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A nanny for your business...

[DROPCAPS text=’My wife and I recently hired a “home helper.” With a pre-term baby (now almost 3 months!), an emergency c-section, and a whole whack of complications, something had to give.’ textsize=’60’] Even with both of us home, we quickly discovered that we’d be happier, healthier, and a lil’ more sane if we had some regular […]

How to Add Value to the Buying Experience as an Affiliate Marketer or Product Creator

Yesterday, I told you about the two key pillars of success as an online business owner: 1. MASTERING YOUR MIND.     – Start thinking that you CAN (and will) 2. MAKING A COMMITMENT.     – Commit to doing LITTLE things regularly. Then I asked: “How can you ADD VALUE to the buying experience?” …And […]

Two critical pillars for online marketing success

Yesterday I told you about how I got my start online via affiliate marketing (selling other people’s stuff for a commission). Today is all about the HOW…  How did I become a six figure affiliate marketer? For my “CD Burning” niche site, I tried all sorts of different things to stand out: Podcast (long before […]

Want to see my old, UGLY site? (don't laugh!)

Have I ever told you how I got my start online? It’s not super glamorous or anything… but it did bring in a serious, full-time income for me. What’d I do? I’d love to say it’s some big, super underground secret… but it wasn’t. Ready to hear what I did? *Drum roll please…* …Affiliate Marketing. Nothing ground breaking, […]

Even sweet dreams can turn SOUR - My affiliate marketing story

I want to share a story with you that I’ve never revealed before. This all began over a decade ago. You see… I got my start online in 1999 selling other people’s stuff. My best-seller was a DVD movie backup app called “DVD X Copy” that I was selling as an affiliate — you may have heard of […]

Is Your Online Business a bushy Bonsai Tree?

I have a story for you called: “Lessons of the Bonsai Tree” After reading it, ask yourself… “Is my business a bushy Bonsai?” Lessons of the Bonsai Tree Peter circled the table and frowned at the overgrown shrub sitting in a pot on the table. “What is it?” “A bonsai tree,” Yukio said. “Uhm, I’ve […]

Digging Holes and Decorating With PLR Content

As you may know by now, I’m getting married next year and it’s been a whirlwind of planning and organizing for the big day. Over the last couple months, we’ve also been house shopping and trying to decide where to lay down our roots. Unlike most areas around the globe, here in Toronto the real […]

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