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Change is my friend - It is a gentle reminder that there are greater things in store for me

Communication is the master key that I use to open the door to happiness

Conviction is my friend. Indifference is my foe

I allow my body to receive enough rest and exercise

I allow tension to leave my body right away

I am channeling my energy into prosperity thinking and the result is greater productivity

I am comfortable rejecting or delegating tasks that do not fit into my schedule

I am constantly achieving peace and relaxation in my life

I am focused on the big prize

I am living a vibrant and healthy life

I am not perfect, and that's okay

I am using my past knowledge to reach future goals

I can handle all stress in a positive manner

I can learn the triggers of my stress and target them

I create positive habits in my life

I define success on my terms

I feel an intense flame of passion for things that interest me

I let go of frustrations and enjoy the ability to love unconditionally

I live a worry free life

I savor each moment of each day

It is easy for me to exceed expectations at work

It is my choice to press the calm button when minor emergencies arise

It is okay to say no

Letting go cleanses my body, mind, and spirit

Mistakes are the detours that direct me to a better me

My accomplishments display the pride I have within

My daily priorities further my lifes goals

There is peace in my life

When a task overwhelms me

When I am with my children, my full attention is with them


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Coping with Past Conflicts

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Dealing with Stressful Work Environments

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Stress Tips for Moms

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The Link Between Diet and Stress

The Propaganda of Positive Self-Talk

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Where Does Stress Come From










Each new day is another opportunity for me to do it better

Helping others helps me manage my stress

I accept people as they are

I allow myself to simply be me

I am a go-getter

I am driven by my goals

I am organized and I take the time to stay focused

I am relinquishing control over the uncontrollable

I can live a pressure-free healthy life with focus clarity direction and purpose

I can neutralize bad habits with good food exercise and healthy living

I deserve to arrive at my destination without detour

I embrace new opportunities with an open mind

I enjoy my time with family

I feel no need to create obstacles for myself - I move forward stronger than ever

I know when to leave work at work

I like the way I handle stressful situations

I make money - it does not make me

I make positive choices for the best of my body mind and soul

I organize my priorities into separate bins and pull them out one-by-one

I reignite my passions through self-reflection

I release distracting thoughts from my mind

I release the pressure to work outside of my natural limitations

It takes a great deal of courage to live the life I deserve

My family is there for me - I feel fully supported by them

My life can be managed to help me find a healthy balance

My planning takes away the sting of potential problems and undue stress

My resilience and calmness inoculate me from external pressures

Situations do not control me

Time is my friend

Uncertainty does not sway me from my plan of action


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Money Management Survival Guide

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Personal Self-Care Tips

Quick Motivation Techniques

Save Your Money by Getting Organized

Strategies For Building Wealth

Tips To Increase Your Productivity At Home and At Work

Top 5 Money Management Tips

Top 10 Prosperity Quotes

Top 10 Success Factors

Top 10 Ways to Make More Money Get Out of Debt and Live Your Life










A little preparation takes me a long way in easing strain and stress

A little pressure is the lift I need to hurdle over limitations and expectations

Because I am organized I am able to minimize my daily stress

By keeping organized and utilizing my time wisely procrastination melts away

Deadlines do not scare me I let go of worry and concentrate on getting things done

Every time I see an opportunity to help others I do so joyfully

Healing flows through my body when I take a night out to do things I enjoy

I actively seek out relaxation in my life

I allow myself to rise above the challenges by being proactive

I am at peace because I allow my body to recharge

I am free from anger and remorse

I am safe because I have a well thought-out recovery plan waiting to be launched

I appreciate new things in my life

I can learn from the differences I have with others

I delegate my responsibilities to other very capable hands

I enjoy taking time to help others in the workplace

I find it easier to say no to distractions everyday

I grow more patient with myself and others everyday

I have well-structured goals and stick to my deadlines

I let go of exhaustion and allow peace and tranquility into my life

I must stop take a breath and enjoy my life

I release myself from worry when priorities change

I tackle the ordinary with new strategies and tools that I bring to the playing field

I use self-care not self-control

I wholly accept stress in my life My body is learning to use stress as a motivator

My body and mind deserve the rewards of self-reflection

My family is an energy boost in my life

My help is graciously offered without expectations

The more I let go of trying to change others the healthier I feel

There is a time and place to review my finances


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Power of Positive Attitude

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Tips for Finding Your Strengths and Developing Your Expertise

Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Tips For Using The Secret In Your Life

Tips to Make Group Collaborations Run Efficiently

Top 10 Self Confidence Building Tips

What is the Secret Law of Attraction

Why Failure Is Really a Success












A dose of prayer a tablet of support and an injection of positive energy keep me on the road to recovery

As I soak in a tub of comfort and warmth I wash away the days stresses and allow them to disappear down the drain

Communication of my feelings is important

Each day I am learning new things

I am a positive role model

I am a problem solver

I am firmly committed to staying active and healthy

I am fulfilled by the power of helping others

I am melting the extra pounds of negative stress away by balancing my intake of duties expectations and pressures

I am not bound by stress

I am where I want to be in life

I appreciate and acknowledge the love and support I receive from my family

I can safely communicate my feelings with others

I challenge myself to be calm in order to release daily pressures

I do not sweat the small stuff

I fully let go of the desire to change my family I love and respect them as they are

I give myself permission to love and be loved

I honestly voice my frustrations

I joyfully treasure each moment with my family

I let go of all angry feelings

I make time to play with my children

I put on my calm hat when I evaluate sticky situations

I reclaim my health by taking care of myself today

In order to share happiness with others I must also be happy

It is okay for me to take care of myself first

My family deserves to live our life and not someone elses

Relaxation is my tool for whittling away stress and finding peace of mind

The money in my checking account cannot replace the joy love and happiness in my lifes savings

The more I take care of myself the better I feel

Time is my lifes currency to spend thriftily on productive tasks but generously on loved ones


5 Simple Brainstorming Techniques

5 Ways to Deal with Negative People

Battling and Overcoming Stress During the Holidays

Becoming a More Assertive Person

Building a Happy Healthy Family at Home

Conquering Self Doubt and Becoming More Confident

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Finding Peace in Your Heart

Finding Your Creative Spark

Get Well and Stay Well with a Healthy Diet and a Healthier Attitude

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How to Be SMART When Making Your New Years Resolution

How to Become a Visionary Person

How to Develop a Wellness Program in Your Life

How to Find Your Lifes Passion

How to Gain the Respect of Your Co-Workers

How to Make This Christmas a Merry Memorable One

Overcoming the Temptations of the Holiday Season

Returning the Gift of Holiday Weight Gain

Searching For the Excellence Within

Self-Motivation Strategies - How to Get Motivated Quickly and Easily

Single-Tasking The Sane Alternative to Multitasking

The Art of Self-Reflection - 5 Exercises to Find Peace in Your Life

The Importance of Critical Thinking

The Secret Link Between Food and Success

Thinking Differently About Problem Solving

What is Creative Visualization

What Makes a BAD New Years Resolution

Whats Your Definition of Success











An hour of relaxation a day helps to keep my doctor at bay

Because of my realistic expectations there is no such thing as disappointment in my life

By removing the blinders of constraint I am able to see the full scope of my objective

I allow myself to feel the calming effects of peace

I am a time management expert by applying the four Ds - Do Delegate Defer and Drop

I am able to combat stress by talking things out with others

I am able to forgive quickly without the crippling effects of a grudge

I am actively involved with my hobbies to acquire energy and strength after a hard day.

I am comfortable with the set of challenges a new day brings

I am free from any desire to smoke

I am planting the seeds to a successful career and a stress-free life

I ask others for help

I can create a clear set of directions for my goals

I can explain my feelings openly to others

I can rescue myself from the quicksand of stagnation with the support of my family

I deserve a healthy body and mind

I enjoy my ability to understand other people

I finish everything I start

I give myself permission to be healthy in body mind and spirit

I have the ability to moderate the portions of food work stress and time on my plate

I open myself to experience all feelings

I release things that have held me back I have no use for them

I take time to listen to others

I trust in the power of loving selfcare

It feels good to be open and honest with loved ones

It is easy for me to let go and enjoy the laughter that I have inside me

My expectations come with their own eraser so I can always make changes at will

My family will benefit from my positive transformation

My healthy lifestyle helps those around me This is my greatest reward

My vision for my future is real and it is within me


3 Steps to Make Your Dreams into Reality

5 Ways to Focus and Get Back on Task

Combating Negative Thinking with Positive Self Talk

Conquering Anxiety with Affirmations

Creating a Healthy Mindset

Developing Good Sleep Habits Brings Good Health

Every Day Healthy Living Tips

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How to Communicate With Your Boss

How to Communicate with your Spouse

How To Deal With Disappointment

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How to Get a Good Nights Sleep

How to Jump Start Your Day During Your Commute

How to Overcome Anxiety

How to Show Love and Communicate With Loved Ones

How to Surround Yourself with Positive People

Instant Inspirations for Your Life

Making Lifestyle Changes Easier

Overcoming Procrastination - Five Simple Ways to Get Up and Go

Regain Important Family Time by Leaving Work at the Office

Resolving Frustration in Your Life

Self-Care for Women Making Sure Your Needs Are Met

Staying Motivated No Matter What

The Art of Decision Making Tips on Making Decisions You Can Live With

The Importance of Self-Respect

The Power of Motivating Imagery

Tips for Making a Public Speech

Top 10 Powerful Words to Keep You Motivated

What is Self-Care and Why is it Important










By organizing my thoughts time and priorities I am a better person

I acknowledge my ability to be flexible and to adapt to any situation

I am able to release my frustrations peacefully and effectively

I am creating a habit of taking a quiet pause each morning before launching myself out into the world

I am getting healthier happier and richer

I am open to enlightenment by sharing my thoughts and feelings constructively

I am open to the love and support of others

I am realistic about my goals and abilities

I am safe because I am not alone

I am uplifted by the marvelous activities of those around me

I appreciate my loved ones idiosyncrasies they keep life interesting

I can confide in someone I trust

I enjoy the gift of time with my loved ones

I give myself permission to be happy

I love being who I am

I love spending time with my children

I make positivism my defense for offensive behavior or words

I receive the energy to free my body from addiction

I set aside time just for me

I take action to dislodge chaos without delay

I take small steps in life and appreciate the time I have

I trust that there is a plan for my life even if it has yet to be revealed

It is easy for me to focus on healthy solutions

My energy is focused on positive solutions

My family and I are building a respectful and caring environment for us all

My plans allow me to complete my tasks without stress

No matter how I am feeling I simply begin I am able to build momentum to accomplish anything

Prayer and meditation are my rock during stressful moments

There is a beautiful light at the end of my tunnel

When I keep moving in the right direction I feel calm


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How to Handle Household Arguments Effectively

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Learning How to Become a Good Storyteller

Learning the Value of Sacrifices Why It's Important to Make Sacrifices in Relationships

Learning To Cope With Things Out of Our Control

Simple Active Listening Techniques Anyone Can Use

Solutions to Overcoming Addiction

Step By Step Ways To Plan A Budget

The Art of Deep Breathing A Sanity-Saving Strategy

The Art of Organization 7 Time Saving Tips

Tips to Overcome the Fear of Speaking in Public

Top 5 Ways To Apologize

Top 10 Ways of Finding Closure in Your Relationship

Top 10 Ways to Move on in Your Love Life

Top Ten Motivational Affirmations







MARCH 2009



As I let go of dissatisfaction I feel happiness in my life

By sharpening my tools I can find better ways of completing my tasks

I am a magnet for rewarding relationships

I am capable of learning new things in all aspects of my life

I am enhancing my communication abilities by overcoming conflicts effectively

I am thankful for all opportunities My attitude reflects my happiness

I can find positive ways to relieve stress

I can sit back and view all the wondrous things life has to offer me

I choose to discuss personal issues without conflict

I consider the feelings of others

I do not blame others for personal disagreements

I enjoy being me

I feel great satisfaction when helping others

I fully let go of trying to remember everything It feels good to write down important items for safe keeping

I gratefully replenish my mind body and soul

I have the ability to expand my comfort zone slowly and consistently

I have the courage to walk away from unnecessary conflict

I let go of others opinions of me It doesn't matter what they think

I openly accept family and friends planting hope experience kindness and support in my garden of love

I remain cognizant of other peoples time and treat it as if it is my own

I think of others before thinking of myself

I welcome new training and tools They help me remain successful

It is safe for me to release the imaginary constraints I have placed on my life

My family enjoys spending time together I take the lead to plan activities

My mind is focused and attentive to my tasks I do not allow distractions to infiltrate my thoughts

Relaxation is my doorway to peace productivity and motivation

The more I let go of unrealistic expectations the better I feel

Time away from my work is just as important as time devoted to my work

When I help others I gain so much more in return

With my shield of confidence preparation and strength I am protected against anything thrown my way


5 Ways of Boosting Morale in the Workplace

Are You Suffering from Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Attracting Like Minded Positive People

Creating a Budget You Can Live With

Diffusing Conflict Effectively

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Handling Difficult Conversations with Positive Statements

Healthy Snacks You Can Eat to Lose Weight and Feel Great

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How to Organize Your Workspace

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How To Transform Your Anxiety Into Opportunity

How to Work Well In Teams

In Pursuit of Happiness

Knowing When to Back Down and Admit Your Mistakes

Losing Weight for You Because You Are Worth It

Money Saving Tips That are Proven to Work

The Pros and Cons of Yoga for Every Age

Thinking Your Way to Success

Top 5 Brain Exercises to Improve Your Concentration and Focus

Top 5 Strategies to Overcome Depression

Top 10 Ways of Consoling a Friend in Need

Ways to Reward People for a Job Well Done

Weight Loss Tips for the Constant Dieter

Why I Use Positive Affirmations Every Day







APRIL 2009



As my mind receives a daily workout from lifes events I give my body the physical workout it deserves

By opening up to others I am building character and strengthening relationships

I am committed to my relationship my responsibilities and myself

I am devoting some me time to my schedule

I am happy with myself I relax and enjoy my life

I avoid focusing on the trees so I dont lose sight of the lush beautiful forest before me

I can communicate through a conflict at an expert level

I can remain calm in times of change

I can resolve personal conflicts peacefully

I communicate positively and peacefully

I deserve to release bottled up stress I discuss all concerns and feelings regularly

I find it easier and easier to reflect on new opportunities that have come into my life

I give to others

I have found ways to express my feelings rather than act out my frustrations

I keep myself accountable to those I trust

I keep only two mental snapshots of myself where I am and where I want to be in life

I love and accept my family as a mother loves her child

I medicate my stress symptoms with a shot of laughter

I need no special circumstance to stop and reflect

I relax to get my mind off the things I cannot control

I release the fear anxiety and anger that prevent me from communicating effectively with others

I surround myself with positive people and positive thoughts at all times

I trust in my ability to relax I am calm and peaceful

I work smartly I seize the opportunity to conquer easy tasks first

In my book of life personal time equals productive time

Life provides abundant opportunities for laughter

My life is full of peace and happiness

My loving support network helps me manage anything thrown my way

Stressful moments do not blind me from what is true

When I feel frustrated I allow myself to stop and make the task easier by taking it in stride


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Overcoming Family Stress Make Your Home a Peaceful Place Again

Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

Setting Goals for Success 5 Tips to Define Clear Goals

The Bad News About Affirmations

The Benefits of Meditation and Prayer in Everyday Life

Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

Top 10 Time Wasters in a Busy Society

Understanding Mind Mapping and How You Can Effectively Use It

What Is Anxiety

What is NLP

What is Visualization







MAY 2009



I allow my family to be who they are I let go of comparing them to anyone

I am a better me today because I endured and overcame conflict

I am at peace with others because I choose to interact positively

I am excited by the presence of a new day

I am investing in the right set of tools to help me become a success

I am slaying mythical expectations by merging my time and energy into dynamic fresh ideas

I can manage any stress I face in my life

I can manage stress because I know I cannot control the uncontrollable

I celebrate my ability to take risks and dare to take a different direction

I commit to fully discussing my thoughts and feelings

I create excitement in my life by discovering new ways of handling routine tasks

I do not cling to less important priorities

I embrace time wisely and focus on every moment to stay productive

I ensure I have the tools I need to complete a project

I free myself of the stress to be everything for my family

I have a wonderful family tree that shades me in times of change in my life

I have no need to hold onto reminders of addiction

I like the way I am able to handle my anger I am not afraid to feel angry

I motivate myself to exercise regularly and keep in motion

I must focus on the positive constant things in my life

I pray to bring total healing to my body mind and soul

I surround myself with positive people just like me

I trust in the love and support of my family

I work at a constant comfortable pace

Life changes line up with my goals beliefs and attitudes

My family is a source of healing energy for me

My work is my means for living and I complement it by living life to its fullest

On the highway of life work does not drive me

Stress challenges me to do more and be more

There are times when I must rely on others I accept this help with an open heart


5 Steps to Building a Strong Relationship

Boosting Your Self Worth

Find Inner Peace In Chaos

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How to Boost Your Teens Self Esteem

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How to Weather the Storm of the Economic Collapse

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Procrastination Avoidance Tips

Showing Appreciation to Those You Love with Something Homemade

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Three Conflict Resolution Strategies You Need To Know

Top 3 Meditation Techniques

Top 5 Healthiest Dark Green Vegetables

Top 5 Tools to Sharpen Your Mind

Top 5 Ways to Be Assertive and Confident

Top 7 Healthiest Orange Fruits and Vegetables

Transforming Fear into Success

What is Depression

What is Hypnosis and How Can It Help







JUNE 2009



After deciding what action to take I act immediately

Doing less produces more

Having an open honest dialogue with myself helps me to communicate with my partner

I always meet my deadlines

I am able to speak my thoughts with kind words

I am committed to my relationship and I am learning to nurture it

I am entitled to veto bad habits and poor decisions

I am open to allowing others to help me

I balance my evening with rest and relaxation so each morning I may rejoice in rejuvenation

I can build a firewall that filters out stress and reclaims success

I care about my life and my lifes work

I choose not to allow unnecessary stress to control me

I create a daily schedule for my tasks

I enjoy regular evenings out to help me let go reflect and relax

I find it easy to delegate tasks in order to manage my time effectively

I give myself permission to be calm

I have an outlet to relieve my stress

I know that healing my mind gives me more energy to tackle new challenges

I manage my time by organizing my tasks effectively

I see the best in others and appreciate them for it

I serve as an admirable role model for my family and loved ones

I take progressive measured steps to reach my goals

I trust my ability to make the right decisions

I understand the foundation before I undertake a large task

If I feel that I may stumble I consciously decide that I will not revert back to old habits

My words and actions affect others positively

No matter what the statistics say I am an exception to the rule

The more organized I become the more I feel responsible for my actions

When I spend time with my family I feel the warmth of their love

With direction in one hand and passion in the other my hands are always full of possibilities


5 Simple Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

10 Tips and Tricks to Get a Good Nights Sleep

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Active Listening Techniques

Are Pets Good for Your Health

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De-Stressing with Massage Therapy

Dissolving Past Pain and Moving Forward In Your Life

Five Ways to Find Inspiration

How to Become Influential

How to Boost Your Memory

How to Eliminate Distractions that Detract from Your Day

How to Live Simply

How to Optimize Your Nutrition to Optimize Your Body and Mind

How to Read Body Language

Motivating Your Children to Get Things Done

Overcoming Insomnia Through Exercise

Seven Simple Tips to Stay on Task

Speed Reading Tips and Tricks

Stress Tips for Single Moms

The Power of Failure

Top 10 Inspirational Sayings about Success

Top Five Computer Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

Top Ten Inspirational Quotes

Top Ten Ways to Find Peace at Home

What is Aromatherapy

What to Look For in a Mentor

Why its Time to Put Your Health First


14-Ways-to Boost-Your-Confidence-Cheat-Sheet

14-Ways-to Boost-Your-Confidence-Worksheet

14-Ways-to Boost-Your-Confidence



JULY 2009



As I let go of perfectionism and pressure I feel the burden lifted from my shoulders

Being balanced and fulfilled is accomplished by handling things in moderation

By managing the easy tasks first I can gain momentum and self confidence

Change in my life is like putting on a new outfit that shows off the fresh enhanced me

Change is necessary as I go through a period of growth

Chipping away at a big task keeps me focused and quickly builds momentum

Each baby step I take brings me one step closer to the more successful me

I accept new opportunities and embrace the life experiences that come along with them

I acknowledge that I can only do so much and I am okay with it

I acknowledge that I cannot control others I can only control myself

I actively look forward to new adventures even if they are outside my comfort zone

I allow myself outside of my comfort zone

I always follow through

I am a beautiful work in progress

I am able to say no and forgive myself from trying to do it all

I am at liberty to make mistakes because I am a wonderful human being

I am emotionally prepared for any challenge

I am focused on my goals and dreams

I am in control of jump starting my goals

I am maintaining momentum through exercise setting priorities and taking short breaks

I am managing my daily routine and regaining control of my life through setting specific goals

I am open to managing all situations swiftly and effectively

I am raising the bar on self education self talk and self development

I am stocking my toolkit with education and training in order to reach my goals

I am taking small steps toward change

I build momentum by staying on task

I can benefit from my blunders

I can let go of the mistakes of my past

I can see myself crossing the finish line victoriously

I enjoy breathing effortlessly and deeply


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10 Practical Time Saving Tips

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Building Rock Solid Friendships

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How to Love Unconditionally

Living with a Chronic Disease

Loving Your Feminine Body

Overcoming Financial Strain

Seven Ways to Save Money without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

The Joy of Laughter

Top 5 Energy Boosters

Top 5 Family Stress Relief Strategies

Top 5 Work Stress Relief Strategies

Understanding the Auditory Relating Style

Understanding the Kinesthetic Relating Style

Understanding the Visual Relating Style

Using the Law of Attraction to Boost Your Income

What to Do When Youre Facing Sudden Job Loss










Change is healthy I refuse to get stuck in the same routines

I allow the feeling of change to create peace in my life

I am healthy and deserve the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

I am patient with others and accepting of their differences

I am tipping the scale of time management in my favor by removing stagnation and adding motivation

I anticipate changes and I am open to thrilling new experiences

I can help myself by helping others

I can release my feelings of trying to control everything I can go with the flow

I can use all the self care tools in my toolbox to take me further

I challenge myself to be and do more

I comfortably accept my imperfections

I conquer one step at a time

I dare to focus only on the job at hand

I dont have to be perfect just real

I dont have to do everything and be everything

I embrace my love and I keep it constant

I enjoy the challenge of new activities in the workplace

I feel successful and I let go of all obstacles that stand in my way

I find it easy to make progress with each step that I take

I forgive myself for my mistakes I am human

I give myself permission to be imperfect

I joyfully anticipate doing things out of the ordinary

I keep myself moving forward

I know what needs to get done to build momentum

I outline the big picture on my canvas before I paint in the small intricate details

I remain adaptable to everyday changes

I review all the issues before making my decisions

I take life one day at a time

Routine is like a comfortable pair of slippers but I am stepping out to explore my options with a new pair of shoes

The more strongly I believe in my success the more obstacles fall out of my way


4 Ways to Build Your Willpower

5 Unique Ways to Find Work

5 Ways to Break a Bad Habit

6 Simple Ways to Overcome Boredom

7 Secrets to Anti Aging

8 Simple Strategies to Motivate Your Children

Attracting Positive Relationships Into Your Life

Becoming a Master of Self-Discipline

Build Confidence With Daily Affirmations

Burnout Relief Strategies

Developing an Intense Focus

Discover the Secret Meaning Behind Body Language

Discovering Your Inner Beauty

Examples of the Law of Attraction in Action

Finding Peace in Chaos

Fire Your Boss and Start Your Own Business

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem During Difficult Times

How to Demand the Respect of Others

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

How to Develop Your Strengths

How to Get More Done in Less Time

How to Grow a Backbone

How to Live the Law of Attraction

How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Natural Weight Loss Strategies

Stop Settling and Start Sizzling

Transforming Grief Into Joy

Understanding the Law of Attraction

Using Affirmations to Discover The Joys in Your Life


How to Achieve Balance In Your Life

How to Achieve Balance In Your Life Checklist

How to Achieve Balance In Your Life Worksheet

Creating Power Goals

Creating Power Goals Worksheet




Being grateful for where I am forges the path to where I want to be

Change is a blessing that I am learning to enjoy

Each morning I awake feeling confident and capable to handle the days challenges

Happiness does not exist in yesterdays memories or tomorrows hopes it exists now

I allow others to help me

I am accepting of lifes circumstances

I am committed to caring for myself

I am made stronger through my hardships

I can relinquish control to others

I celebrate the small joys in life

I let go of my tendency to expect perfectionism from myself

I love and accept that there are some situations that I cannot control

I make time to giggle

I nourish and satisfy my mind body and soul

I produce mental and physical traction through time management and constant activity

I relinquish control of the need to do everything

I seize the opportunity to keep moving forward

I use time management to create fresh opportunities

I welcome change in my career attitude behavior and lifestyle

Imperfection is the spice of life that helps me create a better recipe for my relationships and myself

In the game of Twister those who are more flexible win and I choose to be a winner

Life is a marathon I am training to be a steady strong passionate and committed endurance runner

My imperfections are a part of me I receive them as a necessary part of my life

My possibilities are endless

No matter what the rut is I find it easy to refresh my mind and shock my routines

Obstacles do not faze me

The cool winds of change embrace me and gently push me into a new direction

The perfect start to my new life is to love and accept all of me

There are times when priorities change I accept and welcome these changes as a necessary part of life

When I pursue my dreams the world conspires to help me achieve it


9 Ways to Conquer the Fear of Change

10 Time Management Exercises

12 Simple Ways to Create Joy in Your Life

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Discovering Your Inner Creative Potential

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How to Bounce Back from Tragic Situations

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How to Go From Stuck to Unstuck

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How to Overcome Stagnation

How to Show Love to Yourself

How to Stop Burnout Before It Starts

How to Take Risks and Abandon Your Fears

How to Write a Great Resume

Job Skills Assessment

Mastering Anger Management

Organizational Skills for the Unorganized

Overcoming a Distorted Body Image

Reasons Why We Lose Our Peace

What is EFT Therapy

What to Look For in a Soul Mate

Zero Cost Ways to Relax











Beauty is around me to be discovered and experienced

External obstacles are no match for my inner strength

I am a valuable lovable and irreplaceable person

I am free from yesterdays mistakes or tomorrows responsibilities I am in the now

I am living fullest in the present moment

I am worthy of daily relaxation and rejuvenation

I boldly go where I am destined to be

I create new habits to help me reach my goals

I do small things with great love

I find opportunity in my challenges

I have a positive effect on others

I let go of my fears for the future

I let go of resentment to heal my mind body and soul

I live a life filled with clear priorities

I look at life through rose colored glasses

I make decisions with the big picture in mind

I refuse to be average I was designed to be so much more than ordinary

I respond to setbacks with optimism and a sense of opportunity

I take pride in my small achievements for each step brings me closer to success

I think I can therefore anything in the horizon is possible

My commitment to my loved ones is building forever roots

My generous spirit brings joy to others

My life goals have deep meaning to me

My life has great meaning and purpose

My optimistic attitude and perspective on life attracts positive people

My pot of gold awaits me at the end of the rainbow

Summer is always around the corner

The footprints I am leaving on this earth are making a lasting impact

Today I am making small changes to build a healthy body

Years of life lived bring wisdom and resilience


5 Benefits of Gratitude

7 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Home

9 Ways to Ignite the Passion in Your Relationships

9 Ways to Pick Yourself Up After Failing

10 Foods That Fight Stress

10 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

10 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

Action Strategies to Help You Stop Overreacting

Action Strategies to Reduce Anxiety

Bring More Joy into Your Life

Clarify Your Goals for Greater Success

Developing a Healthy Body Image

Do You Have a Prosperity Mindset

Help Your Children Develop Independence

How Meditation Can Improve Your Health

How Optimism Can Help You Overcome Challenges and Reach Your Goals

How to Avoid Relationships that Sap Your Soul

How to Be a Better Communicator

How to Develop Satisfaction in Your Work

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure

How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

How to Strengthen Your Money Management Skills

How to Wean Yourself from Being a Workaholic

How to Write Your Own Affirmations

How Your Support Group Can Ensure Your Success

Is Negativity Holding You Back

Keeping Your Self-Esteem after a Job Loss

Living in the Moment - Succeeding One Moment at a Time

Pressed for Time Delegate

Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind with Affirmations











As I move forward I grow wiser

Each day I learn something new I grow wiser

Faith fuels my ambitions

Fear is no match to my strong spirit and will

Hope is my daily melody

I allow others to love me

I am attractive

I can overcome any challenge on my journey to victory

I fill my mind with powerful thoughts

I live in the current moment and I am prepared to face any obstacles ahead

I pursue my dreams with passion

I repell all negativity

I transform my actions by transforming my mind

I welcome change in my life with an open heart and mind

My courage is bold enough to cross any river

My fears are smaller than my feats

My life is precious and meaningful

My smile is contagious

My spirit flourishes with excitement for newfound meaning and purpose

My wisdom grows each day

Nothing can stir my interior freedom

Relationships are my greatest treasures

The world around me is my canvas

Tranquility and inner solitude rejuvenates my soul

True beauty is found within me

Wealth is abundant in my life

When I am focused I am unstoppable

When I forgive others I am healed

When I pray I feel an interior freedom

When there is darkness


5 Ways to Survive the Holiday Shopping Season

7 Tips for Staying Within Your Budget

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7 Worst Foods to Avoid

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9 Ways to Enjoy the Holidays without Stress

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Keys to Success - Perseverance

Live the Life You Desire - Now

Strategies to Conquer Fear of the Unknown

Surviving the Holiday Crunch

The Aftermath of Burnout How to Rejuvenate Yourself

Top 10 Inspirational Movies

Turn Bad Habits into Good Ones

Using Meditation to Bring You Greater Confidence

What Are Love Languages

What is Co-Dependence and How Can It Stifle You

Which Fast Foods are the Healthiest

Why Should You Get a Coach










As I adjust my spending habits

Beauty surrounds me just waiting to be enjoyed

Fear is no match for my strong will to succeed

Generosity radiates from my soul

I am a source of truth and honesty

I am confident in my ability to follow through

I am free from the shackles of my past

I carry an uplifting attitude with me each day

I choose to let go of frustration and seek peace

I choose to live a vibrant healthy life

I embrace change

I enjoy living fully and completely in the now

I envision myself debt-free

I free myself from fear by planning ahead

I get up quickly when I fall

I give selflessly with no string attached

I have the ability to finish what I have started

Laughter is my best medicine

My family is my rock

My internal flame grows stronger each day I pursue my passion

My life is worth living

My mind is a sponge that attracts positive thoughts

My priorities are in order

My resolutions are achievable and realistic

My spouse and I are unstoppable together

Organization is easy and effortless for me

Seizing the day is my specialty

Through daily exercise I keep my mind sharp

When I believe I achieve

When I stare into the loving eyes of my family I feel the fullness of their love


6 Tips To Help You Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be

7 No-Worry Ways of Overcoming Shyness

8 Tips to Create a More Loving Relationship

8 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

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How to Become More Passionate

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How to Find Peace in the Middle of Chaos

How to Help Your Children Develop a Positive Outlook on Life

How to Improve Communication with Your Boss

How to Improve Your Life with Self-Hypnosis

How to Live Without Regret

How to Meditate for Success

How to Promote Healthy Behaviors in Your Children

How to Reduce Insomnia

How to Set Clear Goals

How to Think Positively in Tough Times

Keys to Success - Flexibility

Learning to Accept Yourself

Practicing the Art of Walking Meditation

Present Moment Mindset - Bringing Eastern Philosophy to the West

Simple Gestures to Show Appreciation

Simple Strategies to Attract Your Dream Job

What Is The Meaning of Life A Guide to Discovering Your Purpose

You Are Worth It A Guide to Healthy Self-Esteem


25 Ways to Attract Your Soulmate

25 Ways to Keep Your New Years Resoultions

Regret Free Life

Regret Free Life Checklist

Regret Free Life Worksheet




Delegating is important to my success and well being

Exciting opportunities abundantly appear in my life

Exercising restraint in my finances allows me to build wealth

Fear cannot penetrate my inner being

I am more than capable of great success

I am on time

I am spiritually physically and emotionally wealthy

I am who I want my children to become

I appreciate and respect my spouse

I easily attract wealth

I have a clear understanding of who I am

I have an attitude of gratitude

I live in the now

I love to live with a perpetual smile on my face

I make the most of each moment

I radiate confidence

I seek to expand my comfort zone daily

I stand strong in the face of adversity

I stop before I go

Keeping a detailed schedule keeps me productive

My debt does not control me I am in control of my debt

My dreams are real and achievable

My inner beauty shines brightly

My life overflows with blessings

My openness to learning creates endless opportunities

My sense of wonder keeps me young

My strong and positive mental attitude conquers any challenge

Patience preserves my spirit

Today is the blueprint of my tomorrow

When faced with a wall I work hard to carve a window


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7 Ways to Discover Your Life Purpose

8 Tips for Fighting Procrastination

9 Simple Ways to Improve your Memory

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The Time is Now - Action Steps to Achieve Supreme Wealth


10 Ways to Ignite the Passion In Your Life

10 Ways to Ignite the Passion In Your Life Checklist

10 Ways to Ignite the Passion In Your Life Worksheet

25 Job Interview Secrets

The Big Change Fable




Food is my sustenance not my friend

Giving back to the community is my pleasure

I am a team player

I am a well where others come to draw wisdom

I am an attentive listener

I am building a strong foundation with my spouse based on love trust and respect

I am steadfast about my values

I am tapping into my creative side

I am the master of my future

I am who I am when no one is watching

I can comfortably take care of my needs

I communicate effectively with others

I connect with my family by turning off distractions

I forgive quickly

I have the ability to meet my family needs

I live each day on purpose

I rejoice in giving

I turn failure into opportunity

Ideas flow from me like a spring of creativity

In the face of change I keep my cool

Limits increase my freedom

My body deserves to be nourished and satisfied with healthy fuels

My childrens laughter is music to my ears

My desire to succeed is more powerful than disappointment

My determination sets me up for success

My family can count on me for encouragement

My life has a healthy pace

My life is full of joy health and happiness

The person I see when I look in the mirror is who I want to be

When I organize my space my life has order


6 Ways to Make Time for YOU in Your Hectic Life

7 Ways to Strengthen Your People Management Skills

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How to Take Advantage of the Recession to Start a Profitable Business

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Not a Morning Person - Tips to Make Your Mornings Easier and More Productive

Seven Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

Seven Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

Six Ways to Bring Balance and Harmony into Your Life

Six Ways to Communicate Better with Your Partner

Staying Positive and Reducing Stress in a Fast Paced World

Talking with Teenagers - How to Have the Tough Conversations

The Perils of Negativity and How to Overcome It

The Secrets Behind the Power of Intention

The Wealthy Mindset - How Your Thoughts Affect Your Financial Future

Tips for Dealing with Chronic Pain

Tips for Managing Your Anger







MARCH 2010



A humble attitude makes me great

Each day, I savor the moments of my life

Every day I do something better than the day before

I accept my limitations and celebrate what I can do

I accept myself so that I may accept others

I allow myself to say No

I allow stress to leave my mind and body quickly and easily

I am a magnet for meaningful relationships

I am at peace with change and know it is working for my good

I am raising amazing children

I am the person I was born to be

I choose to be true to my marriage vows

I eliminate bad habits so I can live a healthy lifestyle

I expect great things each day

I feel connected to the peace of the universe

I have the ability to remain faithful to new habits

I know when to speak and when to keep quiet

I live a life free from worry and fear

I love myself and the way I handle my life

I use communication to create and master my happiness

I value wise counseling

My body and mind are vibrant, healthy, and whole

My cheerful attitude infuses joy wherever I go

My children feel loved by the way I speak to them

My determination sets me apart from the rest

My goals drive me toward new heights of success

My home is my retreat

My mind is nourished by what I feed my body

Quiet time helps me reconnect with myself

When I look behind me I see an army of goodness following me


6 Tips for Creating Balance in your Life

7 Ways to Combat Work Stress

7 Ways to Cope With Your Anger

7 Ways to Find Happiness During Your Retirement Years

8 Ways to Boost Your Optimism

Achieving Goals That Really Matter

Avoiding Unhealthy Intimate Relationships

Do More in Less Time - And Have More Time for Yourself

Easy Strategies that Help You Lose Weight

Getting Yourself Out of Debt

Goal Achievement Creating A Soundtrack That Motivates You

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How to Raise Your Self-Esteem Through Self-Talk

Improve Your Life with Positive Self-Talk

Make Procrastination a Thing of the Past

Make Your Office Work for You

Nine Ways to Make Your Life More Exciting

Overcome Jealousy and Possessiveness

Quick Tips To Battle Depression

Simplify Your Life with Easy Home Maintenance

Starting a New Diet Critical Precautions for Success

Strategies for Achieving High Job Goals

Tap Into Your Inner Creativity

The Best Ways to See Success in Your Life

Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Strong When Youre on Different Schedules

Tips for Overcoming Challenges to Reaching Your Goals

Using Prayer and Meditation to Calm Anxiety

Why Your Body Can?t Do Without Fatty Acids


25 Loving Words to Say to Your Kids

The Importance of Solitude

The Importance of Solitude Checklist

The Importance of Solitude Worksheet

The Utter Chaos Fable

APRIL 2010



I am a safe driver

I am birthing new talents

I am discovering the beautiful person inside of me

I am more than a survivor I am a conqueror

I am my first priority

I am quick to forget offenses

I control my finances instead of allowing them to control me

I face unexpected challenges head-on

I free myself from my physical insecurities

I have many reasons to live

I live my life for today

I manage my time for success

I pave the road to financial security by controlling my spending

I pray for my children

I release my fears of disappointing others

I take care of my family

I take strides towards a healthy vibrant lifestyle

My best is good enough

My children are my motivation to succeed

My inner peace overcomes anger

My life is full of joy and peace

My life is well balanced

My marriage is my fountain of youth

My marriage is worth the work

My memory is sharp

My mistakes help make me better

My past no longer dictates my future

My struggles are stepping stones

My weight is my friend

Peace lives within our home


6 Unique Activities To Do With Your Grandkids on the Weekend

8 Simple Changes to Make Your House More Green

8 Simple Exercise Routines to Fit into Your Busy Life

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How to Fall Flat On Your Face and Succeed While Doing It

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Improving Both Body and Mind

Improving Your Time Management Skills

Job Stress You Can Deal with It

Keeping Your Brain Healthy and Active at Any Age

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Letting Go of Conflict from Your Past

Positive Strategies to Conquer Any Challenge

Seven Ways to Get Your Home in Shape During Spring Cleaning

Simple and Quick Job Hunting Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Workspace

Strategies for Raising Self Confident Teens

Thinking Positive to Create Financial Gain

Using Delegation to Balance Your Life

You're Important Too - Spring Cleaning Tips for the Mind


25 Ways to Romance Your Lady

25 Ways to Romance Your Man

The Importance of Conquering Your Fears Checklist

The Importance of Conquering Your Fears Worksheet

The Importance of Conquering Your Fears

MAY 2010



An outgoing attitude is my antidote to boredom

Choosing to bottle-feed my baby is the best choice for my family

Choosing to nurse my baby is the best for my family

Experience is making me a better parent

Giving to others makes me rich

Healthy eating revitalizes my lifestyle

I accept the changes in my body from carrying a baby

I accept the situations I cannot control

I age with grace

I am above jealousy

I am creating an atmosphere of helpfulness in my home

I am surrounded by a caring parent support group

I am taking up a new sport

I can only do so much with my time

I choose to focus on all that is good around me

I complete myself

I delight in staying home with my children

I do more than search for peace I create it

I have the strength to run a successful business from home while also caring for my children

Keeping my marriage strong is the main component to raising a happy family

Living an active lifestyle keeps me healthy

My ability to love is more powerful than the pain of an offense

My inner beauty is evident to those around me

My peace endures through the storm

My positive attitude attracts quality friends

Patience sustains my center

Peace leads me

Planning ahead saves me time and money

Stepping back helps me to refocus

Working outside the home is the right choice for me


6 Tips to Balance Your Work and Home Life

6 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Take Action

7 Ways to Accept Yourself for Who You Are

10 Steps to Anger Management

14 Simple Ways to Add Happiness to Your Day

Believing in the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Discovering Your Personal Set of Values

Eight Simple Things You Can Do to Get a Better Nights Sleep

Eight Tips for Bringing Your Personal Goals to Reality

Eight Ways to Give Your Self-Confidence a Boost

Expanding Your Comfort Zone - Simple Effective Strategies

How Meditating Can Ease Anxiety

How to Be Your Own Life Coach

How to Become More Assertive in Social Situations

How to Change Your Attitude with Positive Self Talk

How to Cope With Panic Attacks

How to Deal with Difficult Family Members

How to Eat Healthy Without Feeling Like Youre Dieting

How to Follow Your Heart and Instincts

How to Improve Lines of Communication with Your Loved Ones

How to Increase Your Energy Naturally

How to Keep Yourself in the Present Moment

How to Make Effective Decisions Quickly

How to Market Yourself When Youre Looking for a Job

How Yoga and Meditation Can Help You Balance Your Mind and Body

Keeping a Positive Outlook During Trying Times

Keeping an Open Mind - How to Embrace New Ideas

Memory Boosters - 9 Easy Tips for Strengthening Your Memory

Natural Remedies for Reducing Stress

Top Five Success Traits in the Super Successful and How You Can Develop These Traits Too


Breaking the Mold Fable

The Kitchen Battle Fable

Overcoming Infidelity Checklist

Overcoming Infidelity Self Reflection

Overcoming Infidelity

JUNE 2010



A positive body image enables me to have more fun in the sun

Age is only a number

Consistency is the key to my success

Freedom is my friend

Going on vacation with my family helps me reconnect with them

I am confident in my abilities

I am fully equipped to educate my children while they are out of school

I am safe in the water

I can achieve my wildest dreams

I devote time to my family

I do as I think

I embrace the cycle of life

I find inner peace at the beach

I free myself from dependency on cigarettes

I graciously overcome the challenges of being a single parent

I keep my friends close

I leave the stresses of my career in the office

I look forward to spending time with my family

I love being outdoors

I maintain my appearance because it gives me confidence

I make do with what I have

I make my own luck

I release stress through productive outlets

My education is my ticket to freedom.

My future is shining brightly

My mindset controls my reality

My weight loss goals are attainable

Sunshine makes me feel alive

The bond I share with my partner grows stronger each year

When all else fails during my vacation, I can still smile


4 Keys to Stress Relief

4 Ways to Strengthen the Bond With Your Children

5 Benefits of Martial Arts

5 Ways to Get in Shape This Summer

Dealing Effectively With Arguments in Your Household

Expanding Your Comfort Zone to Create More Joy

Four Ways a Gym Membership Can Improve Your Life

Good Partnerships Are Based on Building Trust

How to Boost Your Self Confidence With Positive Self Talk

How to Budget for a Great Summer

How to Find Joy in Summer Nature Exploration

How to Have an Effective Conversation With Your Boss

How to Lighten Your Workload and Put More Focus on Your Family

How to Make Decisions That Are Right for You

How to Savor Your Vacation Without Succumbing to Boredom

Keep the Peace and Relaxation of Spring All Year Long

Learning Deep Breathing Strategies to Control Anxiety

Living Healthy Mentally and Physically

Need to Apologize - How to Get Results From Your Apology

Planning a Budget That Sets You Free

Preparing Your Mind and Body for Summer Warmth

Stay Physically and Mentally Fit by Sharing Summer With Others

Summer Workout Strategies to Get the Body You Want

Take Advantage of Warm Summer Nights for Meditation

The Four Ways to Get Out of the House and Spice Up Your Life

The Power of Common Courtesy

Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bill

Tips for Planning a Memorable Vacation

Tips to Stay Cool and Save Money in the Summer Heat

Use Those Long Summer Days for Personal Improvement


25 Ways to Find Your Passion

The Climb Fable

The Terrible Storm Fable

The Whys and Hows of Vegetarianism Cheat Sheet

The Whys and Hows of Vegetarianism

JULY 2010



Breathing deeply helps me manage pain

Diligence leads me to success

Excellence sets my work apart

I am bursting with self-confidence

I am clear about my values

I am internet savvy

I am living the life I want to live

I am the author of my destiny

I can wait for things worth waiting for

I envision myself in a higher position

I habitually make responsible decisions

I have a strategy for overcoming my addiction

I have faith in those around me

I have the strength to tame my tongue

I improve myself through summer activities

I invest in my family

I see spiritual growth taking place within me

I take care of my physical appearance

I use the warm summer evenings to meditate and improve myself

Internal reflection overpowers criticism

Love makes me sing in the rain

Music soothes my soul

My countenance draws others

My family's memories are well preserved

My grateful attitude brings me happiness

My initiative brings people together

My life has remarkable worth

My marriage is fireproof

My nutrition is important

Summer storms offer me power for meditation


5 Strategies for Coping With Anxiety

5 Ways to Alleviate Day to Day Stress

13 Ways to Say Thank You

Addiction Busters Precise Actions to Help You Conquer Your Addiction

Coping With the Hurt of Divorce

Correcting Sleep Apnea

Effective Communication in Marriage

Enrich Your Body and Spirit with a Vacation in Bali

Finding Purpose at Your Job

Getting the Most Out of Group Tour Travel

How To Achieve An Abundance of Wealth

How to Effectively Listen to Your Bodys Needs

How to Feel More Comfortable on a First Date

How to Use Affirmations to Overcome Fear

How to Use Feng Shui to Relieve Stress

Let Your Confidence Shine to Reach Your Goals with Ease

Meditating Throughout the Summer

Natural Ways to Counter Depression

Nine Summer Activities to Enjoy with Your Children

Nine Ways to Have Fun Being Productive at Home

Planning Your Summer Around Self Improvement Activities

Practicing the Art of Non-Reaction with Meditation

Seven Ways to Stay Stress-Free While Moving

Simple Strategies to Create a Peaceful Home Environment

Simple Ways To Harness the Power of Positive Thinking

Summer Fun Can Mean Spiritual Growth

Summer Storms Channel Their Power

Tips and Tricks to Beat Insomnia

Tips to Ease a Troubled Mind

Why Its Never Too Late to Go After Your Dreams


29 Ways to Show Love

Achieving the Unachievable Short Story

The Prayer Book Prayers for a Positive Lifestyle

The Prayer Book Summary

The Prayer Book




As a new parent I learn the ropes as I go

Day by day I decrease my debt

Each day I learn something new

I am an active member of my community

I am caffeine free and I love it

I am confident that love is on its way

I am content to wait to get married

I am dedicated to finding a new job

I am grateful for my work

I can achieve success despite my young age

I can overcome depression

I confidently work my way up the ladder

I embrace my responsibilities with joy

I endure the challenges of my pregnancy with joy

I express my concern at the most opportune times

I forgive my parents and accept them as they are

I have developed a routine to maximize my time

I help those in need

I overcome my divorce with grace

I stand up for myself when others try to tear me down

I support my partners decisions

I work towards strengthening my relationship with my teenage children

My career is separate from my identity

My disability is only part of who I am

My personal well-being is my first priority

My pre-wedding jitters are perfectly normal

My words are sweet like honey

Peace saturates my actions

The beauty of nature inspires me

What lies before me matters more than what is behind me


5 Ways to Maximize Your Weekend Staycation

7 Tips to Help You Meet Any Deadline

8 Tips for Easing Back into the Work Week after Summer Vacation

8 Tips for Keeping a Clear Mind When Life Gets Busy

8 Tips for Making Your Own Scrapbooks and Memory Books

8 Tips to Help your Children Transition from Summertime to School Time

9 Family Activities for the End of the Summer

9 Organizational Tips for Back To School

10 Tips for Getting Your Toddler Ready for Preschool

Back to School Prepping Your Kids for the Change

Caffeine Free Tips for Increasing Your Student Energy

Eight Ideas for Getting Rid of Unwanted Household Items

Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Your Children

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing When Youre Up Against a Wall

Go Green to Save Green

How to Break a Bad Habit

How to Break the Cycle of Anxiety and Enjoy Social Situations

How to Continue Your Weight Loss Goals Even After the Summer Months

How to Establish a Good Nighttime Routine for Families with Small Children

How to Fight Boredom and Become More Motivated at Work

How to Find the Courage to Change Your Career

How to Gain Your Spouses Support While Pursuing a New Business Venture

How to Regain Your Work Focus After a Vacation

How to Survive the Hottest Summer Months and Still Have a Blast

How to Throw an Excellent End of Summer Party for Friends and Family

Keep Work at Bay While on Vacation

Office Design Tips to Increase Productivity

The Balancing Act Continuing Your Education

Top 10 Productivity Tips for Independent Professionals

What to Do When Your Children Refuse to Attend College


Public Speaking 101

Public Speaking 101 Checklist

Public Speaking 101 Worksheet

25 Strategies To Give An All Star Speech

The New Environment Fable



7 Ways to Increase Your Savings Without Decreasing Your Lifestyle

August 2010 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month August

Frugal Living Tip of the Month August

Green Money Tip of the Month August Natural Weed Killers

Hidden Costs of Buying a House

Money Matters August

Mortgage Payment Review Sheet

Tips for Buying or Selling Your Home Cheat Sheet

What Mortgage Can I Afford Worksheet


How to Buy the House of Your Dreams Even with a Low Credit Score

How to Have Fun on a Budget

How to Pay Off a Mortgage Faster

Inexpensive Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

Investing When Financial Times are Difficult

Making Money in Your Spare Time

Managing Money 101 Creating and Using a Budget

Office Potlucks That Won't Break Your Budget

Sneaky Expenses First Time Homebuyers Often Overlook

The Hard Facts About Fixed and Variable Rate Mortgages


Tips for Buying or Selling Your Home




Family time is my greatest pleasure

Focusing on my goal results in success

I achieve greatness by pushing the limits

I am aging gracefully

I am assertive at work

I am blooming right where I am planted

I am closer to my dreams and goals every day

I am fit for life

I am full of fresh ideas

I am preparing my children for a successful academic year

I am truthful

I can work under pressure

I focus only on the important things in life

I get enough rest

I have a plan for back-to-school shopping

I know how to find my inner treasure

I know how to unleash the power behind my dreams

I know I can succeed and I avoid giving up

I minimize constraints by magnifying solutions

I prepare myself for dreams that are coming true

I reach my destiny through positive energy

I spend time alone every day

I take charge of my life each day

I use nature to improve my mood and bring me joy

I use rainy days to improve my spirituality and connect to the universe

Miracles happen daily in my life

My business is blooming

My home is free from clutter

My investments are flourishing

My reputation precedes me


Discover Yourself and Find the Hidden Positive Spirituality in Your Life

Finding Your Inner Treasure

From Mom to Supermom Tips for Working Mothers

Getting Off to a Good Start With Your College Roommate

Getting the Most Out of Group Tour Travel

How to Bloom Where Youre Planted

How to Date Outside Your Type

How to Develop Confidence in Yourself

How to Develop Tough Skin And Refuse to Give Up

How to Find Fulfilling Life Focus Activities

How to Look Skinnier Without Losing Weight

How to Speak So Others Will Listen

How Tutoring Can Help Your Child Succeed

Laugh Away Your Stress Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through Laughter

Lessons on Friendship From Watching The Golden Girls

Love Health and Harmony How to Maintain Happy Healthy Family Relationships

Making a Smooth Transition From Vacation to Work

Making Friends Made Easy

Making the Best Use of a Rainy Day

Manage Mess Like Magic

Preparing for Your Dreams

Renting Out the Extra Room Your College-Bound Child Leaves Behind

Sharing the Responsibility for Family Planning

Taking Charge of Your Life

Ten Tips for a Healthy Life

The Average Womans Guide to Looking Like a Glamour Girl

Unleashing the Power of Your Dreams

Using Nature to Improve Your Mood

Using Positive Energy to Reach Your Destiny

Your Goals Are Closer Than You Think


Forever Friends Fable

The Great Leap Fable

Using Feng Shui to Empower Yourself Checklist

Using Feng Shui to Empower Yourself Worksheet

Using Feng Shui to Empower Yourself



35 Ways to Save on Everyday Items

Deals of the Month September

Frugal Living Tip of the Month September

Green Money Tip of the Month September Diapers

How to Save Money on Groceries and Everyday Living Checklist

How to Save Money on Groceries and Everyday Living Worksheet

How to Save Money on Groceries as a Vegetarian

How to Save Money on Organic Living

Money Matters September

September 2010 Personal Finance Calendar


Back to School Saving Tips

Buying in Bulk Đ Saving or Overspending

Enjoying Fresh Food and Fresh Savings at the Farmers Market

How to Do a Personal Financial Checkup

How to Establish Credit When Youre First Starting Out

How to Save Money on Your Next New Car Purchase

How to Set and Achieve Fulfilling Personal Financial Goals

Save by Buying Local

Save on End of Season Summer Stuff

Saving Money on Clothing


How to Save Money on Groceries and Everyday Living




Day by day I decrease my debt

I am close to my goal

I am driving change

I am mindful of my spending habits

I am strong and capable of doing anything I desire

I enjoy sharing my joy with others

I find happiness everywhere I look

I know I can reach my goals

I let stress roll off my back like falling water

I practice cell phone safety while driving

I prepare nutritious meals

I radiate joy love and light

I release stressful situations to a higher power

I relieve stress through music

I turn pressure into fuel

My dreams and goals give me strength and courage

My dreams are coming true

My family triumphs through trouble

My job is secure

My life is an adventure

My resume is impressive

My self-confidence is increasing

My thankfulness brings me peace

Sharing love with others makes me joyful

The tranquility of the Universe surrounds me

There is great joy in the little things in life

There is nothing to fear but fear itself

Truth brings me tranquility

What I visualize I can achieve

Worries are easy for me to handle


4 Tips for Creating a Solid Budget

5 Ways To Be A Better Spouse

5 Ways to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Breathe Out Stress Anytime Anywhere

Combating Procrastination

Creating a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances

Easy Ways to Add More Nuts to Your Diet

Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy Your Kids Will Love

How Finding Your Passion Can Improve Your Life

How Music Can Help Treat Insomnia

How One Man Can Make a Difference in the World

How Time Management Can Improve Your Life

How to Feel Comfortable in New Social Situations

How to Help the Long-Term Unemployed

How to Maintain a Positive Mindset When You Dont Feel Like It

How to Prepare for Parenthood

How to Prepare Yourself for Going Back to School

How to Recognize Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship

How to Stay in Shape Without Exercise Equipment

Improving Your Life Through Fitness

Is Your Spouse Having an Affair

Letting Go of Attention Seeking Behavior

Overcoming Challenges to Reach Your Goal

Put Your Best Foot Forward - How to Discover Your Personality Strengths

Solving Clutter in the Kitchen

Ten Useful Habits to Keep You Looking Glamorous and Healthy

The Importance of Looking to the Future Rather than Dwelling on the Past

The Secret Ingredient Tips for Preparing Delicious Meals Your Family Will Love

Train Yourself to Use Healthy Sleep Positions


25 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Creativity

How to Overcome Challenges

How to Overcome Challenges Checklist

How to Overcome Challenges Worksheet

The Pursuit of Happiness



Deals of the Month October

Frugal Living During the Holidays Cheat Sheet

Frugal Living Tip of the Month October

Getting out of Debt The Snowball Effect

Green Money Tip of the Month October Lightbulbs

Holiday Planning and Budget Guide

Homemade Gift Giving Guide

Money Management Self Reflection Worksheet

Money Matters October

October 2010 Personal Finance Calendar


Are You Financially Prepared to Relocate

Budgeting for the Holiday Season

Homemade Gift Giving

How to Have a Baby without Breaking the Bank

Investment Tips for College Students

Saving Money on Holiday Entertainment

Saving Money on Holiday Meals

Start Thinking Christmas in October

Tips for Creating an Emergency Fund

Tips to Negotiate a Higher Starting Salary


Frugal Living During the Holidays




As a new stay-at-home mom, I savor every moment of my time

Family time is my favorite time

Hardships are simply a test of my strength

I allow only positive thinking into my life

I am living the American dream

I avoid anger at home and remain calm and happy

I focus my thoughts on positive living

I get great joy from helping others succeed

I get the most from my online learning activities

I have a bright and engaging emotional future

I keep a positive attitude through any challenge

I make good food choices that keep me healthy

I move my financial life forward each day

I put the credit cards down today

I raise my children well

I reach my relationship goals easily and quickly

I receive great joy from my personal relationships

I release anger from my soul

I stay positive and avoid downturns during the winter

My business thrives in the recession

My drive to succeed carries me to the top

My marriage is like a strong pillar

My personal time is a priority

My ties to loved ones are strong and healthy

My weight is just a number

Professional stress has no place in my life

Serenity is my cornerstone

The words of others only build up my self esteem

Through my own inspiration I inspire others

When one door closes, I push another open


4 Common Self-Sabotaging Tactics to Avoid

5 Office Etiquette Rules Every Employee Should Know

Avoid Anger at Home With These Six Tips

Beating the Winter Weight Gain

Benefits of Planning a Late Year Vacation

Delicious Ways to Strengthen Your Health by Reducing Salt in Your Diet

Easily Refresh Your Mind While Surrounded With Chaos

Eight Ways to Inspire Yourself and Others

Entrepreneurial Success Enhance Your Mindset to Increase Your Revenue

Five Tips for a Healthier Emotional Future After Divorce

Five Ways to Lower Stress in Your Professional Life

Follow These Tips to Help Others Achieve Career Success

Four Thoughts for Positive Living During Health Challenges

Four Tips to Avoid Depression During the Winter Months

Four Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude During Illness

Getting More from Your Personal Relationships

How to Ace Your Employee Performance Review

How to Reach Your Relationship Goals Faster

How to Solve Trust Issues in a Relationship

How to Survive an Unhealthy Relationship

How to Ward Off Seasonal Depression

How Volunteering For a Political Campaign Can Benefit You

Jazz up Your Office During the Glum Cold Months

Lower Your Mental Stress Levels Five Different Ways

Make Good Food Choices for Optimal Health During Illness

Planning Your First Holiday as a Parent

Thanksgiving Every Day - How Gratitude Attracts More Blessings

Three Ways to Get the Most From Online Learning Activities

Three Ways to Strengthen Your Ties to Loved Ones

Tips to Avoid Family Drama Throughout the Holiday Season


25 Simple Productivity Tips and Tools

You Don't Need Powers To Be A Hero - Inspirational Story

The Best of Both Worlds Workbook

The Best of Both Worlds

The Tale of Two Tails Fable



22 Ways to Increase Your Credit Score

25 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft

2010 Tax Credits and Deductions to Save You Money

Checklist of Tax Deductible Expenses for the Self Employed

Deals of the Month November

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Saving on Groceries

Green Money Tip of the Month Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Money Matters November

Money Saving Tax Strategies

November 2010 Personal Finance Calendar


10 Gift Ideas for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Create a Holiday Fund to Avoid the Christmas Crunch

Decorating Your Home for Fall on a Budget

End of Year Tax Strategies for Small Businesses

Freelancing and Finances Maintaining Your Income While Ill

How an Online Presence Can Boost Your Likelihood of Landing a Job

Last Minute Tax Strategies That Can Save you Money

Plan Ahead to Take the Stress Out of Tax Day

Year End Financial Ideas to Keep You on Track

Year End Tax Planning for Individuals


Little Known Tax Secrets for the Self Employed




Deadlines drive me to succeed

I am confident in my ability to provide for my family

I am financially strong as I move into a new year

I am happy and productive over the holidays and I feel fulfilled

I am honest with others as it allows me to keep a clear conscience

I am mentally strong even during busy holidays

I am self-sufficient and hold realistic expectations of others

I cherish the holiday memories I have of my loved ones

I communicate my feelings effectively and thoroughly

I enjoy the holiday season despite my health challenges

I extend a lending hand to others without overextending myself

I keep a joyful attitude when holiday times get stressful

I keep myself physically fit during the holiday season

I let go of my past and bravely embrace the future with a smile

I live the single life with joy

I love my in-laws and set boundaries in order to keep our relationship healthy

I make a conscious effort to brighten the days of others

I make good New Years resolutions and keep them easily

I receive great joy from helping those who are in need during the holidays

I remain true to my personality regardless of criticism from others

I respect my relatives and enjoy my holiday time with them

I rid myself of self-sabotaging thoughts

I safely say farewell to one year and look forward to another

I stay in joy over the holidays, regardless of my romantic circumstances

I stay relaxed through the busyness of the holiday season

I understand that my children are adults and I am proud of their accomplishments

I view disagreements with others as a chance to come to a mutually beneficial understanding

I welcome the New Year with joy

I work with my partner on holiday traditions to keep harmony in my home

New experiences allow me to enrich my life


4 New Years Resolution Goals Worth Setting

5 Proven Tips to Turn Your Plans Into Reality

5 Reasons to Live in the Now and Take Each Day as it Comes

5 Vital Qualifications Every Employer Seeks in Applicants

Alone Over the Holidays How to Stay Happy and Productive

Are the Holidays Over Yet How to Keep a Positive Attitude During Stressful Times

Career Success Dress the Part

Dont Let That Divorce Ruin Your Holidays

Four Ways to Bring Satisfaction into Your Everyday Life

Free Yourself From Fears With Healthy Alternatives

Glad This Years Over Positive Strategies for a Happier New Year

Goal-Setting Traps to Avoid This Year

Holidays and Family Gatherings Stay Relaxed Even When Youre Busy

How to Command Respect from Others

How to Deal with Conflict Graciously

How to Find the Road to Forgiving and Forgetting

How to Make and Keep New Years Resolutions

How to Make Time for Physical Health During the Holiday Season

How to Provide a Bright Holiday for Children with Special Needs

How to Set SMART Goals for the New Year

Keeping Your Mental Health Strong During the Holidays

Learn to Rejoice in The Good Fortune of Others

Lost a Loved One Celebrate Their Life Over the Holidays

Make the Holiday Season Bright Even with Health Challenges

Rediscover Your Motivation When Youve Lost Your Way

Say Goodbye to the Old Year the Right Way Safely

Self-Employment Success Market Yourself Like an Expert

When You and Your Partner Celebrate Different Holidays

Working Moms Get Dad to Pull His Weight Around the House

Yes You Can Get Through the In Laws Holiday Visit


25 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Confidence

Setting Personal Goals Workbook

Setting Personal Goals

SMART Goal Setting Flow Chart

The Unappreciated Beauty



Budgeting Isnt A Bad Word

Deals of the Month December

December 2010 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Brown Bagging

Green Money Tip of the Month Fireplace Efficiency

How to Negotiate Anything

How to Save Money on Utilities

January 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters December

Strategies for Successful Budgeting

Budgeting A New You Workbook


3 Uncommon Ways to Slash Your Monthly Expenses

5 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Annual Credit Report Small Changes Make Big Improvements in Your Credit

Drugstore vs Department Store Cosmetics - Is it Really Worth the Splurge

How to Put Away $1000 This Year Without Stress

Keep Tabs on Your Purchases in Order to Ensure Financial Freedom

Money-Saving Tips That are Easy to Implement

Moving Your Financial Life Forward Four Tips for Success

Paying Off Your Mortgage Early Can Be Your Ticket to Financial Freedom

Where is Your Money Going How to Uncover Your Money Drains and Improve your Financial Outlook


Budgeting: A New You




Compassion cultivates selflessness within me

Courage launches me above my fears

Happiness reigns in my home

I alter the course of my life by changing the way I think

I am building wealth for my retirement

I am free to rule over my passions

I am hopeful about my financial future

I am losing weight at a healthy pace

I eliminate comparison from my thoughts

I enjoy positive interactions with my peers

I focus on the people who love me

I have a positive relationship with my in

I have peace of mind about the sale of my home

I inspire others to respect me by respecting myself

I keep a positive view of myself

I let go of my fear about food recalls

I maintain a good posture while working at the computer

I make it a point to keep my home clean and free of bugs and other pests

I respond gracefully in awkward situations

I seize the day by waking up early

My external appearance reflects my inner beauty

My family prays together

My ideas are innovative

My income is increasing

My life is balanced because I prioritize

My life is expanding

My sleep is sound and sweet

My workspace is conducive to productivity

Peace is my anchor in uncertain times

Selfless love is the knot that holds my marriage together


4 Simple Steps to Having a Great Day

5 Reasons to Go Back to School Now

5 Tips for Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

8 Great Ways to Eat Healthy Without Losing the Taste

10 Ways to Stay Busy and Sane at Work

Boost Your Energy Level By Eating More Yogurt

Committed to Fitness but Not the Gym Great Ways to Stay Fit at Home

Create a Safe Bathroom for Your Family

Do You Have a Short Fuse Effective Ways to Develop Patience and Tolerance

Encouragement -The Best Tool for Building Your Childs Self Confidence

Envision it Make it Happen Bring Your Goals to Life

Fighting Anxiety Without Medication 10 Tips to Help You Feel Calm

Five Strategies to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Healthy Cholesterol Learn Which High Cholesterol Foods are Heart Healthy

How to Ace a Phone Interview

How to Fight Depression with Exercise

How to Get the Most out of New Years Resolutions

How to Journal for Self Improvement

How to Sit Comfortably While Meditating

How to Stay Motivated With an Exercise Buddy

How to Use Visuals to Achieve Your Goals

Improve Your Powers of Concentration

Life After a Breakup Searching Within for the Strength to Move On

Overcoming Your Fear of Speaking in Public

Short, Medium and Long Term Goal Setting Strategies

Smart Systems for Time Management and Productivity

Surefire Ways to Prepare for a High Profile Job Interview And Get Hired

Take The Stress Out of Commuting

Tips for Adults Going Back to School

When Your Child Grows Up Signs That Tell You Its Time to Let Go


25 Things To Do After Your Well Earned Retirement

How to Meditate

Self Motivation Guidebook

Self Motivation Workbook

The Security Blanket



Applying for Federal Student Financial Aid

Deals of the Month February

Deals of the Month January

February 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Stockpiling on Christmas Supplies

Green Money Tip of the Month Make Your Own Make Up

January 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters January 2011

Money Saving Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Save Thousands on a College Education Workbook

Saving for College Investment Strategies


5 College Degrees with Above Average Salaries

5 Inexpensive Home Improvements to Instantly Increase Your Property Value

Paying Off Debt in the New Year

Planning a Vacation on a Budget Strategic Ways to Save

Slow and Steady Wins the Race - How a Little Extra Now Can Save You a Lot of Money in the Long Run

Start the Year Off With a Bang by Giving Yourself a Raise

Things to Try Before Investing in a Tutor

Tips to Save Money on Your Childs College Education Without Spending a Dime

Using the Modified Swear Jar System to Acheive Long-Term and Short-Term Savings Goals

Why Sending Your Teen to a Community College Can Save You Thousands


Save Thousands on a College Education




Courage is my voice against fear

Enjoying meals together strengthens my familys relationships

Forgiveness frees me to love

I am climbing out of the pit of depression

I am free from the need to impress others

I am gracious toward all people

I bridle my tongue

I can respect people with whom I disagree

I conduct my business with honesty and integrity

I drink plenty of water to keep my body healthy

I enjoy giving more than receiving

I have the self control to stop biting my nails

I hold on tight to what is most important

I immediately seek medical advice when my body sends me a warning sign

I keep my word

I limit the time I spend daily on social networking

I love without reservations

I maintain a manageable workload

I silence the voice of self-criticism

I speak positively about my family members

Kindness draws favor toward me

My actions reflect respect for the environment

My neighbors are my friends

My plans succeed because I take action

My relationships improve when I listen more

My shopping knowledge saves my family money

Patience gives me strength

Peace walks beside me

Physical activity is important to me and my familys health

This is my year to embark on a new journey


4 Ideas for the Ultimate Relaxing Vacation

5 Remarkable Benefits of Adding Yoga to Your Workout Regimen

7 Strategies for Coping With Difficult Co-Workers

A New Mothers Sleep Survival Guide

Ancient Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

Balance Diet and Exercise to Achieve the Best Results

Create Healthy Glowing Skin at Home

Don't Give Up 4 Ways to Improve Perseverance

Easy Remedies to Tackle That Pesky Cold

Find Happiness by Putting Others First

Get Off to a Great Start With a New Babysitter

Giving Bad News With Compassion

Got Acne Get Blemish Free Skin with Inexpensive Natural Remedies

Help Your Kids Love Reading

How to Improve Your Listening Skills

Ideas for Romantic Dates at Home

Improving Your Childs Lackluster Grades

Is Your Child Facing Weight Challenges 4 Ways to Help at Home

Keeping Your Bones Healthy While Dieting

Nurse Sore Muscles Back to Health With These Home Remedies

Organizing Your Home Office Can Help Your Job Search

Parents Guide to Kid Smart TV Viewing

Praise Others Genuinely and Often

Sleepless Nights Cure Insomnia the Natural Way

Spare Your Kids the Heartache How to Get Along After Divorce

Spiritual Wellness Can Create Balance in Your Life

Try Massage for Mental and Physical Rejuvenation

Turn Your Home Into a Relaxed Haven

Upgrade Your Public Speaking Skills

Ways to Make Your Marriage Last


25 Love Notes

Consideration is Golden Fable

Healthy Grocery Store Shopping Guide

How To Attract True Love Self Reflection

How To Attract True Love eBook



All About Financing Checklist

Deals of the Month February

Deals of the Month March

February 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Dating For Less

Green Money Tip of the Month Buy Produce Locally

How Do The New Financing Laws Affect You

How to Make Charitable Donations

Improving Your Credit Score

March 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters February

Which Type of Credit Card is Right for You


5 Easy Ways to Cut Living Expenses

Affordable Spring Break Fun for Families

Can you Afford a Baby Things to Consider Before Planning for Parenthood

Choosing Health Insurance Options You Can Afford

Easing the Financial Burden of Becoming a One-Income Household

Emergency Funding What Type of Financing is Best for a Financial Emergency

Great Vacation Options That Wont Leave You Broke

Lease or Buy Financing Tips for Automobiles

Loans and Lines of Credit Which Funding is Right for Me

Rent or Own In This Economy Which Housing Option is Best for my Family


All About Financing

MARCH 2011



As I flourish into a better person I accept the change

Envisioning my success keeps me on the right path

Family time is my treasure

Fun is my daily responsibility

I accept criticism objectively

I am a good friend

I am approachable

I bring prosperity into my life

I carry out my plans from fruition to finish

I do my best without regard for reward

I handle my mistakes with grace

I help my children become confident individuals

I make time for self improvement

I minimize time wasting

I strengthen my financial situation regardless of the economy

I welcome competition because I am confident in my skills

In heated situations I keep my composure

Maintaining boundaries between work and family allows me to excel at both

My imperfections make me perfect

My kindness is a powerful weapon

My life gets better every day

My life has structure

My motivation comes from within

My parents are an important part of my life

My rest time is valuable

Positivity fills my mind

Private time with my family is important

The first step is the most important

Trust in my Creator delivers me from fear

Truth is the foundation of my interactions


3 Healthy Ego-Boosting Tips

3 Simple Actions That Lower Your Stress Level

3 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Spring Clean

5 College Preparation Tips to Give Your High School Senior

Believing in Yourself Through the Toughest Times

Catching up on New Years Resolutions A Surefire Plan for Winning

Change Your Life Today No Charge

Combat Empty Nest Syndrome Before it Happens

Crash Course in Office Break Room Etiquette

Develop Decision Making Power Outside of the Office

Find Peace in Your Spring Garden

Freshen Your Breath The Natural Way

Give Your Exercise Routine a Spring Cleaning

Guide to Getting More Done in Less Time

Healthier Eating on a Diabetic Diet

Healthy Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

How To Feel More Attractive on a First Date

How to Plan a Career Change

No More Meltdowns Strategies to Strengthen Your Emotional Resilience

Parents Guide to Pleasing a Picky Eater

Plan Nature Outings Your Children Will Love

Quit Smoking in 30 Days or Less

Ring in Spring With Renewed Focus

Shine in Your New Job

Speed Reading Crash Course

Spreading Happiness at Work

Switch on Your Natural Fat Burning Machine

Taming Toddler Tantrums

Time Management The Key to a Successful Home Based Business

Use Spring Weather to Rekindle Your Love


25 Office Organizational Strategies

Breaking Free of Negative Emotions Cheatsheet

Breaking Free of Negative Emotions Workbook

Breaking Free of Negative Emotions

The Joy Of Freedom Fable



25 Ways to Trim Wedding Expenses

April 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month April

Deals of the Month March

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

Green Money Tip of the Month–Reduce Automobile Usage

Luscious Wedding Cakes Without the Cost

March 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters March

Planning an Elegant Wedding on a Budget Workbook

Top 25 Ways to Slash Your Utilities Bills

Ways to Save Money on Your Next Car Purchase


5 Apps to Curb Your Spending and Save You Money

Budget Friendly Wedding Themes

Crafting Your Own Wedding Favors

Healthy Ways to Feed Your Family on a Budget

Low Cost Wedding Invitations

Plan a Dream Wedding Without the Five Figure Price Tag

Teach Your Teen Financial Responsibility

Tips for Getting the Most From Your Savings Account

Top 6 Tax Strategies for Maximizing Your Returns

Wealth Isn't for the Wealthy Wealth is for the Smart


Planning an Elegant Wedding on a Budget

APRIL 2011



Adaptability is one of my many talents

As I look at my past I release all regret and disappointment

Each day I make strides towards bettering my future and letting go of the past

Frustration is my foe Therefore I nip it in the bud

Healing is a process that takes time Therefore I recover at my own speed

I adhere to the guidelines of my diet because it makes me feel good about myself

I am appreciated by my children

I am respectful toward my friends

I discipline my children out of love

I exercise self control in my eating

I get rid of things I no longer need

I graciously accept the actions of others

I guard my heart like a treasure

I have the strength to walk away from unhealthy relationships

I slay procrastination with my unstoppable mental strength

I take risks regularly because they keep my life fruitful and exciting

I use fitness as an outlet for stress

Life is too short and precious to live only for others

Living a positive lifestyle is my weapon against anger

Maintaining my friendships is vital to my happiness

My curves are beautiful and womanly I not only embrace but love them

My dreams are within reach

My life overflows with gratitude

My mistakes help guide me towards the right path

My work related stress is manageable

Time is on my side so I take advantage of every second

Today I make a beeline towards my goals

Tranquility love and abundance are my daily treats

Unrealistic expectations are banished from my life

When life gives me lemons I make lemon meringue pie


5 Tips for Curing Your Pre Wedding Jitters

10 Activities to Build Your Kindergarteners Self Confidence

A Simple Guide To Realizing Your Dreams

At Home Activities to Help You Relax After a Stressful Day at Work

Bring Peace to Your Office Be the Change You Want to See in Others

Delicious Ways to Eat More Spinach

Final Exams Five Great Tips for Keeping Your Cool

Finding Yourself 10 Ways to Walk in Peace and Harmony

Five Everyday Activities to Protect Your Physical Health

Five New Mobile Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Five Ways to Get More From Your Job

Handle Your Anger at Home 5 Ways to DeStress and Relax

Help Your Kids Have Fun Cleaning Their Rooms

Help Your PreSchooler Make Good Choices Lead by Example

Help Your Teenager Eat Well With These 5 Lunchtime Tips

How to Choose a Mentor

How to Find More Fulfillment in Your Life

How to Manage Volunteers for Super Productivity

How to Organize and Declutter in Small Steps

How to Succeed at Group Projects at Work

Inspiration is All Around You Look for It

Laugh Your Way to Increased Health and Happiness

Lose Weight for Summer Easy to Follow Weight Loss Strategies

One of the Best Kept Secrets to Happiness Compassion

Seniors Stay Fit Trim and Healthy with Safe Exercises

Six Tips to Strengthen Your Relationships

Ten Ways to Treat Job Stress Without Drugs

The Simple Secret to Passing Important Exams

Traveling Light Cutting the Calories While On the Go

Tweens and Relationships 8 Ways to Help Them Make Smart Choices


25 Unique Activities to Do With Your Family

Resolve Conflict in Your Marriage

Resolve Conflict in Your Marriage Workbook

The Competition

Yogic Breathing Step by Step



April 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month April

Deals of the Month May

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Purchase Household Supplies in Bulk

Green Money Tip of the Month Recycling Your Junk Mail

Investment Planning Worksheet

May 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters April

Strategies to Fatten Your Investment Portfolio

Teaching Kids to Earn Money and Save by Using Job Lists at Home

Using Your Smartphone to Track Your Investments

Your Weekly Expenses Spend Cash to Avoid Credit Card Use


3 Offbeat Investments to Consider

3 Safe Investments with Moderate to High Returns

3 Tips for Living Well Beneath Your Means

5 Upgrades Your Renters Want to See

Are REITs the Right Investment for You

How to Simplify Your Budget

Let Your Money Work For You With These Easy Liquid Investments

Low Cost Investments for Beginners

Save Your Estate for Your Heirs Avoid These Probate Issues

Saving on Home Buyer Closing Costs


Investment Planning

MAY 2011



Because I accept my shortcomings, I can turn them into something beautiful

Exercising is one of my favorite hobbies.

I accept the love of those around me

I allow love to calm my fears

I am appreciated by my employer

I am appreciated by my spouse

I am committed to improving my sleeping patterns

I am creating a new path for my life

I am determined to give my children the very best life I can

I am strong enough to make tough decisions

I belong where I am

I exercise self control in my speech

I expect the best from others

I expose my family to a variety of experiences

I feel better about myself when I think of others

I feel the love of my extended family

I fulfill my responsibilities with joy

I give my friends the space they need

I look for opportunities to bless others

I make the most of my days by adhering to a schedule

I practice appropriate behavior with my children

It is my right to say no to others without feeling guilt

My ability to see things in their true form shields me from unnecessary pain

My energy level is increasing

My family is my refuge away from the world

My home is cozy

My perspective remains positive in adverse situations

My philosophy of life is evident in my actions

My relationship with my inlaws is improving

Opportunities for financial growth continue to come my way


5 Benefits of Early Rising

5 Ideas for Developing a Creative Outlet

5 Tips That Increase the Odds of Achieving Your Goals

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

A Parents Guide to Meditating With Your Toddler

Amazing Career Advice From Dogs

Are You Struggling with Insecurity

Break Free From Emotional Eating

Bring Your Family Closer Together With One Simple Action

Dealing Effectively with Criticism at Work

Delicious Weight Loss Strategies for Chocolate Lovers

Designing a Peaceful Home Office That Improves Your Productivity

Facing A Hospital Stay - How To Make It More Pleasant

Flatten Your Tummy in 3 Simple Steps

Free Yourself from Social Competition and Learn to Love Your Life

Help Your Daughter Develop a Positive Body Image

How to Develop an Empowering Morning Routine

Introduction to Vision Boards

Journaling to Increase Self Understanding

Make Your Bridal Party Happy in Three Easy Steps

Overcome Shyness in Five Easy Steps

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body in Nature

Relieve Arthritis Pain With These Fun Exercises

Simple Living Can You Get By With Less

Stop Planning Start Doing and Achieve More

Surviving The Untimely Death of a Loved One

The Busy Parent's Guide to Taking the Stress out of Your Child's Sick Days

The Secret to Getting Powerful Pain Relief Through Meditation

Three Great Reasons to Create Beautiful Memories With Your Elderly Parents

Use Mock Job Interviews to Land Your Dream Job


25 Ways to Boost Your Intelligence

Developing Self Awareness Workbook

Developing Self Awareness

Hurry Up and Wait

Pomodoro Technique Cheat Sheet



5 Keys to Financial Health

Creating a Debt Repayment Plan Step by Step

Deals of the Month June

Deals of the Month May

Disputing Errors on Your Credit Report Action Steps for Success

Frugal Living Tip of the Month FAQ About Catalina Coupons

Getting Out Of Debt Worksheet

Green Money Tip of the Month Make Meals Ahead and Freeze Them

June 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

May 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Negotiating Lower Prices

The 60 Percent Principle Budgeting and Saving Chart


Bartering to Save Money

Benefits of Investing in Gold and Silver

Creating a Debt Repayment Plan

Disputing Credit Report Information

Easy Ways to Avoid Interest and Prevent Endless Debt

How to Build a Savings Plan for Your Children

How to Use a Credit Card for Building Good Credit

Paying Off Debt vs Investing

Save Money by Becoming More Self Sufficient

The Snowball Effect for Paying Down Your Debts


Getting out of Debt

JUNE 2011



Breakfast is an important meal to me

Breathing deeply helps me release tension

Falling asleep is easy for me

I allow job stress to roll right off my back

I am an agent of peace

I am teaching myself a new skill

I am the change I want to see in others

I ask for help when I need it

I feel safe when I am alone

I get more from my job by keeping a positive attitude

I know how to get the most from my life

I lead by example to help others make positive choices

I make my home a haven of peace and harmony

I nourish both my body and mind each day

I prepare myself for anything that life brings my way

I realize the great value of my dreams and joyously work to make them come true

I refrain from judging my spouse

I see the inspiration that surrounds me

I stay calm in the midst of every life storm

I stay positive when circumstances seem grim

I walk in peace and love through self discovery

I work each day to strengthen my relationships

I work to build self confidence in myself and others

Keeping my life in balance allows me to rest

My assertive attitude opens doors for me

My devotion to my career is paying off

My words are soothing to my spouse

Passion enables me to be consistent

The power to change the next chapter of my life is currently in my hands

Through my example I bring joy to others


7 Strategies for Living a Conscious Life

7 Techniques to Strengthen Your Self Confidence

7 Tips to Help You Cut Down on Impulsive Grocery Store Purchases

A Path to Enlightenment Applying Eastern Philosophy to Enrich Your Life

Assertiveness Skills Primer

Back to Nature Finding Serenity in the Great Outdoors

Banish Loneliness From Your Life

Better Your Body Image With a Mini Makeover

Capturing Personal Time in Your Busy Life

Children and Vacations How to Have a Calm Flight

Co Worker Relationships That Work

Easy Ways to Burn Calories

Feel Fabulously Attractive During Pregnancy

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Challenging Co Workers

How to Polish Your Small Talk Skills

Its Never Too Late For College

Learn to Communicate More Effectively With Your Spouse

Listening Skills 101

Make Your Childs Slumber Party Safe and Fun

Making the Most of Solitary Moments

Organize Your Home Today

Painless Strategies For Cutting Your Portion Sizes and Losing Weight

Pondering Positivity

Protect Your Peace of Mind With Advance Health Care Directives and Living Wills

Rejuvenating Vacations That Uplift Your Body and Soul

Self Soothing How to Take Care of Your Feelings

Showcase Your Unpaid Work Experiences on Your Resume

Staycations Taking Time Off to Stay Home

The Path to Living a Simpler Life

Why Hobbies are Important


7 Tips to Build Healthy Relationships With Your Stepchildren

25 Ways to Take a 30 Minute Break

Coping with Personal Change

Coping with Personal Change Workbook

Coping with Personal Change Executive Summary



Are You Paying Hidden Fees

Back to School Savings Worksheet

Deals of the Month July

Deals of the Month June

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Consider Used Electronics

Green Money Tip of the Month Re Use Household Items

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need

July 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

June 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud

Summer Yard Sale Back to School Dollars

Use Online Coupons for Back to School Purchases


6 Tips to Save on Back-to-School Supplies

6 Ways to Cut Credit Card Debt

Eating Out Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank

How to Handle Investment Fears

How to Save Money on Back-to-School Clothes

Ideas for Minimizing and Preventing Student Loan Challenges

Lower Your Costs for College Textbooks

Save Money on Your Next Vacation

Shopping for the Best Credit Card

Working Smart to Maximize Your Income


Back to School Savings

JULY 2011



Attending work meetings is helpful to my overall performance

Faith fuels my endeavors

Forgiveness frees me

I allow love to transform my relationships

I am reliable

I can enjoy myself away from my kids

I can love my family members as they are

I dance without reservations

I enjoy cleaning my house

I enjoy networking face to face

I eradicate anger through empathy

I have a positive perception of people

I have clarity about my future

I have sufficient strength to overcome my situation

I inspire my spouse to dream

I limit the amount of television I watch

I maintain hope while I wait for my dreams to come true

I make sacrifices for my marriage because love is selfless

I read consistently

I remember to take my medications every day

I value inner peace above the approval of others

I value my family time

I value my rest time

Keeping the bigger picture in mind helps me to be more patient

My habits support my vision

My network is expanding

My work is worthy of admiration

Taking consistent small steps results in big changes

What I know I can do I always do with excellence

Who I am is greater than who I was


7 Secrets for a Happy Marriage

7 Strategies to Embrace Change at Work

A Procrastinator's Guide to Becoming More Punctual

Effective Time Management Tips

Energize Rev Up Your Engine to Have a Great Day

Finding Simple Joys

Get More Out of Life 5 Secrets to Greater Fulfillment

Get Organized With a Family Calendar

Getting to Know Your Children as Individuals

Healthy Habits to Start Your Day Off Right

Help Your Children Adjust to a New Baby

How Does Getting Therapy Help

Keeping Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Leaving a Job Gracefully

Let Your Style Boost Your Confidence

Lift Your Spirits by Keeping a Neat Clean Home

Lose Weight by Meditating

No Worry Ways to Banish Dry Skin

Rekindle Your Creativity

Self Massage for Beginners

Simple Strategies for Summer Trim and Tone Your Body

Six Strategies to Prevent Job Burnout

Socializing Made Simple

Summer Memories Keeping a Travel Journal of Your Summer Vacation

Summers Bounty Work Toward Your Goals This Season

Telecommuting Tips to Boost Your Productivity

The Art of Apology

The Top Four Things to Look For in a Life Partner

Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Feelings

Work at Home Tips that Bring Success


25 Ways to Alleviate Stress

Family Matters When Teens Withdraw From Parents What to Do

Reiki for Body and Mind Cheat Sheet

Reiki for Body and Mind Tip Sheet

Reiki for Body and Mind



A Guide to Retiring Overseas

August 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month August

Deals of the Month July

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Inexpensive European Travel

Income Boost Blueprint Fractional Real Estate Ownership

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You The Beginners Guide to Bonds

July 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters What to Do When You Get a Windfall

Planning for Retirement Worksheet

Retirement Planning When It Seems Like Its Too Late

Saving Money With Rechargeable Batteries


Are You a Compulsive Spender

Banishing Bank Fees Is It Possible

Collect What You Love Now to Help Fund Your Retirement Later

Have More Fun and Spend Less on Romantic Dates

Home Improvement Without the High Cost

How to Become a Savvy Saver

How to Invest in Foreign Markets

Partially Part Time One Surefire Method of Saving for Your Golden Years

Pay for Your Retirement with Pennies Nickels Dimes and Quarters

The Advantages of a Roth IRA


Planning for Retirement




Adding self-discipline to my life produces peace

Appreciating the beauty of nature sustains me

Each day I am grateful for simple things

Giving makes me rich

Going for the gold each day is my motto

I accept my quirks as part of my personality

I am restoring the bounce back into my steps

I am worthy because I exist

I can live alone without feeling lonely

I can recover and gain strength from my grief

I can soar past lifes tribulations

I choose to be content with my life

I do more than my share for the sake of the team

I ease my fears through the power of preparation

I enjoy healthy weight loss

I genuinely express my feelings to my partner

I make an effort to mend relationships from my past

I renounce the urge to control those around me

I rise above distractions by focusing deliberately

I seize opportunities with confidence

I speak politely to others

I take pride in my appearance

I value inner beauty over external looks

Letting go of old hurts brings me serenity

Making positive changes to my nutrition energizes me

My actions are an authentic reflection of my emotions

My curiosity enriches my daily life

My life is headed in the right direction

Prioritization eliminates procrastination

When one of my relationships ends I put it in perspective and move forward


6 Attitude Adjustments That Can Change Your Life Tomorrow

Aging Well 5 Antioxidants You Should Know About

Ancient Secrets to Quiet Your Wandering Mind

Bask in the Glorious Outdoors Exercise Options That Make the Most of a Beautiful Summer

Collecting Memories For Your Children

Cultivating Courage

Dating Tips for the Single Parent

Determining What Motivates You

Developing More Compassion for Yourself

Draw Your Blended Family Closer Together

Enjoy Quality Family Time with Family Nights

Finding Hope in Your Life

Finding Your Life Purpose

Frazzled After a Taxing School Semester Four Ways You Can Renew Your Energies During the Summer Holidays

From Loneliness to Love Living a Connected Life

Great Ways to Stay Cool While Keeping Fit

How to Build Good Relationships with Your In Laws

How to Increase Your Mental Fitness

Improve Your Relationship With Premarital Counseling

Letting Go of Old Family Hurts

Living Well With Sinusitus

Make Your Apologies More Sincere

Manage Self Talk and Improve Your Life

Project More Confidence at Job Interviews

Pursue Your Dreams

Safeguard Your Eyesight

Strategies for Being Your Own Best Friend

Successfully Manage Procrastination

Summertime Fun for You and Your Kids

Why Not Get Your Bucket List Together


Life Enhancing Pyramid Energy Cheat Sheet

Life Enhancing Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy Experiments You Can Do at Home

Relationship Matters Cherishing Your Partner

Spread Your Wings and Try Fable



August 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month August

Deals of the Month September 2011

Finding a Job Worksheet

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Starting a Food Garden

How to Improve Your Cars Gas Mileage

Income Boost Blueprint Sources of Temporary Income While Youre Looking for a Permanent Job

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Why Index Funds Might Be Your Best Stock Investment Strategy

Money Matters Advantages of Credit Cards

September 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Simple Networking Ideas to Find a New Job

Unique Ways to Find a Job


Do You Need to Slash Your Living Expenses Right Now

How to Find the Best Automobile Insurance Policy

How to Save Money on Your Next Furniture Purchase

How to Use Social Media to Find Your Next Job

Hybrid Cars That Will Save You Money

Is a Hedge Fund the Right Investment Vehicle for You

Is Working From Home a Good Choice for You

Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

Withdrawing Your Traditional IRA Funds

Wow Your Interviewer and Get the Job


Finding a Job: How to Find a Job in the New Economy




A career change at this time in my life is for the better

A smile on my face draws others towards me

Children's minds are valuable to me

Genuine happiness fills my heart when good things happen to my loved ones

I am comfortable wearing a swimsuit

I am devoted to my spiritual growth

I am humble enough to seek help when I need it

I appreciate my colleagues

I arrive at work early

I avoid conflict by thinking before I speak

I beat shyness by initiating conversations

I can overcome my fears caused by terrorist threats to my country

I do my part to bring peace to my world

I feel safe in large crowds

I feel the rewarding effects of parenting

I overcome my fear of confrontation to enjoy the benefit of resolution

I put an end to nail biting

I refrain from comparing myself to others

I stay away from gossip

I stay in touch with my adult children

I successfully limit my time spent playing computer games

I successfully manage my anger with relaxation techniques

I support my spouse in the pursuit of their dreams

I teach my children to be thankful

I use my voice to encourage

I use natural remedies before resorting to medicine

My home is a complaint free environment

My inner dialogue is encouraging

My selflessness earns the admiration of others

Taking care of myself makes me feel good


6 Ways to Change Your Behavior

7 Tips to Beat Procrastination

7 Ways That Blogging Can Heal

30 days to Break Any Habit

A Guide to Breaking Up Gracefully

A Simple Process to Transform Your Life

An Easy Strategy for Making Better Decisions

As Fall Approaches Getting Ready for the Seasons Shift

Becoming Self-Aware

Cultivating Curiosity

Discovering Inner Strength

Exploring and Connecting With Your Community

Finding Your Confidence

How to Change Any Belief

How to Develop Stronger Friendships

How to Keep a Commitment to Yourself

How to Make Daily Exercise a Habit

How Volunteering Enriches Your Life

Improve Your Sleep Through Meditation

Learn to Love Mondays

No Worry Ways to Overcome Loneliness

Raising Responsible Children

Self Discipline Its Not as Challenging as You Think

Setting Your Life Priorities

Simple Lifestyle Changes That Prevent Back Pain

Simple Ways to Cut Back on Sugar in Your Diet

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone for Greater Self Fulfillment

Taking Care of You 6 Self Care Rituals That Soothe

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Why Independence is Important in a Relationship


25 Ways to Alleviate Stress

The Turn Around Fable

The Importance of Beliefs and Values

The Importance of Beliefs and Values Cheatsheet

The Importance of Beliefs and Values Workbook



Deals of the Month October

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Focus on Making Healthy Choices to Save Money

Home Improvements That Increase the Value of Your Home Worksheet

How to Choose a Contractor for Your Home Improvement Project

Income Boost Blueprint Getting a Second Job Best Part Time Positions

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Green Energy Investments 101

Money Matters Exercise Caution When Using the New Mobile Payment Apps

October 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Tips for Paying Your Bills on Time

Top 4 Home Improvements to Pump Up Your Homes Value


Can You Still Turn a Profit by Flipping Houses

Exploring and Developing Additional Income Streams

How to Put an Extra 50 a Week Into Your Bank Account

Improve Your Homes Salability by DeCluttering

Is it Time to Rent Instead of Own a Home

It Pays to Paint A Home Improvement that Adds Value

Low Cost Landscaping Highlights Your Home

Quick Home Improvements that Make an Impact

What to Know Before Buying Homeowners Insurance

When to Explore Rates for Auto Insurance


Home Improvements That Increase the Value of Your Home




Being hopeful about the future is easy for me

Finding solace at home is important to me

I am a positive role model for my children

I am committed to exercising daily

I am strong enough to face lifes challenges

I am sustained by my friendships

I can control my thoughts

I choose to eat only enough food to sustain me

I confidently express myself to others

I end relationships when I need to

I find joy in each day

I follow my own path

I let go of frustration

I let go of hurt

I look forward to meeting others

I reach out to others when I need help

I refrain from criticizing myself

I respect my own feelings

I rise above seasonal depression

I see change as opportunity

I stand on my own two feet

I strive to do my best

I take time to acknowledge others

I trust my own ability to make decisions

Making new friends is easy for me

My body is a top priority

My home makes me feel comfortable and safe

My job brings abundance into my life

My work fulfills me

Patience is one of my virtues


5 Quality Family Activities to Enjoy During Autumn

5 Ways to Turn Around Self Doubt

6 Ways to Develop Greater Optimism for Your Future

7 Subjects to Talk About Before Marriage or Moving in Together

17 Celebrity Success Lessons

A Parents Guide to Defusing Sibling Rivalry

Conquer Your Perfectionism

Creating Nurturing Spaces in Your Home

Developing Self Acceptance

Easy Ways to Achieve Emotional Wellness

Fall Home Cleaning Projects Provide Teachable Moments for Your Kids

Finding Direction in a Time of Transition From Full Time to Freelance

Four Tips for Triumphing Over Emotional Setbacks

How to Help Your Child Take Responsibility for School

Improve Your Commute With Car Pool Etiquette

Keeping Communication Open With Your Teen

Leave Your Couch Potato Label Behind and Start Loving Your Life

Maintain Your Diet During Happy Hour

Making Joint Custody Work For Your Family

Meditation Guide for Frequent Travelers

Playground Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

Roll Out The Red Carpet For Office Visitors

Setting Boundaries How Establishing Limits Can Transform Your Life

Six Easy Tips for Looking More Youthful

Stay Healthy With the New USDA Dietary Guidelines

Strengthening Your Character

Stressed at Work How to Handle Difficult Days

The Joy and Serenity of Reading

The Power of Giving

The Zen Habit of Stillness


7 Strategies to Improve Your Relationship With Your Teen

25 Ways to Meet New People

Moving On Up Executive Summary

Moving On Up Getting There Having the Right Attitude to Achieve Your Goals and Live Your Dreams

Moving On Up Worksheet



Buying Life Insurance Flow Chart

Deals of the Month November 2011

Deals of the Month October 2011

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Halloween Costumes

How to Save an Extra $100 Every Month

Income Boost Blueprint 10 Online Methods to Boost Your Income Part 1

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Investing in Gold

Life Insurance 101 Worksheet

Money Matters Halloween Savings

November 2011 Personal Finance Calender

October 2011 Personal Finance Calendar

Types of Life Insurance


Are You a Victim of Identity Theft What To Do Now

Choosing Investments Within Your Variable Universal Life Insurance Policy

Cutting Costs for Life Insurance

Determining Your Risk Tolerance for Investments

FAQ About the New Penny Auction Sites

So You Want to Write Your Own Will

Strategies to Lower Your Medical Bills

Tips for Finding a Good Life Insurance Agent

Using Annuities to Make Your Retirement Funds Last

What to Know About Socially Responsible Investing


Life Insurance 101




By combining action with prayer I can accomplish anything I choose

Even when times are tough I know I can make it

I allow faith to determine my actions

I am a good friend

I am dependable

I am flexible when I need to be

I am patient with children

I choose to avoid gossip

I embrace physical changes in my body as I age

I let go of my insecurities

I listen well to my teenage children

I maintain eye contact while speaking to others

I overcome discouragement by recalling positive memories

I remember to reycle

I see beauty all around me

I see the rewarding effects of my work

I share power in my relationships

I show interest in the lives of my family members

I strive for excellence in my work

I take care of myself by packing healthy snacks for work

I take time to reflect on my blessings

I weigh my options wisely before making decisions

Living within my means ensures financial freedom for my family

My confidence is growing daily

My life is free from chaos and turmoil

My priorities in life are clear

My spouse is the only person I am attracted to

Showing initiative is important to me

Staying active is easy for me

Tranquility surrounds me


9 Strategies for Happy Blended Families

A Parent's Guide To Cultivating Leadership in Your Kids

A Strategic Guide to Job Hunting During the Holidays

Activities to Share with Aging Parents

Building Your Childs Self Confidence

Capturing Family History With Aging Relatives

Could You Use an Attitude Makeover

Creating a Personal Exercise Plan You Can Stick To

Enrich Your Life Rediscover Music and Art

Expand Your Mind Discover Public Media

Family Fitness Staying Healthy Together

Fulfilling Your Aspirations

Get Sweating and Odor Under Control

Gifts for Grandparents Priceless Treasures From Your Kids

How to Use Reading to Improve Your Conversational Skills

Identifying Your Potential

Learn to Love Winter Camping

Living With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Maintaining a Close Bond With Your Siblings

Meditations That Make House Cleaning More Fun

Plan Traditions to Draw Your Family Closer Together

Sharing Your Feelings With Others

Socializing as a Couple

Still Putting Things Off Try These Tips to Get Them Done

Strategies For Managing Friendships At Work

Strategies to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Successfully Avoiding Arguments

The Creative Parent's Guide to Being Snowed In With Kids

Tips for De-Stressing During Lifes Most Trying Situations

Top 11 Reasons to Learn Something New Each Day


Positive Parenting Strategies Executive Summary

Positive Parenting Strategies

Positive Parenting Strategies workbook

Relationship Matters How to Communicate During Challenging Times With Your Partner

The Scary Swamp Fable



7 Tips For Traveling Abroad On A Budget

7 Tips For Traveling Locally On A Budget

Deals of the Month December 2011

Deals of the Month November 2011

December 2011 Personal Finance Calender

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Thanksgiving

How to Save Money on a Car Rental

Income Boost Blueprint 10 Online Methods to Boost Your Income Part 2

Investing Strategies to Earn Higher Interest

Money Matters Avoiding Annoying Airline Fees

November 2011 Personal Finance Calender

Traveling on a Budget Worksheet


5 Budget Friendly Vacation Destinations

Affordable Vacations Travel With Friends or Family

Budget Friendly Travel Tips for Savvy Couples

Differences Between Credit Unions and Banks

Dreading Retirement Restructure Instead

How to Teach Your Teens About Credit Cards

Re Designing Your Life on a Lower Income

Should You Invest in Closed End Funds

Trusts 101

Your Gift of Time is Money Well Spent


Traveling on a Budget




Every day I am stronger and healthier

Getting enough sleep each night is important to me

I am available for my friends and family

I am certain my children are safe at school

I am understanding and forgiving

I cherish my friendships

I choose my friends wisely

I conserve energy by practicing power saving habits

I deserve to be loved and cherished

I embrace exercise each day

I focus on achieving my goals

I invest my time and money in the things that matter most to me

I keep a cool attitude in heated situations

I learn quickly

I love my body more each day

I prepare ahead of time so that I can be punctual

I remain peaceful amidst the financial crisis in my country

I set aside time for physical activity

I show my passion for life to everyone

I spread happiness wherever I go

I tune in to my children by initiating conversations

I welcome prosperity into my life

My daily routine is increasing my discipline

My goals in life are clear

My life gets better with each passing day

My marriage is thriving

My relationship with my partner is positive and loving

Praying for others sharpens my perspective

Self confidence anchors my optimism

Sending my children to school makes me feel proud


4 Strategies to Help You Remember Names

13 Life Lessons From Classic Holiday Movies and TV Specials

Allow Your Children to Make Mistakes

At a Professional Crossroads How to Choose the Path Thats Right for you

Bored at the Gym Jazz Up Your Workouts With These Ideas

Boundaries Loving Limits That Help Your Kids Make Positive Choices

Choosing Your New Years Resolutions

Creating New Holiday Traditions After Divorce

Enjoy Healthy Therapy From Writing Your Life Story

Four Small Diet Changes With a Big Impact

Getting Through Your Break Up

Healing Negative Childhood Memories With Journaling

Light Up Your Love Life This Holiday Season

Live With Confidence Using To Do Lists

Managing Your Emotions When You Drive

Natural Ways to Stay Energized During the Holidays

Playing It Safe With Artificial Sweeteners

Promoting Strong Listening Skills in Your Children

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Reduce Your Holiday Stress

Renew Fading Friendships

Road Trip Rules for Healthy Eating

Skin is In Easy Tips for Keeping Yours Fresh and Protected

Sleep Compatibility Strategies for Couples

Take the Stress Out of Holiday Travel

The 15 Best New Years Resolutions for Your Health

Top 15 Benefits of Volunteering in Your Community

Turn Your Big Dreams Into Bigger Realities

What a Healthy Partner Relationship Looks Like

Why Chores are Important for Your Children


25 Elements of an Emotionally Healthy Life

Family Matters How to Respond to Childrens Disagreements

Top 10 Success Tips From Winners

Top 10 Success Tips From Winners Executive Summary

Top 10 Success Tips From Winners Workbook



Choosing the Best Business Entity to Make Money From Your Hobby

Deals of the Month December 2011

Deals of the Month January 2012

December 2011 Personal Finance Calender

Frugal Living Save Money on Teeth Whitening

Income Boost Blueprint Seasonal Part Time Jobs

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You–How to Analyze a Balance Sheet

January 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Make Money From Your Hobby Worksheet

Making Money From Your Hobby An Online Marketing Guide

Money Matters 5 Questions to Ask Before You Marry

Whats in Your Portfolio The Thompsons College Fund


529 Plans Send Your Kids to College and Save a Ton on Taxes

A Case Study Monetizing a Hobby Offline

A Case Study Monetizing a Hobby Online

Divorce and Financial Survival

Do You Really Need Long Term Care Insurance

Investing and Tax Considerations

Leaving Your 401k to Charity

Offshore Banking for the Average Person

Options for Small Business Owners to Fight Health Care Costs

Turning Your Hobby Into An Income Stream


Make Money From Your Hobby




Believing in myself is a daily goal

Each day I visualize my goals

I accept constructive criticism

I am appreciated at work

I am captivated by my life

I am open to new business opportunities

I am patient with my parents

I can resist cravings for high sugar foods

I choose to eat food that nourishes me

I embrace success

I enjoy meeting others

I feel comfortable saying no to others

I have a creative side

I have the power to change what I believe

I honor myself by paying debts on time

I love my children unconditionally

I make time to relax

I portray feelings of peace and serenity

I seek adventure

I speak up for myself when necessary

I stay focused on my goals

I strive for achievement in daily life

I validate my coworkers feelings

Initiating conversations is easy for me

My body and I take care of each other

My friends understand me

My life is an incredible ride

My love for my partner is honest and strong

My relationships are harmonious

Relaxing after a challenging day brings renewal


12 Rules to Increase Your Productivity

A Couples Guide to Sharing Chores

Become Happier and More Successful Through Delayed Gratification

Build a Stronger Ego

Change Your Life in 30 Days A Process That Really Works

Create a Vision for Your Life Today

Developing the Courage to Cultivate Originality

Ease Your Way Into Going Vegetarian

Effective Relief for Your Dry Eyes

Fill Your Life With Happiness

Five Ways to Increase Your Motivation

Get Ready to Change Careers

Helpful Techniques You Can Borrow From Art Therapy

How to Achieve a Stretch Goal

How to Banish Negative Thoughts

How to Get Up When the Alarm Goes Off

How to Improve a Long Term Relationship

How to Turn Yourself Into an Early Riser

Improving Follow Through on Your New Years Resolution

Increasing Your Energy With Meditation

Is Biphasic Sleep for You

Learn How to Stop Complaining

Learning to Adapt When Your Partner Wants to Make Changes

Overcoming Post Holiday Blues

Perfection vs Excellence

Removing Indecision From Your Life

Save a Life by Learning to Use Emergency Phone Numbers Correctly

The 10 Day Negative Thought Fast

The Benefits of Hard Work

The Tremendous Power of Clarity


Family Matters Are Your Kids Stressed Out From Their Busy Schedules

The Timid Tadpole Fable

What Do You Want Designing a Plan for Your Life Executive Summary

What Do You Want Designing a Plan for Your Life Workbook

What Do You Want Designing a Plan for Your Life



5 Steps to Develop a Wealth Mindset

30 Days to Better Money Habits

Deals of the Month February 2012

Deals of the Month January 2012

February 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Save Money Eating Out by Using Restaurant Coupons

Income Boost Blueprint Making the Most of Your Social Security Benefits

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Holding Company Depositary Receipts

January 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Know Your Net Worth

Rich or Poor Your Choice Workbook

Whats Wrong With This Picture Preparing for Retirement


6 Money Myths That Hold You Back

7 Financial Advisor Warning Signs

7 Key Differences Between the Rich and the Poor

Acquire a Wealth Mindset by Doubling Your Way to a Million Dollars

Financial Fraud and Seniors

How to Choose a Credit Counselor

Internet Banking Is It For You

Money Habits That Can Keep You Poor

Protect Your Income With Disability Insurance

The Basics of Peer to Peer Lending


Rich or Poor: Your Choice




I am a beneficial presence in my family

I am able to conquer destructive habits

I am dedicated to my physical health

I am enthusiastic about my work

I am happy with my body

I am naturally motivated to persevere

I am resilient and resourceful

I am surrounded by love and encouragement

I can achieve greatness

I can stand up for my beliefs in the face of opposition

I engage my creativity in the workplace

I exemplify happiness in every circumstance

I experience limitless hope

I feel confident in my ability to provide for myself and my family

I have all the resources I need

I have the courage to speak my mind

I love myself for my uniqueness

I manifest kindness toward my loved ones

I overcome stressful situations with a calm spirit

I own the right to make my own choices

I practice daily self forgiveness

I remain true to my morals

I stay mentally present in each moment

I strive for excellence in the face of criticism

I view any hardship as a stepping stone to achievement

My actions support my belief system

My creativity grows each day

My life is a positive example every day

My strength lies in being honest and true to others

My thoughts are under my control


6 Easy Ways to Make a Good First Impression

A Parents Guide to Raising Independent Children

Are You Giving Away Your Power

Body Language Speak Volumes Without Saying a Word

Building a Strong Work Ethic

Change Your Attitude Change Your Life

Discover Your Strengths to Find the Right Career for You

Do You Trust Others Do They Trust You

Does Your Resume Stand Out From the Crowd

Five Ways to Enhance Your Relationship

Good Night Developing a Healthy Bedtime Routine

Green With Envy How to Overcome Jealousy

Have More Fun on the Road by Learning to Pack Light

Interior Design Techniques That Reduce Stress

Keep Seniors Safe by Preventing Falls

Know Yourself Increasing Self Awareness

Lose Weight by Harnessing the Power of Group Support

Make Your Workplace Romance A Success

Moving Forward Getting the Results You Want

Self Improvement Activities for February

Six Ways to Increase Your Clarity

Strengthening the Emotional Bond in Your Love Relationship

Successful Networking With Busy People

Surviving the Winter Months

The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

The Importance of Playing Outdoors With Your Children

The Power of Mastering the Basics

Turn Your Mistakes Into Opportunities

Use Your Feelings to Your Advantage

Why Would You Want to Be Kind


25 Ideas for Family Night

Loving Yourself Book

Loving Yourself Executive Summary

Loving Yourself Workbook

Relationship Matters How to Be More Open and Honest About Your Feelings



Deals of the Month February 2012

Deals of the Month March 2012

February 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Save Money on House Wares

Income Boost Blueprint Get the Raise You Deserve

Income Investments vs Growth Investments

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You The Beginners Guide to Dividends

Investing Worksheet How to Get Started

March 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Paying Off Debt vs Saving Money

Stock Indexes Around the World

Types of Mutual Funds


6 Tips for Getting a Small Business Loan

All About Credit Card Delinquency

How to Stick to Your Budget While Eating Out

Investing in Foreign Stocks

Mid-Cap Stocks for Beginners

Renters Insurance and Retirees

Tax Tips for Homeowners

Teach Your Kids About Money With an Allowance

Top Reasons to Revise Your Will

Understanding the Time Value of Money


Common Investment Terms: Explained - Book

Common Investment Terms Mutual Funds - PowerPoint

Common Investment Terms Real Estate - PowerPoint

Common Investment Terms Retirement and Education - PowerPoint

Common Investment Terms Stocks and Bonds - PowerPoint

MARCH 2012



Everywhere I go I am well received

Genuine love comes to me effortlessly

I achieve the goals I set for myself

I always allow hope to shine in my life

I am a product of a loving family

I am a shoulder to lean on

I am an inspiration to those around me

I am capable of achieving my financial goals

I am patient with myself at all times

I am stronger than my habits

I am worthy of all of the good things in my life

I commit to doing the best job possible

I eat only when I am hungry

I enjoy each one of the many gifts that life offers to me

I feel energized by my work

I feel safe and loved when I am with my partner

I forgive those who offend me

I fulfill my commitments to others

I listen and try to understand

I only quit when I cross the finish line

I radiate peace in the workplace

In each moment I feel good about my mental capacity

Making others happy is my joy

My body is vibrant and moves easily

My heart is always open

My inner beauty shines out from within me each day

My integrity inspires trust from others

My life is a good example for my kids

My life is an open book

Wealth is pouring into my life from all directions


9 Strategies to Increase Your Energy

10 Easy Ways to Build Self Confidence

Are You Stuck in the Past 7 Ways to Turn Your Life Around Right Now

Become Better At Anything Through Deliberate Practice

Best Ways to Prevent and Heal Shin Splints

Contemplating a Career Change

Dating Wisdom You Can Apply to Job Hunting

Direct Solutions The Fastest Way to Resolve Challenges

Enrich Your Relationship by Double Dating

Help Your Kids Pick Constructive Heroes

How Journaling Can Benefit Your Self Development

How to Implement a Raw Food Diet

How to Improve Your Quality of Life

How to Make Better Time Estimates

Keeping in Shape Easy Activity Boosters for Your Daily Routine

Learn to Delegate Effectively

Living Courageously

Losing Too Many Arguments How a New Perspective Can Bring You More Winning Solutions

Manners for the 21st Century

Mastering the Art of Self Talk

Natural Methods That Boost Your Immune System

Overcome Procrastination With Mini Tasks

Planning Your Self Indulgent Year

Research Reveals New Strategies for Establishing a Habit

Risk vs Reward in Relationships

Safe and Natural Ways to Curb Your Appetite

Taking a Sensible Approach to Selflessness

The Power of Perspective Whos the Boss

The Structure of Personal Change

Transform Your Workouts With the Power of Mental Imagery


Family Matters How To Stop Scapegoating a Family Member

Patience Brings Rewards Fable

Transform Your Life With The Power Of Your Senses eBook

Transform Your Life With The Power Of Your Senses Summary

Transform Your Life With The Power Of Your Senses Workbook



April 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month April 2012

Deals of the Month March 2012

Frugal Living Check Out Electronic Books From Your Local Library

How to Decide Which Debt to Pay Off First

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck Checklist

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck Workbook

Income Boost Blueprint How to Find and Flip Your First Property

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You A Guide to Investing in Petroleum Markets

March 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Avoiding Scams in Todays Investment Environment

Whats in Your Portfolio


7 Steps to Organizing Your Finances

7 Ways to Protect Yourself From a Recession

All Inclusive Vacations Can Save You Money

Can You Afford to Miss Your Next Paycheck

Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes

Does Your Spending Reflect Your Priorities

How to Invest Like Warren Buffett

How to Raise Cash Quickly

Preparing Your Finances for a New Baby

Tax Advantages for the Self Employed


How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck A Step by Step Action Plan - eBook and PowerPoint

APRIL 2012



Each day I affirm my positive feelings about my body

Each day is a new opportunity to practice good habits

I allow my creative talents to shine

I always feel blessed despite the circumstance

I am a relationship builder

I am a true friend

I am confident in my interactions with others

I am happy when I am around nature

I am helpful to others at every possible opportunity

I arise from darkness like the blooming flowers of nature

I bring joy and peace into all of my relationships

I feel a renewed spirit when I pray

I feel enthusiastic about my possibilities in my career

I live according to the desires of my Creator

I live love

I look toward my future with hope and happiness

I plant the seed of equality and reap harmony

I practice gratitude daily

I practice self discipline in the workplace

I take good care of my body each day

I use every opportunity to treat others with respect

I welcome change and adapt readily

My emotions are constructive

My family is my strength

My home is a haven for forgiveness

My mood heightens with every rising of the sun

My natural passion for life is overflowing

My roots are firmly planted in positive virtues

Regularly I show my partner how much I love them

Throughout the day I am full of energy


5 Actions That Bring You Success

5 Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship

Ace Your Next Job Interview by Listening Better

Advantages of Being Assertive

Being Judgmental Costs and Benefits

Believing in Yourself

Blog Your Way To A New Job

Does Your Child Play Well With Others Boosting Their Social Success

Facilitate Meetings More Productively

Fire Safety Tips Every Family Needs To Know

Gaining Focus Caring Enough to Take Action

Get Fit Fast by Jumping Rope

Guided Meditation Wealth

How to be a Great Friend

How to Improve Your Visualization Skills

How to Use Habits to Reach Your Goals

Inviting Love Into Your Life

Is Juice Fasting the Weight Loss Strategy Youve Been Looking For

Planning an Inspiring Summer

Put The Power Of Intuition To Work For You

Safety Guidelines for Exercising When You Have a Cold

Speed Reading for the Rest of Us

Spring Into Action

Staying Connected in a Commuter Marriage

Sticking to Your Diet at a Buffet

Stop Embarrassment by Finding Help for Your Incontinence

The Fear of Success Self Sabotage

Top 7 Strategies for a Successful Parent Teacher Conference

Walk the Talk Practicing the Principles You Preach

Why You Might Want to Give Up Social Websites


25 Ways to Expand Your Mind

Form Empowering Habits to Create the Life You Desire - Book

Form Empowering Habits to Create the Life You Desire Executive Summary

Form Empowering Habits to Create the Life You Desire Worksheet

Relationship Matters: How to Communicate During Challenging Times With Your Partner



April 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month April

Deals of the Month May 2012

Frugal Living: Save Money on DVDs by Shopping at Online Discount Sites

Giving Money or Property Away How to Get Maximum Tax Deductions for Gifting

How to Manage Your Money To Pay for a $5,000 Vacation in Cash Every Year Worksheet

Income Boost Blueprint How to Make Extra Money as a Consultant

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You IPOS

Manage Your Money Like a Pro with your Smartphone

May 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Consequences of Ignoring Credit Card Debt

Wise Money Tips for Your Vacation


5 Choices That Waste Your Tax Refund

10 Money Rules That Never Go Out of Style

Constructive Ways to Talk About the Economy With Your Kids

Give Yourself a Financial Checkup

How to Max Out Your Retirement Account

How to Sell Your House Fast for Full Price

Investing in Precious Metals A Primer

More Bang For Your Buck Stretch Your Vacation Dollars

Staying Within Your $5,000 Vacation Budget

What it Takes to Get a Home Loan


How to Manage Your Money To Pay for a $5,000 Vacation in Cash Every Year - eBook and PowerPoint

MAY 2012



Adventure exhilarates me

Belief in my future successes makes me hungry to achieve them

Each day I move closer to my dreams

I am a life long learner

I am full of gratitude

I am proud of my body

I banish thoughts of giving up with one more push

I believe in my own abilities

I can control my spending habits

I can identify my needs and meet them easily

I combat demotivation with belief in my worth

I experience satisfaction in all parts of my life

I have all the self discipline I need today

I have sound financial sense

I keep my mind sharp

I make the best of all situations

I radiate calmness and tranquility

I set my own examples

I take time away from day to day routines so I can experience renewal

I treat all living things with love and respect

I view the experiences of others as life lessons for myself

I welcome new opportunities into my life each day

My hard work always pays off

My highest vision of myself is made visible in all that I do

My relationships are healthy and thriving

My smiles are worth a thousand words

Peace resonates through me

Prosperity is my destiny

Silent nights allow me to listen to my heart

Today I trust that abundance flows freely toward me


5 Strategies to Enjoy Your Free Time

6 Ways to Raise Your Partners Self Esteem

7 Tips for Dealing With Disappointment

A Parents Guide to Gardening With Kids

Blog Your Way To A New Job

Building Your Childs Character

Create More Flexibility at Work Through Job Sharing

Deepen Your Relationship by Having Fun Together

Design the Life You Desire With a Life Plan

Enjoy Lifelong Learning on a Shoestring Budget

Essential Nutrition Ensure You're Getting Enough Vitamin D

Get Hoarding Tendencies Under Control

Helping Too Much 7 Tips to Stop Enabling Others

How to Make A Vision Board to Reflect Your Life Goals

How to Manage Controlling Behaviors in Early Dating Relationships

How to Use Silence to Rejuvenate

Is Your Job Stressing You Out 12 Ways to Decompress

Its Okay to Cry

Keep Your Hands Safe and Healthy

Learn to Succeed With Your New Boss

Love Your Home Creating Your Own Paradise

Managing Transitions in Life

ReClaim Your Life by Living Consciously

Rev Up for a Fantastic Summer

Strengthening Your Persistence for Greater Success

Treat Your Sore Throat With Safe Home Remedies

Understanding Binge Eating and Its Treatment

Use Journaling to Overcome Jealousy

Virtues of Living Simply

Weight Loss Strategies For Convenience Eaters


Working Moms Calm the Chaos With These Time Management Techniques Book

Working Moms Calm the Chaos Executive Summary

Working Moms Calm the Chaos Workbook

25 Ways to Tell Your Partner You Care

The Dark Woods Fable



Avoid These Debt Reduction Pitfalls Worksheet

Deals of the Month June 2012

Deals of the Month May 2012

Frugal Living Save Money on Cable Bills Using Online Streaming

How to Negotiate a Debt Settlement Yourself

Income Boost Blueprint Get the Raise You Deserve

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Hedge Funds Bigger Returns or Just Bigger Fees

June 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

May 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Paying Off Debt vs Saving Money

Tips for Reducing the Interest Rates on Your Debts

Whats in Your Portfolio Analysis


Advantages and Disadvantages of Debt Consolidation

Bonds A Highly Versatile Investment

Buying a Home The Escrow Process Explained

Do You Have All the Insurance You Need

Enjoy More Peace of Mind By Living Within Your Means

Get Smart About Loaning Money to Loved Ones

Help Your Aging Parents With Their Finances

How to Avoid Debt Relief Scams

Payday Loan Pitfalls

The Risks of International Investing


Avoid These Debt Reduction Pitfalls

JUNE 2012



Blessings follow me wherever I go

Each day I cultivate new perspectives

Health and love shower down on me daily

I am a gentle and loving caregiver

I am a gogetter

I am empowered to exercise during summer days

I am inspired by the world around me

I am proactive about maintaining good health

I am worthy lovable and complete

I balance my personal and professional life

I celebrate the positive attributes of others

I deserve to be pampered

I give thanks daily for my focus in life

I go within and get in touch with my true self

I have a giving spirit

I have an uncluttered mind

I have the power to change myself

I know when to focus on whats important to me

I learn lessons in love that help to make my relationship stronger

I love and approve of myself no matter what

I study my behaviors to make myself better

I trust the guidance I receive from my Creator

I win even in the midst of a loss

I work towards financial freedom

My passion for professional success is renewed each day

My physical experiences are joyous

My quest for excellence allows me to give my best

Today and every day I am dedicated to self development

Today I am resourceful and resilient

Today I set goals I know I can reach


A Parents Guide to Making Teething Easier for You and Your Baby

Accentuate Your Assets Make a Great First Impression

Are You Resilient

Change Your Perspective to Change Your Life

Choose to Have a Great Day

Conquer Tooth Pain With Safe Home Remedies

Cultivating Success

Dealing With Gossip in the Workplace

Discover Your Courage Finding Bravery in Simple Acts

Dont You Like Me Banishing Your Fears of Rejection

Ensure Your Mental Health

Following Through How to Increase Self Discipline

How to Combat Others Habitual Negativity

How to Finish What You Start

How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

How to Rise Above Any Situation Gone Awry

How Your Friends Are Changing Your Life

Its All Her Fault Letting Go of the Blame Game for a More Empowered Life

Learn to Finesse Behavioral Interview Questions

Living a Hassle Free Life How Being Flexible Can Increase Your Happiness

Managing Your Anger

Motivating Your Child to Read More

Please Help Me How Asking for Help Enriches Your Life

Practicing Self Respect How Do You Treat Yourself

Pull Yourself Together After a Sleepless Night

Pump Up Your Summer Energy 10 Strategies to Revitalize Now

Rejuvenate a Lapsed Friendship

The Importance of Role Models

What You Need to Know About Food Safety Practices

You Can Be Anything You Want to Be


Breaking Free From Stress Book

Breaking Free From Stress Executive Summary

Breaking Free From Stress Workbook

Family Matters How to Ensure Your Kids Get the Best Education Possible

The Dark Woods Fable



Deals of the Month July 2012

Deals of the Month June 2012

Dividend Paying Stocks to Consider

Frugal Living Save Money on Haircuts by Using Beauty Schools and New Salons

How to Stockpile $100,000 in 15 Years - Workbook

Income Boost Blueprint Introduction to Forex Trading

Increase Your Assets in 4 Steps

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Optimum Asset Allocation

July 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

June 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters When Downsizing Your Home Makes Sense

Setting up a Limited Liability Corporation LLC


4 Critical Steps to Retiring When You Want

8 Good Reasons to Use a Credit Card

Buying vs Renting Your Home

How to Calculate ROI for Real Estate Investments

Liberate Yourself From Impulse Spending

Penny Stocks A Reliable Way to Increase Your Assets or Risky Business

Self Employed How to Effectively Increase Your Hourly Rate

Social Security Frequently Asked Questions

Trying to Build Wealth Beware of These Strategies

Work or Stay Home With the Children A Financial Perspective


How to Stockpile $100,000 in 15 Years

JULY 2012



Analyzing past experiences provides me with valuable life lessons

Believing in myself makes me feel invincible

Caring for my loved ones brings me joy

Disappointment fuels my drive to improve

Each hurdle I pass makes me stronger

I accept the consequences of my actions

I am an effective decision maker

I am blessed to exist in a beautiful world

I can make difficult decisions

I embrace a healthy lifestyle

I fearlessly go after my goals

I feel truly appreciated when others thank me

I lean on my Creator for support after a horrible experience

I learn something new every day

I leave negative relationships behind

I make the most of my talents

I party responsibly

I say thanks for 10 things each day

I toil because I know my reward is near

I treat my body right

Maintaining a clean heart brings me peace and happiness

Motivation comes naturally to me

My conscience carves my decisions

My faith strengthens me

My financial future is bright

Patience is one of my virtues

Physical fitness is important to me

Spending some time alone helps my mind body and soul

Spending time with friends makes me happy

Trusting my team makes me a better leader


7 Ways to Invite Abundance into Your Life

8 Myths About Self Employment

9 Good Reasons Why You Should Ask for Help

9 Tips for a Better Cover Letter

A Divorced Parents Guide Helping Your Child Feel at Home in Two Households

A Simple Guide To Understanding and Eating Healthy Fats

Are You Always Playing Catch Up Use These Tips to Get More Done Each Day

Curiosity Technology and Inefficiency

Decision Making 101 Evaluating Risk vs Reward

Embrace the Positive Side of Compromise

Gratitude Taking Time to Reflect on What You Have

Healing Yourself After a Trauma

How to be a Great Male Role Model

How to Become an Extrovert

How to Get What You Want Negotiate Your Way to Success

How to Improve Any Aspect of Your Life

Is Your Need for Security Holding You Back

New Research Suggests that Meditation Can Alter Your Brain for the Better

Revealing Your Inner Warrior

Seeking Greater Happiness This Research Might Surprise You

Showing Your Moxie Be a Fantastic Female Role Model

Six Great Things You'll Notice if You Give Up Television

Swapping Skills Benefit by Trading Your Experience With Others

Tech Gadgets Setting Limits for Your Kids

Ten Ways to Improve Your Appearance This Summer

Using Overwhelming Force to Guarantee Your Success

Using the Pareto Principle to Get More of What You Want Out of Life

What You Need to Know About Your Family Medical History

Whats On Your Life Wish List

Your Life Story Increase Self Understanding by Journaling Your Life


25 Strategies to Lift Your Spirits

Relationship Matters Establishing Healthy Boundaries as Individuals and as a Couple

Self Sabotage How to Banish Self Destructive Behaviors Book

Self Sabotage How to Banish Self Destructive Behaviors Checklist

Self Sabotage How to Banish Self Destructive Behaviors Worksheet



August 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month August

Deals of the Month July 2012

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Never Pay Full Price Again on Clothing

Getting Started on Your Emergency Fund

Income Boost Blueprint Becoming a Mobile Notary Public

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Recession Proof Companies

July 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters New Benefits from the Affordable Healthcare Act

Picking Up the Pieces Rebuilding Your Credit After Financial Disaster Worksheet

Taking Advantage of a Down Market

Top 4 Strategies to Rebuild Your Credit


6 Ways to Invest in Gold

Accomplishing Your Million Dollar Savings Goal

Beware of These 5 Common Foreclosure Scams

Can You Negotiate Your Real Estate Agents Commission

Complementary Currencies and How They Work

Do You Struggle With Compulsive Spending

How to Prepare for Financial Challenges

Taking Responsibility for Your Financial Situation

Tips for Selling Items to Accumulate Extra Cash

Which State Offers You The Best Tax Advantages for Your Retirement


Picking Up the Pieces Rebuilding Your Credit After Financial Disaster




Adventure inspires me

Each day brings an opportunity to make someone in my life happy

Gratitude comes easily to me

I accept compliments with grace and gratitude

I am confident in all of my abilities

I am fearless when pursuing my goals

I am naturally drawn to choices that are right for me

I am peaceful calm and contented

I am pleased with where I am at in life

I enjoy meeting people and getting to know them

I express my feelings with sincerity

I feel good about what I have to offer to others

I feel secure in my sense of direction in life

I listen to advice from my parents

I make time for fun

I make up for lost time by being efficient

I rest when I am weary

I support my loved ones who are experiencing grief

I surround myself with positive people

I thrive on change

My career is on the right path for me

My family keeps me grounded

My hope is renewed with every small blessing

My sense of purpose thrives endlessly

My wit and charm are endearing to others

My work is valuable and admired by others

New situations are positive experiences for me

Taking time to laugh makes me feel more youthful

The experiences of others teach me wisdom

Today I easily remember to live in the present moment


5 Great Tips for Scoring That Dream Promotion

7 Methods to Successfully Curb Your Frustration

8 Strategies to Open Your Mind to Change

Achieve Effective Leadership With This Four Step Approach

Are You a Kleptomaniac

Demolish That Mountain of Paper on Your Desk With These Effective Time Management Tools

Develop the Courage to Face Your Fears With These Self Help Ideas

Finding the Courage to Express Your Feelings

Get More Reading Done On Your Vacation

How to Help Someone Who's Fighting Cancer

How to Let Go of Grudges and Be at Peace with Yourself

How to Maintain Mental Sharpness in the Workplace

Improving Your Relationships Through Emotional Validation

Keeping Your Diet on Track During a Recession

Learn How to Be True to Yourself

Life Changing Tips for Maintaining Positive Energy Everyday

Maintain Optimum Health with the DASH Diet

Major Life Transitions What They Are and How to Manage Them

Missing Your Kids in College Five Great Tips to Cope With the Loneliness

Preparing Your Child to Stay Home Alone

Recovery Techniques To Use When You Exercise Too Much

Relationship Woes Tips for Finding Your Ideal Partner

Stop Talking and Start Doing Do What You Intend to Do

Success Hindering Habits to Kick Out of Your Life

Take a New Career for a Test Drive First

Talking with Your Kids About Elections

The Reinvention of You Increasing Your Self Esteem

Tips for Earning the Trust of Others

Workout Routines You Can Do With Your Pets

Your Body Language What are You Really Saying


25 Ways to Tell Your Partner You Care PowerPoint

Misinformation Mayhem

Stuck in a Rut Top 8 Strategies for Getting More Out of Your Life Book

Stuck in a Rut Top 8 Strategies for Getting More Out of Your Life Weekly Checklist

Stuck in a Rut Top 8 Strategies for Getting More Out of Your Life Worksheet



3 Steps to Build Your MLM Downline

August 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month August

Deals of the Month September

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Cool Savings on Drinking Water

How to Cold Call Potential Clients

Income Boost Blueprint Make Money Online Within a Week

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You The Beginners Guide to Arbitrage Investing

Money Matters Showing Your Company That You Deserve a Raise

September 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

The Best Gift Cards for Year Round Giving

The MLM Handbook Worksheet


5 Ways to Make Money While You Sleep

7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your MLM Business

8 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline

Are Pre Paid Legal Services a Good Idea

How to Survive an IRS Audit

Institutional Investing Explained

Investing in Out of State Real Estate

MLM and Self Branding

Q&A Safe Deposit Boxes

The Fastest Way to Get Started in MLM


The MLM Handbook Report

The MLM Handbook Guidelines for Success PowerPoint

The MLM Handbook Glossary of MLM Terms




Being compassionate is a way of life for me

Courage defines me

Everything I need is all around me

Healthy choices are important to me

I am a people person

I am conscientious

I am generous and giving

I am kind and accepting of others

I am living my dreams

I am patient with myself when setting goals

I approach disagreements with an open mind

I can be open to others views without being a pushover

I embrace my creativity

I have great inner strength

I have what it takes to turn vision into reality

I remain calm in the midst of stressful situations

Making wise decisions is easy for me

My career is perfect for me

My character is unquestionable

My intelligence is exceptional

My life is an inspiration to others

My self confidence conquers my doubts caused by my inexperience

New beginnings excite me

New challenges bring an adrenaline rush that benefits me

New experiences spice up my life

One of my top priorities is a balanced life

There is always a way to overcome my obstacles

To me winning means landing on top without compromising my values

Today I move toward freedom

When I am wrong I admit it


2 Questions That Give You All the Perspective You Need

5 Ways to Get Your Family Out of a Rut

6 Easy Ways to Say No

7 Strategies for Dealing With Negative People

15 Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover Your True Passions

A Care Guide for Concussions

Are You Living in the Past

Autumn Fantasy What Will Yours Be

Coping With An Aging Metabolism

Do Your Children Feel Loved

Give Yourself a Mental Makeover

Handle Criticism With Class

Heal Yourself and the World 9 Random Acts of Kindness

How to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

How to Forgive and Let Go

How to Strengthen Your Self Discipline

Job Interview Finesse Find Out What YOU Want to Know

Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out

Managing the Challenges of Long Distance Care Giving

More Adventurous Than Your Partner Tips to Make You Both Happy

Simple Things That Help You Lose Weight

Staying Friends After a Breakup

Stopping Negative Behaviors Before They Stop You

Strengthening Your Belief in Yourself

Surefire Tips For Making Your Conversation Sparkle

The Smart Way to Use Online Health Information

Tips for Adjusting Wisely to Your Big Raise

Tutoring Is It Right for Your Child

What Does a Successful Person Look Like

Why Wait Take Control of Your Life Now


7 Steps to Banishing a Limiting Belief

Are Limited Beliefs Holding You Back? Book

Are Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back? Worksheet

Family Matters: Promoting Family Harmony

Guided Meditation for Wealth



6 Steps to Paying Off Your Debt

A Simple Guide to Paying Your Bills on Time

Deals of the Month October

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Student Loan Forgiveness

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How You Can Pay Off 20000 in Credit Card Debt in 5 Years - Book

How You Can Pay Off 20000 in Credit Card Debt in 5 Years - PowerPoint




Friendship is abundant in my life

I allow myself to have excellent health

I always feel relaxed and peaceful

I am an excellent public speaker

I am confident about what I have to offer the world

I am creating the life of my dreams

I am free to create my own reality

I am motivated to see my dreams come true

I am pleased with myself

I am proud of myself

I am reaching a healthy weight

I am safe

I can make a difference

I easily exercise self-control

I experience gratitude daily

I have all the time I need

I have wealth and abundance

I live my life according to my values

I make decisions quickly and intelligently

I radiate love and joy to all I meet

I release all negativity from my life

I remain focused when facing challenges

I share my feelings openly and freely

I take good care of myself

In each moment I feel loving toward others

My blessings are incomparable

Today and each day I love my life

Today I easily accomplish whatever I set out to do

Today I take a step toward my dreams

Using my natural talents brings me joy


6 Good Reasons to Keep Asking Questions Like You Did When You Were a Kid

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Are You in a Codependent Relationship

Bring the Joy of Reading Books Back Into Your Life

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Follow a Mediterranean Diet to Lose Weight and Strengthen Your Health

From Fear to Freedom

Getting Your Partner to Join You in Therapy

Go For It Achieving Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles

Helping a Survivor of Domestic Violence

How to Beat Your Information Addiction

How to Make Fitness a Habit

Keeping it Cool 8 Strategies to Respond to Someone Whos Angry

Learn To Love Humidity and Cope With It Better

Loving Your Body Accept Your Body Image Now

Meditation Establishing a Daily Habit for a More Fulfilling Life

Pushing the Envelope Creating Your Own Adventure

Simple Diet Changes That Pay Big Rewards

Strategies to Help You Kick a Bad Habit

Teaching Healthy Boundaries to Your Kids

The ReInvention of You

Turn Your Travels With Coworkers Into Smooth Sailing

Unclutter Your Home to Unclutter Your Life

Understanding and Managing Your Emotional Triggers

What Every Consumer Needs to Know About Their Pharmacist

Why Being Busy Can be Unproductive

Work With a Recruiter To Diversify Your Job Search


25 Tips for Success

How to Talk So Others Will Listen - Book

How to Talk So Others Will Listen - Summary

How to Talk So Others Will Listen - Worksheet

Relationship Matters: Handling Verbal and Emotional Abuse from Your Partner



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Personal Finance Strategies for College Students Worksheet


7 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Save Money

Buying vs Building Your Home

Choosing the Best Type of Life Insurance for You

College Students and Credit Cards What to Consider

Good Reasons for Owning Vacation Property

How Consumer Protection Laws Can Save You Time and Money

How to Build Your Credit While in College

How to Keep Debit Card Transactions Safe

How to Live for Free Off-Campus

Unique Ways to Make Money on a College Campus


Personal Finance Strategies for College Students (Book and PowerPoint)




Aging well is a priority for me

Being productive is important to me

Being successful is my natural state

Everything is possible

Forgiving makes me feel light and free

I admit my mistakes

I am free of the need to be right

I am free of the past

I am happy with who I am

I avoid blaming others for my choices

I choose thoughts that nourish and support me

I enjoy being unique

I follow my instincts

I learn from my mistakes

I live life according to my values

I love and accept myself the way I am

I make friends easily wherever I go

I naturally make decisions that are good for me

I strive for improvement in whatever I do

I strive to manage my time effectively

I successfully manage challenges in life

I take time for relaxation

Meditation is integral to my daily routine

Money flows to me

My income is constantly increasing

My life is easy and filled with joy

My relationships are loving and harmonious

My work is enjoyable and fulfilling

Persistence is important to me

There is a huge demand for my skills and abilities


3 Ways That Playing Monopoly Can Teach You To Become Wiser and Richer

4 Activities That Expand Your Horizons and Make Life More Fulfilling

4 Secrets to Happiness

4 Ways to Come to Terms With Your True Self

9 Quick Fixes for a Melancholy Mood

10 Ways to Deal With High Stress

11 Tips to Eliminate Bad Habits

Accept Compliments More Graciously

Be Nice 8 Strategies to Pump Up Your Kindness Factor

Coping With What You Did 9 Strategies to Manage a Guilty Conscience

Developing a Healthy Body Image

Eliminate All But The Essentials - A Guide to De-Cluttering Your Life

Exercise Your Mind by Opening Up to Learning

How to Accept Criticism Gracefully

How to Embrace New Chapters in Your Life

How to Increase Your Reading Speed

Learn the Most Effective Ways to Mend Broken Relationships

Making the Most of a Fresh Start

Never Lose Anything Again

New Relationship 5 Tips to Reduce the Stress

Online Apps That Hurt Your Productivity

Overcoming the Darkness in Your Life and Replacing it With Joy

Paying Attention to Your Bodys Signals for Optimal Health

Practical Advice to be More Present

Sensitive Teeth Surefire Ways To Prevent and Reduce Discomfort

Stay in Control When Late Night Hunger Strikes

Steer Your Career in a Clear and Positive Direction

What if Your Life was Over Tomorrow

What Really Matters Identify Your Life Lessons

Yes You Can Energize Your Life with Positive Thinking


Guided Meditation–Resolving Conflicts in Relationships

Holiday Memories The Stress Free Way - Book

Holiday Memories The Stress Free Way - Checklist

Holiday Memories The Stress Free Way - Worksheet

The Task Overload Fable



25 Methods to Change Your Relationship with Money

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How to Shop for Used Baby Items

Income Boost Blueprint How to Use Abandoned Storage Units to Augment Your Income

Investing–Make Money When Stock Prices are Falling

Money Matters: Teaching Financial Wisdom to Your Kids

November 2012 Personal Finance Calendar

Start Your Own Day Care and Stay Home With Your Baby


Considering the Costs of a Career Change

Credit Reports 101

Is Your Energy Bill Eating Too Much of Your Money

Job Qualifications for the Future

Public Assistance for Mothers and Babies

Tax Benefits of Caring for Adults

The Painless Way to Start Saving for College

Why Getting Married is Financially Smart

Youll Be Okay Financially Adjusting to Divorce

Your Employment Rights as a Parent


Baby Financial Planning - Book

Baby Financial Planning - Worksheet

Baby Financial Planning - PowerPoint




All my relationships are loving and harmonious

Competence in all things is my goal

Consistency is a key to my success

Creativity flows from me

Each and every day I feel fulfilled and joyful

Focusing on being friendly is important to me

I am considerate of others

I choose to cooperate

I deserve and accept love

I deserve to be happy and successful

I endeavor to be adventurous

I express appreciation to others

I express my needs and feelings

I follow through with commitments

I have a wonderful partner

I have the power to change myself

I live my life with courage

I love myself unconditionally and accept myself as I am

I show affection to others

I strive to be physically active

I trust in the process of life

It is enough to do my best

My ambition is on the rise

My body heals quickly and easily

My cheerfulness is contagious

My conscientiousness is evident

My dreams are one of my top priorities

My outlook on life is infused with enthusiasm

One of my most important choices is for regular exercise

The more grateful I am the more reasons I find to be grateful


3 Habits That Improve Focus

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Who to Spend Your Holidays With

5 Ways to Embrace the Season of Giving

6 Tips That Make Life Easier

12 Diet Hacks

14 Ways Your Wardrobe Can Help Keep You Healthy

A Different Perspective on The Secret

A Parents Guide to Encouraging Girls to Study Math and Sciences

Are You Dooming Yourself to Failure Beware of These Signs

Create an Extra Hour Each Day in which to Transform Your Life

Dealing With Rejection During Your Job Search

Do You Have Commitment Issues in Your Relationship

Exercises for the Extremely Busy

Facebook Avoiding the Fray While Staying in Touch

Feeling Lonely in the Cold of Winter Warm Your Heart Using These Easy Tips

Good Reasons to Eat Slowly

Hectic Schedule 4 Ways to Maintain Your Cool in the Chaos

How to Enjoy Christmas Eating Without Overindulging

Live the Life You Always Wanted by Revealing the Real You

Making Opposite Sex Friendships Work For You

Missing an Old Friend How to Heal from a Falling Out

Reconsider Your Options Advantages of Keeping an Open Mind

Set Your Game Plan for the Coming Year

Stuck Indoors Great Ways to Have a Productive Workout Anyway

Taking the High Road to Subvert Negative Peer Pressure

The Power of a Positive Morning Routine

The Wisdom of Seeking Moderation In All Things

Top 8 Action Tips that Help You Quit Smoking

What You Need To Know About Medical Second Opinions

Work Standing Up Even if You Have a Sit Down Job


25 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

Developing Your Strengths - Book

Developing Your Strengths - Executive Summary

Developing Your Strengths - Worksheet

Open Your Mind and Thrive Fable



5 Money Habits of the Wealthy

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Frugal Living Save Money on Food with Grocery Apps

How to Make a Friend in the Granting Agency

Income Boost Blueprint How to Wholesale Real Estate in Your Spare Time

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December 2013: Personal Finance Calendar

January 2013: Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters When to Spend Extra Dollars on Your Vehicle

Use College Students to Cut Your Grant Application Work in Half


7 Step Process for Getting Community Support for Your Grant Proposal

8 Financial Considerations When Starting a New Job

9 Ways to Cut Prescription Costs

Buying a Car Follow These Tips to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Changing Banks Use These Tips for a Smooth Transition

Could You Benefit From Umbrella Liability Insurance

Educational Grants That Help Pay for Your College Expenses

How to Develop a Budget for Your Grant Proposal

How to Handle an Error on Your Credit Report

Money Management Tips for the Holiday Season


Dipping Into the Well of Government Grants - Book

Dipping Into the Well of Government Grants - Worksheet

Dipping Into the Well of Government Grants - PowerPoint




Being frank with others is one of my strengths

Determination is important to me

Enthusiasm permeates whatever I do

Guidance from the Creator fills me with positivity

Having less means more opportunity to improve my circumstances

I am becoming more generous toward others

I am exuberant about life

I am fortunate to have my unique life

I can change my results by changing my approach

I can overcome the pain of losing a loved one

I conquer my fears by relying on the Creator

I deserve to be treated according to my worth

I empower others to pursue high standards by striving for them myself

I exemplify unconditional acceptance

I follow through without hesitation on my decisions

I have the right to change my mind

I have what it takes to deliver unfavorable news when I must

I keep calm in the face of confrontation

I make life choices that contribute to true happiness

I play fair

I possess a fun loving nature

Living life consciously brings me peace

My devotion to my loved ones is obvious

My easy going nature makes life easier

My encouraging words lift others spirits

My heart is open to the needs of others

My outlook on life stimulates my motivation

My success is my responsibility

My words and actions reflect my heart and soul

Showing my gentle side brings me quiet joy


9 Mind Strategies to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

A Seniors Guide to Good Nutrition

Are You Altruistic 8 Symptoms of Altruism

Break Through Stubborn Diet Plateaus

Color Psychology How Colors Affect Your Emotions

Developing a Vision for Your Life

Do You Have an Orderly Life

Does Walking Meditation Work

Feeling Overwhelmed 7 Ways to Balance Work and Home

Finding Your Personal Strength When the Going Gets Tough

How to Be Flexible Increasing Your Adaptability Factor

Is Your Relationship Poisoning You

Learn to Handle Salary Discussions With Confidence

Lose Weight by Taking a Break From Your Diet

Make Love Work the Second Time Around

Make Your Life More Fun With Activity Friends

Natural Healing With Massage Therapy

Overcoming the Link Between Depression and Cell Phone Use

Profitable Work At Home Organization Strategies

Psychological Issues to Consider Before Opting for Cosmetic Surgery

Simple Methods To Get Impulse Eating Under Control

The Truth About Toe Fungus and Ways to Treat It

Uplifting Meditations With a Garden Theme

Using Visualization to Create the Life You Want

What Every Employee Needs To Know About Initial Probation Periods

What is Reiki and How Can it Heighten Your Self Development

What You Need To Know About Strokes

When Your Partner Says Its Over 7 Ways to Cope with Break Ups

Where to Find Wisdom

Why Are You Angry?


Guided Meditation Vibrant Health

Harmonious Living for Your Body Mind and Soul - Book

Harmonious Living for Your Body Mind and Soul - Workbook

Harmonious Living for Your Body Mind and Soul - Summary

Relationship Matters Dealing With Your Spouses Untidiness



25 Strategies to Stretch Your Bucks

Deals of the Month: February 2013

Deals of the Month: January 2013

February 2013: Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: 1 No Spend Weekend Each Month

How Can I Make Cost Effective Travel Decisions

How Many of These Late Fees Do You Pay

Income Boost Blueprint: Increase Your Income With Craigslist

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Private Mortgage Investing

January 2013: Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Investing Without Fear Checking Out Your Financial Advisor


7 Interesting Facts About Roth IRAs

10 Low Cost Commuting Options

Buying in Bulk Beware of Wasting Money When Trying to Get the Best Deal

Does Brand Name Always Equal Better Value

Financial Detox in Five Steps

Four Surprising Things That Damage Your Credit

Is Bundling Services a Good Idea or a Waste of Money

Managing Your Money When You're Broke

Should You File Your Taxes Early

Sorting Out Your Tax Documents Pitch or Keep


Top 18 Ways to Throw Away Your Money - Book

Top 18 Ways to Throw Away Your Money - Workbook

Top 18 Ways to Throw Away Your Money - PowerPoint




Being adaptable is one of my best features

Determination is my goal in whatever I do

Each day I strive to show my gratitude toward others

I am a loyal friend

I am a philanthropist

I am beautiful inside and out

I am skilled at networking

I am tactful when it is necessary

I am where I need to be

I can always give more of myself to a cause

I discourage discrimination

I embrace my identity

I embrace opportunities that can make a positive change in my life

I endeavor to be honorable each day

I focus on being collaborative at work

I maintain a feeling of inner peace

I practice tolerance

I seek to mentor others

I show initiative

I strive to be knowledgeable in my field

I take time for renewal

I wholeheartedly pursue my interests

My blessings are as abundant as the stars

My compassion requires me to help those less fortunate

My independence brings me pride

My plights make me stronger

My sense of humor brings me joy and friendship

Punctuality is important to me

To be energetic is to be strong and involved in life

When I am spontaneous life is more interesting


12 Essential Secrets to a Balanced Diet When You're Lactose Intolerant

13 Ways to Deal Effectively With Unwarranted Cricicism

A Beginners Guide to City Living When Youre Used to Living in the Country

Accomplish More Each Day With These 7 Strategies

Are You a Good Citizen Answer These Top 10 Questions to Find Out

Are Your Kids Driving You Crazy 10 Sanity Saving Strategies to Help You Cope

Bored at Work How to Get Excited About Your Job Again

Bring Your Dreams to Life By Creating a Personal Mission Statement

Control Your Anxiety in 7 Steps

Easy Ways to Bring More Security to Your Relationship

Enjoy a Refreshing Meditation Retreat Without Leaving Your Home

Fast Track Your Career With Personal Branding

From Rainy Day Blues to a Bright Outlook in 15 Minutes

Frustrated 13 Annoyance Busters You Can Count On

How Do You Portray Yourself Enhance Your Image in 7 Steps

How to Get the Most From Daily Affirmations

How to Talk About Your Past Romances with Your Partner

Increase Your Success in All Areas of Life by Discovering Your Natural Talents

Learn About Retinal Detachment and Save Your Vision

Make Better Food Choices With the NuVal Nutritional Scoring System

Prepare Your Mind for Prosperity 10 Ways to Think Like a Winner

Raise Your Performance Level by Harnessing the Power of Social Facilitation

Rediscover the Lost Art of Courtesy and Get What You Want More Often

Smart Strategies for Clarifying Workplace Expectations

Stop Criticizing Yourself in 6 Steps

The Busy Parents Guide to Encouraging Your Kids to Tell the Truth

The Truth About Being Laid Off and How to Thrive In Spite of It

Tips to Diffuse a Toddlers Meltdown

Want to Leave a Legacy 8 Ways You Can Make a Lasting Difference

You Have the Power to Heal Your Shame


A Mouse Full of Fears Fable

Family Matters Your Teen is Depressed How Can You Help

Fanning the Flames Revving Up the Romance in Your Relationship Book

Fanning the Flames Revving Up the Romance in Your Relationship Summary

Fanning the Flames Revving Up the Romance in Your Relationship Workbook



5 Things to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Growth Stock

10 Steps to Strengthen Your Finances

Deals of the Month February 2013

Deals of the Month March 2013

February 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month Save Money by Changing Your Diet

Income Boost Blueprint How to Make Money With Your Passion

Investing For Growth 5 Steps For Success

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You Make an Impact with SRI

March 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters Safe Travel Avoiding Identity Theft While on the Road


3 Things to Avoid When Investing for Growth

Decorate Your Tax Return With These Red Flags and Get Audited

Deduct Your Childs Allowance Tax Advantages of Owning a Small Business

Growth Investing Made Simple

Home Improvements Can You Recoup Your Costs When You Sell

How to Find Out Your Credit Score

Is Investing for Growth Right for You

Maximizing Your Profits from Rental Property Investments

The Best Business Entity for Your Small Business

Why Do Companies Care About Their Stock Prices


Investment Strategies to Grow Your Assets - Book

Investment Strategies to Grow Your Assets - Workbook

Investment Strategies to Grow Your Assets - PowerPoint

MARCH 2013



Being truthful is important to me

Each day I take steps to reach my goals

Each day I take time to enjoy the moment

I am a supportive friend

I am an effective planner

I am openly expressive to others

I appreciate being alive and am thankful for today

I calmly release my stress into the wind

I endeavor to be open minded

I execute all tasks with appreciation and enjoyment

I experience feelings of happiness each day

I exude warmth toward others

I give my love unconditionally

I have a willingness to serve others

I have courage in new situations

I let go of pain and anger

I share my true feelings with those around me

I show initiative in whatever I do

I strive to improve my organizational skills

Listening to others enriches my relationships

Money and wealth flow to me easily

My hard work is paying off

My inquiring ways make life interesting

My versatility comes in handy

My vibrant nature is contagious

Nurturing comes naturally to me

Opening my heart to others brings me joy

Opportunities to build wealth are all around me

Presenting myself well is one of my goals

Taking a deep breath centers and calms me


4 Steps to Greatness

4 Techniques to Help You Develop Coping Skills

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Life More Exciting

7 Simple Ways to Change the World

14 Positive Alternatives to Nagging

15 Ways to Be More Comfortable During Meditation

A Big Spender's Guide to Overcoming the Urge to Buy Affection

A Concise Guide to Preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis

A Parent's Guide to Keeping Roughhousing Safe and Fun

Achieve Your Goals by Strengthening Your Focus With These 7 Tips

Banish These Self Destructive Thoughts Forever

Drive Your Resume to the Top of the Pile Using the CCAR Model

Easy 4 Step Process for Getting More Accomplished Each Day

Embracing Change: Whats In It For You

Finding Peace in the Midst of Grief

Fuel Your Mind for Success With These Mind Sharpening Treats

Get the Most From Your 1st Mental Health Therapy Session With These Tips

Give Your Skin a Lasting Glow With These Healthy Food Choices

How to Get Through Your First Day When You Quit Smoking

How to Prevent and Treat Hamstring Injuries

In a Hurry? Get More Out of Life by Slowing Down

Increase Your Job Satisfaction by Shaking Things Up a Bit

Make Peace With Your Past: 8 Ways to Accept It and Move On

More Good News About Fiber and Easy Ways to Eat More

Revelations You Discover From Losing a Loved One

Top 3 Tips for Eating to Boost Workout Results

Top 10 Ways to Get What You Want

Top Strategies for Building a Top Notch Team

What to Do When Someone Close to You Experiences a Personal Trauma

Work Smarter Not Harder - 5 Ways to Avoid Micromanaging


8 Strategies for Starting Your Day Off Right

25 Gateways to Self Development

Developing the Confidence to Go After Your Dreams

Developing the Confidence to Go After Your Dreams: Executive Summary

Developing the Confidence to Go After Your Dreams: Workbook



5 Types of Fixed Income Funds for Your Investing Pleasure

April 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month: April 2013

Deals of the Month: March 2013

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Save Money with an Annual Family Swap Meet

Income Boost Blueprint: 7 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Profits

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Investing in Health Care

March 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: What to Know Before Buying a New Car

Retirement Investing Checklist

Tax Breaks for Homeowners


5 Costly Surprises of Retirement

5 Ways to Ruin Your Credit Score

6 Ways to Minimize the Cost of Your Auto Loan

7 Commonly Missed Tax Deductions That Can Save You Money

10 Things That Are Better to Buy Used

Investing for Income: 3 Important Questions to Ask Before You Buy

Make More Money by Adopting These 7 Habits of the Wealthy

Paying Yourself First - How to Do It and Why

Smart Strategies for Investing During Retirement

When to Invest, When to Pay Off Debt, and When to Do Both


Investment Strategies to Grow Your Income - Book

Investment Strategies to Grow Your Income - Workbook

Investment Strategies to Grow Your Income - PowerPoint

APRIL 2013



An abundant future awaits me

Being resourceful is important to me

Each day I strive to learn something new

Good things happen to me every day

I accept myself wholly and completely

I am more than a woman

I am strong because I take good care of my health

I deserve to experience success

I let bygones be bygones

I live life at a comfortable pace

I look at others wrongdoings through forgiving eyes

I possess everything I need

I see my goals with clarity

I share my time with those who need support

I show kindness to others

I strive to have peace in my life

I take the blessing from every lesson

Living life to the fullest brings me happiness

Motivation comes easily because I take steps to keep it strong

My achievements make me proud

My faith helps me overcome my grief

My life is fulfilling because I am loved

My spiritual quest brings me fulfillment

Peace abides within me to help quiet my anxious thoughts

Physical fitness is one of my greatest priorities

Prosperity surrounds me

Regardless of what happens, it is meant to be

True love lights up my life

When I endeavor to help others my life flourishes

When others are hurting I make a special effort to lift their spirits


3 Simple Secrets That Instantly Boost Your Exercise Motivation

4 Signs of Stress You Don't Want to Ignore

7 Top Fixes for an Unsatisfying Life

14 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Passions This Spring

15 Easy Ways to Stick to Your Diet at Work

15 Smart Ways to Pace a Romantic Relationship

A Beginner's Guide to Getting a Job When You Have Limited Experience

A Parent's Guide to Creating a Super Homework Station

Advance Your Career by Making an Internal Transfer

Are You Being Assertive or Selfish? Discover the Difference

Be in Tip Top Shape for Work: Sharpen Your Mind the Night Before

Be Kind to Your Body: Make These Healthy Wardrobe Changes

Bosses: Get Better Results by Strengthening Communication Within Your Team

Breaking a Negative Habit One Day at a Time

Decisiveness: What's In It For You?

Discover Your Power by Knowing Your Intentions

Do Your Words Hurt or Heal? The Language of Mending Feelings

Enrich Your Life by Letting Go of Secrecy

Figure Out Where Your Time Went and Learn How to Get It Back

Having Trouble Making a Choice? Compare Consequences for Your Options

I Want Out! How to End an Unsatisfying Relationship

Making Sense of Metabolic Syndrome: What It Means for Your Health

Meditations on Becoming More Deliberate in Daily Life

Reduce Pain and Strengthen Your Lower Back With These Easy Tips

Squeezing in a Workout Before Work Even When Your Schedule is Tight

Take a Break! 4 Easy Ways to Unwind After a Long Day

The Essential Guide For Sleeping Well While You Quit Smoking

The Secret Link Between Challenging Activities and Your Love Life

The Weight Loss Secret You May Have Been Missing

Top 5 Temptations That Are Weight Loss Deal Breakers


5 Ways to Respond to Uncomfortable Questions

Increasing Your Passion for Life by Building Your Self Esteem

Increasing Your Passion for Life by Building Your Self Esteem: Executive Summary

Increasing Your Passion for Life by Building Your Self Esteem: Worksheet

The Playful Pup Fable



5 Steps to Protect Your Finances During a Financial Apocalypse

10 Ways to Start Getting Ready for an Economic Meltdown

April 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Deals of the Month - April 2013

Deals of the Month - May 2013

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Save Money on Family Activities This Summer

Income Boost Blueprint: How to Make $500 Fast in Offline Marketing

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You: DRIP Investments

May 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Saving for Retirement in Your 30s and 40s

Taking a Long Trip? 8 Steps to Protect Your Property in Your Absence


3 Essentials for Managing Your Money

Cash or Credit? Easy Formulas to Help You Juggle Payment Options

Don't Let Insurance Fraud Devastate Your Financial Plans

Financial Ruin: Are You Ready For It

Get Creative With Making Money at Home

Investing in Foreign Countries: Quality of Life vs Standard of Living

Learn About Impending Financial Chaos and How to Reduce its Impact

Top Guilty Pleasures That Come With Hidden Expenses

Understanding the Federal Reserve

Your Debt, Your Job and the Financial Apocalypse


How to Survive a Financial Apocalypse - Book

How to Survive a Financial Apocalypse - PowerPoint

Preparing For a Financial Apocalypse Checklist

MAY 2013



Becoming involved with charitable causes helps me to stay grounded

Being ambitious makes my life better

Being honest with my partner enriches our relationship

Demonstrating self reliance increases my confidence

Each wise food choice I make takes me closer to a healthier lifestyle

Exercise lifts my mood

I am a positive leader

I am excited about my life

I anticipate challenges and opportunities

I avoid toxic people

I can focus better when I get adequate rest

I eat nutritiously to fuel my body

I have charisma

I make time to pursue exploits that I am passionate about

I offer spiritual guidance to others so they can experience peace

I remain calm in a crisis

I strive to be self-disciplined

Infusing life goals into my day strengthens my efforts

Living honestly is very important to me

My calm spirit allows me to turn confrontation into mutual understanding

My goals are attainable because I believe in my abilities

My mission each day is to give my very best effort

My negotiation skills are strong

My personal wealth is defined by having healthy happy relationships

My zest for life motivates me

Offering love to others brings me peace

Parenting with love fulfills me

Physical exercise renews and energizes me

Releasing the past helps me embrace the present

When I forgive myself I release myself from guilt


3 Simple Steps to Happiness

3 Strategies to Strengthen Your Self Esteem

5 Steps to More Fulfilling Relationships

7 Common Obstacles to Your Goals and How to Navigate Them

Achieve Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles

Boost Your Energy With Healthy Options

Bring Peace Into Your Life by Learning to Let Go Of Regret

Clarify What You Want in Life With a Personal Development Plan

Effective Ways to Cope With the Stress of a New Job

Enhance Your Feelings of Security During a Career Transition

Enjoy More Happiness by Learning to Develop an Object of Meditation

Enrich Your Life by Embracing Your Individuality

Fight Chronic Inflammation by Changing the Way You Eat

Free Yourself by Overcoming the Fear of Loneliness

Go From Uninspired to Motivated in 3 Easy Steps

Grocery Shopping Techniques That Help You Lose Weight

Job Seekers: Make a Bigger Impact With These Easy Professional Image Tips

Learn How to Discover Your Talents and Strengthen Them

Liven Up Your Workout Routine With Kettlebells

Overcome Math Anxiety With These Techniques

Overcoming Failures to Reach Success

Persistence Pays: Learning to Finish What You Start

Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and How to Quell Your Symptoms

Simplify Your Meditation Practice and Get Better Results With These Strategies

The Neuroticism Factor: Sensitive and Nervous or Secure and Confident?

The Secret To Solving Complex Dilemmas With Less Effort

The Two Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Productivity

Top 10 Strategies to Negotiate With Confidence

Transform Yourself Into a Social Butterfly - Step by Step

Who Are You? Pondering Your Personal Identity


15 Tips for Strength Training Without Visiting the Gym

The Windy Hill Fable

Your Biggest Life Challenges: 8 Steps to Recovery

Your Biggest Life Challenges: 8 Steps to Recovery - Action Guide

Your Biggest Life Challenges: 8 Steps to Recovery - Workbook



4 Inexpensive Landscaping Strategies

5 Money Saving Tips to Beautify Your Patio

6 Ways to Save Thousands on Your Mortgage

Deals of the Month - May 2013

Frugal Living: Get Cash or Savings With Your Old Electronics

Income Boost Blueprint: Make Money at the Farmers Market

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June 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

May 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: How to Encourage Teens to Save for College

Underwater Mortgage Solutions That Save You Money


5 Great Cities to Find a Job

Avoid These Mortgage Mistakes in Your Quest to Save Money

Easy Ways to Cut Monthly Expenses Without Changing Your Lifestyle

Enjoy Family Fun for Free

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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early?

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Secrets to Saving Thousands of Dollars on Your Mortgage - Book

Secrets to Saving Thousands of Dollars on Your Mortgage - Worksheet

Secrets to Saving Thousands of Dollars on Your Mortgage - PowerPoint

JUNE 2013



A spirit of positivity infuses my life

Being assertive when necessary brings me peace of mind

Being attentive helps me stay informed

Each day I strive to be trustworthy

Expressing my true feelings comes easily for me

Having less than I need drives me to work harder

I avoid harboring any ill will towards others

I contribute to the lives of others each day

I dedicate myself to causes that interest me

I fully embrace challenges at work

I have respect for other people's time

I keep a calendar to remain efficient

I overcome heart-wrenching family challenges with love

I reach out my hand and heart to help those who are emotionally broken

I smile from my soul so others around me can feel the positive energy

I strive to be empathetic

I strive to be in control of my emotions

I take action to fill my life with happiness

I use positive results as motivation to keep pursuing my goals

I walk away from confrontation to maintain a peaceful environment

Indulging my curiosity brings new dimensions to my life

Love always allows me to be conscious of how I treat others

Making it through challenges enriches my life

My life is a wondrous journey

My sense of humor gets me through life's trying moments

Saying sorry to someone I hurt makes me a more humble person

The sounds of nature bring peace when my soul is restless

The weight of challenges is lifted off my shoulders when I seek spiritual guidance

When I laugh my circumstances appear more bearable

Winning for me means learning a lesson from every outcome


4 Easy Ways to Rise Up From Discouragement and Feel Better About Yourself

4 Keys to an Honest and Successful New Relationship

4 Quick Strategies to Turn Limited Time Into Quality Time

4 Strategies for Developing an Appreciation for Exercise

4 Ways to Sustain a Healthy Heart

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6 Simple Rules for Living a More Fulfilling Life

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Enrich the Lives of Your Kids by Keeping an Emotion Diary

Essential Facts About Snoring and How to Stop It

How to Regain Confidence Even if Your Struggles Have Destroyed You

Practical Methods for Getting More Thinking Done at Work

Practice Financial Fidelity to Strengthen Your Marriage and Financial Well Being

Prevent Overeating With A Few Simple Adjustments

Protecting Your Health and Your Heart from Relationship Weight Gain

Quit Smoking with Strategies Designed Especially for Women

Reinvigorate Your Life With a Summer of Discovery

Rejuvenate Your Life With a Low Stress Summer Vacation

Simple Everyday Activities That Can Make You Happier

Strengthen Communication Skills and Become More Memorable With Facebook

The Essential Guide to Healing From a Major Health Event

The Foolproof Plan for Achieving Healthy Weight Loss

The Silver Lining of Rejection

The Truth About Memory and Giving Yourself Permission to Forget

Top 8 Action Tips to Ignite Your Productivity

Using Gamification in the Workplace to Add Enjoyment and Achieve More


7 Days To A More Fulfilling Life

7 Days To A More Fulfilling Life: Checklist

7 Days to a More Fulfilling Life: Worksheet

10 Methods To Cultivate Personal Growth

Relationship Matters: Vacations: Separate or Together



Question These Charges And Save Money

Money Matters: How To Sell Your Home Quickly in a Buyer's Market

Maximize Your Money By Choosing A Great Financial Adviser

July 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work For You-Peer To Peer Lending

Income Boost Blueprint: Let Your House Pay for Itself

Get The Facts: Compare Tax Advantaged Investments

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Discover Your Credit Card's Perks

8 Money Saving Strategies To Lower Auto Insurance Costs

June 2013 Personal Finance Calendar


Give Living Inheritances to Your Kids with Tax-Free Techniques

Get a Handle on Your Debt by Learning How to Deal With Debt Collectors

Top 11 Qualities of an Outstanding Insurance Agent

8 Freebies That May Surprise You

Earn Extra Income by Freelancing on the Web

Get Paid to Clean Up Real Estate Properties

Learn Annuity Payout Choices to Meet Your Retirement Needs

Top 10 Budgeting Strategies That Help Curb Overspending

6 Wise Money Moves for Busy Boomers Who Don't Plan to Retire

11 Tips to Create a Bright Financial Future


Create Tax Advantaged Retirement Income You Cant Outlive

Create Tax Advantaged Retirement Income You Cant Outlive: PowerPoint

Create Tax Advantaged Retirement Income You Cant Outlive: Worksheet

JULY 2013



Achieving goals is important to me

Being considerate is a priority

Each day I strive to be proactive

Every experience teaches me something new

Flexible thinking invites success into my life

Focusing my efforts empowers me

I accept success with grace and humility

I allow myself to love freely

I am optimistic

I am secure in my sense of self

I choose to remain steady

I deserve to live a fulfilling life

I feel beautiful

I help others whenever I can

I make the most out of my life

I seek knowledge in everyday discoveries

I share my creative thoughts with others to achieve a greater result

I surround myself with things that make me happy

I take brief respites to refresh myself

Keeping my mood elevated allows me to have greater concentration

Love lets me make a fresh start

My closest relationships are worth preserving

My confidence is strengthened by the love of friends and family

My determination reaps benefits

My life journey brings me joy

My passion for life contributes to my success

Nature inspires me to maintain inner beauty

New opportunities unleash my hidden talents and strengths

Others can count on me

Tough situations shape me into a stronger person


4 Simple Guidelines to Finding True Inner Peace

5 Crucial Questions to Ask a Potential Nanny

7 Ways to Enrich Your Life With Failure

9 Tips for Sharpening Your Memory

A Parent's Guide to Designing Scavenger Hunts For Free Family Fun

Add Enjoyment to Your Life by Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Add Joy to Your Life by Inventing Your Own Holidays

Are You Ready for a Serious Relationship?

Are You Working up to Your Potential? 7 Ways to Soar

Break Away from Self Limiting Thought Patterns

Developing An Exercise Program That Even Your Achy Knees Will Love

Developing Your Summertime Action Plan

Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence at Work

Enhance Your Sleep Quality By Changing Your Eating Habits

Enjoy Family Fun for Free With a Summer Staycation

Harness the Power of Nostalgia to Find Happiness

How Healthy Competition Can Lead To Success

How To Ace That Last Minute Interview

How to Replace Negativity with Positivity and Change Your Results

Increase Your Self Esteem by Being Comfortable With Your Achievements

Learn to be a Valued Team Player and Reap the Benefits

Maximize Group Results by Eliminating Social Loafing

Personal Growth Can Be Entertaining With Movie Therapy

Reconnect With Your Inner Power Source

Stay Fit by Learning to Avoid Overtraining

Top 4 Health Screenings for Men Over 50

Top 5 Health Screenings for Women Over 50

Top Strategies to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Top Tips to Balance Work and Home Responsibilities

What A Tortoise Can Teach You About Your Career


The Tennis Racket Fable

Family Matters: Setting Guidelines For Adult Children Who Live With You

Create The Life You Want By Tapping Into This Surprising Power Source

Create The Life You Want By Tapping Into This Surprising Power Source - Action Guide

Create The Life You Want By Tapping Into This Surprising Power Source - Workbook



August 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Enjoy Summer Savings With No Drive Days

Income Boost Blueprint: Driving for Dollars

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Personal Risk Management

July 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Millionaire Secrets For Amassing Wealth

Money Matters: Talking About Money With Your Fiance

Reducing Your Investment Taxes: When to Buy and Sell

Show Your Boss You Deserve A Raise

Top Tips For 529 Plans


7 Ways to Reduce Taxes on Mutual Fund Investments

Creative Strategies for Starting a Profitable Side Business

Enjoy a Positive Cash Flow Even if You Lack Money Management Skills

How 529 Plans Work

Introduction to Budgeting For First Time Mortgagees

The 4 Expenses You Can Eliminate to Avoid Unnecessary Spending

The 5 Commandments for Managing Bill Payments

The Tax Advantages of Investing in ETFs

What Deal Or No Deal Can Teach You About Financial Risk Management

Why Mass Media Advertising is Killing the Profitability of Your Business


Top Strategies for Greater Investment Profits, Less Tax

Top Strategies for Greater Investment Profits, Less Tax - PowerPoint

Top Strategies for Greater Investment Profits, Less Tax - Worksheet




Being supportive to my family means providing a shoulder to lean on

Economic challenges inspire me to be creative

Forgiveness is a gift I give to myself

Happiness floods my thoughts and my life

Having a clear conscience makes me feel beautiful on the inside

I allow good things into my life

I am committed to my goal of healthy living

I am devoted to my family

I am grateful for today

I am open to letting someone into my life

I am supported and encouraged to follow my passion

I clear away clutter

I clearly see opportunities to effortlessly make money

I listen to my body

I release myself from my anger and let go of the past

I reserve quiet times for coming to terms with my emotions

I respond in my relationships with calm and thoughtful feedback

I see inspiration all around me

It is liberating to live life on my own terms

Kindness softens my speech

Living peacefully with others takes priority over my feelings about them

Managing how I respond to stress is key to my peace of mind

Meditation gives me clarity of thought to make wise decisions

My cheerfulness draws others to me

My smile is infectious

My thoughts are my responsibility

Others can rely on me when the going gets tough

Role models show me how to live better

Today is an amazing day

Treating myself to things I like helps to make me a more balanced person


3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Willpower

5 Ways to Move On After Your Breakup

8 Essential Secrets to Increasing Your Energy

8 Ways to Know Whether or Not to Move on in Your Love Life

A Cool Guide to a Hot Topic: Bikram Yoga

A Foolproof Plan to Boost Your Confidence

A Parent's Guide to Fostering Independence in Adult Children

Boost Your Health by Understanding How to Get the Protein You Need

Borrow Pop Up Techniques to Design Fun and Exciting Workouts

Bring Your Good Ideas To Life With Mind Mapping

Enjoy These Benefits of Juice Fasting and Strengthen Your Health

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Feel Healthier in 30 Days With This Vegetarian Experiment

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Growth and Comfort: Worlds That Collide

How to Unleash Your Creativity in 30 Minutes a Day

Let Go of the Work Day and Make Your Evenings More Joyful

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire or Beneficial Buffering

Lose Weight Fast With These 10 Great Diet Tips

Plan A Multi-Family Vacation Everyone Will Love

Practical Ways to Resume Working Out After a Long Lapse

Pumping Up Your Quality of Life Without Spending a Lot of Money

Recognize Your Power and Change Your Life

Reduce Stress at Work by Tweaking Your Project Management Style

Stop Using Fear as an Excuse and Get What You Want

The Complete Guide to Taking Emotional Care of Yourself

The Super Taster's Path to Good Health

The Top 6 Reasons for Why You Really Chose Your Friends

Tired of Your Uncompleted Projects? How to Finish What You Started


25 Ways To Apologize

Manage Your Anger Like A Pro And Enjoy Happier Relationships

Manage Your Anger Like A Pro And Enjoy Happier Relationships-Worksheet

The Lazy Lark Fable

Top 8 Tips To Control Your Anger



25 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Living Expenses

A Step by Step Guide For Achieving Your Financial Goals

August 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip Of The Month: Frozen Savings

Income Boost Blueprint: Office Cleaning

Investing Making Your Dollars Work For You: REOs

Money Matters: How To Best Spend A Windfall

Protect Yourself While Shopping Online

September 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

What's Keeping You From Saving For Retirement? 4 Things To Avoid


10 Places to Get Items for Free

A Step by Step Guide to Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair

Avoid These Investing Traps and Enjoy Greater Returns

Essential Personal Risk Management Strategies Using Insurance

How to be Frugal and Still Live Well

Investing Considerations: Is it a Great Company or Just a Great Industry?

Is Bankruptcy the Right Choice for You?

Start an Emergency Fund Now or You'll Hate Yourself Later

The Best Time to Buy a Mutual Fund

Top 8 Tips for Making Money From Your Artistic Creations


Top 5 Money Mistakes - Report

Top 5 Money Mistakes - PowerPoint

Top 5 Money Mistakes - Worksheet




Achieving small goals motivates me to keep going

Adversity challenges me to think outside the box

Celebrating the success of my loved ones boosts my supportive nature

Change is in my future

Each morning the sun rises is an opportunity to reaffirm my morals

Forgiveness restores my peace of mind

I am a strong leader

I am at peace

I am becoming better every day

I am my own unique self - special, creative, and wonderful

I attract healthy relationships

I can accomplish anything with commitment and perseverance

I can find the bright side in a crisis

I choose to exercise regularly

I deserve love and accept it into my life with open arms

I forgive myself for any and all past mistakes

I give myself as much love as I give to others

I greet each morning with enthusiasm

I let others have the last word

I release stress by just blowing the tension away

I value my body and treat it well

My body heals quickly and easily

My confidence is visible in my appearance

My life goals are worth my efforts

My self-esteem comes from acknowledging every achievement

My wisdom develops more with every misstep I make

Red lights remind me to relax

Self-acceptance means continuing to appreciate everything about me

The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful

When I believe in myself, so do others


4 Creative Ways to Increase Your Attention to Detail

4 Secrets to Becoming a Role Model

4 Secrets to Fit Exercise In Even if You Suffer From Lower Back Pain

4 Steps to Freedom: Eliminate Habits That Smother Your Dreams

5 Great Reasons to Keep a Journal

8 Simple Tips to Sleep Like a Baby

9 Fast and Furious Ways to Get Out of a Rut

Achieve Greater Success With a Daily Self-Motivating Regimen

Balance Personal and Professional Responsibilities Without Losing Sleep

End Fat Talk in 30 Days or Less

Enhance Your Relationships by Giving Friends What They Really Need

Enjoy a Mental Vacation With Uplifting Meditations on the Sea

Find Your Perfect Partner With These Strategies

How to (and How NOT to) Adopt Healthy Habits

How to Create a Sharing Story That Draws You and Your Kids Closer

How to Land a Great Job Even if You Have a Useless Degree

How to Take Care of Yourself Without Neglecting Your Loved Ones

Learn How to Eat Slower Step by Step to Lose Weight

Learn to Write an Effective Self-Assessment and Boost Your Career

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Skyrocket Your Success With a Motivating Morning Routine

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The Secret to Transforming Annoying Chores Into Peace of Mind

The Successful Road to Spiritual Wellness

The Truth About Affirmations and How to Make Them Work for You

Tone Your Body in Only Six Weeks With These Diet Strategies

Top 7 Benefits of Being a Patron of the Arts


7 Strategies To Ignite Your Productivity Now

Manage The Rough Spots And Keep Your Marriage Together

Manage The Rough Spots And Keep Your Marriage Together-Checklist

Manage The Rough Spots And Keep Your Marriage Together-Worksheet

The Rose Garden Fable



9 Free Apps That Will Save You Gas Money

Frugal Living Tip Of The Month: Romance On A Budget

How To Research Potential Countries For Retirement

How To Save An Extra $100 Every Month

Income Boost Blueprint: Personal Shopping

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work For You: The Forex Market

Money Matters: Retirement Account For Mortgage Down Payment

Moving Checklist For International Moves

October 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

September 2013 Personal Finance Calendar


4 Ways to Rapidly Boost Your Career

5 Dirty Tricks Credit Card Companies Like to Play

5 Steps to an Effective Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business

A Beginner's Guide to Owning Foreign Real Estate

Budding Financial Tycoon: Teaching Your Young Child About Money

Get Rid of Profit Confusion Forever: Gross, Operating, and Net Profits

Global Medical Insurance: How to Find a Plan Thats Right for You

How to Find the Perfect Bank for Your Small Business

Relying on Home Equity for Retirement Could Spell Disaster

Top 3 Financial Benefits of Giving Up Your US Citizenship - But Do You Want To?


Retire Abroad And Enjoy The Good Life On $2000 A Month Or Less - Report

Retire Abroad And Enjoy The Good Life On $2000 A Month Or Less - Worksheet

Retire Abroad And Enjoy The Good Life On $2000 A Month Or Less - PowerPoint




Being patient is important to me

Having real connections with others makes my life better

I accept my body just the way it is

I achieve my physical fitness goals

I am proud of every personal accomplishment

I am the perfect weight for me

I believe that everything happens for a reason

I can always find something to be thankful for

I choose friendships that align with my beliefs

I choose to think positively each day

I deserve a peaceful life

I exercise regularly

I express my needs and feelings

I focus on breathing and grounding myself

I give out love and it is returned to me in even greater measures

I let go of doubt

I let go of my anger so I can see clearly

I maintain hope for a bright future

I perform random acts of kindness each day

I see my family as a gift

I trust in the process of life

Making myself happy is easy

My drive remains undaunted by obstacles

My failures are just stepping stones to my success

My instincts guide me to wise decisions

My life is a work in progress

My relationship with my partner brings me happiness and peace

My relationships are fulfilling

My spare time brings me great pleasure

The key to my success is working diligently


8 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

9 Ways to Simplify Your Day

14 Essential Sleep Tips for Those Who Are Sensitive to Light

A Fool Proof Formula for Easily Curing Motion Sickness

Be an Early Bird: How to Get Up Early and Feel Great

Become a Successful Goal Setter

Ensure Your Child's Success by Teaching These Critical Life Skills

Entrepreneurial Success: Top 5 Secrets for Building an Empire

Free Yourself From Information Addiction in 4 Steps

From Stressed Out to Chilled Out With the Miracle of Mood Freezing

How to Become More Compassionate

How to Maintain a Youthful Look Even If You Only Sleep Four Hours a Day

How to Use an After Action Review to Become More Valuable at Work

Is Being a Motivational Speaker a Good Fit For You?

Keep Your Teeth: How to Develop the Habit of Flossing

Recover From Disappointment in Only 3 Steps

Reduce Your Clutter and Stress With These 5 Keys to Organized Filing

Say No and Still Be Friends

Secrets to Increasing Your Creativity: Learn How to Incubate

Secrets to Successfully Networking Your Way to Your Next Job

See How Easily You Can Repair Your Dull Skin

Slashing Calories on the Sly: 15 Weight Loss Tricks That Require Little Effort

The 4 Most Important Steps to Forgiving Yourself

The 7 Habits of Serenity

The 15 Minute Guide to Writing Personal Notes That Will Strengthen Your Relationships

The Complete Guide to Staying Confident in a Competitive Workplace

The Philanthropist's Guide to Selecting Meaningful Charities

Throw Away Your White Rice and Lose Weight

Top 4 Strategies to Develop Effective Parenting Skills

What Every Parent Ought To Know About Security Blankets


16 Myths Of Meditation

Learning From A Sage: 9 Life Lessons From Joseph Campbell

Learning From A Sage: Executive Summary

Learning From A Sage: Workbook

Relationship Matters - Smart Ways To Be Assertive



A Checklist For Ensuring Your Investment Decisions Are Bias Free

Are Your Investments Suffering From Behavioral Finance Biases?

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Affordably Prepare Your Home For Winter

Income Boost Blueprint: Creating Videos For Small Businesses

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Profitability Indicators

Money Matters: Disability Insurance

November 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

October 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Ready To Double Your Income? Read This

Save Money And Enjoy These Inexpensive Winter Vacations


Money for Your Junk: A Guide to Selling on Facebook

The Secret to Smart Investing Decisions

The Role of Commercial Banks in the Economy

Top 8 Signs That Your Business Opportunity Might Be a Scam

Top 10 Money Tips for New Graduates

How to Profit on Declining Stocks

Mistakes You Must Avoid When Starting a Business

The Dangers of Herd Behavior in Investment Decisions

9 Golden Rules of Investing

How to Free Yourself From Behavioral Finance Biases


How Behavioral Finance Can Strengthen Your Investments - Report

How Behavioral Finance Can Strengthen Your Investments - Worksheet

How Behavioral Finance Can Strengthen Your Investments - PowerPoint




Blessings surround me every day

I am a confident and competent leader

I am articulate and have excellent communication skills

I am bold and confident

I am comfortable with uncertainty

I am generous, kind, and respectful to everyone I meet

I am in full control of my emotions and thoughts

I am the architect of my life

I approach all relationships with integrity

I attract loving, smart, and fun people into my life

I base my happiness on my own accomplishments

I believe in an abundance of great things in my life

I can achieve financial stability

I have endless talents which I utilize every day

I have great timing and luck in my life

I make people feel comfortable around me

I make smart plans for my future

I release any need to judge others or myself

I respond more favorably when I think before I act

I trust my inner light and intuition to guide me

Living with love enhances my quality of life

Maintaining positivity makes me a good role model

Making time for rejuvenation is important to me

My actions match my words

My eyes are on the future

My friends lift my spirits

Quiet moments allow me to connect with my soul

Simple pleasures bring me awesome joy

Some of my greatest blessings are invisible

Tough times make me more tenacious


4 Creative Ways to Develop Your Romantic Streak

5 Strategies for Alleviating Lower Back Pain

6 Benefits of Introspection that Help You Guide Your Life From Within

8 Ways to Tell if You're a Self-Help Junkie

A Beginner's Guide to Conducting an Effective Training Session

Adversity is Guaranteed but Misery is Optional

Back to Basics: Raising Children With Character

Body Transformation Secrets: What You Can Learn From Bodybuilders

Bonding With Your Siblings - Even When Theres a Huge Age Difference

Ending Loneliness Made Easy

Get Rid of Dry Scalp Once and For All

How to Keep Your Allergies Under Control This Season

Introduction to Strength Training for Weight Lifting Novices

Juggling Multiple Goals Made Easy

Leadership Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Learn to Stay in Shape Without Expensive Remedies

Reap the Benefits of Preserving Your Company's History

Secrets to Becoming More Stress Resistant

Taking the Gloves Off: How to Fight Fairly

The Nervous Parent's Solution for Relaxing While Your Child Dates

The "No Procrastination" Solution for Slow Starters

The Practical Day-to-Day Survival Skills Hidden in the TV Show Lost

The Timid Person's Solution to Standing Up for Yourself

The Top 4 Ways to Develop Patience in One Week

Tired of Restless Leg Syndrome? 15 Strategies That Can Help

Top Techniques to Help You Deal Successfully With Your Anger

Understanding the Purpose of Meditation

Using Paced Breathing to Stop Anxiety and Hot Flashes

What You Need to Know About Exercising Without Eating More

You're Never Too Old to Tame Your Sweet Tooth


Back To Basics: 3 Guided Meditations On Mountains

Bonus Graphic: Change Your Thoughts and You Change Your World

How to Overcome Trying Situations by Changing Your Mind

How to Overcome Trying Situations by Changing Your Mind - Action Guide

How to Overcome Trying Situations by Changing Your Mind - Worksheet

The Opposite Ornament Sisters Fable



December 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Enjoy Greater Profits From Your Side Business With These Record Keeping Tips

Frugal Living Tip Of The Month: Use Your Fireplace For Heat

Income Boost Blueprint: Using A VA To Market Your Business

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Valuation Ratios

Money Matters: Secured Card - Rebuilding Credit

November 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Skip The Tutor

Smart Ways To Market Your Business With Social Media

Top 11 Ways To Save Money On Holiday Gifts


A 5 Step Plan for Dealing With Student Loans

Anchors Away: Finally Break Free From Credit Card Debt

Create Financial Independence With 5 Dollars a Day

Do You Believe These Personal Finance Myths?

Full Time Job and a Part Time Business - How to Manage Your Time

Get Started Right: 7 Personal Finance Tips for the Newly Employed

Quick Fixes When You've Blown Your Budget

Rich and Staying That Way: 5 Strategies for Keeping Your Wealth

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Banking

Wise Investment Strategies for Your Expendable Income


14 Ways To Make An Extra 1000 Each Month In Your Spare Time - Report

14 Ways To Make An Extra 1000 Each Month In Your Spare Time - Worksheet

14 Ways To Make An Extra 1000 Each Month In Your Spare Time - PowerPoint




Challenges strengthen me

Each day I openly express my love for my family

I am an optimist

I am courteous

I am free of the challenges of my past

I am responsible for finding my own happiness

I am strong enough to let others know what I need

I am the person I have always wanted to be

I can make it through any crisis

I choose to be positive each day

I choose to have trustworthy people in my life

I expect 100 percent effort, 100 percent of the time

I face the day with anticipation and interest

I fill my life with healthy activities

I have the determination to complete important tasks

I honor my body by making healthy choices

I maintain a neat and cozy home

I pay attention to my feelings

I protect my emotions

I receive what I need when I need it

I rejoice in my inner beauty

I sleep soundly and peacefully

I think before I act

Kindness is my strength

Kindness lives within me

My efforts each day push me closer toward achieving my life goals

My positive nature brings abundance into my life

Simple joys surround me each day

The possibilities around me are limitless

The time to go after my dreams is now


5 Life Lessons From Warren Buffett

8 Strategies to Help You Find Happiness in Times of Grief

A Beginner's Guide to Negotiation When You're Intimidated By Rejection

A Fool Proof Formula For Getting Your Boss to Trust You

A Practical Guide for Successful Parenting in a Changing World

Become More Optimistic in Just Two Weeks

Believe in Yourself: Boost Your Confidence in Just 30 Days

Beware of Relaxation Induced Anxiety and Know How to Spot It

Create Rules For Your Life That Serve You Well

Declutter Your Life in No Time At All

Do You Think in Absolutes? Reap the Benefits of the Gray Areas

End Sleepless Nights in 3 Days or Less

Enjoy Job Satisfaction Even if You're Overqualified for Your Position

Erase Your Limits: Expand Your Comfort Zone in 6 Steps

Essential Strategies to Overcome Your 3 Day Monk Challenges

Excellent Tips to Get Back Into Shape After Thanksgiving

Feeling Blah? Challenge Yourself to Eat Vegan for a Week

Four Great Ways to Stay in Shape During the Christmas Season

How to Become Amazing at Presentations

How to Embrace Your Charitable Side in Just 2 Weeks

How to Establish Rapport in Less Than Five Minutes

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Make the Most of Fleeting Advantages

Managing Diabetes During The Winter Holidays

Maximize Your Healing With 8 Simple Steps

Relieve Anxiety With Simple Relaxation Techniques

Supercharge Your Success: A Weekly Routine to Benefit From Your Mistakes

The 10 Minute Guide to Elliptical Machine Workouts

You're Never Too Old To Learn Tai Chi


A Jolly Guide to Filling Your Holidays With Joy

Family Matters: Enjoy a Healthy, Happy, and Low Stress Holiday Season

Self Help Tips To Spice Up Your Life

Self Help Tips To Spice Up Your Life - Action Guide

Self Help Tips To Spice Up Your Life - Worksheet



12 Simple Steps to Creating an Estate Plan

21 Tips for Your $1000 a Month Savings Plan

A Checklist for Selling Your Home Yourself

A Quick Guide to Funeral Expenses

December 2013 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Save on Your Next Vacation

Income Boost Blueprint: Landscaping Business

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Profiting From Oil and Gas

January 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Avoid These Epic Missteps When Creating Your Budget


A Practical Guide to Becoming a Landlord

Are You a Trading Addict? Learn the Signs

Beware of These Top 7 Estate Planning Mistakes

Career Options in Finance

Estate Planning Essentials for Women

Estate Planning for Same Sex Couples

How Do Banks Make Money?

Is it an Apartment or a House? A Guide to Purchasing a Condo

Teaching Your Teen to be Financially Literate

Understanding the Basics: Supply, Demand, and Elasticity in Macroeconomics


Getting Started With Estate Planning - Report

Getting Started With Estate Planning - Worksheet

Getting Started With Estate Planning - PowerPoint




Amazing opportunities await me today

An active mind makes me more alert

Competition encourages me to put my best foot forward

Family time takes me back to my upbringing

Food is my friend

Forgiving myself allows me to go after second opportunities

I am adventurous and engage with the world

I am creating financial security with my talents

I am grateful that my body is healthy, whole, and strong

I am the person I was meant to become

I attract friends easily

I change my life by transforming myself

I choose trust over cynicism

I deserve to enjoy the fruits of my labor

I express my anger openly, honestly, and appropriately

I have the knowledge and resources to achieve my dreams

I know my opinion matters

I perform my daily tasks with joy

I remain in good spirits when positive energy surrounds me

I show love for my body by giving it the rest it needs

I trust my intuition to guide me well

I trust my intuition to lead me to abundance

I use my time alone to reflect and recharge

Listening to the plight of others prevents me from passing judgment

My awareness is anchored in tranquility

My business decisions align with my conscience

My healthy habits are contagious

My mind is a garden that needs careful tending

Sharing makes everything better

Taking good care of myself guides me in taking good care of others


6 Great Reasons to Eat Slower

8 Tips to Better Meditation

A Quick Guide to Career-Enhancing Social Behavior at Work

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How to be a Patient Parent

How To Easily Meet Tight Deadlines

How to Finally Make Exercise a Habit

How to Recover from a Breakup Even if You Were Completely Blindsided

Keys to Success: If You Could Just Get Started, Where Would You End Up?

Managing Your Time to Achieve Success

Read This Before Applying for a Job Online

Read This Before Trying Tabata Workouts

Start Your New Year with Passion: 6 Changes to Make Now

To Seniors Who Have a Milestone Birthday Coming Up

Top 10 Ways to Beat Laziness

Top 10 Ways to Remove Anger and Gain Peace

Weed Out Your Negative Habits and Let Your Life Blossom

What To Do When You Hate Your Job

You're Not Too Old for a Gap Year


5 Tips to Boost Your Emotional Health in 2014

9 Building Blocks of Personal Empowerment

9 Building Blocks of Personal Empowerment - Checklist

9 Building Blocks of Personal Empowerment - Worksheet

Relationship Matters: Reigniting Passion When You've Grown Apart



12 Ways to Save Money by Conserving Water

14 Ways to Cut Your Wedding Budget

Consolidation Loan Checklist

February 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Cutting Costs With a Roommate

Income Boost Blueprint: Tutoring

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work for You: How to Profit from Inflation

January 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Is Foreclosure Ever a Good Solution?

Steps to Take When Your Student Loan is in Default


7 Credit Score Destroyers

8 Money Tips for Young Adults

8 Rights You Have as a Student Borrower

Does it Make Sense for College Students to Have Renters Insurance?

FSA, HSA, HRA, and MSA: Understanding Medical Expense Accounts

Help the Environment with Green Investing

Medical Tourism: Finding the Best Hospitals

Private vs. Federal Student Loans

Student Loans: How Much Can You Afford to Borrow?

The Real Cost of Owning a Boat


The Graduate's Guide to Getting Rid of Your Student Loans

The Graduate's Guide to Getting Rid of Your Student Loans - Worksheet

The Graduate's Guide to Getting Rid of Your Student Loans - PowerPoint




Everyone is my teacher

Happiness is simplicity

I accept my past and live in the present

I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends

I am fun and adventurous

I am reenergized after every success

I attract things that are for my highest good

I believe I can do anything

I believe that charitable gestures make a difference

I can maintain financial discipline

I give up the right to criticize

I heal my own heart

I let go of my anger so I can see the truth

I let go of the past and create the future I want

I make a financial commitment to my social life

I replace my old habits with new empowering habits

I see the good in others

I share in my friends' happiness when they succeed

I strive to break down superficial barriers

I take pleasure in solitude

My faith dissolves my fears

My friends bring out the best in me

My life is just beginning

My love for my partner is strong

Promises I make to myself are important

Punctuality is my priority

Self love paves the way for loving others

Togetherness creates family ties

What I do makes a difference

When my friends and loved ones grieve, I lift them up


5 Ways That Eating Can Make You the Fittest Person in the Room

6 Tips for Thinking Big and Realizing Your Dreams

7 Ways to Escape the Need to be Perfect

9 Misconceptions of Success

17 Secrets for Living Well That You Can Learn From World Class Actors

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The Modern Rules for Helping Your Children Adjust to a New School

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The Truth About White Lies and How They Affect Your Health

What the First International Sleep Poll Discovered About Getting Better Rest


A Pre-Date Checklist

The Circular Road to Meditative Peace

The Hesitant Flower Fable

Your Perfect Partner: A Strategy for Finding the Love of Your Life

Your Perfect Partner: A Strategy for Finding the Love of Your Life - Worksheet



8 Tips for Saving on International Airfare

Checklist of Top 10 Marketing Tips for Your Kindle Book

February 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Beginners' Guide to Couponing

How a Smaller House Can Save Big Money

Income Boost Blueprint: Public Speaking

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March 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

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3 Non-Financial Decisions That Impact Your Assets

4 Effective Strategies to Regain Control Over Your Spending

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Creating Passive Income When You Have a Full Time Job

Earning Just $5 A Day Can Make You Wealthy

Investing and Golf: 10 Tips That Apply to Both

The Smart Way to Choose an Affiliate Product for Passive Income

Top 10 Worst Financial Decisions Made by Retirees

Understanding Lines of Credit


Passive Profits: Do It Once and Profit Forever

Passive Profits: Do It Once and Profit Forever - Worksheet

Passive Profits: Do It Once and Profit Forever - PowerPoint

MARCH 2014



Asking for help proves I am strong

Every cell in my body is healthy and fit

Having peace of mind makes me truly happy

Hope guides my choices

I am a flexible thinker

I am capable of handling any challenges that come my way

I am inspired by beautiful things

I am social and like meeting people

I avoid feeling guilty for treating myself well

I believe in second chances

I build bridges

I can balance satisfying my needs with the needs of others

I create prosperity easily and effortlessly

I embrace and take advantage of change

I endeavor to turn my dreams into attainable goals

I know I make a difference in the world

I learn valuable lessons from the experiences of my peers

I make the most of each season of the year

I regularly perform random acts of kindness

I set and achieve goals easily

I strive to understand the feelings of others

I take time for my hobbies

It is important for me to live my own truth

Love from others enriches my life

Mindful breathing sustains and energizes me

My present is great and the future looks bright

Self-motivation helps me achieve my goals

Socializing makes my life more interesting

The standard that guides me is one of responsibility

Wonderful things are happening in my life


4 Myths of Mental Illness

5 Essential Secrets To Emotional Well Being

5 Tips for Learning a New Language

6 Keys to Greater Self-Discipline

6 Secrets for a Happy Marriage

6 Strategies for Developing Reliable Recall and Maximum Memory

7 Smart Strategies for Dealing With Moody People

A Foolproof Process to Keep On Track With Your Diet

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How to Recover From an Embarrassing Case of Stage Fright

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Learning to Control Your Emotions

Make Spaced Learning Work for You

Meditation, Wisdom, and Cheese

Reprimand Your Kids Without Losing Their Love

Self-Belief: 7 Tips to Get Your Mind on Your Side

Sleep Soundly At Night: Step by Step Bedtime Prep for Quality Rest

The 4-Step Guide to Recovering from the Common Cold

The Flawless Skin Miracle for Women on a Budget

The Stay-At-Home Dad's Guide to Being Taken Seriously

Top 5 Benefits of Yoga

What Will You Do When You Get a Video Job Interview?


A Quick Guide To Removing Resistance

Family Matters: Mom Goes Back To Work

The Creative Cat Fable

You 2.0: A Guide To Reinventing Your Life

You 2.0: A Guide To Reinventing Your Life - Worksheet



April 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Buying vs. Leasing A Car

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Solar Power for Beginners

Income Boost Blueprint: How to Make Your First $1000 Online

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work For You: Penny Stocks

Keeping Your Vacation Food Costs to a Minimum

March 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Financial Implications of Adopting A Partner's Child

Tax Breaks for Landlords

Vacation Budget Checklist


7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Vacation

8 Tax Tips for Your Charitable Donations

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Minimizing Your Laundry Costs

Moving? Relocate For Less with These Money Saving Strategies

Sell Your Used Car for Maximum Profit with These Tips

What If You Had a Vacation with No Bills?


Budget Vacations Your Family Will Love

Budget Vacations Your Family Will Love - Worksheet

Budget Vacations Your Family Will Love - PowerPoint

APRIL 2014



A peaceful mind guides my steps

Courage expands my opportunities

Each day I share my passion for life

I am able to learn quickly and easily

I am connected to the source of abundance, security, and well being

I am devoted to my partner

I communicate my thoughts frankly and sincerely

I consider the ideas of others

I contribute to my community

I deserve to be happy and successful

I embrace all my feelings

I feel comfortable in any social setting

I gain new knowledge each day

I have an exciting and satisfying career

I have the power to change myself

I live as my authentic self

I live in the present moment

I make the best out of any situation

I radiate enthusiasm

I receive many rewards from encouraging others

I see the best in myself

I show loyalty in my friendships

I take care of my own needs

My body is a big investment

My friendships are important to me

My home and family comfort me

My life goals are clear to me

My life is filled with abundance, wealth, and prosperity

My relationships change and grow

Nature energizes me


A Plan to Take Back Control of Your Life

Answers to Every Parent's Questions about Children Repeating a Grade

Choosing a Yoga Style

Discover the Purpose of Your Life

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How to Develop the Positivity of a Life Coach

How to Embrace Your Strengths if You Lack Self Confidence

Is a Life Coach the Right Choice for You?

Learn how to Accept Criticism Without Being Offended

Learn how to Relax in any Situation

Learn to Achieve More, Even When You're Unmotivated

Make Your Home Office Healthier and More Productive

Save Your Job: How to Deal With a Bad Boss

Texting and Relationships: Good, Bad, or In Between?

The 4 Step Guide to Making Tough Decisions

The 15 Minute Guide to Naturopathy

The Bounce-Back Solution for Your Discouraging Days

The Parent's Solution to Separation Anxiety in Babies and Toddlers

The Power of Asking Effective Questions

The Shy Person's Guide to an Active Social Life

The Top 4 Ways to Build Enthusiasm Before Work Each Day

The World's Worst Sore Muscle Advice and What to Do Instead

Turn a Chaotic Life into Calming Balance with Simple Organization Tips

What Aristotle Taught Me About Happiness

What Kind of Stress Eater Are You?


Play Any Sport Better, Avoid Injuries, and Become More Fit With Yoga

Set Yourself Free with Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Set Yourself Free with Healthy Relationship Boundaries - Executive Summary

Set Yourself Free with Healthy Relationship Boundaries - Worksheet

The Floating Bubble Fable



April 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Can't File or Pay Your Taxes on Time? Your Options

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: DIY Pest Control

How Much Life Insurance is Right for You and Your Family?

Income Boost Blueprint: Limo Service

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Advantages of REITs

Is Refinancing the Best Choice for You?

Make Money with Spring Cleaning

May 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Financial Considerations When Caring for a Parent


4 Methods for Eliminating Overdraft Charges

6 Unusual Insurance Policies You Might Want to Consider

8 Mistakes That Can Keep You From Collecting Unemployment Insurance

10 Great Ways to Invest $1000

A Quick Guide to Tax Considerations for Married Couples

A Simple Plan to Regain Financial Fitness

Are the Store Credit Card and Accompanying Discount Worth It?

How to Cash In on Your Old Electronic Devices

Top 5 Causes of Excessive Personal Debt

Top 5 Reasons Why You Might Like an Index Fund if You're Retired


Spring Cleaning for Your Finances

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances - Worksheet

Spring Cleaning for Your Finances - PowerPoint

MAY 2014



Each day I make time for laughter

I acknowledge my needs

I allow myself to be vulnerable with those I trust

I am admired by others

I am guided by standards I set for myself

I am peaceful and loving

I am prepared for whatever greets me today

I balance my personal happiness with the desires of loved ones

I discover more about myself each day

I encourage open communication

I follow my intuition

I handle criticism with ease

I know that my friends and family appreciate me

I learn from my mistakes

I make a positive impression when I make a new acquaintance

I persevere when life challenges me

I spend money responsibly

I strive for balance in my life

I treat myself with kindness and patience

I trust my thoughts & emotions

I use tact during disagreements

I weigh out the pros and cons of a tough decision

In all circumstances, I avoid holding a grudge

In my alone time, I consider things I am grateful for

My dreams drive my goal setting

My life is a work in progress

My work is important to me

Positive affirmations help me focus on my goals

The sights and smells of spring bring me joy

When an opportunity eludes me I go after the next best thing


4 Crucial Considerations When Choosing a Career

4 Steps to Selling Yourself as the Right Person for the Job

5 Easy Actions That Develop Your Intuition

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Developing Spirituality Even if You're Not Religious

Enhance Your Relationship: 7 Strategies to Show Love for Your Partner

Enrich Your Own Existence by Helping Others

Essential Guide to Making Successful Joint Decisions

Four Steps to Develop a Focused Outlook and Achieve Your Goals

Free Yourself from Needing the Approval of Others

Get More of What You Want by Learning to Ask For It

Helping Your Child with a Bully

How to Reconnect With Your Teenager

If You Don't Get a Fitness Mantra Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

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Keys to Success: Mastering Yourself

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The Massage Miracle for Frequent Travelers

The Weight Loss Solution for People Who Hate to Cook

What King Kong Can Teach You About Getting More Out of Life


Better Meditation, Peace of Mind, and Chocolate

Inspiration for Creating a Most Wonderful Life

Inspiration for Creating a Most Wonderful Life - Action Guide

Inspiration for Creating a Most Wonderful Life - Worksheet

Relationship Matters: Reviving Your Relationship After Infidelity



Do You Have Children? How to Retire Early Anyway

Early Retirement Tactics: Cut Your Grocery Bill Without Using Coupons

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Saving on Your Internet and Cable Bills

Guide to Purchasing Used Electronics

Income Boost Blueprint: Make Money Planning Parties

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: 4 Unusual But Profitable Investments

June 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

May 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Using Life Insurance as an Estate Planning Tool

Skip the Haggling and Still Save Money on Your Next Car


5 Great Retirement Locations for the Budget Minded

7 Steps to Zen Spending

Considerations When Lending Money to Friends or Family

Debit or Credit Card - Which One is Right for You?

Easy Ways to Cut Retirement Expenses

Get in Shape Without Paying for a Gym Membership

Habits of Financially Successful Singles

How to Eliminate Money Arguments in Your Marriage

How to Live Successfully Without a Car

Preparing for Early Retirement: Tax Implications of Your Money Making Hobby


Retire in 20 Years or Less, Even With an Average Income

Retire in 20 Years or Less, Even With an Average Income - Worksheet

Retire in 20 Years or Less, Even With an Average Income - PowerPoint

JUNE 2014



Apologizing is easy for me

Being cheerful makes life easier

Being thoughtful is important to me

Contingency planning helps me to manage unexpected circumstances

Each day of my fitness journey is like the first

Everything I give to others is a gift to myself

Honesty is one of my strengths

I accept a helping hand

I am a positive inspiration to others

I am consistently growing and developing

I am deeply fulfilled by all that I do

I am free to be all I can be

I am grateful for all that I have

I am respected by my peers

I fearlessly pursue the life I desire

I find time for things that bring me joy

I have a high tolerance level

I have an adventurous spirit

I like to show my gentler side

I pay keen attention to my instincts

I persist until I succeed

I recognize my talents

I sharpen my mind by keeping it engaged

I work out consistently to remain healthy

It is easy to treat others respectfully when I focus on love

Making mistakes is part of learning

My choices are based on achieving personal happiness

My eating habits complement my exercise regimen

My financial decisions are well thought out

My mind is filled with prosperous thoughts


4 Easy Ways to Develop Kindness

7 Personal Development Tools to Help You Create the Life You Want

7 Tips for Success You Can Use Today

14 Tips for Using Your Bathroom Scale to Your Advantage

A Parent's Guide to Selecting Books Your Children Will Love

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Are You Shy? 8 Tips to Blossom

Break Unhealthy Habits With Three Simple Adjustments

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Easy Life Adjustments that Keep You on the Path to Your Dreams

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Gain Inspiration From the Success of Others and Soar to New Heights

Get More of What You Want with Easy Etiquette Techniques

How to Avoid Distractions to Achieve Your Goals

How to Differentiate Between Intuition and Insecurity for the Best Decisions

How to Support a Friend Who's Struggling with Weight Issues

How Visualizing Your Victory Can Make It Happen

Is It Time to Change Your Goals?

Practice Peace With These Life Tips

Solo Travel Made Easy

Surprising Facts About Serotonin and Your Diet

The 15 Commandments of Intrinsic Motivation

The Secret to Distinguishing Between Appetite and Hunger

The Working Woman's Guide to Beneficial Bragging

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Transform Your Life With This 4 Step Approach to Complaints

Traveling as a Couple: Tripping Your Way to Love

Vacation with Your Adult Children to Deepen Family Connections

What Every Job Hunter Needs to Know About Assessing Your Future Boss

What To Do When You Make a Mistake


25 Ways to Achieve Balance in Your Life

Is Your Teen Stressed Out? Here's How to Help

Is Your Teen Stressed Out? Here's How to Help - Action Guide

Is Your Teen Stressed Out? Here's How to Help - Worksheet

The Fuzzy Beagle Fable



5 Steps to Investing Like Warren Buffett

Do You Make These Investment Mistakes?

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Do Your Own Car Maintenance

Income Boost Blueprint: Extra Income From a Pickup Truck

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Researching Stocks

July 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

June 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Are Timeshares Worth It?

The False Obstacles to Frugality

Top 10 Ways to Think Like Warren Buffett


6 Characteristics of a Good Long Term Stock

7 Critical Actions to Consider Before Trying to Switch Careers

8 Tax-Saving Tips for Small Businesses

15 Small Moves That Can Lead to Big Savings

All About Store Credit Cards

How to Invest in Silver for Fun and Profits

Signs That You're Carrying Too Much Debt

The Basics of Value Investing

Understanding Self Employment Retirement Plans

Warren Buffett's Investing Advice to the Average Person with Limited Time


Smart Investing: Words of Wisdom From a Legendary Investor

Smart Investing: Words of Wisdom From a Legendary Investor - Worksheet

Smart Investing: Words of Wisdom From a Legendary Investor - PowerPoint

JULY 2014



Achieving balance in my life is important to me

Being a good listener helps me be more patient

Being organized simplifies my life

Each day, I take care of my health

Exercise empowers me

I am comfortable with silence

I am connected with my personal power

I am faithful to myself and others

I believe the universe has a plan for me

I choose to live my life to the fullest

I consider both pros and cons to make the best decision

I feel free to express myself openly

I give in without giving up

I have a magnetic and dynamic personality

I learn from all of my experiences

I live my life based on what is important to me

I open my heart

I see the world with fresh eyes

I seek to be inspired each day

I speak easily and truthfully

I start each day with joy and excitement

I teach myself to be fearless

I think before I speak

I trust my intuition to guide me

In everything I do, success is my goal

My personal interests fulfill me

My values shape my destiny

Passion propels me forward

Spending time with my loved ones recharges me

The more love I give the more I receive


4 Surprising Places to Find Inspiration for Innovation

5 Great Ways to Make Room For New Blessings in Your Life

8 Proven Strategies That Help You Get Through Hopeless Situations

10 Simple Ways to Conserve Your Mental Energy

A Startling Fact About the 3 Biggest Diet Destroyers

A Surprising Method to Find Out the Truth of Your Assumptions

Answers to Work Life Balance and Integration Questions

Are You Being Guided by Your Intuition or Your Ego?

Are you Reacting or Responding?

Break Your Caffeine Addiction and Set Yourself Free

Build Togetherness in Your Family With These Simple Approaches

Choosing Between a Career Advancement Opportunity and a Job You Love

Considering the Werewolf Diet? Read This ...

Develop Mental Toughness Through Physical Fitness

Discover Greater Happiness by Forgiving Others

Discover How Being Unconventional Can Advance Your Career

Feeling Blue at Work? Find Joy in Your Job With These Techniques

Feeling Overwhelmed? Take Back Control with this 6-Step Process

Fight Fatigue With the Power of Yoga

Good Decisions or Quick Decisions? Why Not Both?

How Sticking to Values Results in Easier Decision Making

Learn to Let Go of Trust Issues and Reconnect With Others

Solve Life's Challenges With Your Journal

The Complete Guide to Giving and Getting Respect

The Social Giving Miracle for Those Who Want More Happiness

The Stability Ball Solution for More Fun Working Out

Top 4 Food Strategies to Lift Your Mood

Top 6 Excuses That Limit Your Success

What the Food Pyramid Can Teach You about Communicating Effectively

Who Ever Heard of Quitting Smoking Every Week?


3 Uplifting Meditations on Butterflies

Family Matters: Curbing Arguing and Encouraging Healthy Communication

Show Your Confidence at Work

Show Your Confidence at Work - Checklist

Show Your Confidence at Work - Worksheet



6 Reasons Your Teen Should (Maybe) Get a Job

7 Important Factors That Prepare You for Buying a Home

25 Ways to Build Your Savings

August 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Enjoy More Family Entertainment While Spending Less

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: What Should You Buy in Bulk?

Income Boost Blueprint: Make Money With Fiverr

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Top 10 Stock Market Myths

July 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Think Like an Entrepreneur to Start Your Own Business


3 Personal Finance Apps That Help You Keep Track of Spending

7 Effective Strategies to Reduce Estate Taxes

8 Important Things to Teach Your Child About Money

8 Ways to Invest in Foreign Markets

Build Your Savings with Easy Spending Cuts

Do Stock Prices Really Follow Earnings?

How to Create a Budget Chart to Slice Expenses and Save Money

Income Tax Requirements When Living Out of the Country

Want to be Wealthy? Stop Swapping Your Time for Money

What a Prenuptial Agreement Can and Can't Do


One Change That Guarantees You'll Prosper, Regardless of Your Income

One Change That Guarantees You'll Prosper - Worksheet

One Change That Guarantees You'll Prosper - PowerPoint




Difficult circumstances make me a versatile thinker

Distance clarifies my thinking

Downtime restores me

Focusing on goals teaches me how to make sacrifices

I am a winner before I start the race

I avoid settling for less than what makes me happy

I choose joy

I face the facts

I give myself time to do whatever I want each day

I make every day count

I recognize the beauty in my daily life

I seek solutions

I start every project with a successful end in mind

I strive to understand my emotions

I surround myself with positive thinkers

I work for peace

Letting go sets me free

Living for the moment works for me

Love opens the door to forgiving others

Meditation corrects my vision

My happiness depends on my efforts

My life goals are clear to me

Pampering myself helps clear my mind

Putting things into perspective helps me live a calm life

Seeking support brings me peace of mind

Sunshine and light lift my spirits

Taking action to achieve my goals is important to me

True happiness means being true to myself

When I am physically fit, I feel invincible

When I encounter detours in life, I make the most of them


5 Tips for Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking

7 Great Benefits of Being Alone

8 Strategies to Help You Make New Friends

8 Tips for a Successful First Date

A Parent's Guide to Giving Kids an Allowance

Clothing and Your Feelings: Is There a Connection?

Conquer Your Insecurities to Gain the Confidence and Success You Deserve

Dealing With Needy Friends Made Easy

Find Calm in the Chaos and Transform Your World

Follow These Tips to Help Your Child's Career

How to Bring Out New Aspects of Your Personality

How to Get Along With Your Grown Up Siblings

Is the Fear of Failure Holding You Back from Achieving Success?

Join a Job Club and Get Hired Faster

On Being Authentic

Overcoming Procrastination: 5 Tips for Getting Things Done

Put the Past Behind You: Helpful Tips for Overcoming a Difficult Childhood

Recognize the 3 Kinds of Burnout and Learn How to Fix Them

Refuse to Let Anger Get the Best of You - Learn How to Cope Now

See How Easily You Can Make Wonderful Family Websites and Photobooks

Soar Like an Eagle: Learn How to Break Free from Your Fear of Flying

The 12 Commandments of What to Do After Weight Loss Surgery

The Modern Rules of Rebound Relationships

The Yoga Solution for More Restful Sleep

Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Heights

Top 5 Techniques to Help You Overcome Social Anxiety

Top 7 Tips for Stress-Free Family Vacations

Unlock Your Potential by Overcoming Your Limitations

What You Need to Know About Preeclampsia and Pregnancy

You Can Do It: Understanding and Overcoming Low Self-Esteem


Discover Greater Joy and Happiness: Nurture the Child Within

From Stressed to Mellow with 15-Minute Meditations on Trees

Habits That Relieve Stress and Promote Harmony in Your Life

Habits That Relieve Stress and Promote Harmony in Your Life - Worksheet

The Spotted Rabbit Fable



6 Crowdfunding Mistakes to Avoid

10 Online Tools for Crowdfunding Success

August 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Financial Concerns of Marrying Someone From Another Country

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Amazon Prime

Income Boost Blueprint: Renting Out Your Car

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work for You: ADRs

Money Matters: Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

September 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

The Real Cost of Owning a Dog or Cat


3 Powerful Tips on Personal Investments

3 Proven Strategies for Small Business Owners to Increase Cash Flow

4 Simple Business Ideas for High School Students

5 Tips to Pay Off Your Student Loans in Record Time

5 Ways to Make Money Without Spending a Dime

8 Places to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding Done Right: Two Success Stories

How to Create a Budget Chart for Monthly Expenses With Google Drive

The Stay-At-Home Mom's Guide to Making Money With eBay

The Top 9 Crowdfunding Platforms


Financing Your New Business and Crowdfunding

Financing Your New Business and Crowdfunding - Worksheet

Financing Your New Business and Crowdfunding - PowerPoint




Being different makes me interesting

Boldness defines my approach to every situation

Each day is a learning opportunity for me

Each successful step on my journey indicates that I am on the correct path

Hopefulness results in great opportunities for me

I am at peace with myself

I am free of self-limiting beliefs

I am imbued with abundant self-confidence

I am in the right place

I am my own best cheerleader

I am the architect of my life

I attract abundance

I avoid allowing my emotions to control my decisions

I deliver excellent work when I am under pressure

I display kindness to others like it is my last day on Earth

I embrace my creativity

I expect the unexpected

I follow my passions to achieve success

I live in the present

I radiate poise, charm, and grace

I remain patient when faced with opposition

I stand up for myself in all circumstances

I steer toward abundance

I tackle life's challenges with zeal

My actions speak louder than words

My faith makes me smile

My financial discipline keeps me out of debt

My life keeps getting better

My sacrifices today make tomorrow's achievements worthwhile

Repetition makes me more successful


3 Little Known Truths to Help You Plow Through Tough Times

3 Techniques for Sharpening Your Critical Thinking Skills

4 Strategies for Overcoming Perfectionism

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Do Less and Achieve More

How to Axe Self-Sabotaging Behavior

How to Keep Stress Levels Down When Times Get Tough

How to Live Up to Your Full Potential

How to Use Professional Associations to Advance Your Career

Is Minimalism For You?

Lose Weight Faster by Getting a Food Buddy

Love, Trust, and Snooping

Modern Rules of Conscious Uncoupling

Moving From Inspiration to Action

Remove Fear and Eliminate Many of Your Challenges

Self-Authority: What it Really Means to Believe in Yourself

Side-Stepping a Midlife Crisis: Hold the Hot Rod, Pass the Introspection

Staying Calm in the Midst of Stress and Chaos

Stop Hurrying and Start Living

The Blame Game: Why It Will Only Hold You Back

The Flaw of Comparing Yourself to Others

The Harsh Truth About Normal Weight Obesity

The Secret Connection Between Stretching and Meditation

Use Gratitude to Create a Bounty of Positive Change in Your Life

What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Joints Safe and Healthy


Family Matters: Sending Your Child Off to College

Procrastinate No More and Create the Life You Want

Stop Living Life as a Victim

Stop Living Life as a Victim - Checklist

Stop Living Life as a Victim - Worksheet



6 Ways to Save Money Online

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Never Pay Full Price

How to get a Bank Account After You've Been Rejected

Income Boost Blueprint: Outsourcing

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Investing in Frontier Markets

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Retirement Plans for the Self-Employed

September 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Top Tips for Finding the Best Individual 401(k) Provider


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How to Structure Your Business for Maximum Sales Value at Retirement

Secrets for Getting Negative Items Removed from Your Credit Report

Tips for Climbing Out of Debt and Paying Off Credit Cards

When Is Bankruptcy the Answer to Your Debt Struggles?


Retirement Planning for the Self Employed

Retirement Planning for the Self Employed - Worksheet

Retirement Planning for the Self Employed - PowerPoint




Autumn brings me feelings of peace

Each day I recommit to having an indomitable spirit

Forgiveness cleanses me

Giving enriches me

Humility opens up great opportunities for me

I am committed to spending my money wisely

I am judged by how I treat others

I am responsible for my feelings

I avoid allowing pride to control my actions

I can always find something to feel thankful for

I discover new strengths each day

I keep up with home tasks to live an organized life

I live the life I choose

I pay attention to others

I practice clean living

I practice patience

I release the past

I remain focused at work

I stand up for my beliefs

I tune into my body

I use my time wisely

I value my physical health

My attitude determines what kind of day I have

My faith overcomes my fears

My sincerity inspires trust from others

My spiritual needs take precedence over my material wants

Overcoming challenges is important to me

Reading expands my mind and brings me joy

Small achievements make my heart sing

Uncertainty is good for me


5 Easy Tricks to Conquer Stress at Work

5 Ways to Make Your Job More Meaningful

6 Tips for Dealing With Annoying CoWorkers

7 Steps to Having a Great Day

8 Tips for Taming Your Unruly Toddler

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Mastering the Art of Conversation

Powerful Weight Loss Solutions for Early, Middle, and Late Adopters

Quit Smoking: Useful Tips and Myths Exposed

Relieve Pain and Age Slower With the MELT Method and Natural Strategies

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The Modern Rules of Clean Eating

The Power of Personal Boundaries

Tips for Overcoming Adversity

Top 5 Ways to Develop a Powerful Work Ethic and Get More Done

Top 10 Tips for Enhancing Your Emotional and Mental Health

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Tight Calves


3 Life Changing Meditations about Deserts

20 Ways to Practice Mindfulness

The Forthright Frog Fable

Using Mindfulness to Enhance Your Life

Using Mindfulness to Enhance Your Life - Worksheet



8 Things to Consider When Renting Out Your Home

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Make Your Own Biodiesel Fuel

How to Inexpensively Prepare Your Home for Sale

Income Boost Blueprint: 7 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Computer

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: DOW Plummets

Money Matters: Understanding the Factors of Your Credit Score

November 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

October 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Top 10 Financially Worst Home Improvements

Want a Lower Down Payment on Your Home? Learn About PMI


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Considering Getting a Loan? Learn About Home Equity Loans

Good Reasons for Going into Debt

Helpful Tips for Conquering Your Student Loan Debt

Home Improvements, Repairs, and Taxes

How to Win Big With Rewards Credit Cards

Practical Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

Reasons Your Credit Card Company Thinks Your Card Has Been Stolen

The Top 6 Home Improvements with the Best Return

Tricks Restaurants Use to Make You Spend More


Budget Room Makeovers: Weekend Projects for Under $1000

Budget Room Makeovers: Weekend Projects for Under $1000 - Worksheet

Budget Room Makeovers: Weekend Projects for Under $1000 - PowerPoint




Being self reliant is important to me

Change inspires me to be creative

Each day, I renew my focus on my career goal

Each day, my life is more fulfilling

Encouraging others makes me happy

Growing older means gaining wisdom from my experiences

Hard work produces fruitful results

Honesty gives me a clear conscience

I am in pursuit of excellence

I am naturally inclined to be outgoing

I approach new opportunities with courage

I encourage my peers to do good for others

I find a multitude of ways to express my creativity

I find hope each day

I have the power to overcome hardships

I humbly receive guidance from experts

I keep my life in balance

I maintain friendships with others of like mind

I make room for happiness

I practice selflessness

I refrain from passing judgment

I spend time with my extended family members

I take challenges one day at a time

I treasure solitude

I understand my emotions

It is my responsibility to be kind to others

My body deserves to be cared for

New friends brighten my days

Positive conflict resolution strengthens my relationships

The support I receive from others comforts me


3 Crucial Steps to Healing a Broken Heart

3 Easy Ways to Add Joy to Your Daily Routines

3 Strategies to Let Go of Past Mistakes and Move Forward

5 Chemical-Free Ways to Instantly Lift Your Mood

5 Simple Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals

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9 Steps to Becoming a Supportive Partner

A 5 Minute Guide to Amazing Self Talk

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Are Your Habits Helping or Hurting You?

Banish Clutter and Leave Stress Behind

Break Free From Crippling Self-Doubts With These 3 Tips

Discover How Your Hobby Can Advance Your Career

Discover Why Hope is Power

Finding the Path to Inner Peace

How to Make Important Changes in Your Life

Make Life More Fulfilling by Accepting Others

Modern Rules for Landing a Job Through LinkedIn

Prevent Panic Attacks With This Sure-Fire Process

Set Yourself Free by Leaving Your Past Behind

The Glamping Solution for More Energy Peace and Love

The Plus-Size Person's Solution to Exercise Motivation

The Precrastination Secret for Getting More Done

The Secret to Creating a Sustainable Weight Loss Mindset

Top 4 Tricks to Overcome Procrastinating at Home

Top 10 Ways Gratitude Enhances Your Life

Transform Your Life With the Power of Your Inner Voice

Using Your Severance Package to Amp Up Your Job Search

What the Addams Family Taught Me about Confidence


15 Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Relationship Matters: Negotiating Major Disagreements

The Role Model Guidebook

The Role Model Guidebook - Executive Summary

The Role Model Guidebook - Worksheet



6 Ways to Save on Thanksgiving and Christmas Travel

11 Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

December 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Sharing Your Home

Income Boost Blueprint: Selling Your Photos Online

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work For You: Commodities

Money Matters: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

New Baby? How to Plan Today for College Expenses Tomorrow

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4 Tips to Boost Your Retirement Savings

Avoid These Common Budget Busters and Increase Your Savings

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Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half With These 4 Strategies

Eliminate Your Cable Bill With These 4 Alternatives

Enjoy Greater Financial Power with a Better Budget

Stay Warm This Winter While Slashing Your Electric Bill

Throw a Great New Year's Eve Party on a Budget


A Financial Guidebook for the Holidays

A Financial Guidebook for the Holidays - Worksheet

A Financial Guidebook for the Holidays - PowerPoint




Being adaptable is important to me

Being cheerful makes my day better

Hard work builds strength of mind

I am dedicated to my family

I am forthright with others

I am good natured

I am humble

I avoid allowing pride to prevent me from asking for help

I enjoy expressing my creativity

I finish every project I start

I keep my cool when drama erupts

I keep my mind free from turmoil

I maintain humility through all my achievements

I rise above my circumstances

I show my appreciation to others

I stay active to remain healthy

I strive to live an extraordinary life

I understand my vulnerabilities

Living in the moment enriches my life

Love drives all my relationships

My confidence is strong

My hand is always outstretched to help those in need

My motives are clearly stated

My positive attributes shine through each day

My sense of individualism is strong

My smile helps to make life better for those who receive it

Offering forgiveness is a worthwhile feat

Peace and joy are mine

Peace fills my soul each day

When one door closes, I find another way in


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7 Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

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9 Great Ways to Deal with Difficult People

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Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Free Yourself from a Self-Imposed Prison

Creating an Evening Routine to Boost Your Success

Develop Positive Habits the Easy Way by Using Choice Bias

Embrace Your Quirky Side and Thrive

Free Yourself from the Past

How to Double Your Creativity

How to Spend More Time Offline, Even if You Love Cat Videos

Learn to be Less Defensive

The Make Up Miracle for Couples Who Argue

The Modern Rules for Building Support Between You and Your Coworkers

The Power of Forgiveness

The Stress-Free Youth Sports Solution for Parents and Children

The Surprising Link Between Productivity and Happiness

The Truth About Fitness Bands and How to Use Them to Step Up Your Workouts

Top 10 Benefits of Minimalist Living

Top 10 Strategies to Reduce Anxiety

Top 10 Things to Tell Yourself to Boost Your Confidence

Top 10 Ways to Foster Close Relationships with Extended Family Members

What To Do When You Don't Know What You Want

What Twinkies Can Teach About Resiliency

You're Getting Older: How to Age Gracefully


4 Illuminating Meditations Inspired By Glass

Small Changes, Big Impact: Quick and Easy Actions That Will Change Your Life

Small Changes, Big Impact: Quick and Easy Actions That Will Change Your Life - Worksheet

The Persevering Puppy Fable

Top 10 Small Changes With a Big Impact



6 Ways to Protect Your Credit

9 Habits of Financially Successful People

December 2014 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Save on Utilities

How to Survive Without Credit

Income Boost Blueprint: Part-Time Gift Wrapping Service

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January 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: How to get a Checking Account With Poor Credit

Signs That Bankruptcy Might be Worth Consideration


6 Ways to Lower Your Cost When Renting a Car

7 Signs You're Headed for Financial Disaster

8 Strategies to Help You Purchase a Home With Poor Credit

Discover How to Survive a Divorce With Your Finances Intact

Financial Rules You Should Reconsider

How Does Divorce Affect Your Debts?

How to Pass Your Life Insurance Medical Exam and Get Your Best Rate

The Advantages and Pitfalls of Credit Counseling

Top 5 Costs That Retirees Often Fail to Foresee

Top 8 Financial Advantages of Being in the Military


Go Head to Head With Debt Collectors and Come Out Smiling

Go Head to Head With Debt Collectors and Come Out Smiling - Worksheet

Go Head to Head With Debt Collectors and Come Out Smiling - PowerPoint




Being honest allows me to gain respect from others

Developing a positive attitude results in positive experiences

Generosity to others helps me appreciate what I have

I allow myself to be guided by my intuition

I am confident enough to avoid self doubt

I approach challenges with impenetrable faith

I avoid allowing guilt to steal my happiness

I avoid being tempted by unhealthy habits

I avoid worrying about things I am unable to change

I change my life by transforming myself

I cultivate inner beauty

I exercise prudence to ensure my responsibilities are met

I give myself an A for effort

I live my life with my heart wide open

I make time in my days for enjoyment

I process my emotions constructively

I set a reasonable pace for work to avoid burnout

I shake up my routine

I wait patiently with expectation

Music energizes me

My decisive nature prevents me from having second thoughts

My inner attributes are more important than my outer appearance

My inner dialog is kind and supportive

My life gives me so much to smile about

My success in life is my responsibility

Patience on the road to success helps me enjoy the ride

Persistence keeps me focused when progress towards my goals seems slow

Productive energy flows through me

There is a positive lesson in each situation I face

Thinking about positive truths results in favorable changes in my life


3 Clever Ways to Get Noticed in a Pool of Job Hunters

4 Key Attitudes for a Happy Life

5 Indicators of a True Friendship

14 Surefire Ways You Can Enhance Your Company's Culture

A Five-Minute Guide to Managing and Preventing Gout

A Simple 3-Step Formula to Extract More Hours From Your Work Day

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All About Dolphin Parenting

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Unstructured Play?

At a Crossroads in Your Relationship? Three Signs That It's Time to Let Go

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How to Network Like a Boss Even If You're Unemployed

How to Prioritize if You Have Trouble Focusing

Make Resistance Band Exercises Work for You

Partake in Office Social Festivities Without Over Indulging

Robot-Proof Your Job Today for Greater Job Security Tomorrow

Skate Your Way to Weight Loss Fitness and Freedom

Stuck in an Unrewarding Career? Find the Way Out With These Four Ideas

The Color Coded Path to Healthy Eating

The Modern Rules for Intergenerational Friendships

The Temporary Employee's Solution to Feeling Like Part of the Team

The Top 5 Ways to Nurture a Healthy Body Image

The Truth About Media Multitasking

Unsure About Your Career Choice? 3 Ways to Know You're on the Right Track

What Everyone Ought to Know About Functional Medicine

What Frozen Taught Me about Love, Sisterhood, and Snowmen

What Mary Poppins Taught Me About Time Management

When Less is More - A Guide to Knowing When to Self-Promote

Who Else Wants To Have More Eureka Moments?

Your Complete Guide to Metabolic Syndrome


4 Thrilling Meditations Inspired By Roller Coasters

14 Bedtime Rituals for Better Sleep

21 Things To Do Before Breakfast So You Feel Happy All Day

30 Minutes to Greater Success: Winning Routines to Start & End Your Day

30 Minutes to Greater Success: Winning Routines to Start & End Your Day - Worksheet



17 Constructive Things To Do on a Day Off Without Spending Money

Charitable Donations and Taxes

Creating SMART Financial Goals

February 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Reduce Health Care Expenses

Income Boost Blueprint: Make Money Writing Kindle EBooks

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Taxes and Investing

January 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: ETFs vs. Mutual Funds

Take Control of Your Finances With A 30-Day, Step by Step Plan - Checklist


6 Effective Options for Consolidating Your Debt

7 Habits of Successful Savers

8 Financial Goals to Aim For in Your 20's

8 Steps to Becoming a Top Earner in Your Field

10 Sideline Sources of Income That You Can Earn From Home

Expenses That You Forgot to Include in Your Budget

How to Determine Your Financial Health

How to Stop Fighting Over Money

Is it Better to Save Money or Pay Off Your Debt?

Top 4 Types of Insurance You May Need - And 3 You Don't


Take Control of Your Finances With A 30-Day, Step by Step Plan

Take Control of Your Finances With A 30-Day, Step by Step Plan - Worksheet

Take Control of Your Finances With a 30-Day, Step by Step Plan - PowerPoint




Challenges excite me

Each day, I grow stronger in mind body and soul

Good things happen to me because I live with positive expectation

I am achieving my dreams each day

I am calm, centered, and relaxed

I am confident in my ability to succeed

I am free to choose to be happy

I am willing to forgive others who hurt me

I appreciate small successes that lead to greater goals

I avoid holding on to anger

I believe in my ability to handle life's challenges

I believe in my heart's capacity to love

I eliminate the root of negative mindsets

I forgive quickly and easily

I grow in wisdom and strength each day

I have the peace of mind needed to adapt to unexpected situations

I have the power to reach my goals

I have unlimited creativity, drive, and motivation

I live in prosperity and abundance

I love my life and the opportunity to learn more each day

I love myself because I am worthy of love

I open up to others

I take advantage of unexpected delays

I trust my instincts

It makes me happy to serve the needs of others

My faith creates my reality

My heart is big

Peace rules my daily thoughts and actions

There is a season in life for everything I want to achieve

Wisdom prevents me from making decisions based on emotion


4 Steps to Increase Your Leadership Skills

7 Tricks to Boost Your Memory

8 Habits That Guarantee Success

8 Speedy Tips to Help You Read Faster With Better Recall

9 Beliefs That Make Life Easier and Success More Likely

9 Essential Questions That Facilitate Self-Growth

12 Secrets to Accepting Compliments - Even if They Make You Blush

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How Do You Self Soothe? It Matters!

How to Overcome Laziness and Get Things Done

Make Distracting Thoughts Work for You

Managing Liquid Calories Made Easy

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Set New Boundaries and Enjoy Healthier Relationships

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Top 10 Strategies to Overcome Anger and Gain Peace

Uplift Your Mood With These 6 Gratitude-Building Strategies

Win the Battle of the Bulge: 7 Tips to Increase Self-Control

Zap Stress With These 5 Tips to Increase Your Patience


4 Healing Meditations Inspired by Band Aids

Assertiveness Training 101: Get What You Want and Others Will Like It

Assertiveness Training 101: Get What You Want and Others Will Like It - Checklist

Assertiveness Training 101: Get What You Want and Others Will Like It - Worksheet

The Productive Ant Fable



7 Ways to Use Your Spirituality to Help Your Business Thrive

Ask Yourself These Questions to Discover Your Passions

February 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Car Maintenance

Income Boost Blueprint: Automobile Detailing Service

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Bull and Bear Markets

March 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Portfolio Changes for Retirement

Spring Forward to New Income

The High Cost of Clutter


8 Facts You Must Know Before Investing

8 Warning Signs Your Stock Might be Preparing to Tumble

15 Ways to Have a Great Valentine's Day on a Budget

Apply Intuition to Your Investments and See Greater Profits

Can the Cloud be Trusted With Your Financial Information?

Common Insurance Buying Mistakes

Getting to the Bottom of Prepaid Funeral Contracts

How to Choose an Online Broker

Learn This One Shopping Habit Now to Avoid Hating Yourself Later

Sail Past These 6 Obstacles to Making Money With Your Passion


Discover Your Spiritual Side and Enjoy Greater Wealth

Discover Your Spiritual Side and Enjoy Greater Wealth - Worksheet

Discover Your Spiritual Side and Enjoy Greater Wealth - PowerPoint

MARCH 2015



A compassionate heart makes me a conscientious giver

Activity strengthens my body and mind

Catering to my own happiness is the first step in making others happy

Each step I take moves me further away from my challenges

Happiness lives within me

Having faith makes my tough situations manageable

I am confident in my ability to find solutions

I complete what I start

I face the truth

I feel wealthy when I count the blessings that many take for granted

I keep a cool and steady head

I keep my promises

I listen to my heart

I push past discomfort

I radiate good vibes

I seize opportunities

I take sensible risks

I tread the path to financial freedom

Listening to others helps me develop wisdom

My life choices are linked to my passion

My life depicts stability

My soul holds the key to positive living

My work hones my skills

Overcoming obstacles helps me develop hopefulness

Quiet times bring out my creative side

Showing love to the needy is a great way for me to give back

Success is my teacher

Taking risks brings me fulfillment

The less fortunate are worth my support and protection

The world is what I make it


5 Benefits of Planning Ahead When Your'e Trying to Eat Healthy

5 Coping Skills for Dealing With the Death of a Loved One

5 Tips to Overcome the Emotional Devastation of Divorce

8 Keys to Rewarding Relationships

8 Strategies for Successfully Dealing With Rejection

8 Ways to Fuel Your Motivation

A 5-Step Process to Turn a Deadline Into a Walk in the Park

A Fool-Proof Formula for Stimulating Your Natural Curiosity

A Parent's Guide to Lengthening Your Child's Attention Span

A Parent's Guide to Rewarding Your Child's Good Behavior

A Practical Guide for Siblings Who Share Caregiving for Aging Parents

Are You Limiting Your Success by Making These 8 Mistakes?

Become More Likable and Enhance Your Life

Build a Strong Work Ethic and Get Things Done

Choice vs. Chance: Which Way Are You Living Your Life?

Complete Planning Kit for Losing Weight Without Feeling Deprived

Do You Know How to Apologize Effectively?

Do You Want to Talk about the Future of Your Relationship?

How to Impress a Boss You Rarely See

Learn How to Change Jobs Without Losing Your Social Life

Reap the Benefits of Staying Focused at Work

Say Goodbye to Losing Your Cool at Work

Strategies to Increase Your Luck

The Busy Woman's Solution to Living Meditatively

The Essentials of Personal Transformation

The Modern Rules For Matchmaking

Tired of Sleepless Nights When You Have a Cold? Try These Tips for Relief

Top 10 Tips for Staying Motivated When You're Unemployed

Train for Strength Without Injuring Your Joints

What Every Baby Boomer Ought to Know about Fitness Centers


4 Healing Meditations for Coping with Illness

Strengthen Your Relationship With Reflections on Love

Strengthen Your Relationship With Reflections on Love - Worksheet

The Calm and Kind Cucumber Fable

Wizard of Oz Guide to Brains, Hearts, and Courage



6 Unique Ways to Pay for College

April 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Are Savings Bonds Ever a Good Investment?

Checklist for Choosing an Index Fund

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Wash Dry Clean Only Clothes at Home

Income Boost Blueprint: Local Tour Guide

Index Funds - Your International Investing Solution

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Top 10 Investing Mistakes

March 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Credit Unions vs. Banks


4 Index Fund Portfolios That Make Sense

6 Important Differences Between Index Funds and ETFs

6 Steps to Financial Stability

Are Your Friends and Family a Threat to Your Finances?

Be Prepared for Tax Time With These Tips

Changes in 2015 That Affect Your Finances

How to Use Your Investments to Help the World and Still Make Good Profits

Should Index Funds Be Your Only Investments?

Top 10 Financial Skills That Will Carry You Through Challenging Times

When Does it Make Sense to Take Advantage of Credit Card Offers?


Learn These Crucial Differences in Index Funds and Enjoy Greater Profits

Learn These Crucial Differences in Index Funds and Enjoy Greater Profits - Worksheet

Learn These Crucial Differences in Index Funds and Enjoy Greater Profits - PowerPoint

APRIL 2015



Exercise helps me to achieve mental clarity

Forgiveness is my sanctuary

Happy memories keep me going through difficult times

I acknowledge the love from my parents

I am an everlasting force of nature

I am centered

I am confident in my ability to modify my diet

I attract splendor

I convert my wish lists into task lists for achievement

I convert stress into action

I create a positive environment at work

I embrace change in my relationships with siblings

I employ strategies to avoid being intimidated by new challenges

I have kindness in my heart for sick friends and family members

I help my friends when they face challenges

I keep my eye on the big picture

I practice transparency with my family and friends

I stay connected with my long time friends

I use goal setting to counter uncertainty

I wake up each day with a renewed sense of love for the world

Making new friends helps to broaden my scope

Mental challenges help me to develop strategic thinking

My body deserves to be treated like a temple

My imagination is unlimited

My smile is contagious

My unique skills are helping me reach new levels of success

My views on life drive my personal decisions

Satisfaction comes from doing my best

Unexpected turns of events encourage me to think on my feet

Winning fairly gives me a great sense of accomplishment


5 Excuses That Derail Success

6 Key Food Safety Tips to Stay Healthy

6 Time Management Tips to Create More Leisure Time

10 Characteristics of Great Leaders

10 Tips to Looking and Feeling Confident

11 Secrets from Seniors on Finding Lasting Love

11 Ways to Live in the Moment

13 Quick Ways to Soothe Dry Eyes and Protect Your Sight

13 Simple Ways to Shake Off the Jitters Before a Job Interview

16 Healthy Habits to Form Before Your Next Birthday

A Parent's Guide to Preparing Your Child for Sleepaway Camp

Change Your Email Habits and See Your Productivity Skyrocket

Do You Recognize the 3 Main Trouble Spots for Osteoporosis?

Effective Goal-Setting Step-by-Step

Extend Your Range of Motion in One Month or Less

Get Rid of Environmental Triggers that Make You Gain Weight

How to Kickstart a Healthier Diet with Help from Technology

How to Use Job Shadowing to Boost Your Career

Jump-Start Your Day in 20 Minutes Flat

Make Personal Mission Statements Work for You

Read This Before Your Ex Finds a New Partner

Relieve Stress at Work with Natural Remedies and Feel Better All Day

The Exercise Journal Miracle for Women Who Keep Meaning to Exercise

The Keys to Overcoming Adversity

The Procrastination Explanation

Top 9 Invigorating Tricks for Having More Energy Every Day

Top 10 Advantages of Being an Introvert

Top 12 Mood Boosting Foods to Try on a Budget

Unleash Your Hidden Powers of Critical Thinking

Who Else Wants to Feel More Inspired?


3 Cheerful Meditations Inspired by Bowling

20 Ways to Enhance Your Happiness

Happiness 101: A Modern Guide to Bringing More Joy Into Your Life

Happiness 101: A Modern Guide to Bringing More Joy Into Your Life - Worksheet

Relationship Matters: Long Distance Romance



5 Financial Tips for Outdoor Barbecues

6 Tips to Kick Negative Financial Habits

6 Ways to Save on Vacation Travel

April 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Lower Your Cell Phone Costs

Income Boost Blueprint: Design and Teach a Course

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Tax Efficient Investments

Making Financial Changes: 6 Tricks for Minimizing the Fight or Flight Response

May 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Funds for College


6 Techniques to Educate Your Small Children About Money

6 Ways to Save Big with a Simple Savings Jar

7 Financial Habits That Will Keep You Poor

7 Personal Finance Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Mortgage

10 Unusual Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

Are you Passing These Financial Habits on to Your Children?

Don't Get Married Without Asking Your Partner These 8 Finance Questions

How a Pet Can Qualify for Tax Deductions

Protect Your Earnings With a Disability Policy That's Right for You

Which Financial Habits Will Help You The Most?


Baby Steps: The Key to a Bright Financial Future

Baby Steps: The Key to a Bright Financial Future - Worksheet

Baby Steps: The Key to a Bright Financial Future - PowerPoint

MAY 2015



Each project I start is worth the effort to complete

I accept others for who they are

I am comfortable with my appearance and acknowledge my beauty

I am surrounded by loving friends

I appreciate my ability to remain calm during turbulent times

I attract the healing power of nature to strengthen my physical condition

I choose roles in life that benefit from my value

I embrace new sources of energy to give me strength

I have the courage to pursue a new career outside my usual field

I increase my self esteem by focusing on my positive qualities

I make time to help people who are experiencing hardships

I stay true to my values regardless of the circumstances

I treasure each moment with those who are special in my life

I treat my body like my closest ally

I trust my decisions

Kind words break barriers

Life lessons come from the most unexpected sources

Meditation quiets my mind when I am stressed

My dreams are alive because I constantly re-commit to them

My inner success comes from letting go

My journey is supported by the strong foundation of family

My marriage is evolving into a more stable and loving relationship

My mind and body work as one to achieve my career goals

My patience carries me through family reunions

Personal growth gives me a sense of achievement

Self control helps me differentiate between wants and needs

Support from my friends and family helps me to persevere

The end of one chapter precedes the beginning of another

Uniqueness comes from knowing my worth

Unpredictable occurrences bring out my creative side


5 Body Image Lessons from Fitness Experts

7 Attributes of Great Leaders

12 Happy Hour Alternatives for Connecting with CoWorkers

Add These Foods to Your Diet to Power Up Your Brain

Advance Your Career by Raising Your Visibility Outside the Office

Back to Basics: Visual Journaling

Deliberate Practice: How to Use it to Your Advantage

Discover Why Your Life is Stuck and Gain the Freedom to Move On

Enhance Your Health With Better Communication With Your Doctor

From Dream to Reality in 9 Steps

Gratitude: The Surprising Solution to Better Health

How to Eat Like an Athlete for Better Health

How to Relax in Less Than 30 Minutes with Reflexology

How to Spot Hidden Depression in Loved Ones

Learn to Trust Again and Bring More Joy Into Your Life

Lose Weight By Increasing Your Energy Expenditure

Make TGIF Workouts Work for You

Never Have a Bad Day Again

Prevent Burnout with Simple Strategies from Psychologists

Relationship Advice for Dealing with Creative Partners

The Portion Control Solution for Dieters Who've Tried It All

The Power of Consistency

The Weight Loss Solution for Women Who Love Spicy Foods

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat More Vegetables

Top 10 Tips for Getting Ahead at Work

Top Tips from Scientists to Avoid Procrastination

What Big Data Can Teach You About Love and Friendship

What Every Parent Ought to Know About Measles

What You Can Learn From the Difficult People in Your Life

Why It May be Important to You to be Wealthy


13 Essential Secrets to Appearing Confident

Empowering Diet Tips to Help You Eat Clean

Empowering Diet Tips to Help You Eat Clean - Worksheet

Family Matters: Sharing Household Chores

The Beautiful Cardinal Fable



6 Negative Money Beliefs and Their More Helpful Alternatives

A Checklist for Finding and Eliminating an Unsupportive Financial Belief

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Make Clipping Coupons Fun

Income Boost Blueprint: Power Washing Services

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work For You: Margins 101

June 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

May 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: A Car Loan that is Right for You

Prepare Your Home for a Quick Profitable Sale

Top 12 Tips for Selling Your Home in Tough Times


6 Essential Tasks for Financial Stability During Retirement

7 Hidden Benefits of Using a Credit Card

8 Ways to Save Money on Family Road Trips

Basic Tips for Beginners Investing in Real Estate

Boost Your Financial Success With Meditation

Common Money Beliefs That Aren't True

Financial Advice for Medical Care on Cruise Ships

How to Protect Your Money While Using Mobile Payment Apps

Top 10 Highly Effective Personal Finance Habits

Top Fixes to Increase the Value of Your Home


Financial Therapy: Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life

Financial Therapy: Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life - Worksheet

Financial Therapy: Change Your Money Beliefs and Change Your Life - PowerPoint

JUNE 2015



Building up others strengthens me

Each day I strive to become the person I want to be

Even though we are grown, I remain close to my siblings

Gratitude softens my heart

I am capable of giving up a bad habit with the support of friends

I am confident in my ability to pass a difficult exam

I am confident my business can expand and be successful

I am kind and supportive to my friends

I am patient with my children

I appreciate myself

I can let go of my anger toward a bully

I cherish my relationship with my grandparents

I cultivate positive relationships with my in laws

I embrace new opportunities to travel abroad for work

I have the courage to stand up to those who belittle me

I listen more than I talk

I look forward to each new day with a passion

I make friends easily and readily

I remember my roots

I seek solutions

I stay calm

I strive to look my best each day

I take part in charitable events

I tune in to my body

Loving thoughts fill my mind

My family is a unique, precious gift that I value and appreciate

My hardships make me stronger

My relationships are built on teamwork

Restful nights replenish me

Wise friends and family members surround me


7 Mental Blocks That Limit Success

12 Ways to Cope With a Crowded Gym

14 Things You Can Do This Weekend to Advance Your Career

A Guide for Parents Who Want to Strengthen Their Child's STEM Skills

A Parent's Guide to Child-Proofing Your Diet

Are You Dealing With Discomfort in a Skillful Manner?

Break Free of Social Pressure and Be Your Own Person

Break the Cycle of Excessive Busyness

Direct Experience vs. Mental Simulation: You Might be Fooling Yourself

Discover Your Passion Project and Enrich Your Life

Don't Ask for Career Advice Until You Read This

Enjoy Greater Happiness and Success by Managing Your Expectations

Fighting Boredom Made Easy

How Does the Law of Cause and Effect Really Impact Your Life?

How to Make Envy Work for You

If You Don't Deal with Financial Stress Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Introduce Your Kids to Art With 12 Activities They'll Love

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy?

Is Your Average Day Enhancing Your Life?

Learn How to Work With a Boss Who Used to Be Your Coworker

Living Braver Made Easy

Plan a Second Honeymoon You Both Will Love

The A to Z Guide to Becoming More Optimistic

The Modern Rules for Rebuilding Trust after You've Been Laid Off

The Power of Raising Your Standards

The Truth about Fasting and How to Do It Safely

Top 10 Ways to Maintain Perspective During Challenging Times

What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About How Pets Affect Your Health

What Would You Do With Unlimited Resources?

Who Else Wants to Snack Smarter?


3 Sweet Meditations Inspired by Cupcakes

How to Stay Healthy on a Crowded College Campus

How to Stay Healthy on a Crowded College Campus- Worksheet

Relationship Matters: Do You Have a Shy Partner? Try These Tips

The Fretful Frog Fable



5 Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Investments

5 Ways to Save Money on Summer Fun for the Kids

8 Tips for Making Your Money Go Further

Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Get more for your money at the pump

Income Boost Blueprint: Make Money with YouTube

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Real Estate vs. Stock Market

July 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

June 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: How to Invest Wisely While Still Paying Your Bills


6 Smart Financial Strategies to Start Using in Your 20s

A Quick Guide to Obtaining Healthcare Coverage

From Hobby to Home Business in Five Steps

How Technology Can Help You Trim Your Expenses

How to Negotiate With Your Credit Card Company in Good Times and Bad

Note Investing: The Lesser Known Way to Gain Exposure to Real Estate

Retirement Planning: 5 Good Reasons to Save for Your Golden Years

The Beginner's Guide to Balancing a Portfolio

Top 10 Tips for Taking Back Control of Your Finances

What Kind of Life Insurance Product is Right For You?


Essential Personal Finance Tips You Didn't Learn in School

Essential Personal Finance Tips You Didn't Learn in School - Worksheet

Essential Personal Finance Tips You Didn't Learn in School - PowerPoint

JULY 2015



Being charitable helps me to appreciate my blessings

Challenges spark my imagination

Doubts awaken me

Expressing my honest feelings results in a clear conscience

Fear is an illusion

Focusing on the goal at hand helps me to avoid distractions

Freedom is within my reach

I am able to hear my intuition speak during difficult times

I am courageous in asking for the opportunities I want

I am ready for a life-altering move

I am sensitive to the needs of others

I believe every cell in my body is healthy

I call on my strengths

I carefully consider my options when making important decisions

I cherish my relationships with my cousins

I embrace simplicity

I exemplify brotherly love

I live according to my faith

I make amends

I make smart food decisions at restaurants

I naturally connect with others to form positive relationships

I plan ahead

I surround myself with positive energy

I take time to relax after a stressful day at work

I trust my body during a difficult workout

My body responds efficiently when I take good care of it

My sincerity shines in my words

Negotiation is one of my strengths

Positive energy surrounds me

Progress with my fitness goals motivates me to keep training


4 Ways to Start Off Your Week with Less Stress

6 Advantages of Having a Mentor and How to Find One for You

6 Strategies to Help Your Child Let Go of Non-Essential Items

6 Surprising Benefits of Stress

7 Tips to Help You Juggle School and Work Successfully

8 Easy Ways to Boost Your Career

8 Simple Ways to Nurture Long Distance Relationships

8 Ways to Make Your Workout More Fun

A Couple's Guide To Working Towards Goals with Your Spouse

Ancient Secrets for Giving Without Burnout

Are Attachments Limiting Your Success?

Are You Ever Nervous about Talking with Your Doctor?

Back to Basics: Networking Inside Your Company

Discover In-Season Foods That Benefit Your Health and Budget

Discover the Benefits of a Weekend Without Television

Fundamental Rules for Dating After Divorce

Grow Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Grace

How to Survive Your Partner's Layoff

Make Company Retreats Work for You

Modern Rules for Job Shadowing

Rekindle the Romance: How to Reconnect With Your Partner

Release Your Limiting Beliefs and Attract Abundance

Secrets to Keeping Family Traditions Alive

Tap the Power of Your Mind to Lose Weight Effortlessly

The Harsh Truth about Sitting and How to Reduce the Health Risks

The Modern Rules of Sun Safety

Top 10 Profound Life Changes You Can Experience by Meditating

Top Tips for Enjoying Healthy Breakfasts

What Dollar Store Shopping Can Teach You About Being Successful


3 Meditation Techniques That Fit Into Your Busy Schedule

14 Easy Habits that Build Mental Strength

25 Loving Words to Say to Your Spouse

From Social Anxiety to Social Butterfly in 90 Days

From Social Anxiety to Social Butterfly in 90 Days - Worksheet



5 Ways to Create Money For Summer Outings

August 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Ensure Retirement Income With Immediate Annuities

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Save on Summer Childcare

Growth vs. Value Investing

How to Finance a Vacation Home

Income Boost Blueprint: In-Home Daycare

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Choosing a Retirement Plan

July 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Higher Education Expenses - How to Begin Saving for a Newborn


7 Important Financial Actions for Widows and Widowers

7 Ways to Simplify Your Finances

8 Advantages of Prepaid Debit Cards

A Beginner's Guide for Determining the Value of Commercial Real Estate

Advantages and Disadvantages of Automatic Bill Paying

Dealing With Debt in Retirement

Discover Your Financial Values and Find Life More Fulfilling

Learn to Avoid Common Money Scams and Sleep Better Tonight

Records to Keep, Records to Shred

Value Investing 101


One Word That Will Change Your Perspective on Personal Finance-And Your Results

One Word That Will Change Your Perspective on Personal Finance-And Your Results-Worksheet

One Word That Will Change Your Perspective on Personal Finance-And Your Results-PowerPoint




Deadlines push me to be more efficient

Each and every day I make the person I love feel extra special

Each day offers a chance for me to live my best life

Each mistake I make offers a learning experience for me

I am comfortable with my weight

I am confident that I can find my soul mate

I am emotionally mature

I am proud to make an honest living

I am winning the battle against junk food

I break unpopular news to others with consideration and tact

I cherish my supportive relationships

I draw inspiration from the most unlikely sources

I give myself room to grow and heal from past wounds

I have a healthy relationship with spending

I have conquered emotional eating

I invest wisely

I maintain a happy, peaceful environment in my home

I make a positive difference in the lives of children

I make others happy, one small gesture at a time

I make time to listen to the thoughts of the less privileged

I manage stress with exercise

I show that I care for others

I take the time to share warm sentiments with my loved ones

Laying the foundation today helps me prepare for a successful future

My empathy brings comfort to others

My exercise routine helps me achieve new levels of wellbeing

My finances are organized and easy to track

My partner is the ideal person for me

Smiling enhances my communication

Success through hard work trumps easy rewards


7 Strategies That Help You Break Free From Your Soda Addiction

10 Activities You Can Do to Learn Parenting Skills Before Having a Family

11 Ways to Let Your Parents Know You Care

13 Practical Ways to Live Out Your Dreams Without Quitting Your Day Job

A Parent's Guide for Empowering Your Child Against Bullying

A Woman's Guide to Mid-Life Friendships

Add Ancient Grains to Your Diet and Reap the Health Benefits

Are You at Risk for These Smartphone Dangers?

Are You Worried About Cheating?

Don't Let the Buffet Ruin Your Diet! Learn These Secrets for Smart Choices

Easy Tips to Brighten Your Home and Enhance Your Mood

Essential Superfoods for Senior Citizen Diets

Get the Most From Your Education With These 10 Smart Strategies

Healthy Diet Changes for the First Trimester of Pregnancy

How to Apply What You Read in Self-Help Books

How to Help Your Teen Overcome Shyness

How to Stay in Shape while Healing from an Injury

Keeping Up Your Energy While You Lose Weight

Learn to Recognize Emotional Manipulation by Family Members

Lose Weight at Work with Easy, Portable Snacks

Rebuild Your Confidence After a Job Setback and Boost Your Career

Simple Foods That Help With Hydration

Strengthen Your Relationship by Nurturing Vulnerability

Surprising Health Reasons for Avoiding Vegetables

Top 10 Communication Skills for a Loving Environment at Home

Top 10 Ways to Demonstrate Your Ability to Handle Pressure at Work

Top Relationship Maintenance Secrets from Working Mothers

Try These Unusual Treatments for Chronic Pain and Feel Better

Work With Your Body's Natural Processes to Control Hunger Pangs on a Diet

Working Successfully with a Boss who Micro-Manages


3 Unusual Meditations Inspired by Cheese

25 Ways to Lead Others

Frannie The Focused Fish Fable

Leadership: Become the Leader You've Always Wanted to Be

Leadership: Become the Leader You've Always Wanted to Be - Worksheet



August 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Save Big on Groceries With a Freezer

How to Create an Estate Plan

How to Recognize Fake IRS Collection Calls

Income Boost Blueprint: Bed & Breakfast

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Rental Properties

Money Matters: How to Negotiate a Hospital Bill

Protect Your Foreign Investments With Currency Hedging

September 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Tips for Identifying Stocks for Short Positions


8 Tips for New Graduates Still Looking for a Job

9 Important Medicare Mistakes to Avoid

9 Ways to Easily Increase Your Retirement Savings

10 Ways to Save for a Vacation

How the Changes in Credit Reporting Will Affect You

Learn the 4 Primary Types of Risk and Make Wiser Investment Decisions

Live Like You're Wealthy on a Budget

Market Neutral Mutual Funds: Are They Right for You?

Top 10 Crucial Financial Strategies for Millennials

Why Index Funds Often Outperform Hedge Funds


Reduce Investment Risk with Market Neutral Strategies

Reduce Investment Risk with Market Neutral Strategies - Worksheet

Reduce Investment Risk with Market Neutral Strategies - PowerPoint




Challenges build drive

Creative thinking replaces worry

I accept changes in my physical abilities

I am able to balance my work with my personal life

I am blessed

I am comfortable with my body after giving birth

I am conscious about my food choices

I am open to new, creative ideas for my business

I am ready for new experiences while I travel

I challenge my limits

I cut down on sugar

I embrace wellness as the natural state of my body

I find joy in the simplest things

I find solace in praying

I forgive myself for my relationship mistakes

I live an authentic life

I love surprises

I make my goals public

I make productive use of free time

I reconnect with nature to invigorate my spirit

I release the resentment in my heart

I sacrifice my comfort to help those in need

I share credit

I trust my intuition during a career change

Meditation teaches me about myself

My choices today support my goals for tomorrow

My hobbies brighten my day

New experiences bring excitement instead of apprehension

The beauty of nature reminds me to take it easy on myself

This moment is precious to me


6 Easy Routines to Help Your Family Bond

7 Essential Preventive Health Screenings

8 Thought Patterns That Cloud Your Judgment

8 Ways to Keep Your Mind in Shape

A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child Heal After Divorce

A Tasteful Guide to Dining Out with Food Restrictions

Add Fun to Your Life by Harnessing the Joy of Anticipation

Are These Items Causing Your Fatigue?

Balance Your Independence and Your Marriage for a Happy Equilibrium

Common Chemical Food Additives You Want to Avoid

Create Abundance by Changing Your Habits

Eliminate Your Fear of Failure and Soar to Greater Success

Essential Tips for Rebound Relationships

Give Yourself the Gift of Saying "No" More Often

How to Handle the Interference of Technology in Your Relationships

How to Work a Room Without Feeling Nervous

Life Altering Questions to Ask Yourself

Medication Safety Tips for Seniors Living Alone

Never be Late Again: Tips for Being Punctual

Simple Steps to Preserving Your Marriage During Military Deployment

The Exciting Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

The Lessons Learned From Grief

The Lies You Tell Yourself

The Secret to Working Successfully with Slackers

Tired of Unsolicited Advice? Read This

What a Caveman Can Teach You About Simple Living

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Female Athlete Triad

What Kind of To Do List Works for You?

Why Does Success Elude You? Consider These Top 11 Reasons

You're Never Too Old to Quit Smoking


5 Tips to Rid Yourself of the Social Pressure That Limits Your Life

10 Guidelines for Meditation Success

Hidden Signs of Stress

Make Life More Fulfilling: Discover Your Life Purpose

Make Life More Fulfilling: Discover Your Life Purpose - Worksheet



5 Ways to Help Your Teen Build a Credit History

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Reuse Common Household Items

How to Handle Joint Credit Cards During a Divorce

Income Boost Blueprint: Scrap Metal

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Target-Date Funds

Money Matters: Maximizing College Funds

October 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Pros and Cons of Investing in Foreign Markets

Researching a Company Before Buying Stock: Checklist

September 2015 Personal Finance Calendar


5 Smart Ways to Invest in Green Energy

6 Crucial Strategies for Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

6 Situations Where Paying Off Your Mortgage Isn't Always the Best Strategy

8 Important Differences Between Those With Debt and Those Without

An Introduction to Shareholder Advocacy

Do You Make These Common Investing Mistakes?

Sometimes Its Okay to Drop Your Insurance

Thinking of Quitting Your Job? Be Certain You're Prepared

Top 10 ETFs for a Green Portfolio

Top 10 Ways to Get Your Student Loans Forgiven


Make A Difference With Socially Responsible Investments

Make A Difference With Socially Responsible Investments - Worksheet

Make A Difference With Socially Responsible Investments - PowerPoint




Accountability equals dependability

Being punctual is one way I show my consideration for others

Humility is more authentic than false pride

I accept responsibility for my relationships

I am a rock during life's storms

I am ready for a promotion at my job

I call out my weaknesses

I can accept leadership changes at work

I choose relationships that make me happy

I curiously and bravely face the unknown

I enjoy the benefits of spring cleaning every season

I find joy in my solitude

I judge my success by my own standards

I love freely

Like a good GPS, I constantly reroute for the optimal route

My education is a lifelong commitment to shifting perspectives

My humble beginnings remind me to practice gratitude

My pet teaches me the meaning of loyalty

My positive thoughts create financial prosperity

My warmth is like sunlight

New adventures inspire creativity

Preparing dinner is one method of expressing my love

Professionalism begins in my closet

Running is empowerment

Self-acceptance is a result of being kind to myself

Small achievements serve as motivation to persevere

Spending time alone helps to build my self-confidence

The door is half open

The little things in life often excite me the most

Time management helps me remain composed


6 Myths That Can Prevent You From Finding Love

8 Natural Remedies for Your Sore Muscles

8 Ways to Enhance Self-Love

11 Tips to Self-Motivate

A Completely Different Approach to Venting

A Parent's Guide to Helping Your Introverted Child Enjoy Social Activities

Are You Fighting for Custody? 6 Actions That Can Sabotage Your Case

Ask Yourself These Important Questions Before Getting Married

Create a Compelling Future: Tips for Making Your Bucket List

Do You Believe These Common Misconceptions of Success?

Essential Tips for Aging Well

Everyday Simplicity With 10 Simple Changes

Fail Effectively and You Cant Lose

How to be Less Critical of Yourself and Others

How to Handle Personality Changes in Seniors

How to Sleep Well Even if You Have Night Sweats

Learn to Recognize Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

Looking for a Date? Protect Yourself From Online Dating Scams

Quick Tips on How to End a Meeting

Relieve Stress and Renew Focus on Demand

Rise Above the Naysayers and Live Your Life to the Fullest

Supercharge Your Productivity With These Simple Tips

The Science of Making a Great First Impression

The Secret of Teaching Yourself to Crave Healthy Foods

Top 10 Habits to Eliminate if You Want to be Happy

Top Advice for Hiring a Nanny

Warning Signs Your Teenager is in Serious Trouble

What Every Parent Ought to Know about Science Fairs

Why Are You So Irritable? Learn These Common Causes

You Too can be a Great Conversationalist


5 Fun Meditations Inspired by Playgrounds

25 Ways to Develop a Present Moment Mindset

Develop a Present Moment Mindset and Enjoy Your Life

Develop a Present Moment Mindset and Enjoy Your Life - Worksheet

Family Matters: Dealing with an Addict in the Family



6 Smart Strategies to Help You Plan for Early Retirement

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Switch to a Minimalist Wardrobe for Work

How to Find an Accountant to Help Your Small Business

Income Boost Blueprint: Create and Sell Mobile Apps

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Short-Term Investments

Money Matters: Dealing With Debt Collection Calls

November 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

October 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Things To Do Before Applying for a Mortgage - Checklist

Top 10 Factors That Influence Rental Property Profits


6 Tips for Getting the Most from Membership Services

7 Ways to Protect Yourself From Robocall Scams

A Guide to the USDA's No-Money-Down Programs

A Parent's Guide to Shielding Your Child From Identity Theft

Choosing the Right Mortgage Provider for You

Essential Personal Finance Questions to Ask at a New Job

Get More Retirement Income: Avoid These 7 Social Security Mistakes

REITs: A Way to Invest in Real Estate Without Holding Properties

Selling Your Household Items Online? Read This First

Use These Strategies and Avoid Common Money Mistakes in Your 40s


Investing in Real Estate With Little or No Money Down

Investing in Real Estate With Little or No Money Down - Worksheet

Investing in Real Estate With Little or No Money Down - PowerPoint




Failure is instrumental to my success

Gratitude brings positive relationships

Hope brightens my life

Humility allows me to acknowledge the tiniest blessings

I accept the timing of experiences in my life

I am an oasis in life's desert

I am comfortable in my skin

I ask questions

I avoid taking my health for granted

I discover solutions to my challenges in creative outlets

I find new ways to express my love for others

I live each moment in happiness

I make a difference, one cup of coffee at a time

I plunge ahead

I share my true feelings with others

I surround myself with people who make me smile

I unlock my potential

Life is a tightrope that I confidently walk

My blessings are innumerable

My books are old friends I enjoy being reacquainted with

My efforts are rewarded

My life is an open book

My life is filled with silver lining moments

Outdoor walks increase my clarity

Past challenges make me grateful for each new day

Playing hard tomorrow requires working hard today

Sharing gifts with others brings me joy

Special seasons bring me closer to loved ones

Television is a void I avoid

When the going gets tough, I get stronger


6 Ways to Help Your Children Get a Great Start at Their New School

7 Natural Solutions for Boosting Your Energy

7 Techniques to Enhance Your Eye Contact

8 Mistakes That Derail Your Career

10 Advantages of Being an Early Riser

10 Wonderful Reasons to Meditate

11 Tips to Crush Anxiety

A Parent's Guide to Sharing Hands-On Activities with Your Children

A Surprising Fact about How to Form New Habits

Bored With Your Diet? Try These Unique, Healthy Snacks

Create a Support System That Actually Supports you

Criticize Constructively and Watch Others Adopt Your Suggestions

Discover the Differences Between Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Do You Make These Common Protein Mistakes?

Encourage Healthy Eating by Making Mealtime Fun for Your Kids

Get Out of the House and Rediscover Your Life

Getting Beyond Heartbreak

How to Deal With Text Message Arguments

How to Handle Social Media Accounts After a Breakup

Learn These Important Life Lessons Before It's Too Late

New Ideas for Discovering Your Life's Purpose

Put a Damper on Emotional Eating

Relationship Complaints That Signal Divorce

Strategies for Becoming a Consistent Finisher

The Magic of Deliberate Practice

The Modern Rules for Job Hunting When You're Self-Employed

Top 10 Strategies for Making Your Body Language Work for You

Top Advice From Couples Therapists

Top Tips for Finding and Making New Friends

What Every Weekend Warrior Ought to Know about Fitness


12 Tips for Healthier Relationships

Enhance Your Charisma, Enhance Your Life

Enhance Your Charisma, Enhance Your Life - Worksheet

Relationship Matters: Negotiating to Get What You Want

Thanksgiving Holiday Fable: The Garden Vine Fable



7 Sources for Emergency Cash

10 Must-Have Traits if You Want to be Wealthy

December 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Over-the-Counter Medications

Income Boost Blueprint: Niche Authority Blog

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Active vs. Passive Investing

Money Matters: How to Benefit from a Home Warranty Plan

November 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Purchasing Genuine Gold and Silver Coins or Bullion Checklist

Top 10 Commodities to Invest In


7 Social Media Mistakes That Can Harm Your Career

8 Tips to Protect Your Identity While Holiday Shopping Online

8 Ways to Counteract Lifestyle Creep

Are Your Adult Children Harming Your Retirement Plans?

Beware of Making These Commodities Investing Mistakes

Investing in Precious Metals: Profit With Lesser-Known Options

The 9 Biggest Mistakes of Millennial Savers

The New Investor's Essential Guide to Leverage

Top 10 Money Tips For Newlyweds

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Student Loan Debt


Commodities Investing: Is It Right For You?

Commodities Investing: Is It Right For You? Worksheet

Commodities Investing: Is It Right For You? PowerPoint




Becoming resilient requires confronting adversity

Communication is a key that fits many locks

Confidence is a way of life

Each objective I meet is replaced by a new one

Each project I work on deserves my best performance

Exposure is the best medicine

Frugality is a sacrifice I make as I pursue life goals

I always make time for writing a loved one

I carefully plan the paths I choose

I choose my own friends, regardless of the opinions of others

I choose to be successful

I have a keen sense of loyalty

I love to see others succeed

I passionately embrace what life throws my way

I regularly search for weeds in the garden of my mind

I search for opportunities to grow

Just as others help me, I am the wind in their sails when they need it

Life is a house and I choose the building materials

Listening to music lifts my spirits

My soul remains youthful

On stormy days, I revel in the sustenance of the rain

Refreshing my perspective is as simple as painting the walls

Setting priorities helps me to be patient with goals

Sometimes being a team member requires taking the lead

Thankfulness helps me to take success in stride

The quietness of alone time allows me to be introspective

The road to happiness is as long or short as I make it

The seasons inspire me to accept change

Traveling inspires me to experience more

Treating others with courtesy opens doors to positive relationships


3 Quick Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem

7 Energizing Activities to Kick-Start Your Day

7 Steps to Personal Growth

8 Tips for Building a Healthy Self Image

8 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Fears

9 Ways to Make Time for What's Important to You

10 Techniques That Build Confidence and Self-Esteem in Your Children

14 Personal Referral Strategies to Land a Job or Advance Your Career

A Parent's Guide to Easing the Stress of Moving with Children

Expand Your Comfort Zone and Experience Real Change

Feeling Lazy? 9 Ways to Re-Energize

Give Yourself the Gift of Gab and Reap the Benefits

How to Build and Maintain Meaningful Relationships

Keys to Personal Development: Be the Tortoise and Win

Live Your Life on Purpose and Get the Most out of Each Day

Manage Negative Experiences Effectively and Bounce Back From Challenges

Master Reflective Thinking to Maximize Your Progress

Move From Anger to Equanimity in 10 Steps

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Say Goodbye to Work Guilt

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The Shared Laughter Miracle for Couples Who Want to Stay Close

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Understanding the Long Recovery Process from Grief

What Dog Training Can Teach You about Personal Growth

What Will You Do When Your Child Wants a Part Time Job?

Who Else Wants to Go Pegan?

Worst Contact Lens Mistakes and How to Fix Them


3 Productive Meditations Inspired by Bees

25 New Year's Resolutions That Will Bring You More Joy

Help For Your Heartbreak: Understanding Grief

Help For Your Heartbreak: Understanding Grief - Worksheet

The Christmas Songbird Fable



5 Steps to Getting a Tax Break When Donating Your Timeshare

Best Ways to Pay for Items While Traveling Overseas

Choosing the Right Asset Allocation Strategy for You

December 2015 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Online Discount Codes

Income Boost Blueprint: Driving With Uber and Lyft

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work For You: Stock Buybacks and Dividends

January 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: How to Recognize Elder Financial Abuse

Top Five Types of Bonds


6 Tips for Becoming an Entrepreneur Later in Life

7 Strategies to Increase Cash Flow in Your Small Business

Before You Cosign on a Loan - Read This

Beware of the Risks of a Lease-to-Own Agreement

Discover the Ideal Age to Start Saving for Retirement

Has Your Medical Bill Been Denied by Insurance? Try These Strategies

How to Handle Parenting Expenses After Divorce

Manage Your Portfolio in Retirement to Make Your Money Last

Pros and Cons of Investing in Startups

Top Financial Concerns for Family Caregivers and Strategies That Can Help


Invest Confidently With Asset Allocation Strategies

Invest Confidently With Asset Allocation Strategies Worksheet

Invest Confidently With Asset Allocation Strategies PowerPoint




A peaceful soul helps me to see the beauty around me

Courage keeps me confident

Enlightening relationships feed my soul

Forgiveness makes room for harmony

Friendly competition inspires me to improve

I commit myself to healthier habits

I embrace healing and renewal when I let go of past hurt

I embrace this day

I go the distance

I go to bed on time

I guard my energy

I inspire respect from others

I live by faith

I make peace

I make time for myself

I sincerely express my feelings to others

I speak positive things into being

I treasure the moments that I share with my friends

Life is a game I can choose to win or lose

Love guides my steps

Love strengthens me

Making lists helps me stay organized

Moments of stillness restore me

My actions speak louder than self praise

My confidence grows each day

My friends inspire me

My ideas bloom like flowers

Only the first step lies between me and my goals

Sometimes I enact the no screen zone

The simple things have a profound impact on my life


5 Ways to Use Therapy to Help You Handle Your Shopping Addiction

7 Actions That Strengthen the Emotional Bonds of Your Relationship

9 Strategies to Bring More Balance into Your Life

A Parent's Guide to Visiting Colleges with Your Children

A Plan to Change Your Diet Once and for All

A Senior's Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Frailty

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Easy Ways to Cut Calories Every Day

Get the Job: Essential Interview Tips

Get What You Want: 8 Powerful Strategies for Influencing Others

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How to Recover from a Candy Hangover

How to Recover from Unrequited Love

How to Succeed at Virtual Job Fairs

Make Endurance Training Work for You

Modern Rules for Parenting a Gifted Child

Release Your Assertive Side and Get What You Want More Often

Self-Hypnosis for Beginners: Enhance Your Life From the Comfort of Your Couch

The Secrets to Achieving Big Goals

The Surprising Truth About Talking to Strangers

The Top 3 Ways to Find Unadvertised Job Openings

The Yoga Breathing Miracle for Busy Women

Top 10 Critical Communication Skills for Couples

Top 10 Public Speaking Tips

Top 10 Warning Signs That You Need a Different Therapist

Top 10 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Adversity

Top Questions for Couples Considering Parenthood

Understanding Emotional Crises and Treatment Options That Can Help

What Every Parent Ought to Know About Being a Role Model


Family Matters: Emotionally Dependent Parent

Happy New You! It's a Brand New Year

Happy New You! It's a Brand New Year - Activities

Happy New You! It's a Brand New Year - Worksheet

Weight Loss Tips from Hollywood Chefs



5 Steps to Qualifying for a Mortgage Loan After Foreclosure

23 Ways to Find a Job

February 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Online Worksheets and Forms

Income Boost Blueprint: Podcasting

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work For You: Getting Your Kids Started With Investing

January 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Access Your Funds in an Expired Prepaid Debit Card

Resume and Cover Letter Checklist

Surprising Home Renovations that Harm Your Investment


Does Going Back to School Make Good Financial Sense?

Five Tips to Get the Salary You Deserve

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits

How to Negotiate a Job Offer for Maximum Financial Benefit

Is a Roth IRA or 529 Plan the Best Way to Save for College?

Marriage and Older Couples: Does it Make Financial Sense?

Taxes and Your Inheritance

The Effect of Rising Interest Rates on Investments

Top 9 Insurance Buying Mistakes

Top Strategies for Job Seekers


The Essential Guide to Job Offers

The Essential Guide to Job Offers - Worksheet

The Essential Guide to Job Offers - PowerPoint




Balance means making time to enjoy the precious moments

Exercise is part of my daily life

Goal setting helps me to avoid frivolous spending

Healthy debate increases my awareness

I am able to learn new ideas for work

I am committed to a daily fitness routine

I appreciate my partner's dedication to our family

I avoid questioning someone's need for my help

I celebrate cultural differences

I channel my emotions towards positive choices

I come prepared

I explore my options

I love feedback

I push myself to discover my limits

I reward my diligence daily

I show my appreciation to coworkers

I surround myself with elegance

I understand my child's need for space

I value my relationships with my neighbors

I welcome positive changes in my neighborhood

Memories mean more than material possessions

My choice of company depends on who embraces the true me

My family understands my commitment to exercise

My health is important

My life is influenced by my own expectations

My self-belief overshadows the doubts of others

My talents grow

Serene surroundings keep me centered

There is a place in my life for the things that make me smile

Trust strengthens my relationships


7 Tips to Increase Your Social Intelligence

9 Easy Techniques to Reduce Bloating

9 Ways to Push Beyond Fear

10 Great Ways to Manage Frustration

13 Things You Can Do Tonight to Make Tomorrow Morning Less Stressful

A 5-Minute Guide to Healthy Meal Planning

A Foolproof Formula for Showing Your Boss You Have Potential

A Foolproof Plan for Taking Scorekeeping Out of Your Relationships

A Life Worth Living is Worth Recording: Keep a Journal

A Parent's Guide to Encouraging Self-Motivation for Kids

A Surprising Truth About Personalized Nutrition

Are You Feeding Into Your Child's Sense of Entitlement?

Be an Introvert and Have an Active Social Life

Business or Pleasure - Find Your Perfect Partner

Don't Let Couple Envy Destroy Your Relationship

End Midday Slump Once and For All

Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness

Going Back to School? How to Receive Straight A's

Habits of Highly Successful Couples

How to Relax When Life is Out of Control

Laughing at Yourself Made Easy

Modern Rules of Alumni Networking

New Help for the Second Most Common Exercise Excuse

Some Straight Talk About Foodborne Disease

The Busy Professional's Guide to Creating a Meditation Space

The Miracle of Small Wins

The Surprising Link Between Spicy Food and Your Life Expectancy

Top 10 Tips to Ease Chronic Pain Without Medication

Understanding Health Studies Made Easy

What to Do When An Interviewer Asks You to Describe Yourself


25 Ways to Build Self-Reliance

Relationship Matters: Adding More Romance to a Busy Marriage

Self-Reliance: Set Your Own Course and Take Charge of Your Life

Self-Reliance Set Your Own Course and Take Charge of Your Life - Worksheet

The Protective Pup Fable



5 Key Features to Look For in Balance Transfer Cards

February 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Feed a Family of Four for $165 a Week

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Gifts

Income Boost Blueprint: Cotton Candy Business

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Dollar Cost Averaging

March 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

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Save Time and Dollars With a Yearly Home Maintenance Schedule

Understanding the Advantages of Travel Insurance


6 Budgeting Tips for a Fun and Memorable Honeymoon

6 Things Every Credit Card Owner Should Know

6 Ways to Avoid Paying Banking Fees

Before You Lose Your Wallet - Read This!

Discover How New Technology Helps You Protect Your Credit Cards

Essential Strategies to Help You Plan for Unexpected Wedding Expenses

Get the House You Desire With These Key Steps to Preapproved Financing

High Medical Deductible? 6 Strategies to Prevent a Financial Crisis

How to Save On Your Cell Phone Plan

Top Tips for Saving for a Down Payment on a House


5 Easy Steps to Save $4000 in a Year

5 Easy Steps to Save $4000 in a Year - Worksheet

5 Easy Steps to Save $4000 in a Year - PowerPoint

MARCH 2016



A radiant spirit shatters insecurities

Criticism pushes me to work more creatively

Happiness is disguised as wonderful memories

I am a magnet for wealth and luxury

I am a voice for the suffering people

I am a wellspring of creativity at work

I build myself from the inside out

I express my creativity

I find inspiration in the tiny details of nature

I hold myself accountable

I keep going

I let go of judgments

I prefer meaningful experiences to material possessions

I set attainable goals

I simplify my day

I surround myself with beautiful things

I use my resources to the fullest extent

I welcome new friends into my circle

Inspiration comes through collaboration

More blessings are coming my way

My goals motivate me

My heart is strong

My purpose in life is being fulfilled

My trials are blessings in disguise

Positive transformation is my daily practice

Reading strengthens my mind

Resistance teaches patience

Sincerity keeps my actions aligned with my conscience

The person I am is just enough for me

There is somewhere I belong


5 Unusual Tips to Ease Your Workouts

8 Activities That Build Your Self-Confidence

8 Harmful Lies You Tell Yourself

8 Key Signs That You've Found Your Soul Mate

8 Ways to Love Yourself More

14 Promises to Make to Yourself for Greater Health and Happiness

15 Tips for a Happy Marriage

A 5-Step Process for Conquering Your Caffeine Addiction

A Traveler's Guide to Healthy Eating While on the Road

Are You a Victim of Circumstances or a Victim of Your Own Thinking?

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Compete With Yourself and Play a Game You Can Win

Dating Advice Updates for the Modern World

Dating Techniques: From Rejected to Confident in 30 Days

Discover How You Can Let Go of Your Inferiority Complex

Discover the Importance of Macronutrients While Dieting

How to Fight Fairly in Relationships

How to Reject the Fear of Rejection

Learn the Skill of Self-Motivation

Light Weight Workouts Made Easy

Make Your Own Miracles in 7 Steps

Quick Relief for Information Overload

Speak Easily: Proven Public Speaking Techniques to Ease Your Mind

Stop Self-Sabotage In Its Tracks

Top 6 Reasons Why You Haven't Found Your Passion

Top 10 Ways to React When People Push Your Buttons

What Can You Do When Your Child Has Test Anxiety?

What Everybody Ought to Know About Fevers

What to Do When You Have No Idea What to Do

Why is Success So Elusive?


Family Matters: Adjusting to a Child's Allergy Diagnosis

Grown Up Meditations Inspired by Dollhouses

The Frisky Feline Fable

Unproductive: Why We Get Stuck

Unproductive: Why We Get Stuck - Worksheet



4 Easy Ways to Inventory Your Possessions for Insurance

April 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Beware of Tax Penalties Before Giving Family Large Gifts

Bitcoin Trading Strategies

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Cooking Substitutes

How to Safeguard Your Bitcoins

Income Boost Blueprint: Soap-Making Business

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Is A MyRA Right For You?

March 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Refinancing a Car Loan


8 Low-Risk Ways to Invest Your Emergency Fund

Back to Basics: How to Establish Good Credit

Common Myths About Cryptocurrencies

How Reliable Will Social Security Be in the Future?

Invest Like the Wealthy Even if Your'e Lacking in Wealth

Make These Mistakes and You'll Go Broke

The Most Important Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin

Top 10 Job Search Tips for Recent Graduates

Top 10 Techniques That Will Make You Rich

Why You Might Want to Wait Before You Invest in Bitcoins


A Short Guide to Understanding Bitcoins

A Short Guide to Understanding Bitcoins - Worksheet

A Short Guide to Understanding Bitcoins - PowerPoint

APRIL 2016



A peaceful heart makes room for successful negotiation

Affection brings me closer to my loved ones

Affirmative self talk gets in the way of negative energy

Chaos encourages me to practice centering behaviors

Connecting with others gives me a sense of belonging

I acknowledge the need for change

I avoid feeling disappointed by a missed opportunity

I avoid making a big deal of petty matters

I balance social media with personal interactions

I bring joy to those around me

I give myself gifts because I am worth it

I let others know when their actions affect me

I love passionately

I maintain relationships that are worth my time and effort

I protect natural resources

I surround myself with positive influences

I use my talents to the best of my ability

Longevity comes from conscious living

Meaningful conversations are refreshing

Meditation helps me to set intentions for each day

My diet promotes good health

Practicing healthy habits contributes to productive behaviors

Quiet moments bring answers to my doubts and fears

Sharing knowledge results in creative ideas

Spending time in my own company is therapeutic

Spiritual gifts last a lifetime

Taking note of the things I am grateful for keeps me positive

Volunteering teaches me self control and discipline

Wealth comes from having treasured friendships

Winning reminds me that I am blessed


7 Behaviors That Make Life Easier and More Fulfilling

7 Life Hacks That Work

7 Unusual Cures for Procrastination

8 Ways to Reduce Stress While Driving

9 Strategies That Help You Deal With Your Fear of Death

9 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

12 Traits of People With Type-A Personalities

14 Practical Ways to Enhance Yourself

A Parent's Guide to Patience

Are You Too Nice for Your Own Good?

Boost Your Career With Greater Motivation at Work

Develop Greater Confidence With These Easy, Everyday Habits

Discover the Benefits of Solitude

Discover the Secrets to Becoming Fascinating

Enhance the Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationship and See It Thrive

Experience the Joy of Living on Purpose With a Life Mission Statement

How to Develop and Grow New Friendships

Increase Your Personal Efficiency and Make the Most of Each Day

Learn the Art of Persuasion in Everyday Life

Overcome Your Fear of Confrontation and Get What You Want More Often

Self-Awareness: Why it Matters

Should You Use Hypnosis or Meditation? Whats the Difference?

Silence Your Inner Critic

Smart Study Strategies to Learn More in Less Time and Make Better Grades

Take Advantage of Your Midlife Crisis and Regain Your Joy for Life

Top 10 Critical Competencies of Great Leaders

Top 10 Life Lessons to Teach Your Child

Top 10 Life Secrets You Didn't Learn in School

Top 10 Steps to Career Success

Top 10 Tangible Benefits of Optimism


3 Smart Meditations Inspired by Crash Test Dummies

8 Easy Superfoods to Add to Your Diet Now

14 Lazy Ways to Burn Calories

Ancient Superfoods

Ancient Superfoods - Worksheet



April 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Are You Getting Married? Try These Alternatives to Joint Accounts

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Easy Home Insulation Tips

How to Deal With Debt Collectors

How to Get Your Free Credit Report and What to Do With It

Income Boost Blueprint: Handcrafted Greeting Cards

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Dividend Stocks Mistakes

Is Your Credit Union Right For You?

May 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Renting? Get Back Your Security Deposit


5 Ways to Use Technology to Protect Your Finances During Divorce

An Essential Guide to Safe Online Shopping

Before You Buy a Timeshare - Read This

Don't Be a Victim! Learn to Avoid Medical Identity Theft

How to Secure Your Phone and Computer

Hurt on the Job? Get the Workers' Compensation Pay You Deserve

Take the Minimum Wage Challenge and Discover New Financial Wisdom

The Modern Guide to Getting the Promotion of Your Dreams

What Companies Do With Your Private Information and How to Protect It

Where to Find Financial Support for Your Brilliant Startup Idea


Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware - Worksheet

Buyer Beware - PowerPoint

MAY 2016



A night of dancing frees me from burdensome cares

Changing seasons inspire me to revisit success strategies

Commitment builds longevity in my relationships

Differing views complement each other like musical harmonies

Family life is stronger when there is a spiritual bond

Giving makes me happy

I am powerful

I am present

I can soar

I choose to see goodness

I embrace aging with positive anticipation

I focus on what I can control

I love myself as I am

I make room in my life for new experiences

I stay real

I strengthen my heart

I view the beauty of the world through the eyes of children

I wake up happy

Loving relationships contribute to my happiness

My body wants to heal

My emotional wellness supports my physical health

My friends are worth keeping

My friends tell me the truth

My journal teaches me about myself

My soulmate contributes to making my life richer

My youthful spirit is reflected in my demeanor

Peace is my goal

Relaxation techniques allow me to beat stress

The foundation of blissful living is self-acceptance

Tolerance means accepting diversity


8 Ways a Positive Attitude Enhances Success

10 Ways Your State of Mind Affects Your Immune System

11 Smart Strategies That Help You Discover Your True Talents and Skills

12 Ways to Sneak More Superfoods Into Your Diet

14 Habits Guaranteed to Make You Love Yourself More

14 Microchanges Guaranteed to Advance Your Career

14 Surprising Ways to Maximize Your Immunity

A Foolproof Formula for Making an Amazing Entrance

Banish Distractions and Develop Laser-Like Focus

Building Self-Confidence When You Have None

Create a Vision Board and Reach Your Goals

Determine Your Legacy and Live a Life That Fulfills You

Discover the Benefits of Having a Meditation Buddy

Don't Skip Another Meal Until You Read This

Follow These 8 Steps to Get Your Family to Help Around the House

Is it Smarter to Focus on Your Strengths or Weaknesses?

Master These Communication Skills for Greater Success

Motivation Secrets of Great Leaders

Practical Breakup Advice for Men

Say Goodbye to Text Neck and Other Phone Related Aches

Set Yourself Free by Healing Your Relationship With Your Parents

Speaking Up at Work Made Easy

To Parents of Female Student Athletes

To Stepmothers Considering a Baby of Their Own

Top 10 Tactics for Dealing With a Boss That Dislikes You

Understand Yourself Better by Examining Your Past

What Everybody Ought to Know About Dizziness

What is Enlightenment and Does it Matter?

What Will You Do When Your Favorite CoWorker Decides to Move On?

Who Else Wants to Travel Without Aches and Pain?


A Brief Guide to Progressive Relaxation

Daily Routines to Tackle Your Biggest Worry

The Busy Squirrel Fable





5 Top Reasons to Avoid Rent-to-Own Store Schemes

Avoid These Home Buyer Turnoffs and Sell Your Home Faster

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Beauty Products

Income Boost Blueprint: Balloon Animals

Investing-Making Your Dollars Work for You: Investing in Startups

June 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Life Insurance: 10 Steps to Getting the Coverage You Need

Managing Debt When You're Retired

May 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Discover Hidden Sources for Down Payment Assistance


6 Mistakes That Can Bring Disaster to Your New Business

7 Smart Financial Moves for Unmarried Couples That Live Together

7 Ways to Spend the Rest of Your Life Debt-Free

8 Retirement Moves You're Most Likely to Regret

A Quick Guide to Social Security Benefits

Filing for Bankruptcy as a Retiree

Retiring Before Age 65? Tips for Saving Money on "Obamacare"

Things to Consider Before Lending Money to Family and Friends

Think Like a CFO in Your Personal Finances and Enjoy a Brighter Future

Top 10 Financial Challenges for Millennials


Financial Security Q&A for Retirees

Financial Security Q&A for Retirees - Worksheet

Financial Security Q&A for Retirees - PowerPoint

JUNE 2016



A good laugh is the cure for the ills of life

Challenges teach me valuable lessons

Comfort zones limit my potential

Consistency develops will power and produces results

Each successful relationship begins with love

Faith stabilizes me

Financial wealth produces little depth of joy

I am conscious of the hidden heartache being faced by others

I am open-minded to the views of others

I avoid allowing others to define me

I avoid putting pressure on myself to fit in

I embrace being alone without feeling lonely

I express gratitude for the thoughtfulness of others

I give without keeping a mental note of the act

I pay attention to the things that give me fulfillment

I project my positive energy onto others

I spread happy vibes

I strengthen my skills

I tear down walls

It is important to have a sense of community

Moving against the crowd is liberating

Music awakens my soul

My attitude is positive

My friendships are based on sincere caring and interest

My heart is filled with love and gratitude

Quality time with loved ones means creating memorable moments

Richness of life comes from memorable experiences

Seasons remind me of the importance of evolution

The storms of life promise sunshine in their wake

Youthfulness is a state of mind


5 Questions Pivotal to Personal Development

7 Steps to Mastering a New Skill

8 Secrets to an Amazing Life

11 Simple Strategies for Overcoming Loneliness

12 Tips to Help You Receive a Promotion While Working From Home

16 Practical Tips for Meditation Beginners

16 Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Day

A Fool-Proof Formula for Partners With Different Sleep Habits

A Parent's Guide to Teaching Your Child to Sleep Alone

Are You Happy With Your Fitness Goals?

Avoid These Obstacles to Creativity and Let Yourself Shine

Discover What It Takes to be a Winner

Easy Strategies to Help You Get Through Difficult Times

Eliminate False Beliefs by Taking Action

How to Meditate in 3 Minutes or Less

How to Overcome Resistance and Achieve More

Inside Secrets for the Healthiest Post-Workout Recovery

Let Go of Your Victim Mentality and Gain New Power Over Your Life

Master These 6 Social Skills and Reap the Rewards

Proven Strategies to Eliminate a Negative Self-Image

Speaking Dynamically Made Easy

The Busy Professional's Guide to Making Friends Outside of Work

The Cinderella Secret to Being Happy and Successful

The Most Common Stumbling Blocks to Success

The Secret Diet That Fights Depression

The Secret to Working Out Without Increasing Your Back Pain

Top 10 Misconceptions About Success

Top 10 Things You Must Avoid to be Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

Waiting for an Apology? Do This Instead

What Will You Do When Facebook Jealousy Strikes?


18 Baby Steps to Greater Happiness

A Checklist for Keeping a Positive Attitude

A Parent's Guide to Raising a Happy and Confident Child

A Parent's Guide to Raising a Happy and Confident Child - Worksheet

Relationship Matters: Dealing with Loneliness In Your Marriage



10 Fun and Easy Ways for Young Couples to Save Money

Crucial Questions to Ask Before Signing up for Credit Card Rewards

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Ethnic Supermarkets

Income Boost Blueprint: Local Courier Service

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work for You: Understanding Day Trading

July 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

June 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Money Matters: Save Big with Detailed Home Inspections

Newlyweds: 10 Ways to Raise Your Credit Scores Together

Top Signs That It's Time to Buy a New House


8 Ways to Save Money on Business Dinners

9 Steps to Take Before Buying Your First Home

Become a Self-Made Millionaire by Following These 9 Practices

College Students: Avoid These Credit Card Pitfalls

Don't Let Your Hobby Destroy Your Financial Future

How Helicopter Parents Affect a Child's Finances

Important Financial Considerations Before the Birth of Your First Child

Protect Your Finances from Inflation Before It's Too Late

Top 5 Money Mistakes of Young Couples

Top Job Related Expenses You Can Cut Today


Newlyweds and Money

Newlyweds and Money - Worksheet

Newlyweds and Money - PowerPoint

JULY 2016



Challenges spark determination

Eating well promotes a sharp mind

Examples of bravery motivate me to be bold

Financial discipline builds wisdom

Good health makes room for successful endeavors

Having less pushes me to work harder

I am a protector of the disadvantaged

I am trustworthy

I have a keen sense of individuality

I let go of the burdens of my illness

I overcome the resentment of others

I seek out role models

I set myself free when I release emotional burdens

I stand tall after every fall

I take action

I teach others how to treat me by how I treat myself

I track my time

I uphold what is morally just

I value my ability to transition to a new home

Love comes in many different forms

Love motivates me

My alone time opens me up to my true self

My cheerful attitude helps my coworkers

My children help me see my qualities

My emotional well being is essential to maintaining my self-worth

My persistence pays off

My thoughts drive my actions

New experiences open my mind to diversity

Sacrifice produces appreciation for positive outcomes

The taste of success intensifies my drive to achieve more


5 Toxic Beliefs and Their Cures

6 Sure-Fire Strategies to Make You More Persuasive

7 Success Tips for Changing Careers

8 Advantages of a Positive Attitude

8 Mental Habits That Will Make You Miserable

9 Keys to Surviving a Rough Day

9 Tips to Stop Being so Easily Offended

9 Ways to Benefit from Criticism

9 Ways to Create Your Own Luck

12 Signs That You're Being Too Self-Critical

12 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

15 Easy Ways to Become More Dateable

A Bride's Guide to Wedding Weight Loss

A Startling Fact About 5 Key Behaviors That Prevent Chronic Disease

A Timely Guide to Planning Your Week

How to Deal With Isolation When You're Self-Employed

Instead of Quitting, Try This

Make Job Crafting Work for You

Newly Single? Top 10 Ways to Help Yourself Move On

See How Easily You Can Look Professional in Meetings

Self-Acceptance: What It Is and How To Get It

The Art of Patience

The Secret of Teaching Yourself to Go to Bed on Time

Top 10 Steps to Enhance Your Memory

Transform Your Inner Critic Into Your Own Personal Cheerleader

What Every Woman Ought to Know About Menopausal Weight Gain

What Will You Do if Your Partner Seems to Be Losing Interest?

What's Your Organizing Style?

Which Would You Rather Have - Perfection or Success?

Who Else Wants Fewer Doctor Appointments?


3 Revealing Meditations Inspired by Underwear

Super Boss: Be the Boss Everyone Wants While Accelerating Your Career

Super Boss: Be the Boss Everyone Wants While Accelerating Your Career - Worksheet

The Sure-Minded Swallow Fable

What Every Smoker Ought to Know About Quitting Cold Turkey



August 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Checklist

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Let Your Vacation Pay for Itself

How to Get Approved for a Commercial Loan

Income Boost Blueprint: Bicycle Repair Shop Home Business

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: How to Invest in Gold

July 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Landlords: 5 Important Tips for Profitable Rentals

Make Money by Finding a New Home for Your Movie Collection

Money Matters: Say ŇNoÓ to Private Mortgage Insurance


11 Ways to Save on Wedding Expenses

17 Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money

Creative Financing for Commercial Real Estate Deals

Discover Toy Lending Libraries in Your Community

Don't Get a Prepaid Card Until You Read This

Essential Steps for Setting Up a Trust Fund

Finding Partners for Your Commercial Real Estate Deals

Habits of Highly Successful Commercial Real Estate Investors

Understanding Your Wage Garnishment

What To Do if Your Employer Doesn't Offer a 401(k)


Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Investing in Commercial Real Estate - Worksheet

Investing in Commercial Real Estate - PowerPoint




Each instant is an opportunity

Excellence is my insurance

Experience teaches me

For my thoughts to flow like water, occasionally I must clear debris

I acknowledge my sensitive side

I am a creative force

I am comfortable with my achievements

I am grateful for the input from my siblings

I am in balance with the energy of the universe

I am in sync with the universe

I am open to feedback from my spouse

I appreciate the teachers in my children's lives

I cultivate new relationships

I enjoy the challenge of achieving my goals

I have a beautiful family

I increase my creativity with solitude

I keep my commitments

I lower stress

I make changes

I nourish my mind

I open my heart to new possibilities

I release the hatred in my heart

I speak up

I start my day with gratitude

I support my child's journey

I treasure my travel experiences

I value my common sense

My spirit retains my faith during challenges

Regardless of the path I choose, it always leads to happiness

When I need perspective, I climb a mountain


7 Simple Hacks to Simplify Your Life and Get More Done Each Day

8 Serious Reasons to Develop a Sense of Humor

9 Calming Strategies That Help You Find Inner Peace

9 Steps to Beat Laziness

10 Amazing Advantages of Minimalism

12 Foods That Boost Your Brain

13 Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone

15 Ways to Cut 100 Calories a Day

A Fool-Proof Formula for Preventing Clutter at its Source

A Startling Fact about Dietary Fiber and Successful Aging

A Surprising Revelation About Half of What You Eat

Are You Creating or Reacting?

Build Your Network One Cup at a Time With Successful Coffee Meetings

Doing This for 30 Minutes a Week Helps Prevent Depression

Enjoy Greater Abundance by Sharing Your Time and Money

Finding a Meditation Community Made Easy

Give Your Child a Gift That Lasts a Lifetime With Healthy Family Habits

Help for Moms With Middle School Blues

How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Quitting

Modern Rules for Working in an Open Office

New Help for Parents of Quiet Students

Overcome These 6 Obstacles and Get Your Life Back Under Control

Practice the Pareto Principle and Reap the Results You Seek in Your Life

Slow Down and Get More Done in Less Time

Taking a Leave of Absence Without Derailing Your Career

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Top 5 Excuses for Not Going After Your Dreams

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Time for a New Car? Whats Right for You?

Time for a New Car? Whats Right for You? Worksheet

Time for a New Car? Whats Right for You? PowerPoint




Being a friend means showing loyalty and support

Discovery comes through patience and open mindedness

Dreams turn to achievements when I set meaningful goals

Gaining knowledge equips me for exciting exploits

Honest discourse eliminates barriers

I am blessed with strength

I am filled with energy

I am the architect of my future

I cherish each moment with my cousins

I choose to be happy

I conquer my challenges

I create beautiful art for my friends

I deserve stability

I detach myself from pain

I embrace the flow of new energy in my life

I find unique ideas to solve challenges

I have brilliant ideas to help my family

I lift people up

I protect the environment

I stay true to my convictions

I understand complex patterns

I value my virtues

Kind gestures result in similar treatment from others

My business is thriving

My health starts with peace of mind

My talents are endless

Success gives me more things to be thankful for

There are lessons to be learned in each circumstance

There is always a little more that I am capable of giving

Wisdom helps me to make difficult decisions


5 Signs That You're a Perfectionist

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Live the Best Year of Your Life

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Top 10 Financial Habits That Matter The Most

Top 10 Financial Habits That Matter the Most - Worksheet

Top 10 Financial Habits That Matter the Most - PowerPoint




Creative exploits alleviate stress

Frequent conversation makes room for collaboration

Fun times bring balance to my life

Happiness with my body results from inner self love

I am decisive

I am patriotic

I am receptive to new ideas

I consider how my actions impact others

I eat healthy snacks

I enjoy things that nurture my soul

I focus on breaking unhealthy habits

I grow in knowledge and wisdom when I read

I love to laugh

I show up

I use quiet time to relax, unwind, and remain at peace

Limited resources increase my thankfulness

Music soothes and empowers me

My choices today prepare me for tomorrow's goals

My mind stays focused on the journey ahead

My motivation runs high

My opinion is worthwhile

My personal desires deserve to be satisfied

My siblings are my best friends

Nature sustains me

Offering forgiveness unburdens my soul

Simple pleasures bring me joy

The holidays bring out the joy of family time

The meanings of my experiences are revealed when I am patient

The wonders of nature bring me peace of mind

Uncertainty brings excitement instead of fear


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Set Your Teenager Up For Success by Teaching Financial Literacy

Set Your Teenager Up For Success by Teaching Financial Literacy - Worksheet

Set Your Teenager Up For Success by Teaching Financial Literacy - PowerPoint




An innovative mind helps me to reinvent myself

Being an advocate adds purpose to my life

Being nice to others is easy

Encouragement sweetens my desire to keep working

Energy flows through me

I act mindfully

I am able to do whatever I put my mind to

I avoid compromising my morals when I am facing challenges

I avoid pushing my body beyond its physical capabilities

I bounce back

I clear my head

I defy the odds

I have answers

I mentor the younger generation

I nourish my spirit

I pray with others

I stand tall in the face of criticism

I support the ventures of my friends and family

Independence is fulfilling

Kindness comes in various forms

Love keeps me committed to the special people in my life

Motivation comes from within me

My choice of friends reflects my character

My desire to change grows

My imagination is an asset

My limitations serve as motivation to excel

My strength lies in being able to overcome my doubts

Open doors bring out a new level of perseverance in me

Proper nutrition keeps my body in excellent working order

Vulnerability makes me powerful


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The Rocky Road to Restoring Trust

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What an Olympic Bronze Medalist Can Teach You about Healthy Competition

What Will You Do When a Coworker Advances Faster Than You?


15 Healthy Things to Do Before Bed

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The Truth About Ego

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Budgeting For Your Road Trip

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How Much Money is Enough

How to Avoid Inadvertently Leaving Money to Your Ex-Spouse

How to Save for Retirement Without a Full-Time Job

Is Your Income Protected if You Become Disabled?

What Is Travel Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

What to Look For in a Vacation Rental

Why Trying to Time the Market is a Mistake


Plan a Fun Family Vacation for Under $2000

Plan a Fun Family Vacation for Under $2000 - Worksheet

Plan a Fun Family Vacation for Under $2000 - PowerPoint




A loving soul easily empathizes

A smaller circle produces quality relationships

Being conscious of each moment allows me to live a worry free life

Being me is wonderful

Focusing on a goal gives me energy to push through tough days

I am a pillar of love

I am quick to praise

I detach myself from negativity

I embrace new technology

I experience tiny miracles each day

I focus on my top goals

I look beyond cultural borders

I move towards balance

I pay attention to good advice

I realize that I am blessed in my financial circumstances

I respect nature

I savor my food

I see a clear path to enlightenment

I see how to overcome obstacles

I stay flexible during stressful times

Incremental accomplishments encourage me to persevere

Meaningless chatter dulls my senses

My body clock is optimal

My life is fulfilling when I have faith

My mind is open to new ideas

My positive attitude creates positive results

Releasing my desire for material possessions brings me a richer life

Relying on the positive energy of colleagues is inspiring

The achievements of others push me to believe in myself

To me, living well means doing more for others


5 Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail

6 Bad Relationship Moves That You Think Are Acceptable

7 Ways to Make Meditation Easier

8 Important Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

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10 Ways to Love Yourself More

A Proven Process for Making Effective Decisions

An Introduction to Networking for Interns

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Compassion, Kindness, and Casablanca

Create the Support System You Need to Thrive

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How the Top 1 Percent Think

How Those Around You Influence Your Success

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How to Make the Amazing Benefits of Change Work for You

Is a Returnship For You?

Making Office Friends Without Losing Personal Time

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Secret to Long Life: Learn How to Eat for Longevity

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Tired of Tension Headaches?

Top 10 Things You Need in Order to be Successful

Top 10 Willpower-Building Exercises That Work

Unleash Your Hidden Mental Strength

What it Means to be Highly Sensitive

Who Else Wants to Lose Weight on Vacation?

Why Being Proactive is So Important


12 Creative Ways to Add 100 Steps a Day

13 Things You Can Learn From a Date That Goes Downhill

Family Matters: Dealing with an Emotionally Detached Parent

Negotiate Like A Pro And Get What You Want More Often

Negotiate Like A Pro And Get What You Want More Often - Worksheet



4 Steps for Success With a Custom Financial Calendar

6 Steps to a Successful Open House

December 2016 Personal Finance Calendar

Frugal Living Tip of the Month: Savvy Expiration Date Tips

Home Repairs That Can Raise the Price of Your Home

How To Survive An All Cash Month

Income Boost Blueprint: Handcrafting Jewelry

Investing - Making Your Dollars Work For You: Pitfalls of Over-Diversification

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8 Common Ways to Become a Billionaire

10 Personal Finance Tips That Will Change Your Perspective

Choosing a Financial Professional

Credit Union vs. Bank: Which is Better?

Does Government Debt Affect Your Retirement?

How to Write an Effective Listing for Your Property

Selling Your Home - How to Recognize a Serious Buyer

Should You Sell Your Property or Turn It Into a Rental?

Understanding Savings Bonds

Wise Uses for a Home Equity Loan


Selling Your Home? Get The Best Price!

Selling Your Home? Get The Best Price! Worksheet

Selling Your Home? Get The Best Price! PowerPoint




Being selfless means sacrificing what I prefer to keep

Change helps me grow

Each action that I perform is rooted in thanksgiving

Family support comes in many ways

I am allowed to cry

I am free from doubts and fears

I am patient and tolerant

I approach uncertainty with an open mind

I deserve and receive love

I give love without question

I have the courage to be me

I live each day determined to make it spiritually enriching

I make sound decisions

I peacefully detach from those that have harmed me

I set strategic life goals

I support my neighbors when they call on me

I thrive off simple things

I utilize my talents to the best of my ability

It is a lovely feeling to be in love

Life supports me in every possible way

Love guides me

My home environment is filled with peace

My marriage is becoming stronger each day

My potential is unlimited

My soul is tranquil and at peace

Sincerity dictates my personal relationships

Sunsets remind me to be thankful for life

The people in my life contribute greatly to my genuine happiness

Wellness is the natural state of my body

Worry takes away the joy of life


3 Essential Secrets to Meditating with a Beginner’s Mind

5 Cruel Truths That You Need to Know

9 Strategies to Unleash Your Creativity

9 Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts and Think Positively

13 Ways to Show Gratitude to the Special People in Your Life

15 Tips for Letting Go of Anger

A Fool-Proof Formula for Dealing with Coworkers Who Talk Too Much

Answers to Sauna and Steam Room Questions

Dating Your Spouse Made Easy

Do You Honestly Want to Be Roommates with a Close Friend?

Don’t Buy Any Yoga Props Until You Read This

Heart-Healthy Habits You Don’t Want to Live Without

How to Finally Take Charge of Your Life

If You’re Going to Procrastinate, Be Productive While You Wait

Live Your Personal Values and Discover Greater Happiness

Living an Intentional Life

Playing it Safe with Skin Moles

Say Goodbye to Slouching

Talk to Anyone With Ease

The 10 Minute Guide to Mind-Body Exercise

The Patterns of Success

The Secret to Building up Your Dating Confidence

Top 10 Benefits of Adopting a Vegan Lifestyle

Top 10 Habits That Contribute to Happiness

Triple Your Personal Productivity and Add More Hours to Your Day

What Do Pediatricians Now Say about Screen Time for Kids?

What Kids Want Parents to Know about Oversharing on Social Media

What to Do After You Submit an Online Job Application

What Will You Do When You Need to Make a Big Career Decision?

Your Complete Guide to Celebrating Your Partner’s Success


3 Meditation Lessons Inspired By Diners

7 Steps to Solve Any Challenge

Declutter Your Mind

Declutter Your Mind - Worksheet

The Hesitant Pigeon Fable




Everything happens for my own good

I abandon old habits and implement new, more positive habits

I acknowledge my network’s support

I am blessed with wonderful friends

I am open and authentic

I am thankful that I get to live another day

I demonstrate my leadership skills each day

I easily find solutions to the challenges in my life

I have a heart of gold and share this with the world

I have bold dreams

I have everything I need to be happy

I leave the past in the past and focus on the future

I only feed nutritious food to my body

I radiate confidence, certainty, and optimism

I revive my spirit with music

I see possibilities at every turn

I share my gift of laughter with others

I wake up each morning eager to face the day

Money flows freely and abundantly into my life

My body is free from pain

My business attracts my ideal clients

My feet are on the right path

My happiness inspires others to be happy

My health is restored

My heart is open to new love

My personality exudes confidence

My self-esteem is increasing with each passing day

My vision for the future is clear

My world is a peaceful and loving place

The simple things in life bring me joy and pleasure


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What is a Life Coach and Do You Need One?

What Your Dog Wants You to Know About Using Social Media

Who Else Wants to Support a Loved One Who Wants to Quit Smoking?


3 Futuristic Meditations Inspired by Self-Driving Cars

25 Ways to Build Your Self-Esteem

Everyday Happiness: Unlock the Happiness You Deserve

Everyday Happiness: Unlock the Happiness You Deserve - Worksheet

Family Matters: Regaining Trust

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