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Ronnie Nijmeh

“If You’re Itching To Get High Quality Products That You Can Turn Around And Sell Today Then Please Pay Close Attention To What I Am About To Reveal…”

-Ronnie Nijmeh

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From The Desk Of Ronnie Nijmeh
Tuesday, 7:30 AM

Dear Smart Marketer,

Want to beat the recession, fast and easy? Private Label Rights or PLR is THE key to instant profits.

But you’ve probably been burned by poor quality PLR too many times to still believe it.

A friend of mine told me she once swore off all PLR. You see, she tried PLR here and there. Some was dirt-cheap, others required a significant investment, but the mediocrity really appalled her.

So she stopped using PLR altogether and wrote all the content herself. You can imagine how long it took her to get her first info product on the market. And by the time she released it, she was sapped and had no energy to put her marketing plan in place. Yikes.

You’ve probably seen lousy PLR yourself… shoddy stuff that forces you to double check the facts and re-read 5 word sentences until they sound like English. And if you leave it as is? Well you risk angry customers with torches and pitchforks storming your door. Eek.

Crappy PLR is rampant!

… content so poorly written you have to rewrite it or hire another writer or editor to make it ready to sell.

… graphics so cheesy you’re too embarrassed to put your name on the cover.

… topics so boring they’re practically useless.

… you wonder how many others are out there, selling exactly the same junk.

Crappy PLR is Expensive Comic

So are PLR profits a myth?

Not if you have high quality PLR with everything you need to start selling an info product in minutes! I’ve even made a PLR convert of my friend… and I’ll tell you how I did it.


“Our PLR Is So Good, You Can Use It As-Is.
No Need To Proofread, Edit Or Rewrite Anything!”

My name is Ronnie Nijmeh and I have built my business on providing first-class PLR products to business owners like you. I run a successful PLR membership site called where I provide PLR articles, affirmations, reports, and other materials to business owners in the self-help industry.

PLR is my business and I take it very seriously. Take a look at what I do to ensure every piece of PLR that rolls out is absolutely the best:

  • I organize a team of experts on the topic who understand the market (so you don’t have to be the expert)
  • I have separate teams do the research, writing and editing. Everything goes through two (and often three) editors before getting published (that means no embarrassing typos or errors for you!)
  • Professional designers create slick documents (making you look like a pro!)
  • We add coordinating sales and marketing documents (so the info product can go “live” right away)
  • Also included are Web 2.0 materials like audio and graphics (because savvy Internet marketers harness the power of Web 2.0 to fire up profits)
  • We’re selling only 250 licenses (so you can market them without worrying about limitless competition or duplication)
  • We provide fanatical customer service, complete with a toll-free number. Should you have any problems or questions, you can call or email at any time and there’s always somebody to help (Tell me: who else gives that kind of support for PLR?)

You’ve got to agree – we go over and beyond to make our client happy.

Are you ready to experience the mind-blowing goodness of our PLR?

Introducing The Most Complete
PLR Pack You’ve Ever Seen! Group Shot

We’ve got 5 done-for-you packages you can start selling – and profiting from – right away:

Product #1: Recession Survival Guide:

How to Boost Your Income and Save Money In A Recession

What’s Inside:

  • How to save money while maintaining your lifestyle
  • How to make more money
  • How to recession-proof your lifestyle

Product #2: Achieving Your Dreams Without Fear:

A Simple Guide to Living the Life You Deserve

What’s Inside:

  • How to transform fear into an unstoppable force for success
  • How to face specific fears
  • How to easily achieve your dreams

Product #3: Attracting the Life You Desire:

How to Live Consciously and Enjoy A Prosperous Life

What’s Inside:

  • How to live fully in the present
  • How to simplify your life
  • How to attract the life you want

Product #4: Unbeatable Confidence:

How to Overcome Obstacles and Join the Confidence Club

What’s Inside:

  • Why confidence is crucial to your happiness
  • How to achieve confidence in public speaking, dating, business meetings, meeting new people and other nerve-wracking circumstances
  • How to fake confidence when you just don’t have it

Product #5: Transforming Stress into Success:

How to Minimize Stress and Maximize Success In Today’s Economy

What’s Inside:

  • How to use stress to energize your body, mind and soul
  • How to manage stress from financial worries, family conflict, job pressures and more
  • How to achieve health, happiness and success in spite of stress

As you can see, these are cutting edge topics that hit close to home for your customers in today’s economy… but they’re evergreen topics that appeal to hungry markets.

Here’s What You Get In
Your COMPLETE, Ready-to-Sell Packages…

  1. 5 Never before released, exclusive eBook Courses:

    • Focused on today’s hot-button topic: the economy
    • Professionally written
    • Never before seen or published
    • One for each topic above
    • Written by experts
    • Edited twice and even three times
    • Put your name as the author
    • Source file provided in .doc fomat. Change the title, edit, break into articles… do whatever you want, it’s PLR!
  2. 5 Quick Start Guides:

    • Complements each eBook
    • Step-by-step guide for your clients
    • Provide your clients a sense of direction to implement the strategies within the eBook
    • A great purchasing decision for you prospects who want an easy-to-implement plan of action
  3. 5 Self-Reflection Worksheets:

    • Accompanies each eBook
    • Boosts the perceived value of your eBook and course package
    • Encourage your clients to reflect on the content
    • Helps your readers take action and track their progress
  4. 5 Checklists:

    • Companion to each eBook
    • Boosts the perceived value of your product
    • Helps the reader take action on the strategies mentioned in your course
    • Makes for a great promo, giveaway, or bonus item
  5. 5 Audio Book Versions:

    • Audio book version of each eBook
    • Professional recording makes you look (and sound!) great
    • Musical intro and outro
    • Leverage the popularity of audio and appeal to the iPod crowd
    • Your clients can take the materials with them on the go
    • Makes your course the ultimate package
    • Boosts value and the sales price you can charge your customers
  6. 25 “Cut & Paste Ready” Email Auto-Responders:

    • 5-day email course for each topic
    • Helps build a trusting relationship with your prospects and customers
    • Autopilot marketing for each product
    • Written by a professional copywriter
  7. 5 Optimized Squeeze Pages:

    • “Cut & Paste Ready” squeeze page specifically designed for each eBook
    • Helps you build your email list of prospects that you can market to again and again
    • Just insert your auto-responder code and it’s ready to go!
  8. 5 Ready-to-Publish Product Download Pages:

    • “Cut & Paste Ready” so your clients can download their course after purchase
    • Tweak the download page, add special offers, bonuses, or promos, it’s yours!
  9. All Source Files in Word document:

    • Edit, tweak, and customize the content as you please.
    • Brand it as your own or create print-on-demand products
  10. Over 500+ Professional Graphics Ready-to-Publish – PLUS the Editable Photoshop Files (PSDs):

    • Several professional graphics to choose from for each eBook and course pack
    • Custom brand and edit the PSD files to create your own unique graphics.
    • Use as promo graphics for ads on websites or blogs, and inside related eBooks and special reports
  11. 5 Full Professionally Written Sales Letters:

    • Crafted by top copywriters
    • Unique sales page specifically designed for each product
    • Comes embedded into a WordPress template. (Why WordPress? Because WordPress is easy to use and customize.)
    • Just add your name, picture and shopping cart or Paypal links
    • Customize as much or as little as you want… it’s yours
    • Upload to your website and start selling within minutes!
  12. (Go ahead… and preview the sales letter you will get with this package below!)

    The pre-written sales letter alone is worth at the conservative value of at least $1,000! (my clients normally pay me $2,500 in copywriting fees)

  13. 5 Fully Customized WordPress Sales Letter and Blog Themes:

    • Professionally designed, exclusive WordPress theme
    • Custom WordPress theme with special page designs for a sales letter and blog
    • Branded and ready-to-upload for each product
    • Comes with Custom Templates for creating additional squeeze pages, download pages, and sales letters
  14. (Go ahead… and preview the Custom WordPress Theme you will get with this package below!)

As you can see, we have covered all of the bases here. You get absolutely everything you need to start your info product empire. Simply promote and profit!

No Other PLR Provider Can Top This!

Click “Add to Cart” to grab your copy of
the Abundance Stimulus Pack right now:

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And because you get Private Label Rights on everything, you can:

Put your name on them as the author and keep 100% of the profits
Edit, rewrite or revise any part of the product
Combine products or split a product into several pieces of content
Repurpose the content into audio, video, teleseminars, webinars…
Sell the products or add them to your paid membership site – it’s all up to you!

Yes, you can do nearly anything you want with these PLR packages. Please click here to check out the terms and conditions, restrictions and other important information before investing in the Abundance Stimulus Pack… but if all you want to do is put up a sales page and start selling these home-study courses you can do that, too! These PLR packages are ready for selling – guaranteed.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what my customers are saying about my top quality PLR:

“You’ve put together the entire sales process… and you’ll be ready to make money within an hour!”

Nicole Dean

“Ronnie, this package makes it easy for anyone to take this content and run with it. You’ve put together the entire sales process for them, without leaving anything out but the customers! In all honesty, your customers could have five new ebooks up and ready to make money within an hour of buying this product.

From a professional-quality squeeze page with corresponding autoresponder messages, through the sales process, and including a download page – there’s nothing missing. I hope people realize what exactly they’re getting with this Abundance Stimulus Pack. It’s nothing short of abundant!

Thanks for being ‘best of breed’ in the PLR business. Keep on doing what you’re doing. You’re making the web a better place.”

–Nicole Dean,

“You provide REAL content for your members and
offer just the RIGHT type of content that seekers of self-help information are looking for.”

Alice Seba

“Your content is really refreshing compared to a lot of PLR sites. I’ve seen quite a bit of self-help PLR before and much of it is nothing short of pure garbage.

You provide REAL content for your members and offer just the RIGHT type of content that seekers of self-help information are looking for.

From your cool wallpapers (perfect for list-building giveaways) to your daily affirmations and checklists, this is what the target market is looking for.

And of course, the articles and reports are top-notch as well.

Keep up the great work, Ronnie!”

–Alice Seba,

“Want To Be In The Self Improvement Business Today?

Edmund Loh

“Having seen what Ron Nijmeh has in store for his members in club, I acknowledge Ron’s works as few of the best out there.

I don’t know of many high quality services that give you good content to private label as your own, and I don’t know of any one better than Ron’s in the Self Improvement field.

Self improvement is a highly lucrative business to be in. People are spending easily hundreds to thousands of dollars investing in themselves and smart opportunists will do well to cash in on this revolutionary self development industry! And what better way than to use proven, quality content already done for you?

Well done Ron!”

–Edmund Loh,

“It’s authoritative, it’s well-written,
and very well-researched!”

Tracey Marks

“My name is Tracey Marks and I am a psychiatrist in Atlanta, Georgia.

I really have to commend Ronnie for the work that he’s done with the program.

I find it to be amazing content. It’s authoritative, it’s well-written, and very well-researched!

I find that I can use the content as-is if I wanted to. That’s in stark contrast to other PLR materials that I’ve seen, that for me, often requires lots of editing, almost to the point where I can’t use it.

So I really appreciate the PLR content. Thanks Ronnie and your crew for all the great work!”

–Tracey Marks,

“ is simply the best stuff I’ve ever found!”

John R. Barker

“I’ve been in the self-help industry for 10 years, I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of product, and I’ve spent thousands of dollars on private label rights content and I have to say that is simply the best stuff I’ve ever found!

It’s very well written, very professionally produced, and the packages are very complete.

Most PLR packages simply offer you articles, but they’ve gone an extra step here. You’ve got wallpaper downloads which are very nice; you’ve got some great articles that you can put out already done in a variety of formats; you’ve got affirmations and then I really liked the PDF reports, worksheets and checklists that will be very nice bonuses to put out there for my existing subscribers and what not.

I’m not being paid to do this testimonial, I’ve never met the folks involved… and I have to say it’s really excellent.

I encourage you to take a look, I thank these guys for a job well done. They are going to make my life a lot easier, and your life a lot easier if you give them a chance.”

–John R. Barker,

“The content is so good that
you don’t have to change anything!”

Linda Hampton

“My name is Linda Hampton from Keys to Stress Free Living. I have purchased the product and I just want to how pleased I am with the product.

It really far surpassed what I thought it would be!

I looked at a lot of PLR over the past year and a lot of it is no good. There are some decent sites, but far surpassed anything that I’ve seen so far and I really appreciate it!

When I looked at the PDFs, the content is so good that, truly, you don’t have to change anything. It’s that good.

You can tell that a lot of work went into producing this product. So I just wanted to say, thank you very much, and I know you work very hard to put these products together and I truly appreciate it.”

–Linda Hampton, RN, MSN

“PLR is the easiest and cheapest way
to get traffic that I know of!”

Lucas Rockwood

“With each page of content I add to my site, I average 10-20 unique visitors per month. This is a predictable as clockwork, and I wish I had known about PLR content a lot sooner… this is the easiest and cheapest way to get traffic that I know of!”

–Lucas Rockwood,

If you’re still skeptical, I understand. Experience with bad PLR can do that. But think about this: if you keep doing the same things over and over again, you’ll keep getting the same results.

So try the proven content from – completely and totally risk-free. (I’ll tell you about my awesome guarantee in a moment.)

Which Of These Powerful Features
Could You Use To Turbo-Charge
Your Info Product Business?

  1. Expertly written eBook courses, so you don’t have to be an expert or hire one
  2. Evergreen topics written for hungry markets, so they’re easy to sell and profit
  3. Professional and attractive graphics and products that attract buyers and give you a professional look
  4. Complete sales page – just plug in your shopping cart links, publish and you’re ready to take orders
  5. List-building tools that help you build a loyal base of prospects and buyers
  6. Professionally recorded audio version of each eBook, which means you can charge more and attract buyers who prefer audio

… plus so much more!

“OK, Ronnie, How Much Will This Incredible
Abundance Stimulus Pack Cost Me?”

Well, I hope you realize that I could easily sell the Abundance Stimulus Pack for hundreds of dollars. After all, it cost me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to create this pack. If you hired the experts, writers, editors, graphic artists, recording artists and other professionals needed to produce this, you’d pay over $10,000.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount. In fact, your total investment is only $149. That’s less than $30 for each ready-to-sell package. (You can’t create a complete product, audio book, sales letter, email course, graphics, and custom WordPress website for anywhere near 30 bucks!)

So why am I practically giving away the Abundance Stimulus Pack? Is there a catch?

Well, the answer is really quite simple. I’m making this limited special offer because I want more coaches and marketers to find out for themselves just how great products are.

Click “Add to Cart” to grab your copy of
the Abundance Stimulus Pack right now:

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And as good as that is, that’s not all.

You also get…

Bonus #1: PLR 101: Everything You Need To Know To About Private Label Rights

(MP3 & Full Transcript) – Real World Value: $197

In this special Q&A mastermind coaching call, I opened up my private vault and revealed all about traffic generation, list building, monetization, product creation, and some juicy unreleased tips on how to use PLR content. You’ve heard nothing like this before!

If you’re serious about building a long-term business and transforming your site into a money machine, then you’ll love to devour the secret intelligence from this mastermind session.

Bonus #2: The Ultimate WordPress Video Training Course

(Online Videos) – Real World Value: $297

You’ll gain instant access to over 30 professional video tutorials detailing basic and advanced web marketing strategies

We cover everything from “How to Register a Domain Name” to “How to Change Your DNS in GoDaddy” to “How to Install Plugins in WordPress” to “Redirecting Your Default RSS Feed to Feedburner” and much more.

You can watch these tutorials at any time whenever you’re in a technical pinch.
(Go ahead… and preview your extensive WordPress Video Training Course below!)

Bonus #3: Instant Profits: Affiliate Offers and Programs

(PDF Report) – Real World Value: $97

We went through all the products and singled out top-selling affiliate products, offers, and programs so you can further monetize your PLR courses within the eBooks, email auto-responders, thank you pages, or on your blog.

We did the research for you so you don’t have to. When I said that we thought of everything, I meant it!

This free bonus is worth more than 10x your investment – but you get it absolutely free if you’re one of the first 250 customers.

My 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee

I completely guarantee your success in using the Abundance Stimulus Pack. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if, for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of the materials, I will buy it back from you.

If after a full 90 days, you honestly believe that I haven’t delivered on this promise, then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Since all the PLR content in these packages are in digital format, you have nothing to ship back. Plus, the free bonus gift is yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

Is this fair or what?

This means you get to try out the entire Abundance Stimulus Pack at my risk and see if it makes you money or not. If it doesn’t help you make a profit, then please, ask for your money back.

So you see, the risk is on me. I have the burden of delivering on my promise and if you don’t make any money from these PLR packages then I lose, not you.

Your Prospects, Website Visitors, and Clients
Need The Abundance Stimulus Pack!

It’s a snap to get started right away. Just click the order button below and you’ll be downloading these ready-for-the-market PLR course packages minutes after we process your order.

Get ready to finally make money with your very own, in-demand, info products.

Grab 5 Ready-To-Sell Products – Risk Free!

Get Access To the Abundance Stimulus Pack
For Just $149 – One-Time!

YES Ronnie! Please give me access to your Abundance Stimulus Pack

I understand that I will get the following PLR packages with the out-of-this-world quality that is known for:

  • READY-TO-SELL PRODUCT #1: Recession Survival Guide: How to Boost Your Income and Save Money In A Recession
  • READY-TO-SELL PRODUCT #2: Achieving Your Dreams Without Fear: A Simple Guide to Living the Life You Deserve
  • READY-TO-SELL PRODUCT #3: Attracting the Life You Desire: How to Live Consciously and Enjoy A Prosperous Life
  • READY-TO-SELL PRODUCT #4: Unbeatable Confidence: How to Overcome Obstacles and Join the Confidence Club
  • READY-TO-SELL PRODUCT #5: Transforming Stress into Success: How to Minimize Stress and Maximize Success In Today’s Economy
  • PLUS Bonus #1: PLR 101: Everything You Need To Know To About Private Label Rights (MP3 and Transcript)
  • PLUS Bonus #2: The Ultimate WordPress Video Training Course (Online Videos)
  • PLUS Bonus #3: Instant Profits: Affiliate Offers and Programs (PDF Report)

Only 250 fast action takers will get hold of these profit-getting packages. So act now – click the order link below and start making money right now!

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Order with confidence on 100% secure servers

It’s time for you to make the money you want online because you work hard and you deserve it. But don’t work harder than you have to. Order your copy of the Abundance Stimulus Pack today.

To your success,

Ronnie NijmehRonnie Nijmeh
1-877-438-3048 x. 1

P.S. Imagine this… You don’t ever have to endure the hassle of fixing up junk PLR. Instead, you have the exclusive opportunity to get 5 complete, ready-to-sell products with everything you need to sell immediately…

eBooks, worksheets, checklists, audio versions, sales letters, squeeze pages, download pages, email auto-responders, graphics, and even custom WordPress themes – all of this for less than 30 bucks per ready-to-sell product. And all of this at no risk to you.

Only 250 licenses will be sold, after that, it’s taken off the market for good.

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