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In this video, you will discover how to repurpose an affirmation into a powerful, shareable, engaging SlideShare presentation.

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Well, we’re going to let you in on a little secret.

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SlideShare is one of the top 100 websites in the world! People go to SlideShare looking for experts, just like you. It’s the perfect place for materials that position you as an industry expert.

This is part 4 in our series: “8 Surprising Ways To Create Influential Content” to help you drive traffic and attract new clients.

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Catch up with the other parts below:

Let’s transform the affirmation from the Ultimate Content Starter Kit into a presentation slide deck for SlideShare.

Step 1: Grab the Affirmation from the Ultimate Content Starter Kit

We’re going to be working from the Microsoft Word version of the affirmation:


Step 2: Add Heading 1 & Heading 2 Tags

In order to turn the document into slides, we need to tag the various parts of the document in order to let PowerPoint know which parts are titles and which parts are body text.

To create a title slide, highlight the text and click “Heading 1”:


If we want something to be body text, simply highlight it and select “Heading 2”:


The end results should look like this:


It doesn’t look pretty… yet! But it’ll soon be transformed into something beautiful #BeastToBeauty

Step 3: Save the Affirmation in Rich Text Format

Now we need to save the document as a “Rich Text Format” document by clicking “Save As” and then “Rich Text Format”:


Step 4: Open PowerPoint and set to "Widescreen"

No we need to open up PowerPoint. Once PowerPoint is open, select a template and set the “Slide Size” to “Widescreen”:


Step 5: Import the Affirmation Rich Text "Outline"

Next we need to import the Rich Text Format document we created into PowerPoint by clicking “New Slide” and then “Insert Slide From Outline”:


Step 6: Edit the Presentation Colors and Styles to Suit Your Brand

Now we need to make some changes to get everything formatted properly. In order to make changes to all the slides, we select “View”, then “Master”, then “Slide Master”:


First we’ll change the color palette from the default beige. #sorrynotsorry


Step 7: Add an Intro Slide with Your Bio

We’ll also add an introductory slide that will let people know more about us. We’ll also clean up and format the text just so everything looks nice and clean on the slides:


Here’s what the slide deck looks like:


Pretty slick, eh? Would you guess this was created from done-for-you PLR.me content?


The content is identical to the done-for-you affirmation you can get for free inside this Ultimate Content Starter Kit… #ForReal

Step 8: Save as PDF

Okay, so now we need to upload this presentation to SlideShare. Let’s save it as a PDF:


Step 9: Upload to SlideShare

Now head over to SlideShare and login.  Once you’re in SlideShare, click the “Upload” button:


Once you’ve uploaded your PDF, add in as much information as possible about your presentation. This will increase your “Discoverability Score”, which means more people will be able to find your presentation.


Once you hit “Publish”, your presentation is available for all to see!


Step 10: Download the Ultimate Content Starter Kit

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