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What Ronnie's home office looks like...
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[DROPCAPS text=’Ever wonder what my battle station looks like? Wonder no more. Here is a photo of my setup along with a breakdown of the tools, gizmos, and gadgets that help me run my company…’ textsize=’60’]

My Office Setup

Interesting facts about my home office:

  1. There’s a wall of windows facing the trees in the backyard (just outside of the photo).
  2. My 15″ MacBook Pro is connected to this LG 38″ Curved Ultrawide screen on this monitor arm – and it’s as epic as it looks.
  3. I use this desk that can go from seated position to standing.
  4. When I’m standing, I use this super comfy anti-fatigue mat.
  5. My headphones of choice are the AirPods – they’re completely wireless and I love them.
  6. My mic of choice is the Yeti — incredible mic.
  7. I use the Logitech C920 webcam (not pictured in this photo).
  8. My chair cost more than my desk (as it should… I wrecked my back and neck with a cheap chair in the past!)
  9. I have a trampoline  in the office. Yes, for real. Yes, it’s awesome. Great for the kids and the parents. 🙂
  10. My wife picked up that art piece from HomeSense, and it’s super wide that it almost didn’t fit in our car.

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