The 5 Minute Shortcut To Crushing It On Social Media

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In this video, you will discover how to repurpose an affirmation into incredibly shareable social media updates.

You know that you need to be posting regularly on social media.

But sometimes you just don’t know what to say.

You want to add value to people...but you’re not sure how to do that.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to take an affirmation and turn it into something that you can easily share on social media.

You can do this…

...in about 5 minutes.

image04Yes. For real. Just 5 minutes.

This is tutorial #3 in our series on how to drive traffic and grow your client base...without working harder or creating anything from scratch.

To get started, we’re going to use one of our favorite social media tools: Buffer.

We like Buffer because it allows us to schedule posts to the most social media platforms, as well as create simple graphics with their image creator “Pablo”.


We’re going to use Pablo to create multiple images from the original affirmation using different sentences from within the affirmation.

We really want to vary what we share on social media so that we don’t look like a bot.

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Step 1: Create Social Images from the Affirmation

To get started, go to Pablo.

We’ve got the affirmation in a text document on the right and Pablo open on the left.


Now we’re going to copy a sentence from the affirmation onto the photo, change the size of the text, and add in a website on the bottom of the image:image07

Step 2: Create Facebook and Twitter-Optimized Images

Pablo allows you to size your image for Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook and Twitter. We’re going to size for Facebook and Twitter:


Step 3: Share via Buffer

We’re going to click on “Share Your Image”, then click on “Buffer Your Image”. This allows us to really tap into the power of Buffer:


For this image, we’re only going to be sharing it to Twitter, so we’re only going to select this one Twitter account:


Step 4: Drive Traffic to your Blog Post

Since we want to drive people to the blog post we wrote (back in tutorial #1), let’s grab the URL of the post and paste it into Buffer:


Notice how it automatically shortens the link for us. Cool, right?

Step 5: Schedule Your Post

Finally, we click “Add To Queue” to schedule the post to be shared on Twitter:


And there it is... scheduled and ready to go! When someone sees the post and clicks on the link, they’ll be directed to the blog post I created:


Step 6: Repeat

Now you can quickly create more social images from the different sections of the affirmation. It’s as simple as copying a new sentence and changing the background image:


Isn’t that easy?

It’s a super simple way of creating share-worthy social media content that you can easily publish across your social media accounts.

The beauty of Buffer is that you can create a schedule for your social media shares. You simply add content to the queue, and then Buffer sends it out according to your schedule.

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