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Zero Cost Marketing Strategy: JV Partners

Yesterday, I told you about a really cool way to brand yourself as an expert and market your website WITHOUT spending cash. It was all about ZERO COST media exposure. Today, I want to share with you my other zero cost marketing technique. It’s so simple and so easy that you’ll kick yourself when you hear this… Ready for […]

Zero Cost Marketing Strategy: Media Attention

Yesterday I told you about some of my EXPENSIVE failures. It really struck a chord with my readers. Thanks for your emails and comments on my blog! Today, I want to tell you about one of my Top 2 ZERO COST marketing successes. These are little techniques I’ve put to the test over the years […]

Top 3 Marketing Failures

Most people don’t hear about my failures… Yup, I’ve failed. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on so-called “marketing” that BOMBED. Here are a few shining examples… The $11,000 Website: Back in 2005, I spent $11,000 to have a dinky little website created from the ground up. Yes, 11-freakin-thousand. That was deadly stupid. It was supposed to […]

How to Sell With Stories

Stories sell without selling. That’s why people are addicted to movies, sitcoms, comics, and anything that makes ’em feel warm and fuzzy.  Even though they’re chalked full of overt product placements and undertones of hypnotic persuasion, you can’t pry people from a good story.  It’s gripping…      Exciting…            Edge-of-seat grabbing –! Within mere seconds, you can […]

Are you a slave or a visionary?

After HOURS of coaching calls with my students over the last couple weeks I’ve discovered a CRITICAL secret… This will blow you away. This secret is what separates those who are SUCCESSFUL vs. those who STRUGGLE. So what’s the difference between the struggling business owner SLAVING away to earn $10/hr vs. the BIG SUCCESS making $1,000/hr? Mindset. Yup… that’s all it is. […]

What we all can learn from Steve Jobs

Last night, I got an alert on my iPad and iPhone about the passing of Steve Jobs. Steve was the co-founder of Apple, and key inventor of many of the great products and services we all use on a daily basis… iPhones, iPads, iTunes, Macs, and more. What an amazing tribute that so many people learned of his passing […]

What's in your clenched fist?

A few months ago, I started on a personal journey to eat and be healthier…        (Keep reading… there is a VITAL business lesson in here…) It wasn’t a diet, fad, or withdrawal type of program… it was actually a faith-based program to guide me to a healthier lifestyle. It REALLY opened my eyes… THE KEY REALIZATION:    Your un-stretched stomach […]

The BIG mistake that keeps even smart people BROKE

I got an email from a client today that really irked me… Here’s what she said: “I’m a writer and I also have 4 affiliate websites, all 4 months old or younger, and still not making any money. I’m growing a list but I don’t know what to do with that list! What to offer etc.   I […]

Best business advice I've ever received...

Here’s some of the best business advice I ever got: “If you’re not connecting with your followers and customers, then you’re not doing your job. A very good entrepreneur puts relationships ahead of profits because he knows that stronger relationship naturally leads to healthier profits.” Ain’t that ‘ze truth. While everyone else is getting impersonal and distancing themselves […]

I hit a nerve...

Yesterday, I told you about how you can become your own WORST EMPLOYEE… Well, the flood of replies tells me that I hit a nerve. 🙂 Most people agreed agreed with me that they haven’t been giving their business the RESPECT it deserves and that my simple 3-4 item checklist strategy was bang on… Quick recap about my checklist method… Execute just […]

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