The Top 15 "Content Hacks" to Create Attention-Stealing Content That Converts Readers Into Buyers...

Swipe these ideas the next time you're struggling to create content for your website, social media posts, or even products you can sell...

  • How-To Tutorial

    Step-by-step, chronological order of how to accomplish a task

  • Frequently Asked Questions About _____

    Answer the most common questions. Compile it into a handy report.

  • Top 10 Lists

    Make a top 10 list of strategies, tips, secrets, tactics, techniques, habits, exercises, principles, etc.

  • Case Study

    Profile successful clients. Go through where they were before they began working with you, what they’ve accomplished since, and what they did to get there.

  • Resource Directory

    Compile a list of resources, sites, addresses, phone numbers, websites

  • Idea Generators

    A series of prompts to help the reader brainstorm ideas. No different than what you’re reading right now!

  • The First Year of _____

    What a beginner can expect to encounter (i.e. first year of home ownership, marriage, children, and so on.)

  • The Merge

    Merge unrelated topics into one (i.e. Which celebrity parenting style are you? – merges pop culture with the topic of parenting)

  • Shortcuts & "Hacks"

    Go over quick and simple “hacks” to save time, money, stress, or effort. (i.e. Time Management Hacks… Abdominal Exercise Hacks)

  • Copy & Paste Templates

    Phone scripts, email templates, business memos, fill-in-the-blank video scripts, etc.

  • Personal Stories

    Chronicle your story. Where you were, what changed, and where you are today. This builds rapport and credibility with your audience.

  • Planners

    Set of activities or tasks arranged in a daily schedule format.

  • What To Do When...

    Troubleshooting guide that offers contingencies and strategies when things don’t go as planned.

  • Pop Culture Lessons

    Share lessons learned from movies, music, or news – relate it to the topic of your message.

  • "Best Of..."

    Compile your best posts, social shares, articles, or resources.

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