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Swipe & Deploy 550+ Blog Post Titles and Headlines With One Click

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What you get:

  • 550+ Blog Post Titles & Sales Headlines (ready to use in a single click!)
  • Built Right Into WordPress Posts and Pages (your "swipe file" is at your fingertips when writing sales pages and blog posts)
  • Headlines Written by Top Copywriters (no more guesswork whether the headline will perform!)
  • Install on Unlimited Sites You Own (not PLR)

What you can do:

  • Never get stuck trying to write a killer blog post title or headline again!
  • Simple swipe and deploy in a single click
  • Fill-in-the-blank proven headlines save you time and cash from hiring a copywriter

Who this is for...

This is ONLY for you if you know that headlines will MAKE OR BREAK your sales... but you get stuck trying to write a persuasive blog post titles or headlines that captivate and convert.

It's painfully true. Headlines can be the toughest part of the sales letter to write. It's the first thing your prospects see and it can boost or kill conversions.

Get it WRONG and all that expensive traffic will hit the "BACK" button and bail on your site.

Here's the problem...

There are all these plugins that create beautiful sales pages, but they don't help you write any convincing copy headlines. It's the COPY that sells, not the page design.

And if you want to hire a copywriter, you're looking at hundreds or even thousands of dollars -- and what if you only want a killer headline?

You could take a copywriting course but that'll suck a lot of your time and it can be costly.

The BEST option is to use swipe files...

These are collections of proven headlines and sales copy that the pros collect and use to craft persuasive copy that sells.

Usually this is just a mish mash of saved web pages, printed sales letters and headlines. It's not always easy to use and it's never right where you need it. 

That's why we created WP Swipe and Deploy...

It's a blog post and sales headline swipe file right at your finger tips.

Now, right where you need it most, is a fill in the blank swipe file built into Wordpress. 

No more aimless flipping through pages and pages of an unorganized PDF. Now simply swipe and deploy in a single click. 

WP Swipe and Deploy Samples

Here's what our clients and users say...

Marsha Beslic

"I can have titles I'm proud to display on my site – without the cost of a professional copywriter."

This is the best product idea I have seen in a long time. Writing good headlines and titles for my websites has always been a hassle until I began using this product.

With a few clicks, I can have titles I'm proud to display on my site – without the cost of a professional copywriter.

The best part is that it includes good examples and shows just where I need to make changes, so that the titles reflect my blog post or product type.

This also makes sure that each and every one will be unique and eye-catching. I recommend this to everyone I know. It's just so simple and easy to use.


"Great product..."

Great product to use when my brain needs help – which is often! – writing a great title. Thank you!


Lydia Espinosa

Kim Phoenix

"Work smarter, not harder..."

Wow! I love the new WP Swipe & Deploy plugin! One thing that I always say is, "Work smarter, not harder." That's what I love about this plugin.

I don't enjoy writing sales copy headlines, and this plugin is great because it gives me many ideas to choose from, without having to think of them all from scratch.


"Just what bloggers dream of..."

I am always looking for great tools to help me in managing my blog and in sticking to my publishing schedule.

After all, great content, delivered on a regular basis, is one of the keys to developing and keeping a loyal audience.

WP Swipe & Deploy is just what this blogger dreamed of! Now I can access a library of great headlines on days when the answer just won't come easily… and be inspired!

I can use the headline formats exactly as shown, or use them as inspiration to get my thoughts moving and see other possibilities. This is a tool I'll be using to help me fulfill my publishing schedule with much more ease and less stress!


Dianne Daniels

Tracy Brinkmann

"Create solid headlines..."

This is a great little plugin to help jar your memory into creating solid headlines this attention-grabbing way.


"Creative titles that will get visits..."

I installed this plugin and was amazed at how quick and easy it was to use.

I sometimes struggle with finding a great attention-grabbing title for my blog posts, but not anymore.

This plugin makes it super easy and fun to come up with creative titles that will get visits. Thanks!


Jennifer Carroll

Johnny Lee

"Nice little handy tool..."

Nice little handy tool that helps generating headline ideas.

After I have written my post, if I have no idea on what headline to use, I will use this plugin to assist me.

Apart from generating headlines, when I do not have any idea on what to write, I will click on the little button to toggle the headlines. It helps me decide what to write for my post.

"Create highly engaging titles..."

The install of the WP Swipe & Deploy plugin was super easy.

This allows both my contributors and myself to easily create highly engaging titles. 


Lori Smith

Here's what you need to do next...

The Elite version comes loaded with over 550 headlines and takes a mere 60 seconds to install. 

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All sites you own can leverage the power of WP Swipe & Deploy!

PLUS: You'll get all Future Updates and New Headline Additions so you're always on the cutting edge!

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Regular Price: $47
VIP Customers Only: $27

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