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Upcoming Special Offer - 25 Review Copies Available
By Ronnie Nijmeh comment 132 Comments access_time 2 min read

If you’re tired of internet marketing systems that never seem to
work, then listen closely…

Imagine being able to generate 100 subscribers totally hands free…
and then turning those 100 visitors into a sweet $240 income stream.

Not just once or twice, but as many times you want to.

With just 300 subscribers, you could be making $720…
With just 500 subscribers, you could be making $1,160…

Starting to see the potential here?

Well listen up, because I’m going to show you exactly how
it’s done… and if you’re quick, you can learn this for FREE!


We’re launching a red hot WSO offer THIS WEDNESDAY, September 7th.

It’s called Old School Sales Funnels, and it will show you:

  • How to build a list fast, free and on total autopilot
  • How to turn just 100 subscribers into $240 or more per week
  • How to create magnetic products that sell like hotcakes
  • How to get affiliates onboard

And with our formula, people don’t just open our emails…
they actually BUY too…

This training course currently sells for $97. (Really. It’s selling at $97 every day here).


We’ve decided to give away 25 review copies (for FREE) to 25
lucky people.

Here’s how to get a FREE review copy:

In order to qualify to get a free review copy, you need to:

  • Write a comment below explaining why you need/deserve it and be as honest as you can be..
  • Leave your honest review on the WSO thread once the WSO goes live

That’s it!

We will make sure to read every comment on this page and no matter how many comments you already see posted, you will still have the same chance to get a free review copy as the person who commented first!

Again, this is going to be a HUGE launch on the Warrior Forum so you really want to make use of this great opportunity.

Thank you for your time and support,

Ronnie Nijmeh
Ronnie Nijmeh

UPDATE: The 25 People Who Will Be Receiving a FREE Review Copy Are…

  1. Forrest Smyth
  2. Cav
  3. Mark Greenwood
  4. Teresa Miller
  5. Dave in Wales
  6. Shane
  7. Jorge Chavez
  8. Adam Teece
  9. Anna
  10. Laurie Lacey
  11. Jenny Dunham
  12. Kristen Bedard
  13. Debbie Sikkema
  14. Sal McDonagh
  15. Scott Z
  16. Ed Vanarsdale
  17. Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson
  18. Rory Stern
  19. Karen De Han
  20. Cliff Ford
  21. Mimi Kiosterman
  22. Daniel
  23. Leo
  24. Lee Ann
  25. Tom

We will be contacting the 25 people via the email address left in the comment.

Thank you for leaving your comments! More cool stuff is ahead, stay tuned… 🙂

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