily generous, your customers feel like you care deeply about them and are committed to their welfare.

Now it’s my turn to be radically generous.

I use a particular email to build engagement and trust. This email alone has gotten 1,023 replies (and counting…) – leading to a personal conversation with my new prospects.

It’s called the “Trust Architecture” email.

I’ve given this email template to my members to use in their coaching business and the results have been outstanding.

Here’s what some of my members have said in our private Mastermind Group…

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’ Lifetimer, Sim Aulakh, shares his success using the Trust Architecture template’]

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Mike Gardner got a big WIN using the email template’]

Typically this template is reserved for my paying members ONLY, but since you’ve read this far…

I want to give this email template to you… for FREE.

Click here to Download the “Trust Architecture” Email Template…

[CHAPTER title=’3. Go Above and Beyond’ img=’’ height=’250′ transparency=’0.3′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

It’s frustrating to say, but far too many businesses do the bare minimum.

All they care about is making the sale. Once they make the sale, they’ve done their duty.

Companies that go above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to bless and impress their customers gain a very distinct competitive advantage.

Trader Joe’s is a brilliant example of going above and beyond the call of duty for customers.

An 89 year-old man had been snowed into his Pennsylvania home and couldn’t get out for groceries. His daughter, desperate to find a way to get food to her father, called many grocery stores in an effort to find someone who delivered.

Even though Trader Joe’s doesn’t normally deliver, they answered the call, delivering food to the man within 30 minutes.

And they didn’t charge him a thing.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Trader Joe’s delivered when it really mattered’]

The story went viral on Reddit, receiving over 3,000 “upvotes” and being read thousands of times.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’The Trader Joe’s story went viral on Reddit’]

In the comments underneath the post, hundreds of people chimed in about the positive experiences that had with Trader Joe’s.

The single event generated a massive amount of positive exposure for Trader Joe’s!

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’More Trader Joe’s fans shares their epic experiences. You can’t buy this kind of positive exposure!’]

Morton’s Steakhouse is another example of a company going way above and beyond the call of duty.

While on a trip, customer service consultant and author Peter Shankman jokingly asked Morton’s to meet him at the airport with a steak.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Peter Shankman reaches out to Morton’s Steakhouse’]

When receiving a Tweet like that, most companies would be like:

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’]

Not Morton’s.

Morton’s delivered.

Big time.

A staff member drove 23 miles to the airport to deliver a full meal to Shankman. Shankman said:

He [the Morton’s employee] proceeds to tell me that he’d heard I was hungry, and inside is a 24 oz. Porterhouse steak, an order of Colossal Shrimp, a side of potatoes, one of Morton’s famous round things of bread, two napkins, and silverware.

Of course, Shankman immediately informed his large social media following of the incredible customer service he had just experienced.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Shankman is blown away by Morton’s showing up at the airport with a full steak dinner.’]

Going above and beyond the call of duty doesn’t have to be complicated.

Respond to every email you get.

Give away extra training materials to clients (and you don’t even have to create the resources yourself if you use this Ultimate Content Starter Kit).

Set up a free welcome call with a client just to ensure they’re doing okay.

Your goal is simply to give your clients an INCREDIBLE experience.

BOTTOM LINE: By going above and beyond, you prove to your clients that you actually care about their success and wellbeing.

[CHAPTER title=’4. Treat People Like Humans’ img=’’ height=’250′ transparency=’0.3′ backgroundcolor=’#333′ textcolor=’#fff’ textsize=’60’]

A friend recently tried to fly Spirit Airlines with his family. Due to traffic, he was a few minutes late to the gate.

[IMG img=’’ align=’right’ margin=’-100′ width=’300′]

When he and his family arrived at the gate, they had just closed it, and they refused to open it, even though he was traveling with small children.

He was forced to stay overnight in a hotel and fly out the next day.

Suffice to stay, he will never fly Spirit again.

Kerry Drake was flying United to see his mother in her final hours. If he missed his connecting flight, there was a good chance he wouldn’t see his mother before she passed.

After the first flight was delayed, Drake began crying and drew the attention of the flight attendants.

They quickly relayed the problem to the captain, who radioed ahead to the connecting flight.

The flight crew on the connecting flight intentionally delayed departure, specifically so Drake could make the flight.

“I was still like maybe 20 yards away when I heard the gate agent say, ‘Mr. Drake, we’ve been expecting you,’” he said.

Drake’s story went viral, and he ended up talking about his experience on CNN.

[IMG img=’’ align=’center’ caption=’Drake shares his epic United Airlines experience on CNN’]

Unfortunately, many companies treat customers less than human.

Like cogs in a machine.

As if they don’t have feelings or desires.

By adding a distinctly human touch to all your interactions, you will quickly set yourself apart from other coaches.

[IMG img=’’ align=’right’ margin=’-100′ caption=’I try to be as helpful as possible with clients in our private mastermind’]

Here are some really simple ways to do this:

  • Interact personally with potential clients on social media. Respond to comments and be genuinely helpful
  • Send a welcome thank you card or small gift in the mail
  • Send a birthday card
  • If a client refers someone to you, write them a personal note or send them a small gift
  • Record a personal welcome video
  • Extend deadlines if a person is having difficulty purchasing or signing up
  • Spend extra time helping people solve the problems they’re having

Your goal is to make people feel like…people. People that matter.

BOTTOM LINE: By treating people like humans, you develop deep, lasting, loyal relationships that generate more referrals.

Where to go from here…

You may not have a huge advertising budget, you can create epic experiences for your customers.

[IMG img=’’ align=’right’ margin=’-100′ width=’350′ caption=’Theresa discovered the power of the Trust Architecture email template’]

Simply by:

  • Personalization
  • Being radically generous
  • Going above and beyond
  • Treating people like humans

You can create happy clients, get more referrals, and set yourself apart from other coaches.

Don’t overcomplicate this. Treat others how you would want to be treated and just watch how people respond.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Get this FREE email template to help you personally engage with your clients.


Click here to Download the “Trust Architecture” Email Template…

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