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How to Build an Online Business Empire
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Many of you may not know this, but in certain media circles, I’m actually known as “Ronnie Nijmeh the Stress Expert.”

I’m sort of a subject matter expert here, having actually written books on stress, conflict, and healthy living, and running a self-improvement content site that grabs over 25k unique visitors organically each month (as of this writing).

I’m constantly contacted by the media to be interviewed about stress relief and I’ve been featured on national TV, radio, newsprint, and magazines. I’ve even been offered a ‘stress expert’ spokesperson job for a vacation company. (For real… I couldn’t believe it either!)

I get all this attention even though I barely focus any time or energy on that site. Why am I considered a subject matter expert for stress relief?

Because I’ve built my own little online business empire. I’m known as an expert not because I’m some magical stress guru, but because I took the time to develop an authority site. An authority that grabs thousands of visitors each month from Google while barely lifting a finger.

Was it expensive? My mistakes sure cost me thousands… but once I built my system, it began to roll like clockwork and it was very affordable. I had to learn the hard way, I guess.

Has it been hard? Not particularly. It did take effort though. You can’t become an authority site overnight, but it doesn’t have to take years, either. All my media exposure came about in less than 9 months, and once I got my first shot, the others came a-knockin’ within a couple weeks. When it rains, it sure does pour!

The key though is to position yourself as the expert. Not an expert, but the expert.

And the way you do that is by building an authority site overflowing with valuable content that parachutes you to the top of the search engines, becoming a subject matter expert in the process.


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