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4 Ways To Create Epic Customer Experiences

[DROPCAPS text=’How can you set yourself apart from other coaches?’ textsize=’50’] You could try to create some sort of elaborate viral video which would be viewed by millions. You could spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to get your face in front of thousands of people. You could spend years trying to write the […]

5 Coaching Industry Trends That Could Make Or Break Your Business

[DROPCAPS text=’Generally speaking, people SUCK at predicting the future.’ textsize=’40’] Do you remember the movie Back To The Future 2? In the movie, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) travels to the year 2015 and gets a firsthand look at what the “future” will look like. According to the movie, the following things should exist by […]

Finding opportunities from Lifehacker?

This caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you. Lemme ‘splain the flow: Lifehacker reported about a research-based 7-minute workout and linked back to the original article on NY Times. The next day, Lifehacker published a follow-up post with 12 videos showing how to do each workout.TIP: They just curated the best […]

How do you segment your Aweber list using automation?

[DROPCAPS text=’Lakesha posted an excellent question in the private mastermind Facebook group.’ textsize=’67’] I took 9min 59 seconds to answer it here: I went over: Why you MUST segment your email list How to automate Aweber lists (cool stuff) Pros & a BIG con of Aweber automation How to segment your list AUTOMATICALLY How […]

Persuasive Pricing through Price Anchoring

Here’s a lesson in price anchoring psychology. First, let me ask you… What is worth more to you: a) Regular: $299.99   Today: $79.99 or… b) Regular: $99.99   Today: $79.99 Lemme guess… you picked (a) right? Right. Well, friend, you are susceptible to something called price anchoring. We all are. That $299 sticker value makes […]

The big publishing secret...

Yesterday, I told you that in order to get massive exposure and make more sales (or build a monster email list of prospects) you need LOTS of content… quality content. NOT just for your website, but for every stage of the process, from articles pointing back to your site, to list building reports, to emails, to premium […]

How I got on the news and radio...

Yesterday, I told you that content is the key to succeeding online, and why you need a Content Ecosystem if you want to survive in the wild out there today. Today, before I get to what a Content Ecosystem is, I need to issue a STARK WARNING. Have you ever tried to run ads on Facebook or Google, […]

Don't fall for these lies...

Some people think that the way to get traffic fast is to waste time on Facebook, or writing  and submitting articles to article directories. They’re WRONG. Don’t fall for the same LIES and deceit they fell for. You don’t need to spend hours begging for traffic on Facebook… and you definitely don’t need any of the […]

How to Add Value to the Buying Experience as an Affiliate Marketer or Product Creator

Yesterday, I told you about the two key pillars of success as an online business owner: 1. MASTERING YOUR MIND.     – Start thinking that you CAN (and will) 2. MAKING A COMMITMENT.     – Commit to doing LITTLE things regularly. Then I asked: “How can you ADD VALUE to the buying experience?” …And […]

Want to see my old, UGLY site? (don't laugh!)

Have I ever told you how I got my start online? It’s not super glamorous or anything… but it did bring in a serious, full-time income for me. What’d I do? I’d love to say it’s some big, super underground secret… but it wasn’t. Ready to hear what I did? *Drum roll please…* …Affiliate Marketing. Nothing ground breaking, […]

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