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Differences Between Geeks and Marketers
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 3 Comments access_time 1 min read

You know the difference between geeks and marketers?

  • Geeks get stuff done and get paid once.
  • Marketers strategically create VALUE and get paid over and over.
  • Geeks tinker with php, css, jpgs, and tech stuff.
  • Marketers tinker with traffic, conversion rates, offers, and MONEY-MAKING stuff.
  • Geeks know how to make things shiny and spiffy.
  • Marketers know how to make HOT customers out of cold leads.

So here’s my question for you…

What role have you been playing in your business…
…and who do you REALLY want to be?

For the “geeky” marketers out there, know this:
You must ALWAYS be a marketer first.

As a marketer, you know what makes you money, and if you’re not sure, you’re smart enough to test and tweak until you find out.

Geek skills might come in handy from time to time, but great MARKETING skills will ALWAYS be useful.


  1. Marketer first.
  2. Geek second.

To your success,

Ronnie Nijmeh

P.S. I know so many of you spend way too much time, money, and effort on the stuff that doesn’t bring home the bacon.

That’s why I’m going to be launching a special offer to get the”geek stuff” off your plate so you can focus on MARKETING skills.

Stay tuned for that…

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