What People Are Saying About Us...

"Three and half years I struggled marketing my success coaching business..."

"...But since I've linked up with you, I've learned a WHOLE LOT about Internet marketing... and most importantly how to make SALES in my business."

Anthony Carter

"I have increased visibility and I now have multiple streams of income."

"People are calling me for workshops. People are calling me to do all kinds of coaching intensives, and opportunities to collaborate with other people... it's all from working with Ronnie."

I can't say enough but work with Ronnie, take his advice, and you will notice the difference!"

Doug Foresta

"Ronnie knows what he's talking about."
"Brilliantly designed and presented workshop."
"You've given me so many good ideas."
"Ronnie has such a good reputation."
"It's going to make my products much better in the future."
"You're a very good teacher and fun to listen to."

Ronnie's Workshop Clients

"Your content is so good that it's almost a shame to change anything."

"I've subscribed to a ton of PLR services... but that was money down the drain."

"My websites would be sitting empty if it wasn't for the PLR gold I get from you every month."

Amin Motin

"Within the first few weeks of using Ronnie's coaching, I sold my first ebook!"
"Your content seems to be written by people who care..."
"I used your content to create a successful iPhone app."
"It's saves me dozens of hours a week."
"I giveaway and sell hardcopy booklets based on the license content..."

Ronnie's Licensed Content Clients

"Everything that he does is of the highest quality."
"Ronnie wowed our students with his presentation."
"One of the finest sources of original PLR anywhere."
"Great at teaching and training."

Jason Fladlien, Wilson Mattos, John S. Rhodes, & Jay Boyer

"The presentation of Ronnie's content allows you to actually
switch that out and make it your own."

"You can make videos, audios, and a little bit of everything."

Darren Scott Monroe

What People Are Saying About PLR.me on Facebook

"You've put together the entire sales process... and you'll be ready to make money within an hour!"

Nicole Dean
"Ronnie, this package makes it easy for anyone to take this content and run with it. You've put together the entire sales process for them, without leaving anything out but the customers! In all honesty, your customers could have a new product up and ready to make money within an hour of buying this product.

From a professional-quality squeeze page with corresponding autoresponder messages, through the sales process, and including a download page - there's nothing missing. I hope people realize what exactly they're getting with this PLR Pack. It's nothing short of abundant!

Thanks for being 'best of breed' in the PLR business. Keep on doing what you're doing. You're making the web a better place."

–Nicole Dean

"You provide REAL content for your members and offer just the RIGHT type of content that seekers of self-help information are looking for."

Alice Seba
"Your content is really refreshing compared to a lot of PLR sites. I've seen quite a bit of self-help PLR before and much of it is nothing short of pure garbage.

You provide REAL content for your members and offer just the RIGHT type of content that seekers of self-help information are looking for.

From your cool wallpapers (perfect for list-building giveaways) to your daily affirmations and checklists, this is what the target market is looking for.

And of course, the articles and reports are top-notch as well.

Keep up the great work, Ronnie!"

–Alice Seba

"Truly Amazing, Reasonable Price"

David Brown, MD

"Ronnie, this package is truly amazing. I can't believe how much you've included here at such a reasonable price.

Personal Finance wasn't a niche that I've been in, but I'm now strongly considering entering this niche to take full advantage of your program.

The quality here is superb. Thank you very much."

–David M. Brown, MD

"Want To Be In The Self Improvement Business Today?
Answer: PLR.me!"

Edmund Loh

"Having seen what Ron Nijmeh has in store for his members in PLR.me club, I acknowledge Ron's works as few of the best out there.

I don't know of many high quality services that give you good content to private label as your own, and I don't know of any one better than Ron's in the Self Improvement field.

Self improvement is a highly lucrative business to be in. People are spending easily hundreds to thousands of dollars investing in themselves and smart opportunists will do well to cash in on this revolutionary self development industry! And what better way than to use proven, quality content already done for you?

Well done Ron!"

–Edmund Loh

"It's authoritative, it's well-written, and very well-researched!"

Tracey Marks

"My name is Tracey Marks and I am a psychiatrist in Atlanta, Georgia.

I really have to commend Ronnie for the work that he's done with the PLR.me program.

I find it to be amazing content. It's authoritative, it's well-written, and very well-researched!

I find that I can use the content as-is if I wanted to. That's in stark contrast to other PLR materials that I've seen, that for me, often requires lots of editing, almost to the point where I can't use it.

So I really appreciate the PLR content. Thanks Ronnie and your crew for all the great work!"

–Dr. Tracey Marks, Psychiatrist

"PLR.me is simply the best stuff I've ever found!"

John R. Barker

"I've been in the self-help industry for 10 years, I've sold millions of dollars worth of product, and I've spent thousands of dollars on private label rights content and I have to say that PLR.me is simply the best stuff I've ever found!

It's very well written, very professionally produced, and the packages are very complete.

Most PLR packages simply offer you articles, but they've gone an extra step here. You've got wallpaper downloads which are very nice; you've got some great articles that you can put out already done in a variety of formats; you've got affirmations and then I really liked the PDF reports, worksheets and checklists that will be very nice bonuses to put out there for my existing subscribers and what not.

I'm not being paid to do this testimonial, I've never met the folks involved... and I have to say it's really excellent.

I encourage you to take a look, I thank these guys for a job well done. They are going to make my life a lot easier, and your life a lot easier if you give them a chance."

–John R. Barker

"The content is so good that you don't have to change anything!"

Linda Hampton

"My name is Linda Hampton from Keys to Stress Free Living. I have purchased the PLR.me product and I just want to how pleased I am with the product.

It really far surpassed what I thought it would be!

I looked at a lot of PLR over the past year and a lot of it is no good. There are some decent sites, but PLR.me far surpassed anything that I've seen so far and I really appreciate it!

When I looked at the PDFs, the content is so good that, truly, you don't have to change anything. It's that good.

You can tell that a lot of work went into producing this product. So I just wanted to say, thank you very much, and I know you work very hard to put these products together and I truly appreciate it."

–Linda Hampton, RN, MSN

"Definitely the highest quality material I've seen so far."

Ron Huxley

"This is Ron Huxley, child and family therapist.

The content on PLR.me is fantastic! I've been working in this field online for about a decade now and this is definitely the highest quality material I've seen so far.

The part that I love the most is the reflective exercises and positive affirmations. It's exactly what my readers want and I will be a long-time member and I hope you will be too!"

–Ron Huxley

"I was STUNNED. I mean "Wow!" I mean REALLY "WOW!" Ronnie's PLR is hands down the best I've ever seen."

Michael Shook

"I just wanted to talk for a minute about Ronnie's PLR materials.

I publish a lot of websites and I'm always on the lookout for PLR material that I can use either on my sites or to sell or giveaway to my customers.

Now if you've been around the internet at all, you probably know that most of the PLR material you can find is just plain junk; they're not even worth a single click, let alone paying for it.

So I always approach looking at PLR material with some hesitation because so many times it doesn't live up to the sales pitch and I've just gotten burnt.

But I tell you what... this time I was STUNNED. I mean "Wow!" I mean REALLY "WOW!" Ronnie's PLR stuff is hands down the best I've ever seen.

It's articulate. It's well written. It's easy to understand. And so far, above the quality of the rest of the PLR world... it's not even funny!

My hat is off to you, Ronnie, and I wholeheartedly recommend your material to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

You've put together an awesome package. Thank you for doing that!"

–Michael Shook

"The finest quality of any PLR material I've read so far."

Charles Tutt

"Hi I'm Charles Tutt from Columbia, Missouri.

I've just tried the Personal Growth Membership Product and I love it!

It's the finest quality of any PLR material I've read so far.

I'm going to use every single piece of the package I received and I am looking forward to much more to come.

Thanks for a wonderful product!"

–Charles Tutt

"Great content, outstanding customer service"

Andrew Wardle

"I have had a look at the content here, and it really is top class. Well written, informative, and as good a PLR package as you will find anywhere.

Also, I had a problem opening one of the zip files containing the bonuses but Ronnie was lightning fast in responding, and worked with me until the problem was solved.

Great content, outstanding customer service, and an insane price for the trial.

I recommend this one strongly."

–Andrew Wardle

"These guys are really over delivering... I’ll be a member for a long time!"

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank the folks at PLR.me for delivering such a great PLR content package.

Over the last couple of years I've been a member of several high profile PLR websites but none of them even come close to the level of quality I've received here.

The completeness of this package is nothing short of amazing! These guys are really over delivering.

With quality like this, I'll be a member for a long time!"

–Clyde Dennis

"PLR is the easiest and cheapest way to get traffic that I know of!"

Lucas Rockwood

"I wish I had known about PLR content a lot sooner... this is the easiest and cheapest way to get traffic that I know of!"

–Lucas Rockwood

"You really don't hold back!"

Dan Klatt

"I have to give you kudos on your mastermind calls. I loved the approach you take to it, and I think it flows flawlessly, plus you really don't hold back.

I'm really glad I followed through and acted on it.

By the way, I can see where these monthly calls by themselves are worth the membership fee for your PLR content club."

–Dan Klatt
(a PLR.me member who gets access to these calls every month)

"Very timely, very helpful and lots of practical advice and I am going to put couple of things in place immediately!"

Susan Gammage

"I am calling to thank you so much for the February's Mastermind call on WordPress.

I’ve just had a website put up recently by an offshore company using WordPress and I got more information out of your Mastermind call on WordPress in one and a half hours than I did in six months of trying to pull teeth and get answers from my web designer.

So, I just wanted to call and thank you. It was very timely, very helpful, lots of practical advice and I am going to put couple of things in place immediately, taking action, just as you suggested.

So, again, thank you so much. I really like your product, I really like your customer service, I really like everything that comes out of your company and glad to support you."

–Susan Gammage
(a PLR.me member who gets access to these calls every month)

“I am thrilled with the way the site is performing in the search engines…”

Warren Wojnowski

“I just wanted to provide a quick “thank you” for the tremendous value that I’ve been getting out of the PLR.me product, your private label rights product has been tremendous.

I’ve got great content that I am able to add to my site and I also want to give props to your team.

Your team helped me in redesigning my site and converting to WordPress. The support that I received from your team was tremendous and I just want to say “thank you.”

I am thrilled with the way the site looks and I am thrilled with the way the site is performing in the search engines as a result of the WordPress conversion. So, thanks all around for the tremendous support that we are getting from your team as well as the product through PLR.me.

–Warren Wojnowski

"Full of Actionable Content..."

Dan Lee

"I just finished listening to your PLR.me Mastermind call and it was the first one for me since joining up as a member.

As a relative newcomer, [the mastermind coaching call] was informative and full of actionable content, especially those 20 ideas on how to use your PLR content. I'm just glad you elaborated a little bit on each of those 20 topics by providing a little more insight.

Again, thanks for the invite Ronnie. Appreciate it!"

-Dan Lee

"Content and Presentation is Unique..."

"I bought your self improvement PLR package a month ago, and I just want to tell you that I am very pleased and impressed with the product that I received. Why do I say that? It is because I think the quality of products is superb, very nicely done and its also unique. I don't mean that the content is only unique, but also the presentation.

I like the presentation of the whole package, it not only gives us articles, but there are also self improvement products like wallpapers, reflections, and PDFs. I think these are very valuable resources that give me a lot of ideas on how I can do my projects.

I want to thank you for the support and advice that you've provided, especially the strategy sessions we've had. I think the conversations are very good. I've learnt a lot from that session and also from the product that you've provided.

Thank you and I look forward to your next offering.


-Desmond from Singapore

"Really Helped Me Get My Business Off The Ground..."

Eineke Alexander

"Thank you so much for taking my question on the Mastermind call today. It really helped save me a ton of time and energy in steering me away from what I was starting to focus on, which was Google AdSense. Instead, you steered me in a better direction!

I love the PLR.me website and membership. I just recently joined. There's a ton of great product information on there toreally help get my business off the ground.

Thank you, so much!"

-Eineke Alexander

"Tutorials are Phenomenal..."

Yolanda Smith

"Ronnie took the time to listen to me and pay attention to the theme and warmth that I wanted to create in my new website. He developed a fabulous website for me which really highlighted the message that I wanted to communicate to my customers.

I would highly suggest that you utilize Ronnie's team in having them create a website specifically that meets your individual needs. Ronnie has such a vast background in website development, he ensured that my website had search engine optimization to ensure that I had traffic being driven directly to my website. He was very helpful in personalizing PDF files for products or paperwork that I had on my website.

I had a teleconference which Ronnie hosted for me. He had it taped and by the morning I had a recording of that to send out to people who were unable to attend my teleconference. In addition to that Ronnie had the content of my teleconference transcribed for me in the event that I'd be distributing it as an eBook.

I'd highly recommend that you utilize Ronnie for all of your website development needs. His tutorials are phenomenal. After he created my website, he took time assisting me to be able to add content to my website.  He also ensured that I had all the information that I need readily available for my passwords so that I could not only follow up on my own but he was always available via email."

-Yolanda Smith, RN

"Website Analysis... a Wonderful Bonus for PLR.me Members..."

Sheila Baskerville

"Thank you for the website analysis video that you did for my site.

It was just wonderful, valuable input. I found the video to be extremely helpful. You had some interesting insights and some techniques that I wasn't aware of regarding how to increase traffic to my site.

I'm excited and I look forward to putting these measures in place so I can take my site to the next level.

Thanks again and that was definitely a wonderful bonus that you offered to the PLR.me membership."

-Shelia Baskerville

"Above and Beyond what I Expected..."

Omar Reyes

"A Big Thank You for the Website Analysis Video Review of my site.

I was really impressed by the personal attention you gave to my site in doing the review and making recommendations. Your recommendations were not generic at all, but they were really applicable to my site and my business.

I have been working online for a little over a year now, so I was just happy to have another set of eyes giving me some feedback on my site, but there were some real nuggets of information included in the review. Steps that I can take to improve my success.

As a member of PLR.me, this review was just the icing on the cake for me.You already provide such high quality content with our monthly membership, that the bonus review was above and beyond what I expected.

Again, Ronnie, Thank you so much for the wonderful job. I look forward to being a member of PLR.me for a long time."

-Omar Reyes

"Amazing Content and Great Support..."

Maureen Oliver

"This is a great PLR site to belong to, it has amazing content, great support.

I was speaking with Ronnie this morning and he gave me some hints and strategies to use. I needed focus and motivation and he gave me both!

If you ever get a chance to work with Ronnie, speak with Ronnie, or get coached by Ronnie, I suggest you DO IT as soon as possible because he gives freely of his knowledge and his time. I appreciated it and I am going to take action which is THE most important thing to do.

It's great to join things and if you never use them you just don't get any benefit from them.Check out the content on PLR.me and put it to use. I know it will do you good!"

-Maureen Oliver

"One of the Best Coaching Sessions..."

"Having taken part in the strategy session, I can honestly say that this is one of the best coaching sessions I have had.

Ronnie is very direct and clear and he provides lot of starting stuff you can take action on. He answers all my questions very well and his suggestions are practical and to the point.

There is so much actionable stuff within the short 20 minutes we had, you could easily multiply your current income with just one of his ideas.

He has definitely helped me set through in the right direction.

Thank you Ronnie!"

-Kelvin from Singapore

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