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Affiliate marketing is a BILLION dollar business.

Yes, billion with a “b.”

The stats from 2008 came out and it turns out that $2.1 billion dollars were paid out commissions. That’s affiliate marketing commissions, not sales.

That’s crazy.

But the reality is that affiliate marketing plays a HUGE rule in internet marketing and with the proliferation of blogs, social networks, videos, podcasts and all the new media out there, it’s only going to get bigger and bigger. As in 3.3 billion dollars in commissions for 2012.

That’s huge.

Okay so you know that affiliate marketing is important and it shouldn’t be the only part of your business, but it should be at least some part of your business.

affiliatenaire-ebookBoosting Your Affiliate Commissions

Jimmy D. Brown, one of the coolest internet marketers out there, has a free report all about boosting your affiliate marketing commissions.

It’s called: “3 Keys to Getting Big Time Commission Checks”

It’s a free report that’s jam-packed with incredible nuggets.

Here are the 3 Keys:

  • Capture the Subscriber First
  • Presell the Offer
  • Create an Incentive

Want to know more? Download the Free Report!

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