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101 Ways to Use PLR Content


101 Ways to Use PLR Content

Are you getting the FULL value out of your PLR content?

The reality is that you can use PLR in nearly any way, shape, or form. But are you?

I created an incredibly powerful report called: 101 Ways to Use PLR Content.

In this free report, I reveal 101 ways to generate traffic, build a list of loyal subscribers and buyers, create products, implement some Web 2.0 techniques into your business, as well as some other creative approaches.

The goal is to use, re-use, and recycle PLR content.

If you can do that, you'll save time and energy, and youʼll reach a far wider audience, with a greater variety of products and services.

Read through the 101 list below, or download a professionally designed print-version below.

Download 101 Ways to Use PLR Content (PDF)

101 Ways to Use PLR Content

    Traffic Generation Strategies

  1. Post it to your website or personal blog.
  2. Create an automated blog that auto-posts a mix of PLR content and scraped content. Check out: AutoBlogged and PLR to WordPress.
  3. Rewrite the content or hire a rewriter to repurpose and reuse the content.
  4. Create a FAQ or Q&A "how-to" page based on the material.
  5. Split ebooks into several smaller articles and blog posts.
  6. Translate into other languages to capture international visitors.
  7. Critique the content or write your own commentary by playing the devil's advocate.
  8. Spin an article into a "10 Best" list.
  9. Tweak the content so it's relevant to current events or celebrity stories.
  10. Use the material as a promotional tool for your affiliates. If it's a PDF, then use ViralPDF to allow affiliates to custom brand their affiliate link in the PDF. Learn more about creating freebies for affiliates with Sales Army Secrets.
  11. Respond to "Yahoo! Answers" questions using the materials.
  12. Answer questions on discussion forums using the content as a basis.
  13. Take your knowledge to a local talk radio show.
  14. Start new "feeder" websites and blogs dedicated to specific niches and affiliate products that link back to your "money" pages.
  15. Use the material to create Adsense sites.
  16. Use the content to promote an eBay store.
  17. Rewrite to create Squidoo Lenses.
  18. Create a HubPage.
  19. Rewrite and post on a or blog.
  20. Compile the information as a report with your affiliate links embedded in the PDF. Submit to Scribd.
  21. Transform generic niche articles into a different niche by swapping the essential keywords and tweaking the materials.
  22. Create a discussion forum where you post new content to be discussed every day.
  23. Snip the content and post the short blurbs on Twitter.
  24. Rewrite the material as a press release.
  25. Write a manifesto to spread your ideas and name all over the 'net.
  26. Create a "what to look for..." buyer's guide to help people make buying decisions.
  27. Rewrite the content from the perspective of your child, dog, parrot, or mother - if it's funny enough, it may go viral!

    Loyalty Building

  28. Send snippets of content as an email tip to encourage customers to return to your website.
  29. Give away a "free report" to boost the size of your mailing list.  Learn more about starting a Small Reports Business with Small Reports Fortune.
  30. Use the content to address any objections you've faced when selling your products or services.
  31. Use the content as a free giveaway for your long-time customers.
  32. Use the material as an unannounced bonus for buying your products.
  33. Host a "town hall" meeting or teleseminar and use the materials to facilitate the discussion.
  34. Add recent stats, figures, charts, or graphs to the content to boost authority.
  35. Create a Wiki to encourage your visitors to collaborate and contribute to your vision. Use a free service like WetPaint.
  36. Develop a social networking site discussing topics relevant to your niche. Use software like BuddyPress or Ning.
  37. Build a Facebook page, separate from your profile, that uses the materials. You will be able to interact with your customers on a whole new level.
  38. Use the content in your in-person workshops and seminars.
  39. Use the content as a topic of conversation for coaching calls.
  40. Send out a printed newsletter to your clients using the materials.
  41. Print out the professionally designed materials and include it when you ship physical products as a bonus.
  42. Create viral quizzes with the content to test your audience's knowledge.
  43. Create a role-playing activity at a workshop.
  44. Custom brand the PLR desktop wallpapers and give them away to your clients so your logo will be on their computer at all times.
  45. Use the material as a gift for long-time clients.
  46. Make attractive promotional bookmarks to surprise buyers with purchase of your physical products and books.
  47. Create a business card tip sheet with your contact information on one side and tips on the other.
  48. Tweak an article and submit it on another blog as a guest post.
  49. Re-write the article and submit it to newspapers or magazines.

    Product Creation

  50. Add the content to a membership site.
  51. "Niche-ify" the content, making it hyper-targeted to a sub-niche - like stay at home moms, students, or grade school teachers.
  52. Create a print-on-demand book using a service like Lulu.
  53. Develop a companion worksheet, checklist, spreadsheet, or cheat sheet.
  54. Create a web-based e-course. Learn more about creating e-courses with the List Profit System.
  55. Package the content as a complete home study course.
  56. Incorporate the content as part of other products.
  57. Create and sell a training guide to corporations or small businesses.
  58. Create a coffee table book with inspiring images using PLR images or wallpapers.
  59. Run a paid teleseminar training series.
  60. Get your teleseminar transcribed, then sell it as an ebook or course.
  61. Create a "how-to" video course from the materials and PLR graphics. Post samples of the video on YouTube to promote the course.
  62. Program a 365-day email autoresponder as an automated self-guided email coaching program. Check out: Aweber or 1ShoppingCart.
  63. Use PLR wallpapers to create on-demand physical products like mugs, magnets, stickers, and other items with CafePress, ArtsNow or Lulu.
  64. Create prints or posters with online printing services that you can sell on-demand without inventory.
  65. Create mini guide booklets to inform, inspire, or educate others.
  66. Use PLR affirmations, quotes, and snippets from articles to create coasters, business cards, or post-it notes with your contact details.
  67. Record the text as an MP3 audio book and sell the recording.
  68. Rent a booth at a trade show and sell the physical products you created using the content.
  69. Create videos and audio content on CD or DVD.
  70. Record subliminal audio with the PLR affirmations, reflections, or motivating quotes. Even record a personalized message at the beginning of the track for a premium price.
  71. Offer digital versions of your product as an upsell on a branded USB key. Learn more about creating upsells with The Upsell Report.
  72. Produce illustrations, comics, or graphic novels based on the content.
  73. Develop tiered packages or memberships that offer different content for the different tiers.
  74. Develop a "Dummies" type guide.
  75. Create a full fledged website and flip it for profit.
  76. Record an audio book and sell it on the iTunes and Amazon stores.
  77. Create attractive t-shirts and badges and sell them.
  78. Develop flash cards for students or parents.
  79. Create greeting cards with the PLR graphics, quotes or affirmations.
  80. Use the materials to create landing pages for affiliate products.

    Web 2.0

  81. Create a weekly podcast that is distributed on the iTunes store.
  82. Produce short screencasts or PowerPoint videos and publish the video across the web using TubeMogul or TrafficGeyser.
  83. Use the material for a BlogTalkRadio internet radio show.
  84. Create step by step video tutorials using Jing or Camtasia.
  85. Pre-load an iPod with audio, video, and eBook content, then sell it.
  86. Develop an iPhone app.
  87. Develop a Facebook application.
  88. Create a slideshow and share it on Slideshare.

    Other Creative Approaches

  89. Inspire yourself by using the wallpapers as your computer background on YOUR computer.
  90. Use the PLR wallpapers to add some flair to reports.
  91. Create a calendar with wallpaper graphics and motivational quotes.
  92. Translate the text and publish it as a book in your native language.
  93. Combine the content with interviews with industry experts to give your clients something they can really sink their teeth into.
  94. Collaborate with other business-minded individuals and create unique packages and programs for sale.
  95. Reorganize the materials to create a more persuasive sales letter.
  96. Use the materials as inspiration for poetry, stories, or fables.
  97. Create pamphlets or brochures advertising your business philosophy.
  98. Use the content for postcards or mailers.
  99. Prepare a media kit promoting your business.
  100. Use the material as talking points. When the media or your clients call you, you'll be ready.
  101. Use the content as a market research and brainstorming tool.

As you already know... all of these strategies are useless on paper.

What you REALLY need is to spend more time on implementation than anything else.

So... now itʼs time to TAKE ACTION!

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To your success,


Ronnie Nijmeh

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101 Ways to Use PLR Content

25 Responses to 101 Ways to Use PLR Content

  1. Wow, this is awesome!! A flood more ideas are coming to me now.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Glad that it's helpful, Emily!

    The whole purpose of this report is to get those creative juices flowin' to build up your business in new, exciting ways... I'm happy that we've been able to accomplish that :)

  3. Alice Seba says:

    We just shared this with our PLR customers...I'm sure they'll love it.

    I'm not a big fan of scraped content (as mentioned in #2), but the rest has some great ideas.

  4. Thanks so much for spreading the word, Alice!

    Scraped content can be used effectively for news stories and press releases, especially if it's a "current events" blog. It's most effective if you pre-screen and re-write the content, but sadly it's gotten a bad rep since most people don't bother!

  5. Cassie says:

    Wow, pretty impressive list. There are lots of ideas for virtually anyone. I've got a load of PLR just sitting on my computer but I'm sure I can find a use for all of it now. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for your comment, Cassie!

    What makes me most happy is to hear that you're going to take action and turn PLR into traffic and cash. :)

  7. Lots of great ideas here....just one problem... Which one do I choose????

    Too many choices and not enough time, but very inspiring.

  8. Hehe :) The reality is that you can't choose to do everything, but now there's no shortage of ideas - and no excuses for PLR sitting and collecting digital dust on your computer!

    I would use this more as a reference sheet. So when you have a product launch, want to generate some new traffic, or want something new, you have a huge list to go through.

  9. garvee says:

    Wow! That is awesome. I never realized exactly how much one could do with PLR material. That gives me dozens, if not hundreds of new ideas that I'd never thought of before. Thanks for this very valuable information. I especially like the various ideas about how to break the content down into even more useful information and use it as either chapters or different mini ebooks to distribute in parts. It gets you much more BANG for your dollar. Who couldn't benefit from this?
    Great stuff!! Seriously!!

  10. Glad it got the creative juices flowin', Garvee :)

  11. Robert James says:

    Hi Ronnie, wow, your site itself is full of great content and tips, in the process of signing up for more you have me hooked !! All the best

  12. @Robert - Glad it's helpful! Looking forward to having you on board. :)

  13. Great stuff. I never knew there were so many ways to use PLR articles. I sure picked up some I had never thought of. I will give them a try and see how they do.

  14. Heather says:

    Thanks for the great book, gonna re read it and put it to work for me as I have tons of PLR books

  15. I watched the video and am going to read the book. It looks like there are lots of great ideas for using plr and I am going to try a few and see what happens.

  16. Mark says:

    Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks for the great tips on using PLR.

    I just signed up for your club and have begun posting and repurposing the content.

    Here is my initial 5-pronged attack.

    1. Post as articles on my brand new blog.
    2. Convert articles to audio podcasts and post to iTunes.
    3. Convert articles as PowerPoint video and post on video sharing sites.
    4. Load several articles into my autoresponder.
    5. Combine similarly themed articles into a give-away pdf.
    6. Read through the "101 Ways to Use PLR Content" and add to my list!

    Thanks for the great content Ronnie.

    Mark Hanson

  17. That's a great plan, Mark. Thanks for sharing!

    The key is to use, reuse, and recycle all content in multiple ways and formats and I'm glad to see you doing that!


  18. This is fantastic. This stuff is GOLD. Thank you very much. Felix Miranda, from Costa Rica, C.A.

  19. Some great content Ronnie. Really believe that you have cover all of would anyone could cover. Thank you for sharing this with anyone that does take the time to read and put to use for them.

    Brian Lawrence

  20. Ronnie,

    This may be the best list of I seen compiled and shared openly. Great job - very happy to be a member.


  21. lindley says:

    Hi Ronnie, the pdfs on How to Become a Strong Leader, and Using Positive Self-Talk etc are awesome. I hate to edit them because they're so good, but I guess I'll have to if I want to make them unique. Good work.

  22. Thanks Ronnie for this list. I have alays ignored PLR in the past because I did not know what to do with it. Finding this, and your site, has been very helpful.

  23. Jennifer,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I appreciate you giving a shot, and I'm glad to hear that you're finding new uses for private label content!

    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you get the most of your content.

    To your success,


  24. Bill says:

    Thanks Ronnie,
    I never would have come up with some these ideas on my own.

  25. I can't wait to dive in and see what the quality of your stuff is. I am a psychologist and can write well myself, but have no problem using this material if it is of good enough quality. Sounds almost too good to be true. Yahoo.

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