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Want to see my old, UGLY site? (don't laugh!)
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 0 Comments access_time 2 min read

Have I ever told you how I got my start online?

It’s not super glamorous or anything… but it did bring in a serious, full-time income for me.

What’d I do?

I’d love to say it’s some big, super underground secret… but it wasn’t.

Ready to hear what I did?

*Drum roll please…*
…Affiliate Marketing.

Nothing ground breaking, right?

It was just plain jane affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s stuff in exchange for a commission.

So what’d I sell?
CD and DVD burning software.

Nope, not IM stuff… just software to help burn discs.

In fact, you can see my hideous site still online today…

…and it’s still making moohlah for me every single month (even though a lot of links are broken and the site is a total mess.)

Here’s one of my ancient affiliate sites.
(Don’t laugh! It was made in Microsoft FrontPage back at the turn of the century…  :P)


Affiliate marketing WORKS.
Still does, always will.

In fact, you may be reading this email because one of my affiliates brought you here… and we’re both glad they did! 🙂

People like to dismiss affiliate marketing because it isn’t as shiny as any of the other FLAVORS OF THE WEEK…

… but that means there’s more space for you to SUCCEED. 🙂

Want to know HOW to market as an affiliate… no matter the niche?

Then you’ll want to check out tomorrow’s post 🙂

To your success,

Ronnie Nijmeh

P.S. Yes, affiliate marketing works in any niche. After all, I was a six-figure success in the “CD Burning” niche… so you can be too!

It’s all about taking the right approach to promoting and choosing the RIGHT PRODUCTS to promote.

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